Doctor Mike and Emma Chamberlain On Why Millions Of Subscribers Don’t Make You Happy

5-Iyl, 2020
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Today, I’m lucky enough to sit down with one of my favorite UZworldrs, Emma Chamberlain, to talk about what living the life of a UZworldr has done to her mental health. Along with being hysterically funny and a brilliant creator, Emma’s down to Earth and never shies away from being vulnerable with her audience. That didn’t change today, as she candidly talked about the feelings of isolation that most people don’t realize UZworldrs can face.
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Best collab on youtube

    Inessa SkateInessa Skate4 kun oldin
  • I think that the pressure on creators is so immense because unlike other celebrities, actors, musicians, etc., are generally protected by the system and the studios and support staff, whereas UZworld personalities are just, people's people. It feels like independent contractor methods have infiltrated into entertainment and all other industries, the "permanently temporary" who make money for companies with marginal support and benefits, and it's not a feasible solution for staffing and longevity of participation in the medium/craft. Protect yourselves, YTers!

    Jessica Smiler-JohnsonJessica Smiler-Johnson9 kun oldin
  • maybe you can do a collab with pewds that would be interseting

    ZainabZainab12 kun oldin
  • I think everybody who thinks youtubers have always the best time of their lives and are doing UZworld only for money should watch this Video. ;)

    lazy sheeplazy sheep15 kun oldin
  • Cry me a river

    DoubleHeadedPhoenixDoubleHeadedPhoenix15 kun oldin
  • Her intrinsic motivation is turning to extrinsic motivation

    Nina TejeraNina Tejera17 kun oldin
  • I think one of the biggest issues is that it's physically impossible to actually engage with all 6+ million subscribers individually. On the content creator's screen, you literally just see graphs and numbers. You don't realise that you've personally reached out to John from Denver who changed his stance on vaccinations because of your videos, or Julie from London who discovered a benign tumour because your videos encouraged her to see the GP. The most you can do is see how many people from Albania watched your videos, or how many of them are younger than 25. When all you have a graphs and numbers, you become disconnected with real life people.

    Daniel DinhDaniel Dinh21 kun oldin
  • In my last 2 years of high school I was extremely depressed, occasionally self harming but my classmates would always make comments about how put together I was and they were always like “you’re so happy all the time” even tho at the end of the day I would go home and cry because I was so insecure and hated myself. I only seemed to be happy because when I’m around other people I never want to be a downer even if I’m struggling internally. So everyone just assumed things about me and never asked me if I was okay or how I was doing. I now never assume anything about anyone’s mental health.

    Nicole KNicole K22 kun oldin
  • Why am i seeing this only now????! I am crying this is so wonderful

    Banni niBanni ni26 kun oldin
  • How many times did she say “like”!!?

    Hadeel GhaziHadeel Ghazi26 kun oldin
    • a lot but LIKE me to like when im underpressure or talking about a sensetive topic like you kinda like lose words like idk.

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  • God she's BEAUTIFUL

    Anne JAnne JOy oldin
  • Emma constantly stuttering means her brain is faster than her mouth, which usually means anxiety. I can relate to her in a way, and good thing to know I'm not alone.

    KirkLurkPUKirkLurkPUOy oldin
  • Hey guys I'm a starting channel i post some music on there ,tik tok songs, hip hop trap and more. It will really mean alot if you go check me out and pop a sub that will really help me a lot. Also feel free to comment and like ❤

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  • I love her so much! I respect her so much!

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  • Is that her real voice or she has a sore throat?? Whatever who i enjoyed the video

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  • This was very eye opening. Love and respect this openness about mental health and the day to day life of UZworldrs/ influencers. All people are important wether they are in the spotlight or not. Love conversations like this.

    Paige KeesePaige KeeseOy oldin
  • This is what I was thinking of the last month, Im not a youtuber or sth (bec I made videos and never posted them hahaha) but I was thinking of what I wanna be in life. I realised that all jobs related to art are like that. Actors; what if no one wants me anymore. Designer; if you dont design stuff that everyone wants you wont stay famous, Models; if you are pretty enough anymore you can be forgotten, Influencers; what if no one wants to follow me tomorrow. -> what if I get cancelled tomorrow for what ever reason. But if you di a job like doctor, there will always be a demand for doctors or IT people and stuff. Maybe its also about when you are your own boss idk. But a lot of people are suffering from the “am I gonna be forgotten in a few days” ?

    RealgarRealgarOy oldin
  • what adds to it is that because you are completely self employed and mostly free to choose when to work, you can always pause for negative thoughts. You're almost never distracted by a fix schedule because you're able to pause anytime and loose yourself in negative thoughts.

    Timo GloorTimo GloorOy oldin
  • Thank you so much for all that you do! Great questions and well-worded answers and an awesome way to discuss mental health! We love you both, Dr. Mike and Emma!! 👏🏼♥️

    Sruthi SSruthi SOy oldin
  • Fixing lonliness and anxiety Draw close to Jesus he'll draw close to you. Nothing is impossible for him he died and rose again. God bless

    Audrey TAudrey TOy oldin
  • Hearing this helps me see that I do not want to become a UZworldr. Once in a while create something and share, fine, as a hobby, but as a goal or career path - not for me.

    Avishag Bat-ShunamAvishag Bat-ShunamOy oldin
  • I think a little introduction of the guest in the beginning would be really nice (who she is, what she's doing, what kind of channel she has, etc.). I'm assuming she's a youtuber, obviously, but some context would still be nice. Just a suggestion for future interviews:)

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  • The best video yet, Dr. Mike, and thanks to Emma for collaborating, bringing to light, a side of UZworld Creators go through. I like to listen and try to understand people where they are.

    Michael S. BrooksMichael S. BrooksOy oldin
    • I do feel that UZworldrs do need to take breaks from UZworld, as in Vacation time, having a "Me" time away from media. I also think UZworld needs to return to the old UZworld format, so that people can truly create entertaining videos.

      Michael S. BrooksMichael S. BrooksOy oldin
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  • I held off doing UZworld for so long because of my mental health. I'm now 6 months in from starting UZworld. Life can be hard at times but you just need to keep pushing.

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  • “Emma” have you looked into numerology and to see what your pathway # is. It’s based off your bday and the vowels in your name. It helps a lot to read up on this will give you pointers in your journey ✌🏼 much love

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  • And how about you, Dr Mike, when does being a UZworldr/"Celebrity Doctor" feel bad for you?

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  • I don't think people realize how hard youtube actually is, its even hard to explain but it is really just not a joke and people work hard, idk about others but i just find something in her that is rare and authintic that just make her so special to me, i like her contant and i like her as a person it self cause i think that she worked really hard to get where she is and i think that she does alot of smart things that people may not notice, but i just genuinely love her person and i find her very inspiring and honest, so much love

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  • I genuinely feel like a friend to Emma everytime I watch her videos. Although I have a huge circle of friends, I still find myself on the comfort of my own and that's hoooow I find Emma so relatable. *Huge love to my gal, Emma!* ♡

    Tracy ArapanTracy Arapan2 oy oldin
  • I feel for Mental health that is exclusive to 'UZworldr', maybe you should redo this video topic again but this time with Joji (FillthyFrankTV). He straight up moved on from his UZworld 'Persona' and went into music and it would have a very unique video.

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