Common Allergy Myths BUSTED

26-Fev, 2020
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Part I:
Part II of my interview with Dr. Dave Stukus (Pediatric Allergist & Immunologist). Here we cover new ground on:
Hypoallergenic Dogs: 0:30
Treating Allergies: 1:32
Benadryl Can Be Dangerous: 3:25
Milk Causes Mucus: 5:52
Food Journals: 6:50
Oral Allergy Syndrome: 7:43
Parents and Children as Patients: 9:54
Infants and Milk Allergies: 11:39
Preventing Peanut & Other Allergies: 14:07
Growing Out Of Asthma: 18:32
Supplements to CURE allergies: 19:33
Mistakes Primary Care Doctors Make: 22:10
Overuse Of Blood Tests for Allergies: 22:25
Immune Boosting Supplements: 24:20
How Vaccines Work: 25:00
Egg Allergy With The Flu Shot: 26:54
Penicillin Allergy: 29:27
I have a Penicillin RASH: 32:00
Dr. Dave Stukus Contact info:
700 Children's Dr
Columbus, OH 43205
(614) 722-4404
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review/Responding to comments Series in a couple of weeks, so please submit more names of shows/questions you'd like for me to watch/answer. I love you all! - Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Pet allergies are weird, I have three dogs all the same breed, but, only one gives me welts when I pet her.

    Jennifer MalottJennifer Malott6 soat oldin
  • Interesting re the penicillin allergy . . .whilst not technically an 'allergy' my nephew would go all hyper active, almost climbing the walls and at risk to running out into the traffic etc. So the doctor was warned along the lines of "If you prescribe that, then you can look after him!" I can take penicillin - it works like magic! . . but, other family members derive no beneficial result from taking it. Whilst that may not be an 'allergy' as such, the medication sure isn't going to fix their medical problem.

    Doreen SpillmanDoreen Spillman10 soat oldin
  • I know this is HIGHLY ANECDOTAL, but I have a shrimp/shellfish allergy and have always hated the smell of them (cooked or raw) for as long as I can remember. After watching this I actually have to wonder if my aversion to the smells was because of the allergy of if the aversion caused it as a child. Just some food for thought. Also I only know of my "allergy" because of a skin test when I was young, so it might be a false positive...but I'm not gonna take that risk over something the smells like death to me.

    Cinder Block StudiosCinder Block Studios14 soat oldin
  • Very insightful! I'll have to see about getting my son tested for penicillin allergy, he had a couple of reactions as a baby, but he's 17 now, so he may have grown out of it.

    Paula050381Paula05038119 soat oldin
  • Every single time I eat pineapple my mouth & throat burns & tongue itches lol but I can have anything with pineapple in it & have no problem lol

    Jodie MartinJodie Martin22 soat oldin
  • i laugh "your baby isnt allergic to poop so hes gonna be allergic to p e a n u t"

    Zack BaileyZack BaileyKun oldin
  • My poor mom is allergic to penicillin. She breaks out in full body hives if she is given anything in the penicillin family and her last reaction was a couple of years ago when a doctor ignored her chart 😔

    RhylieMasonsRhylieMasonsKun oldin
  • Pluto is a Dwarf Planet

    Libertarian ExodusLibertarian Exodus2 kun oldin
  • woah i got a noom ad with him in it coincidence.... i think not but hey that's just a theory... an ad theory!

    Fox on FireFox on Fire2 kun oldin
  • Why do I always get sick when I get a flu shot

    jacquline stillejacquline stille2 kun oldin
  • Dr Mike, I came across this recently and don't know if you will see this comment, let alone answer it. My child, who is not allergic to eggs had two different allergic reactions to vaccines. MMR , temp 106 and swelling, especially below the waist. She was wearing winter weight tights that the ER staff had issues cutting of because her legs had swollen that much. The second was pertussis, and she spent about 2 days having seizures. I don't know if the fact that the MMR was a repeat shot because her shot records had gotten lost compounded the problems. She was about 2 when she had the pertussid vaccine, and just going into school 4 when she had the the MMR vaccine. Her younger siblings her never been vaccinated because I'm wasn't willing to take the chance again. People have also told me that her being on the autistic/ADHD (diagnosed) spectrum could be linked to these reactions.

    brenda Yorkbrenda York2 kun oldin
  • I take vitamin C every day, is that ok or will I have problems? I'm normally pretty healthy, but I do get sinus infections a few times. year.

    VictoriaVictoria2 kun oldin
  • I don’t know about the milk because my son drinks milk and next day he gets ugly mucous

    Maribel CarranzaMaribel Carranza3 kun oldin
  • What I dont get is why Im allergic to temperature change.

    Alicia PoriferaAlicia Porifera3 kun oldin
  • My mom always tells me that she had seasonal allergies when she was young and got cured of them when she got pregnant of me. Now she has no allergies and I have the same allergies she had before. Is it normal to happen? Is there an explanation to that? I have my allergies controlled, but I’ve always been curious about this. (Sorry if I misspelled something or my grammar is bad, English isn’t my first language)

    Tomas ValenzuelaTomas Valenzuela4 kun oldin
  • When I clicked on this video I was like please talk about oral allergy syndrome, and they did which made me sooo happy. I got prick tested around a year ago and I reacted to the stuff I knew I was going to react to just due to family history. But i reacted fastly to all the tree pollens ( along with other things) so I found out I have allergies from bloom to frost which kind of sucks when you love the outdoors and live in the Midwest. I also found out I also had oral allergie syndrome. growing up my family and friends thought I was crazy when I would say I get an itchy ear canal, throat, lips/mouth when eating certain foods. But then when I got tested and finally got the proof to show that I wasn't crazy was so relieving. 😄

    Samantha RidgewaySamantha Ridgeway4 kun oldin
  • That apple thing though! I legit thought I was allergic to apples and it was freaking me out but when I drink cider nothing happens and I really thought I was going crazy. So reassured to know that it is normal and that I can keep yummy apples in my life.

    Afton LinAfton Lin5 kun oldin
  • Excellent! Thank you!

    Kathy McCoyKathy McCoy5 kun oldin
  • My kids and I suffer from terrible birch pollen allergies. Our oral allergy syndrome is so incredibly severe. This past year wasn't so bad, but in past years, the symptoms have put me into anaphylaxis specifically with fresh cherries. My daughter has an EpiPen because her medical team has determined that her allergies have spread beyond just severe reactions to birch pollen and we are finding she reacts to so many different foods now, it isn't worth the risk of not having one around. It sucks. What is really interesting is that I can eat granny smith apples in the fall and winter, but have to avoid all apples in spring and summer. Last year was awful because of our mild temp winter, but this year was better because it was a very cold and dry winter, which apparently the trees were not happy with. It's fascinating and crappy all at once, lol.

    Jessica BaroneJessica Barone5 kun oldin
  • I dont know if the no dairy is a myth on my part. I always would get very stuffed up during the winter months to the point where I would get a lot of pain due to the sinus congestion. I wasnt eating terrible but I wasnt eating super healthy either. This went on for years until one year I ended up giving up dairy products, didnt change my eating habits any more or less then just giving up diary so I still wasnt eating better or worse. I did not do it for the intention to see how I would be during the winter months, I just did it for ethical reasons. It wasnt until winter came and went that year that I later noticed I did not have any sinus congestion pain, no infections or living like I was constantly stuffed up. I continued to notice the benefits of not consuming dairy products and have not had any issues since then. Its hard for me to believe that the body doesn't produce extra mucus or have an effect of consuming/not concusming dairy when I noticed a huge change in me, also, I was not consuming massive amounts of dairy either lol nor was I lactose intolerant. I personally would have loved to have seen any articles of the studies done/not done about this subject linked somewhere for me to read up on.

    GeekFreeekGeekFreeek7 kun oldin
  • I feel that we need new studies for safe pregnancy drugs. I have limited options for items like antihistamines and illness. And 90% of the time, I'm left with nothing and have to just suffer.

    SilverSilver7 kun oldin
  • If you do another "AAA" (Ask An Allergist), I'd like to understand if getting hives from being in the same location as cooked fish, such as at a hibachi restaurant or with "sizzling skillet" type of meals (major seafood/crustacean allergy here) is an actual allergic reaction or just "psychosomatic"

    James PeppeJames Peppe7 kun oldin
  • I've never heard the thing about the milk lol you can tell it's a myth when you hear it all the time in one place but then ask a foreigner and they're like "what are you talking about"

    Isidora EspinozaIsidora Espinoza7 kun oldin
  • I heard that there is a limit to how much our immune systems can "remember", how many antibodies it can make. Is it true? Should we be vaccinated against everything we know so far or should we let the body some freedom so it could make antibodies against viruses we don't have vaccines to?

    eliza kaeliza ka7 kun oldin
  • My boys and I are all allergic to penicillin. We have been tested a few times over the years. We not only get the rash we get vomiting.

    Ness OttyNess Otty7 kun oldin
  • For many years, I thought I was allergic to dogs. Then when I was tested, there was no reaction. My allergist said that it probably wasn't the dog itself triggering my allergies, but all the environmental debris the dog would roll around in outside, like pollen, grass, ragweed, mold, etc (all of which I *was* allergic to). So sometimes getting tested can be a great way to pinpoint any issues to bring them under control.

    Michelle MMichelle M8 kun oldin
  • So I once had a few bad cases of strep throat in the course of a few months. I had it twice then the third time it was found to actually be a non strep tonsil infection. The first couple times i was prescribed amoxicillin and i never had a reaction. The third time i was prescribed Cefdinir and after i finished the whole bottle i broke out into full body hives that didnt go away for a about a week after i was given steroids. Was that an allergic reaction or just like a side effect?

    Olivia GraberOlivia Graber8 kun oldin
  • "It's definitely not fun to be covered pretty much neck to toe in a rash" ...Well you still have that pretty face! :P

    beanallenebeanallene8 kun oldin
  • "So if your symptoms occur three days later, you don't even need to worry about what you ate in that period of time." FRUCTOSE MALABSORPTION HAS ENTERED THE CHAT. Yeah.... I can have symptoms up to three days after eating Fructose. Usually happens faster, but it can be up to three days later.

    PalitatoPalitato9 kun oldin
  • What a great video! I love to learn more about allergies because I have a few, including pets. When I tell that to people everyone has a special cure or advice for it and it can be so frustrating having to explain over and over again: no, my allergies are not gonna be cured by petting a dog everyday, Im actually gonna end up in the hospital 🤣 Education is so important!

    Ines JesusInes Jesus10 kun oldin
  • Hey can you do a video on eating disorders please?

    Szimonetta SzabóSzimonetta Szabó11 kun oldin
  • I'd love to see a video going deeper into asthma. I had no idea that I can have emotional triggers for asthma.

    Bubbly PumkinBubbly Pumkin11 kun oldin

    Iris CheerinIris Cheerin11 kun oldin
  • Lol at reflux is a laundry problem! But seriously, there are so many practical things you can do for a refluxy baby. One of the simplest being keep the baby upright for like 30 minutes before laying them down and don't feed them directly before bed (wait like 30 minutes). also Breast feeding is best but does not eliminate either reflux or colic. just adjust your own eating to avoid either windy food or refluxy food.

    Iris CheerinIris Cheerin11 kun oldin
  • DR. MIKE I had the same thing happen with Mono and Amoxicillan at the age of 18. Took an allergy test, the skin scratch kind, a couple years later and I'm not allergic to penicillin. However, I probably would still have the reaction to amoxicillan as it likely hasn't been long enough since last exposure. I've deduced that I may be "allergic" or have delayed onset to Amoxicillan but likely not the entire family of penicillin. I haven't exactly taken anything else to confirm this suspicion but after watching this video it might be interesting to explore whenever I may get another minor infection of some sort if I can receive a different penicillin relative drug and not have the same reaction as the Amoxicillan gave me. Interesting, no? Curious if you'd ever considered this as well.

    Cheri ThrasherCheri Thrasher11 kun oldin
  • Both my kids were preemies and I am immune compromised. Both of them have a food to cashews, one to peanuts. Both reacted immediately the first time they tasted it. I wonder then if the constant carefulness with germs had anything to do with it. My breastfed, peanut allergic child had terrible eczema starting from just a few months old and was introduced to peanut butter around 10 months adjusted age. I stopped eating peanut butter myself after that reaction and the eczema has been completely clear ever since. I'm convinced the 'eczema' was hives caused by the allergy and that it was passing through into my milk. I was eating peanut butter almost daily with my older child. Anyone know of the likelihood of that?

    Mrs MackMrs Mack12 kun oldin
  • Even hairless cats? Now my life is ruined 😿

    mickeymousehatepage mickeymousehatepagemickeymousehatepage mickeymousehatepage12 kun oldin
  • I have a real penicillin allergy. I have had *multiple* severe allergic reactions. So I guess I just felt like posting here to make sure that people don't think penicillin allergies are nonexistent.

    Hariti KhatriHariti Khatri12 kun oldin
  • There is an old saying in Chinese "不干不净吃了没病" which means "not that tidy not that clean, you won't catch anything from eating it", I guess it's kinda making more sense to me know after I watched this video, cuz our immune systems would actually be stronger if we don't live that "clean". I am not saying we shouldn't care about personal hygiene, it's still very important, but sometimes maybe some exposures to "unclean" things may help us.

    Jamille N.Jamille N.13 kun oldin
  • I took my now 18 year old to ER several times for spitting up and not thriving. They always told me there was nothing wrong and spit up was normal. Forward to 6 weeks old and one doctor actually listening to me and in 24 hours he was rushed in for emergency surgery because he actually had pyloric stenosis!

    Alana TudhopeAlana Tudhope13 kun oldin
  • I hate it when physicians patronize me. I have severe pain from military service and asked my pain mgmt Dr about CBDS is mgmt of pain. I was told there are no peer-reviewed studies supporting it. It was prepared and stratified for in vivo studies and in vivo human studies at NIH and found more than two handfuls of peer-reviewed studies. It was shrugged off. I asked my oncologists about turmeric/curcuman in treatment of my cancer and was told me, "Oh, that's eastern medicine. We don't believe in that." Ending the conversation.

    CinnabarSunsetCinnabarSunset14 kun oldin
  • I realize this video posted in February, however... The reason why singers shouldn't drink milk is because milk is a cold beverage and cold beverages make your vocal chords constrict. Singers don't want that. As a trained musician in classical voice, only room temperature water. for me. (And I'm so sure about this that I'm pretty certain that this is a myth too.) And I swear, if one more of my friends tells me they just spent money on a "hypoallergenic dog" instead of going to their local shelter.... Dr. Mike, love your channel, btw! This is one of my favorite of your vids. Thanks!!!

    Jake LawtonJake Lawton15 kun oldin
  • Bioresonance cured all my allergies, even thou I'm a sceptic and a student of sciences

    Eliza LupiEliza Lupi16 kun oldin
  • Pluto is a planetoid

    adayra rodriguez vazquezadayra rodriguez vazquez16 kun oldin
  • I've never gotten tired or groggy from benadryl and have worked after taking it several times. It also has never helped my allergies lol. I know most people just knock out after they take it I'm not sure how this product still exists.

    Kayla SKayla S17 kun oldin
  • Benadryl actually does the exact opposite to me. I end up really hyper when I take Benadryl

    I am a ChristianI am a Christian17 kun oldin
  • Hi, can you explain why whenever i eat watercress i have a bad ms attack? Am i allergic to watercress?

    CJCJ17 kun oldin
  • Flu shots.... For my job they were required, I got the shot and got sick EVERY time... Once I left that job I have NOT had one Flu shot and NOT ONE time did I get sick... 10 years NO flu... I am not anti-vacc I am pro-choice...

    helookalikaman79helookalikaman7917 kun oldin
  • I have a bunch of allergies so my PCP sent me to allergist.... Dude was not right in the head... the majority of my allergies were confirmed, however the guy said I am severely allergic to dogs, and are NOT allergic to cats.... WRONG... I live with many dogs with NO reaction... get me near a cat and all hell brakes loose... I turn red, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes and need my inhaler.... I told him all of it, but still said I was NOT allergic to cats, and should get rid of my dogs... ARGH!!!!

    helookalikaman79helookalikaman7917 kun oldin
  • Im allergic to 3 food groups and just wanted to know more, this really helped

    Jack CrossJack Cross17 kun oldin
  • By the way, great video, and thank you for the new science exposure. You’re doing an amazing job!

    Snow LeopardSnow Leopard18 kun oldin
  • Sadly, Pluto has been demoted to a dwarf planet. It’s not even the biggest of its surrounding dwarf planets, but it’s still a special part of our solar system. It has a Huge heart-shaped depression on one side, so it will always be special to some of us.😊

    Snow LeopardSnow Leopard18 kun oldin
  • I had an anaphylactic allergic reaction to, what I think is, these sugar cookies with the frosting on them (the frosting was blue btw) still trying to figure out what made me have an allergic reaction

    sawcesawce18 kun oldin
  • Love how When 1 Doctor speaks the other focusses and listen to doctor without interrupting 2 Doctors having a respectful conversation, whilst shooting a video

    Santosh YadavSantosh Yadav18 kun oldin
  • As an infant I got a serious rash after being given penicillin and so I’ve always said I’m allergic to it. One doctor almost gave me penicillin anyway because “it’s rare for anyone to still be allergic to it once they’re older.” Well I got the skin prick test (they even said most people won’t even react to this even if they are allergic) and I reacted so badly they were scared to even try giving me the oral doses. (I’m 17)

    Abby BAbby B18 kun oldin
  • Monty Oum died due to an allergic reaction.😢RIP

    Aakash PullatAakash Pullat19 kun oldin
  • What a great video...this has helped me so much on so many levels ! Finally someone said you can be allergic to some dogs and not others ...👍

    Georgia DallasGeorgia Dallas19 kun oldin
  • My mom approx 20 years ago got a PenG shot in her thigh. She was paralyzed from the waist down for a while that night at the hospital. Would this have been an allergic reaction? Or? The doctor said it was a penicillin allergy, but more she isn’t sure because another doctor said that all that happened was that when she was given the shot, a nerve was hit.

    Kaia and Shay-Lee SDiT teamKaia and Shay-Lee SDiT team19 kun oldin
  • You are great, keep informing and as always. Stay happy and healthy 💖

    J w LJ w L19 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike.. why does red meat cause digestion issues.. (for some people)? And can it be genetic? I stopped eating red meat over 10 years ago (except for the occasional hamburger) because it just makes me feel.. for lack of a better name... yucky. My mom and sister have the same issue. In fact my sister hasn't eaten any red meat for over 12 years.

    Klady 80Klady 8019 kun oldin
  • Hey dr mike, love your videos,I am a survivor of a brain aneurysm, and when I tell my story, people usually think I’m lying, because the survival rate of a rupture is so low, I wish this stigma would change, because role can survive them I am 100% proof

    Virginia BlizzardVirginia Blizzard19 kun oldin
  • This was highly informative and well put in layman's terms for us regular folks. I really enjoyed this one and now I know some things I previously did not. Cudoes to you both

    Carz CECarz CE19 kun oldin
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    Roland RodriRoland Rodri19 kun oldin
  • Wish my mom would let me have dairy when im sick but i cant because the mucus myth

    360 View360 View20 kun oldin
  • Benadryl is the devil! Horrible allergies to the point i can no longer breathe, i would rather die from anaphylaxis than ever take Benadryl again!

    Charlie KCharlie K20 kun oldin
  • I always hear and read that vaccines are an injection of virus corpses like you said, but if that’s true how come it takes time to develop a vaccine? The COVID19 vaccine is taking months and months, but there’s no shortage of access to the virus from what countries are reporting. I’d really like to understand what’s going on here. Pluto is a Dwarf Planet, along with Ceres, Eris, et cetera. So it’s still a planet, just a verrry small one. I’m not an astronomer but from what I understand we use to think it was bigger than it actually is because of its visibility at its distance, and because it has a moon. It’s common astrological knowledge now that plenty of dwarf planets in the solar system also have moons, but that was not always the case so it sounds reasonable to me. Also there wasn’t always the classification of Dwarf Planet, and it is still not universally accepted. So there was resistance to the reclassification even with those understandings becoming common knowledge.

    Moorgan Pål Windan HartMoorgan Pål Windan Hart21 kun oldin
  • so............why is nuts allergy is so dangerous that could kill someone, when others doesn't have any kind of risk other than water eyes, itchy skin and red dots?

    Primarch AlbertaPrimarch Alberta21 kun oldin
  • Oral allergy syndrome whooa didnt know about that. Now it makes sense why i get itchy for okra. I've have had allergies 🤧 since grade school. It sucks especially during pandemic where some people think you're sick with Covid

    FalcorFalcor21 kun oldin
  • This video is inspiring, but as a person suffering symptoms of allergies and astma for 30 years - I just lost all will to approach this hopefully. Random inflamation in skin, throat, nose polyps, digestion problems from both random ingredients to genuine side effects of daily use. Your mind is constantly torn into two directions - self diagnosis and avoidance or medication and its fluctuations.

    BansheeHeroBansheeHero21 kun oldin
  • Dr.: Oral allergy syndrome. I guarantee someone watching this has this. Me: *raises hand* Wtf kind of pollen is screwing me over? I'm allergic to avocado. 😑

    Lindsay KLindsay K22 kun oldin
  • What can we do to the AMA ? If these allergies are the fault of the parents and doctors. Class action law suit ??

    Robert PalumboRobert Palumbo22 kun oldin
  • Hi Dr Mike! Really enjoying hour content! I have a question about allergies. My mom is in her early 60s and starting end of 2019, she started experiencing “random” episodes of what we believe to be allergic reactions. Her eyes would get super swollen almost to the point of eyes shut, nasal fully congested and must breathe through her mouth and an itchy/scratchy throat. Till today she probably has experienced these episodes 10 times. The first time that happened I brought her to the ER. They gave her a benadryl shot and that was pretty much it. By the time a physician saw her her symptoms had slowly begun to calm down. She’s seen her family physician who also referred her to an allergy specialist. They did the prickle on the skin test and found she has no allergies to foods/environment. For the most part she might take a Benadryl if she starts to feel that scratchy throat and itchy eyelids and for the most part that prevents it from a full scale attack. Allegra and Reactine does not have the same effect so she sticks with Benadryl. What do you think may cause this? What other steps do you recommend my mom to take to try and get a diagnosis for this?

    Carrie LiCarrie Li23 kun oldin
  • When I was a kid I was so allergic to Benedryl. I broke out in severe hives and it caused breathing issues. I was put one Nasalcrom when I was Better but that cause me to get irritation in my throat and made it very raw. But then about 4 years ago when I was seeing my PCP. He gave a script for Diphenhydramine. Not knowing it was Benedryl. Took it, and I was fine. It then of course the drowsy effect happens. I seriously slept for 14 hours from it! When I woke up still was feeling crappy. Had to take a low dose of it by cutting it in half. But the drowsy effect still gets me bad. So now I’m on Flonase. Which helps better! But when I was sick recently and couldn’t sleep due to coughing and nasal congestion. I did take some Benedryl to sleep and rest. And that helps a lot!

    Marvelous0neMarvelous0ne24 kun oldin
  • lol I'm literally breaking out in hives as I watch this

    Gema MarValGema MarVal24 kun oldin
  • benadryl is the best. Don't knock benadryl.It is the only thing other than maybe aerius and a steroid nasal spray (a particular one not flonase) that works for me. But beandryl is cheap and the nasal spray is not. I don't understand people who love claratin or reactin because they do ABSOLUTELY nothing for me. I don't even get drowsy from bendryl. so no prob

    Amethyst JeanAmethyst Jean24 kun oldin
  • I am VERY offended by the misinformation they’re presenting in this video - Pluto will ALWAYS be a planet to me and you can never take that away from me. Viva la Pluto!! 😭

    javachillejavachille24 kun oldin
  • would love to know more about the allergy shots. Have had people ridicule me for not just getting shots to resolve my allergies but my doctors haven't advised it. I never really pushed them on why but would be interested in hearing your take.

    awesomevickmoawesomevickmo25 kun oldin
  • Small chance you'll see this, but I'm curious - Are allergies inherited? I have a severe nut allergy and have always wondered if it's a good idea to try introducing nuts to my children or, because of my allergy, is it a bad idea? I can be around them, so it's safe for me to handle them.

    verbw002verbw00225 kun oldin
  • Doctor Mike.....please stop by the Towaco farms with Bear 🐻.......My 🐝 bees are acting up....we need one of your great BIG >> “BEEE--YOOOOOOOOUP!🐝’🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 That should make the girlies behave in the hives. 🍯

    Michele CaronMichele Caron25 kun oldin
  • Don't hate me for my Sinex addiction :P

    Holly TaylorHolly Taylor25 kun oldin
  • My brother cant eat apples and my mom cant eat plums. Noone cares but I wanted to share hahahhaa

    Ashley BelleroseAshley Bellerose25 kun oldin
  • Nasal congestion, drink Chinese hot and sour soup. Ask for extra hot sauce. Add it drop by drop until you can barely stand to drink (eat?) the soup. Dries up the nose within a few minutes. Doesn't have to be chinese soup, anything with hot hot spice. Went to the doc with a "cold" and rather than foolishly giving me antibiotics, he gave me this tip -- it's what he does.

    Vera LenoraVera Lenora25 kun oldin
  • I had to take allergies shots for 4 years(I was supposed to do longer, but they just stopped sending us the stuff for the shots since I did them at home). They did absolutely nothing, but make me itch after the shot. I recently had an allergy test this year and I was still allergic to everything I had allergy shots for. My doctor is suggesting to start them again, but I don't want to go through that suffering of itching for years just for it not to work again.

    BlueRoseBlueRose26 kun oldin
  • dr mike, in regards to milk causing mucus production. i have found an article showing evidence that milk can play a role in mucus production

    geddon436geddon43626 kun oldin
  • I have celiac and I use to get a very bad reaction but now I get no reaction except gas and I am confused

    Jeanette N FreelandJeanette N Freeland26 kun oldin
  • Me too have had this rash after an antibiotic called augmentin taken for a sore throat ( I do not know the illness name in english), and it was Mononucleosis or something. Had spent a full month at home waiting it over.

    SchattendragonflyPLSchattendragonflyPL26 kun oldin
  • I've also had a penicillin allergy label for 30 years. On the plus side, that label, which i rather not test as it did involve obstruction of air ways, has helped me be more conscious from an early age that i have a limited scope of available antibiotics. In 35 years I've only had 1 prescription for an antibiotic for a dry cough that didn't go away after 1 week and had cause me to loose my voice... a d i had a call center job! Antibiotics are overly used because people take unnecessary risks or have poor hygiene habits OR are overly cautious over avoiding healthy bacteria... exposure is not always bad!

    Psychotic BunnyPsychotic Bunny26 kun oldin
  • A few years ago, I had allergy test done and result showed various allergies among which tree pollen April & May, other tree pollen June & July, and ragweed August & September. I was initially prescribe Flownase... i had to discontinue after 1 week as it made my allergy worst and the inside of my nose felt burnt! To this day, i have less inner nose hair... Also summer 2020, 1st week of ragweed season, i landed at the ER with severe asthma due to stevia containing flavored water... when I got how, i did some research and found out that Stevia is part of the same plant family as ragweed... ugh!

    Psychotic BunnyPsychotic Bunny26 kun oldin
  • Benadryl: You can't sneeze when you're in a coma.

    Charlie 2Charlie 227 kun oldin
  • Sailor Pluto exists, therefore Pluto is a planet. 😂

    howarkri000howarkri00027 kun oldin
  • so what the hell is happening on the left side of the screen

    FirlowFirlow28 kun oldin
  • I'm allergic to dogs but I have a lab. The longer I'm around him the less severe my reactions are. We've had him for a year and now I have no reaction to him

    Justyce StubblefieldJustyce Stubblefield28 kun oldin
  • Allergies I always found to be a a weird topic, cause how do you ever know unless you're exposed or tested. I remember a few years ago I went to the doctor for my annual check up and to check my nutrients to make sure I was all good in everything ( I was) but at that appointment he said i had some congestion and because i said i was sometimes tired during the day he is like oh you have allergies, had me take all of this stuff starting May i think, so all summer i felt crummy taking these allergies medicines for my "pollen allergy" in the fall i was like screw this and stopped all the medicines and nasal spray he recommended me to take daily. I felt 100% better, and every year after that I NEVER had symptoms of allergies in any season, the only thing that causes me to get a little stuffy is if im around smoke. So I swear to this day he misdiagnosed me with pollen allergies. I did leave that doctor after that but for a number of reasons then later found out from my dad who was seeing him still that he had a mental break down and retired suddenly so I don't think anything he ever told me i could take seriously...

    Rogue WallflowerRogue Wallflower29 kun oldin
  • I wish allergy testing and shots for me. My IGe tests give me different results every year I get them done. And sometimes I get negatives on the foods that causes anaphylaxis in me. My asthma/allergy doctor just says to avoid all fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables. Yeah, that only leaves meat, dairy, coffee, and sugar. Lol

    Abaddon the Cat and Sevilla the DogAbaddon the Cat and Sevilla the DogOy oldin
  • I didnt know I had allergies or longstanding sinus infections until we moved when I was a teen and my symptoms ballooned and went over the edge. I am really angry that for YEARS my health care providers in one part of the country told me I only had a cold or a mild temporary sinus problem when I was literally describing longstanding infections. The allergist I saw was pretty disgusted too. Went through a lot of pain because some jerks with medical degrees would not take me seriously.

    Mo-llenialMo-llenialOy oldin
  • I allergies really interesting. Im allergic to cat and dog dander (and rats haven't tested with other pets) but with prolonged exposure my symptoms decrease. E.g. When I visited my parents for the first time after lockdown, I pet my cat for a couple minutes and my eye was swollen, my skin was itchy and I started wheezing a bit. I now live with them and most days, as long as I don't go crazy with them and touch my face I have no reaction at all.

    MakeshiftMelodyMakeshiftMelodyOy oldin
  • Hi, I'm allergic to peanuts and I REALLY want to try certain candies and roasted nuts. I ate some as a child without knowing I was allergic and I threw up all over the place - as I got older, it turned into an itchy squeezing feeling. A student once carried around peanut butter cups just to smell them because they were allergic and another one who was allergic ate a Snickers and then stabbed himself with an Epipen before asking someone to call an ambulance. I've considered both of these options, but, of course, they are both impractical and the smell alone makes me feel sick. I want to be able to eat in the lunch room at my high school and not have to leave when they're all eating PB&Js. I want to be able to eat with my dad when he eats his favourite lunches. I don't want to get sick when I accidentally eat mixed nuts. It isn't fair for anyone to have food allergies because it's limiting what you can eat - humans are omniverous because of this, we have a far-reaching diet. Everyone should be able to eat whatever they want, but hey, don't do what some people do and eat airplanes piece by piece.

    JowithanEJowithanEOy oldin
  • @doctor mike can you make a video about immunotherapy and cure for not avoidable allergies.

    PrashaM ChavdAPrashaM ChavdAOy oldin
  • I definitely don't think we have all the answers to food allergies. I was literally born with an anaphylactic allergy to peanuts, so for my case the hygiene hypothesis does not track

    RealLifeKristenRealLifeKristenOy oldin
  • PLUTOOOOOO 😢😭😭😭😭😭 Why have the people wronged you? You deserve to be a real planet! 😭 ... Pluto is sadly a dwarf planet 😪

    VertigoVertigoOy oldin