Doctor Mike’s Sims Makeover ft Kelsey Impicciche

26-Avg, 2020
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I sure did embarrass myself playing Sims a few months ago. I thought I’d dive into the game, poke around for 30 minutes, and I’d have quickly climbed the ranks to become a doctor. As anyone who has played Sims 4 before will tell you, I was sadly mistaken. Today I asked the hilarious Kelsey Impicciche, a Sims 4 pro, to show me the ropes and help get my house in order (literally). She showed how to create my dog, Bear, dress my Sim for success, and be somewhat functional in the hospital. I promise I’m a better doctor in real life! Get this video to 100,000 likes and I promise to upload myself AND Bear to the Sims server so you can use US in your game :)
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • like the video so mike upload his sim :)))))))))

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  • them just showing their dogs to eachother is the most relatable thing ever

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  • The best part of this video was the dog introductions. I need more of Bear😍😍

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  • Why did they censor the bath, the Sims censores it for you?

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  • You have to check in the patients first. Then they are yours until you have to pass on the patient to senor.

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  • She reminds me of ygritte from game of thrones and that makes me sad

    Long StoryLong Story5 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike, can you respond to anti-vaccine videos by UZworldr Paul Thomas MD. He’s a pediatrician who I tuned into to learn more about common childhood ailments and was greatly disappointed by his approach to vaccines. He’s “vaccine friendly” meaning friendly to delaying or skipping, and has written a book about his vaccine views. You’ve made some amazing vaccine videos and everyone should be primed to receive the COVID-19 vaccine next year. He’s said kids in schools shouldn’t have to wear masks and that masks don’t do much anyway. It’s doctors like him who worry me.

    Victoria JenkinsVictoria Jenkins5 kun oldin
  • I ship them!!!!!

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  • Can we just say how pretty she is like omg 😂😂 love the vids doc keeps me happy

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  • i loved when u said u will not treat children without parental conset unless shes there to talk about STD's or emancipated minor or parental abuse or stuff like that

    Divya SolankiDivya Solanki6 kun oldin
  • Already created you on the Sims 4 dr mike🤣🤣🤣 And mine's level 10 in his medical career, has a super nice home, (that I built😌) and has a Bear

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  • 6:15 Me: Mike is such a good Doctor. 6:16 me: ...i haven't say anything

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  • Hi! I've found that when doing active careers the pause button helps a lot, also you have to do the tasks ASA P so getting them queued is a good idea.

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  • i love how patiently and clearly Kelsey is explaining stuff to Mike. You're a good teacher Kelsey

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  • Yeah co-workers die and become ghosts who can treat patients in this game.

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  • How about you "fact check " the hell out these three patents 7279327, 7776521, 7220852 (Methods for producing recombinant coronavirus 2007 ) (Coronavirus isolated from humans sars-cov 2010)

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