Doctor Mike and Mortician React To “Six Feet Under”

11-Okt, 2020
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Caitlin Doughty is the creator behind the UZworld channel “Ask A Mortician” where she normalizes death and educates her audience about what happens after… well… you know. Being the brilliant mortician she is, I thought it would make a lot of sense for us to not react to a medical drama, but a death drama, so we watched HBO’s Six Feet Under. Despite my years of medical training and experience, there isn’t a lot I know about what happens to the human body after it dies, so Caitlin enlightened me to things such as what happens to prosthetics, the smells of a mortuary, and what happens to your various orifices.
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  • they both have the same nose shape

    juicy piesjuicy piesSoat oldin
  • Caitlin's channel helped me so much after my grandma passed away. I have always had a horrible fear of dead bodies until I lost her, and being with her for months as she was sick, I guess I got over it, not sure. But I was left with all these questions and Caitlin's channel was my go-to at that time. Love her so much!!

    kylee_97kylee_972 soat oldin
  • Miss Kittin, eat your heart out. Those Betty Page bangs are killer.

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  • Yessss, Death Mother crossover!

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  • this is good content its like im excited to die

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  • OH. MY. GOSH!!! Caitlin Doughty is my inspiration. This is the best collab ever!

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  • I love Caitlin! Good choice.

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  • Also, this is a super cool colab!

    Jennifer DeckerJennifer Decker16 soat oldin
  • I honestly feel like North American death traditions are so awful. Overly sanitized and we even have the nerve to expect people to look at the dead body of their loved one and NOT CRY at their funeral?! The worst.

    Jennifer DeckerJennifer Decker16 soat oldin
  • I thought this was about the death metal band cmon y'all

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  • I freaking love her!!!!

    HeatherAmmonsHeatherAmmons17 soat oldin
  • Everyone should read her books! They normalize death and prepare you for when it happens to your loved ones. Plus, she’s hilarious.

    Louisa SattenfieldLouisa Sattenfield18 soat oldin
  • Caitlyn is my favorite

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  • "what is your favorite organ to handle?"

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  • Doctor Mike I’m SO HAPPY you did a collab with Caitlin!! I watch you and I also happen to be a proud deathling so this absolutely made my day. Can’t wait to see more of you two!

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  • The a-v plugs scare me. Didn’t know that that was a thing before now and I feel.........................I don’t really know how I feel.

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  • Love Caitlin, I would let her handle my brain. I mean, when I'm done with it, of course.

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  • Am I the only one that sang "the middle ages were magic!" When she said she studied medieval history?

    TianaTianaKun oldin
  • "I have a lot of opinions on bad corpses in television shows": me too, Caitlin, me too, lmao. I work in long term care and I have seen a decent amount of dead bodies by now. And now I'm starting to annoy my family with saying "That's not how a dead body looks!" 😂

    Magdalene HageyMagdalene HageyKun oldin
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  • Hi!! I'm a 2nd year med student and just wanted to add something to this topic: in my uni, the anatomy labs have long stopped using formaldahyde as a preserving agent and use a chemical called Thiel instead, which has a MUCH better smell. My mom told me horror stories about how she and her fellow med students used to get sick from the smell of formaldahyde, to the extent of throwing up sometimes, so i was very relieved when i walked into the dissection room and barelt smelled anything!! 😅😅 Also, Dr Mike i absolutely love u, and often use your vids as some sort of unofficial revision!!

    Need to SleepNeed to SleepKun oldin
  • Anthony Padilla type beat

    Claire DavisClaire DavisKun oldin
  • As someone who works in the death care industry, I’m glad I found this video.

    Merwin McCradyMerwin McCradyKun oldin
  • When two of your favorite UZworldrs get together to talk about one of your favorite shows 🤗

    Whaddup Wit RellWhaddup Wit RellKun oldin
  • I have never been happier than this moment.

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  • Yes! I LOVE Caitlin and have followed her for years. I've read all her books and find them so helpful and interesting!

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  • When they rolled out the body I just thought about Ms.Keisha

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  • I do miss doing this type of work. Worked for a Funeral Home/Medical Examiner Office. The lady I worked with/for started at 19 years old. Was 34 by the time I left the industry but man, we had some crazy stories.

    PaladinPaladinKun oldin
  • Please do a review on the new COVID-19 documentary!!! “Totally under control” 💕❤️ love you so much!

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  • More Caitlin Collins!! Love her

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  • I love you BOTH!

    Sabrina CSabrina C2 kun oldin
  • I appreciate that the two of you took the time to discuss the disconnect or catharsis one might feel when faced with the body of a loved one. My best friends aunt recently passed away, and one of her final requests was for my friend to be the one to do her hair and makeup for her funeral. She asked if I would go with her, and of course I said yes. We were a little concerned our request would be denied by the funeral home, since we live right in the middle of Conservative Christian Kentucky, but luckily they were more than understanding and accommodating. I'm about to enter Mortuary School in the spring, and have always been very death positive, but this was my first experience with an actual corpse outside of a funeral, so I was super nervous, as was my friend. There were understandably a few tears and anxiety at first, but by the time we were finished we were laughing and cutting up like we weren't in the middle of prettying up her dead aunt. It was such an amazing experience, and it helped both of us grieve and begin to heal. I've always wanted to open a funeral home in my area that focuses on each families personal experience with death and allows them to incorporate aspects of funerals in the past that aren't common anymore like washing the body, fixing hair and makeup, and having wakes and burials in or on the property of the family home as allowed by law. Thank you for making it your mission to normalize death, dying, and grief, and thank you for inspiring me to do the same.

    Jennifer BennettJennifer Bennett2 kun oldin
  • More collabs with Caitlyn!!!! Shes such a knowledge powerhouse 💕

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  • I read her book Smoke gets in your eyes a couple years ago. This is so fascinating, I loved it.

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  • Speaking of “Feet” 🦶🏽@DoctorMike ... is Reflexology legit?

    Jamie FaulkJamie Faulk2 kun oldin
  • I initially liked "Six Feet Under", but it quickly became tedious because the characters couldn't stop themselves from making very poor decisions over and over and over and over...

    MossyMozartMossyMozart2 kun oldin
  • What Caitlin said about how dead bodies of loved ones look to people reminded me of when my maternal grandfather died back in March of '09. He was going to be cremated, and my Aunt Kathy had asked to see his body before they put it into the furnace. We all went in there so she could do and say what she needed to, and it was so surreal. He didn't look different at all. He looked like he was sleeping, as if he would open his eyes from his nap any moment, look over at us, and smile. He didn't look like how I expected; he looked *better* than I expected, and that was comforting to me. It was very much a relief, especially after the hard grieving I did when I got the news.

    MegaJessnessMegaJessness2 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike looks a little sad? Or extremely tired?

    ✨Awkwardly Awesome ✨✨Awkwardly Awesome ✨2 kun oldin
  • I went to elementary school with Rico aka Freddie Rodriguez! Drummond Elementary in Bucktown, Chicago, IL. He was a few grades ahead of me. 😉✌

    Raven StarRaven Star2 kun oldin
  • @DoctorMike Thank you so much for introducing Caitlin to us!

    please-excuse-my-nonsenseplease-excuse-my-nonsense2 kun oldin
  • Who also thinks that they are the best combo?

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  • Was I the only one expecting her to say “I was always interested in death?”

    Aadiseh EmDumzAadiseh EmDumz2 kun oldin
  • I'm native American, like a lot. 82%, and ever since I was a literal baby, I've been to funerals of people on my reservation and people on my other side of the family's reservations. I don't like to look at the body's today, but a common thing is to have a funeral in the gymnasium, that's how many people come, several hundred, and when the service is done a line forms to shake hands with the family sitting in the front row and then loops to walk by the body and the table that has old photos, etc on it. Then after the service we drive, in a super long caravan to the graveyard and we have another short service and we bury our own, literally. The younger men, and about 8 to 10 shovels, they take turns literally putting dirt onto the casket. Then after that's done, everyone goes back to the gymnasium and has a big feast. This is where we laugh and talk and see relatives we haven't seen since the last funeral, because they live hours away. Anyway, the funeral is about 6 hours to 8 or more if it's out of town. Whenever I've been to a funeral of a caucasian person, it's in a funeral home, and we don't see the burial and if there's a meal, it's much more somber and you can practically take a lunch hour to attend a funeral. When I was in college and a friend who I was in the car with died in an accident we were in, for many of my peers, who obvs weren't native, this was their first funeral they'd ever been to. I felt bad for them because they were a lot more shocked and scarred by it. For me, it was scarring, but only because I was in the car and I survived with only bruises and severe whiplash. I feel bad for people who are in their 30s who are attending their first funeral because it's something that's not natural for them, and I think could be very traumatic.

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  • they should do a series on well diggers and call it" sixty feet under" .

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  • the way you described seeing the dead body of someone you know is exactly how I felt seeing my Mom when she died. You said the feeling very well.

    Alexia BAlexia B2 kun oldin
  • Very interesting topic. In my opinion, dead isn't a bad thing, only the process of dying can get ugly.

    Taylor GibbTaylor Gibb2 kun oldin
  • im a med student and i love watching content like this. Also she looks exaclty like i would imagine a mortician would look like..

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  • Can you react to doctors it’s a Korean show on Netflix

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  • Oooooo! I love it! My friend in highschool really wants to be a mortician

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  • I follow Caitlin as I’m in mortuary school and work in the funeral industry, so I was so excited to see her on your channel! This should become a regular collaboration!!!

    Kristine RodineKristine Rodine3 kun oldin

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  • "The middle ages were magic"

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  • I lost my grandpa a few days ago. I don't know how or why, but some how I found this video comforting. So thanks lol.

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  • didn't think I'd see Caitlin Doughty making an ahegao face in this vid, but here we are

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  • I got into her videos through her “ask a mortician” series a whiiiiile back and she’s oddly good at making death seem less scary and morbid. Also, I’m gunna look at street signs now and wonder if they’re partially made of a dead persons hip.

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  • i watched my grandma die🤣 i didn't cry at all or even feel sad and she practily raised me

    Gacha loverGacha lover4 kun oldin
  • Did anyone notice that Dr. Mike looked sad throughout the video? He was not his usual self

    Shamini Loganathan 109Shamini Loganathan 1094 kun oldin
    • Well tbf it's not an easy topic

      Wiktoria KaweckaWiktoria KaweckaKun oldin
  • Loved this collab. I’ve been following both of you on UZworld for a long time now! Dr. Mike, can you do a video on what migraines are? And why they are different from “just a headache?” I’m so sick of people telling me (specially employers) that “I do my normal work when I have a bit headache, so can you.” And I find myself having trouble trying to explain why this thing I’m having is so so much more than just “a bit of an headache.” Probably because when i have a migraine I really really don’t to be talking to people about what a migraine is. I want them to STFU, close the door or hang up. I want to lay in my bed in a room as dark as can be!

    Bernhard FlokstraBernhard Flokstra4 kun oldin
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  • GUYS! PLEASE HELP ME GET LIKES ON THIS COMMENT SO DR. MIKE CAN SEE THIS. Hey, Dr. Mike! There's an on-going controversy surrounding the case of Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch and her false "naturopathic" approaches to health and diseases, making claims that "cabbage compresses" can alleviate inflammation such as dermatitis and muscle strains and garlic to cure cancer. She has also been very active in promoting products that are NOT REGISTERED IN THE FDA with misleading claims that they can cure ALL KINDS OF AILMENTS, an example of this, that her Vitamin C/Boston C supplements is the mainstay or flagship product of her cancer therapies. She's been "treating" hundreds of thousands of patients without proper referral to any specialty consultants, and have made misinformation on her medical degrees (publicly stating that she was a Harvard Medicine-graduate whereas, she only took a 5-hour online course from Harvard). There is another UZworldr, Doc Adam, a legitimate and licensed healthcare practitioner who made several videos exposing her. At this point Doc Adam is on a legal battle Dr. Farrah's, wherein the latter had sued the prior for "defaming her professional reputation" and is demanding for 100,000 USD for all the damages caused. I want to know your take on this Dr. Mike. At this day and age, people are still falsifying their authority to make profit off of other people's health problems and insecurities. If you were so brave to tackle on this, it would really help shed some light on this topic.

    Jaye AgustinJaye Agustin4 kun oldin
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