Doctor Mike Interviews Dr. Fauci On COVID19

29-Mar, 2020
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Dr. Anthony Fauci has been a champion of truth & integrity during a difficult time for us in America. He serves on the National Institute of Health branch of Allergy and Infectious Disease and has advised 6 presidents! He is someone I look up to and I was lucky to be able to ask him some questions about our current pandemic.
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    Doctor MikeDoctor Mike6 oy oldin
    • Never mind! My Bad , as this was in March!!

      MacupBananaMacupBanana11 kun oldin
    • Dr. Mike I am sure that Dr. Fauci probably just misspelled! You are forgiven Dr. Fauci that you are an MD and not a geographer but the southern hemisphere is entering summer(spring) exiting winter at the moment; To be sure most noteworthy!

      MacupBananaMacupBanana11 kun oldin
    • Dr. Mike you two kinda look and sound alike. Maybe you will be a cool older stateman like Dr. Fauci when you're older

      Chris Breezy -Ryan BarbosaChris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa14 kun oldin
    • Great idea using the thumbnail to suggest people should be concerned about contracting the coronavirus again once they've already had it. Let's cause unnecessary fear and panic for youtube success. You look like Jared Fogle.

      Christopher TondroChristopher Tondro14 kun oldin
    • @John Papadopoulos Thank you.

      Google UserGoogle User28 kun oldin
  • I want DR FAUCI (or anyone else who can) to PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS: AND THIS: AND THIS:

    Truth MattersTruth Matters20 soat oldin
  • For complete scientific information in COVID-19 visit @9hfE

    Critical SatireCritical SatireKun oldin
  • nice

    Pete NaPete Na2 kun oldin
  • Oh look another big pharma shill.

    Patrick SuwalaPatrick Suwala2 kun oldin
  • 6 months later everything is in code Red 🙃 cuz fuckers wanan open up too soon

    Rare RootieRare Rootie2 kun oldin
  • Mike: *talks about social distancing Fouchi: *drinks coffe

    Amir WRAmir WR3 kun oldin
  • He helped to create the virus he should know what he is talking about

    Daniel HofstetterDaniel Hofstetter4 kun oldin
  • thank you Dr. Fauci!!! We appreciate you keeping us in the loop!

    Miss GeeMiss Gee4 kun oldin
  • News there’s no way to cure COVID-19 Russia lowers gun and look at the golog 👁👄👁

    Lillian RodriguezLillian Rodriguez4 kun oldin
  • Unfortunately he was right about it coming back😞

    Alice de BontAlice de Bont5 kun oldin
  • Look at the way Trump and Pence are looking at Fauci at 0:11... Hilarious!

    Mishika JainMishika Jain5 kun oldin
  • 0:44 this punk says that “he’s all about fact checking and accurate info” ... but he’s the one who’s been put in place to spread disinformation, and to push back against the push back against Fauchi’s disinformative alarmism❗️ *When I see creeps like these, the severity of hell starts to make sense to me !*

    Gherie G.Gherie G.5 kun oldin
  • *You know, a lot of people think that satan is, in appearance, frightening… but no, he takes great pains to appear anything but…* *…what you see on the screen, these two personalities, are the face of the antichrist end times 666 movement.* *Jesus is coming soon.*

    Gherie G.Gherie G.5 kun oldin
  • CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC HOAX AND NATURAL TREATMENT Fight the misinformation war on coronavirus. Share this info to save lives. Coronavirus is real but the pandemic is a hoax and the death rates are inflated. But for your peace of mind, here's a full-pledged way to fight coronavirus as prevention or when you're infected. Start with small doses as prevention or when starting treatment. For children, adjust dosage proportionate to body weight. Don't worry if you don't have them all. Just 3-4 of those listed below may just be enough to cure coronavirus covid-19 in 1-3 days. This message is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace a doctor's advice. 1. Pray to Yashua Mashiyach (Jesus Christ) for safety or healing. 2. No pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines 3. Sunshine 20 minutes daily or vitamin D3 or fish oil 1,000 mg 3-6 times daily 4. Supersalts 1 drop in 1 glass water 1-3x daily 5. Aphrodisia 1 teaspoon in 1 glass water 1-2x daily (may be combined with Supersalts above 6. Zinc supplement 7. Virgin coconut oil 1 tablespoon 3-6x daily 8. Vitamins C. For prevention 1,000 mg 3-10x daily. For treatment 2,000 mg every 30 minutes of waking time or up to signs of bowel tolerance. No toxicity limit for vitamin C. Distance the taking of vitamin C from Supersalts by 2 hours because they will cancel each other's effect. 9. Vitamins A D E 10. Eat not too ripe papaya and pineapple.

    Toy MakToy Mak5 kun oldin

    Marie GuinanMarie Guinan6 kun oldin
  • Yep just inflate the numbers! Makes Trump look bad

    TymtyTymty7 kun oldin
  • Should have never shut down!

    TymtyTymty7 kun oldin
  • My grandmother got coronavirus twice

    Kaitlyn FriedmanKaitlyn Friedman7 kun oldin
  • How does HIV and death of TCells impact covid-19 testing and treatment?

    uda wymauda wyma7 kun oldin
  • Talk to someone who specializes in masks too please. Someone who works for osha for example 🤔

    Joe KeithJoe Keith8 kun oldin
  • Sad political ploy!! It’s a FREAKEN FLU!!!

    Diana GarciaDiana Garcia9 kun oldin
  • Fauci is a fraud!! I think dr Mike I will not follow you!!

    Diana GarciaDiana Garcia9 kun oldin
  • Fauci is the father of the AIDS virus that killed millions. Get the book Plague of Corruption.

    bob petersbob peters9 kun oldin
  • Can you dissect this video of what happened to this individual account. I have heard so many stories like this one. And sadly to say 2 that have passed away because of Covid19 restrictions.

    Matthew C. OliphantMatthew C. Oliphant10 kun oldin
  • There we go. 2 doctors.

    zaden wrightzaden wright10 kun oldin
  • Turns out it wasn't seasonal.

    TBDF12TBDF1211 kun oldin
  • God the outlook on this video is so positive I wish things had actually gone the way Dr. Fauci said instead of the hell we were stuck in for six months

    Ahnana AlvaAhnana Alva11 kun oldin
    • yeah, I feel bad for Fauci because he knows what to do but he is being held back

      Ender GamerEnder Gamer5 kun oldin
  • So my mom who had a severe case in April just got reinfected. This time it seems to be less bad but it still is quite heavy. So yeah the immunity seemed to have lasted about 6 months...

    Anna SeyfertAnna Seyfert11 kun oldin
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    KingBeer 1997KingBeer 199712 kun oldin
  • Horrible foreshadowing for south africa

    annemieke louwannemieke louw13 kun oldin
    • I seriously believe that is what they want to do. Starve Africa, then open up the borders after millions die

      Archer LanskyArcher Lansky4 kun oldin
  • You should go to prison forever

    Mindaugas RadaviciusMindaugas Radavicius14 kun oldin
  • One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. #Latinos4Trump2020!!

    Z RodZ Rod16 kun oldin
  • You sold your soul. You disgust me.

    Chris ESChris ES16 kun oldin
  • I start feeling good when i see this videos and i learn Many new things while having fun mainly that chest compression thing

    vijayalakshmi barnikalavijayalakshmi barnikala16 kun oldin
  • We do not get it again,we go through lasting effects,left over,from our illness..Take it from a CO19 survivor..

    michael smichael s17 kun oldin
  • ummm... xD well what could be done was donde so

    Makoto SamaMakoto Sama17 kun oldin
  • Little did they know hat trump would get it, it wouldn’t get better in the summer, it didn’t get much worse in the fall, and there might be a vaccine in November/December

    Owen Popkowski-smithOwen Popkowski-smith17 kun oldin
  • Why would anyone dislike the video?! This is for good cause and it is good . If u don't want to learn at least look at the doctor and enjoy

    Bharti SharmaBharti Sharma20 kun oldin
    • people are idiots and believe anything they see, most dumbasses believe these things: fauci has lied, he will get money from the vaccine, he caused aids. It's just ridiculous, they try to attack his reputation, even though he's been the leading epidemiologist for over 30 years

      Ender GamerEnder Gamer5 kun oldin
  • My dad used to work with Fauci and he always tells me how sweet he is. In the 1980’s (I think) they were working on an aids project and my dad actually worked in his room since there weren’t many places for computers, and he told me that FAUCI was always nervous to ask his fellow employees to lunch, when everyone knew he was the sweetest. He’s a very humble and genuine man, and I think he needs to be appreciated much more.

    sakura peggsakura pegg21 kun oldin
    • yes, especially with all of the conspiracies about him

      Ender GamerEnder Gamer5 kun oldin
  • Fauci: I believe it will go away in the summer and come back in the fall. Me (5 months later): ...

    AllAround AddiAllAround Addi21 kun oldin
  • Watching this 5 months later is just making me sad. So many places opened up too quickly.

    Xander WestonXander Weston21 kun oldin
  • Don't kids get things on their skin when they get COVID-19?

    Saul ContrerasSaul Contreras22 kun oldin
  • Trump: Corona is bad, young people get sick too, and it's more deadly(privately) Trump: *develops task force* Trump: *ignores task force* Trump: corona is fake news!!!

    Saul ContrerasSaul Contreras22 kun oldin
  • Omg, how do these people sleep so little? RBG(the Justice who just died) said she slept very little too.

    Saul ContrerasSaul Contreras22 kun oldin
    • that compulsion of honest and selfless responsibility

      kensaiixkensaiix11 kun oldin
  • we had the answer all along. If you're at risk of serious illness from ANYTHING, don't go out too often, certainly not without PPE and proper hygience. If you have to be in contact with people who are at risk of COVID complications, act as though you are the one at risk by taking the same precautions. This perfect storm of sometimes overkill and sometimes underkill is a big waste of everybody's time - this virus is just that... a virus, not Armageddon. Use some common sense, and stop dramatizing and sensationalizing what should never have been a political issue in the first place.

    Kai DwyerKai Dwyer23 kun oldin
    • @Kai Dwyer The asymptomatic are still a risk for other people. That has been proven. You are still contagous even without symptoms. And the severe cases (those that need to go to the hospital) are not only the elderly or people with pre existing conditions. Those are BY FAR not the only ones at risk of a severe case of Covid. Everyone can get it severely. And even if it might not be life threatening in the first place it can become life threatening if the patients cant get treatment immediately because of missing ressources. This is what happened in Italy etc. Its not because “they have more elderly and sick people in Italy“. That is absolute bs.

      Metal PuppetMetal Puppet20 kun oldin
    • @Metal Puppet Even the person who didn't get sick is at risk? Even liberal media outlets admit that the asymptomatic are quite common, but instead of using that as an argument to free many at the expense of the delusionally "healthy" but actually immunosuppressed, they use it to argue for everyone wearing a mask and social distancing (improperly at that). I don't see why we need to employ communist tactics with a disease that predominantly affects the elderly and immunosuppressed, which constitute a fair portion of the US population and contribute mightily to the death toll being worse in the US than elsewhere. Think: boomers and tubby people. You want to know what privilege is? being so protected from your other ailments that you survive to be killed by COVID or cancer.

      Kai DwyerKai Dwyer20 kun oldin
    • The thing is there isnt one or a few groups of people at risk. Everyone is at risk. Even if the person doesnt get sick they still are extremely contagous aka dangerous for everybody else.

      Metal PuppetMetal Puppet20 kun oldin
  • perverse effect lol

    Kai DwyerKai Dwyer23 kun oldin
  • Don't you feel ashamed now? You should. September 27th 2020: current studies are correlating the Covid-19 fatality rate at 0.1% 0.1% Sept 18th: Dr. Martin Feely is clinical director for the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group and a former vascular surgeon. He states that Covid-19 is " much less severe than the average annual flu ". Sept 20th: Dr Shiva is a medical doctor, renowned expert in the field of the human immune system, holds multiple degrees from MIT, and a respected inventor. Here he explains how and why the public have been completely misled by covid-19. The Public Health Agency of Sweden (today) : The Covid-19 fatality rate in those younger than 70 years is 0.1%. 0.1% But YOU know better than professionals far more qualified and experienced than you will ever be. FFS Find some integrity, you blinkered freak.

    Steve KermodeSteve Kermode24 kun oldin
    • @Metal Puppet ' It's the truth...' - The truth is a funny thing these days.

      Steve KermodeSteve Kermode20 kun oldin
    • @Steve Kermode Its the truth. The Italien health care system didnt get wrecked because Covid is so deadly. It got wrecked because its so contagous and has a lot of severe cases that have to go to the hospital. That doesnt happen in a flu season. Not at this rate.

      Metal PuppetMetal Puppet20 kun oldin
    • @Metal Puppet ' The fatality rate says NOTHING about how dangerous it is for any health care system '? ...I'll just leave that there.

      Steve KermodeSteve Kermode20 kun oldin
    • The fatality rate says NOTHING about how dangerous it is for any health care system. And thats why we needed and still need these measures. Covid IS much more contagous than the flu and has much more severe cases. By severe I do not mean deadly. But I mean people who need medical attention in a hospital. Ressources arent endless. We are seeing this all around the world.

      Metal PuppetMetal Puppet20 kun oldin
  • Dr. Fauci has a crappy microphone, trump didn’t give him one.

    A AA A24 kun oldin
  • Only anti-vaccines children can get it twice though

    oanakamaoanakama24 kun oldin
  • Great job dr. Mike

  • Is he fangirling

    Ethan Jonah JorgeEthan Jonah Jorge26 kun oldin
  • Doctor Mike, Doctor Fauci, did you have a comment on the fact that hospital staffs were taking advantage of the covid19 by using the "rising death toll" to hide the fact that they were killing low income patients? Any Comments on this? Or did you both just get paid to change the subject? Are you guys Real Doctors? Doctors of what?

    Ruth S StandingRuth S Standing27 kun oldin
    • You can’t change the subject if it was never brought up

      Riam LiskRiam Lisk26 kun oldin
  • Dr Mike is a Shill.

    Ross RainRoss Rain27 kun oldin
  • CENSORSHIP = 100% TRUE if no one is getting arrested or brought to justice about the 800 year naturally procreated in a lab current virus that only took 10 yrs to surface then the WHOLE F in system is corrupt. the only adverse effect about a current SAFE DOSAGE option of Hydroxychloroquine & azithromycin is that PEOPLE GLOBALLY are DROPPING DEAD ABOUT NOT HAVING A RIGHT OF CHOICE to something already uploaded and stated by many scientist and doctors as the information is CENSORED IMMEDIATELY AFTER. be safe & stay healthy copy paste and pass it 4ward

    nypd777nypd77727 kun oldin
    • It has been proven multiple times that the virus has NOT been created in a lab. It simply is another version of the SARS virus. Viruses mutate. Thats a completely normal process unfortunately.

      Metal PuppetMetal Puppet27 kun oldin
  • He sound like he has Corona

    fadel fun&gamesfadel fun&gamesOy oldin
  • 0:11 oMg tRump

    •Milk Søcks••Milk Søcks•Oy oldin
  • We should get an update interview! So much has changed!

    Matthew LeavittMatthew LeavittOy oldin
  • THE SOLUTION Use an oximeter three times a day! #keepyouroxygen 👇👇👇👇👇👇🙏

    John ProcterJohn ProcterOy oldin
  • Dr "fraud" Fauci, creator of PLANdemic?

    Bradford BenitezBradford BenitezOy oldin
    • @Metal Puppet It's patented. Meaning it's lab-made.

      Bradford BenitezBradford BenitezOy oldin
    • Covid is a mutant version of the Sars virus. Viruses mutate thats a perfectly normal thing unfortunately. None of it has been created.

      Metal PuppetMetal PuppetOy oldin
  • Ok now I know Dr mike is a real doctor.

    General Seretary YuriGeneral Seretary YuriOy oldin
  • *Why does Fauci get to be called ''dr'' and Trump does not get to be called ''president''? Off to a very bad start, fan boy Mikhail.*

    jacegiljacegilOy oldin
  • Oh thank you FAUCI, we can take vitamins and breath oxygen. Well thank God you approve because I'v been holding my breath for 6 month to avoid COVID that killed 1/100 of the flu. Hey Fauci, when we establish the number of people that needlessly died because of your lock-down and willful misinformation, what do you think the response should be? What would you do to the man primarily responsible for killing your grandparents because they were given bad advice from a doctor, on purpose? Thats called malpractice at the very least...

    Mark RussellMark RussellOy oldin
    • No one died because of the lockdown. Every severe condition gets treatment immediately. The things that dont need immediate treatment dont get it to save resources. Its as easy ss that. And the measures arent directly there because Covid kills many people. They are there to save health care systems from falling appart, which DID happen and still is happening. The flu is nothing compared to Covid. When a health care system doesnt work anymore and resources are running out other people with heart attacks, strokes etc are in massive danger as well. And that would have happened all around the world without lockdowns, masks etc

      Metal PuppetMetal PuppetOy oldin
  • When I close my eyes I can’t see ☹️

    Madelyn DiemerMadelyn DiemerOy oldin
  • Anthony Fauci is mentioned more than a few times in the maligned doc Plandemic II. He can be seen at many stages of his illustrious career

    jacegiljacegilOy oldin
  • Wowww since when did you change your look since dr Anthony Fauci was there

    FlowlyBeautyFlowlyBeautyOy oldin
  • Belarus president Lukashenko stating that the IMF offered him a 900M USD bribe to impose Covid lockdown.

    Google UserGoogle UserOy oldin
  • I dont like to see this ignorent face. The great LOOSER.

    Minhaj TunuMinhaj TunuOy oldin
  • "Time for an Investigation: Dr. Fauci and NIAID Accused of Collaboration with China on the COVID-19 Virus" 13 Sept 2020 and 13 Sept 2020 Americans are unaware of the extent of China’s infiltration of U.S. medical research, the degree to which U.S. officials and scientists facilitated it, the possibly dangerous transfer of technology, including that related to the likely creation of the COVID-19 virus, and the continuation of such collaborative programs. Based on the preponderance of evidence, there is now little question that the virus that has caused the worldwide pandemic likely came from a laboratory in China. The question remains whether an accidental leak was a consequence of biological warfare experiments by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Chinese government collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) to downplay the threat and make the case that the virus appeared to not be transmitted from human to human, but rather from animals (primarily bats) to humans. There is also the question of why China cut off all domestic flights between Wuhan (population, 11 million) and Beijing and Shanghai, but not between Wuhan and Europe and America. There are also questions about the role of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ (NIAID), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, in directing U.S. grant funds to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the nature of the experiments that funding supported. With that, I am calling for an investigation of NIAID’s controversial research collaboration with China regarding the origin of the COVID-19 virus. A Senate committee or Justice Department investigation would be a good start. I have written a series of articles on this topic, which you can find here. As a summary, I have compiled this following list of evidentiary data points that could serve as the starting point for whatever entity takes on this very necessary investigation: On April 27, 2020 it was reported that the National Institutes of Health, presumably with the authorization of President Donald Trump, suspended spending on the remaining $369,819 of a National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) grant to the EcoHealth Alliance, a long-time scientific collaborator with Chinese scientists, in particular, the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Not privy to the actual facts related to the decision, that action precipitated outrage in the mainstream media and among some representatives of the scientific community. Here are those facts. Ten days earlier, during a press briefing by the Coronavirus Task Force, the following exchange took place between a White House correspondent and the President (1:10:57 - 1:11:33): Question: “U.S. intelligence is saying this week that the coronavirus likely came from a Level 4 lab in Wuhan. There is also another report that the NIH under the Obama Administration in 2015 gave that lab 3.7 million dollars in a grant. Why would they give a grant like that to China?” President Trump: “The Obama Administration gave them a grant of 3.7 million. I have been hearing about that. And we’ve instructed that any grants that are going to that area we’re looking at it literally about an hour ago and also earlier in the morning. We will end that grant very quickly.” On April 19, 2020, Michael Lauer, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Deputy Director for Extramural Research, wrote to EcoHealth Alliance’s vice president for research, Kevin Olival stating: “EcoHealth Alliance, Inc. is the recipient, as grantee, of an NIH grant entitled “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence.” It is our understanding that one of the sub-recipients on this grant is the Wuhan Institute of Virology (“WIV”). It is our understanding that Wuhan Institute of Virology studies the interaction between corona viruses and bats. The scientific community believes that the coronavirus causing COVID-19 jumped from bats to humans likely in Wuhan where the COVID-19 pandemic began. There are now allegations that the current crisis was precipitated by the release from Wuhan Institute of Virology of the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19. Given these concerns, we are pursuing suspension of Wuhan Institute of Virology from participation in federal programs. While we review these allegations during the period of suspension, you are instructed to cease providing any funds to Wuhan Institute of Virology. This temporary action is authorized by 45 C.F.R. § 75.371(d) (“Initiate suspension or debarment proceedings as authorized under 2 C.F.R. part 180”). The incorporated OMB provision provides that the funding agency may, through suspension, immediately and temporarily exclude from Federal programs persons who are not presently responsible where “immediate action is necessary to protect the public interest.” 2 C.F.R. § 180.700(c). It is in the public interest that NIH ensure that a sub-recipient has taken all appropriate precautions to prevent the release of pathogens that it is studying. This suspension of the sub-recipient does not affect the remainder of your grant assuming that no grant funds are provided to WIV following receipt of this email during the period of suspension.” On April 21, 2020, Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, responded by email to Lauer: “I can categorically state that no funds from 2R01 AI110964-06 have been sent to Wuhan Institute of Virology, nor has any contract been signed. Furthermore we will comply with NIAID’s requirements, of course.” On April 24, 2020, Lauer notified Daszak that the NIAID, headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, has elected to terminate the project “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence”, funded under grant R01 AI110964 because “NIH does not believe that the current project outcomes align with the program goals and agency priorities.” On June 23, 2020, in response to a question by Rep. Marc Veasey (D-TX) regarding the reasons for the cancellation of the EcoHealth Alliance grant, Dr. Fauci said (5:32:20 - 5:34:03): “It was cancelled because the NIH was told to cancel it. I don’t know the reason, but we were told to cancel it.” R E A D I T A L L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Walter DurantyWalter DurantyOy oldin
  • Keep clean, go to sleep from 9.30pm to 5.30am, don't worry too much about anything including Covid 19, wash your hands properly every time you go to the toilet/restroom, take a shower when you wake up and before you go to bed, try your best not to eat any junk food, do intermittent fasting if your health allows it after consulting your doctor, stop all soda/pop completely, drink water regularly, try to switch to organic food, organic meat, organic vegetables and fruits, organic dairy products, do moderate exercise like walking an hour in a park daily, limit carbohydrates and avoid white sugar, don't ever eat or drink excessively, avoid smoking and drinking, be grateful and be generous, avoid negative minded evil people, give charity to those who deserve it, don't beg if you're broke but rather take a small interest free loan and earn your living, don't be violent to anyone, be respectful and have mercy on all living beings, May God Almighty guide us all to the truth. Ameen.

    Abu MuhammadAbu MuhammadOy oldin
  • I just want to know how a vaccine will work if the virus can relapse?

    Chris HertleChris HertleOy oldin
    • say the vaccine is 60% effective, and 90% of ppl get it, so 50% of people can't get sick, but can be a minor transmission risk (you can be resistant and spread it just much less). Once most people have it you have to do a HARD lockdown, because 50% of people can't be infected the virus has a much harder time spreading, on top of the lockdown, this should quench the virus

      Ender GamerEnder Gamer5 kun oldin
  • Dr Fauci looks so tired. 4 hours of sleep a night and he looks like he should be retired. Dr's really are some of our most brilliant people.

    EzuEzuOy oldin
    • The art of non sequitur is a tough one to master.

      jacegiljacegilOy oldin
  • To bad he was fired

    Timber BeastTimber BeastOy oldin
  • JESUS LOVES YOU. come back. 💚

    sobiesky Jimenezsobiesky JimenezOy oldin
  • The part about young people getting covid-19 hits deep for me as a younger person who got sick(untested but doctor diagnosed as probable covid-19) I was quarantined for 14 days. I had no energy, I felt terrible, I was really sick. I have no underlying conditions and I'm pretty healthy. My strength was completely taken away from me, and even now months later I still am lacking in endurance. Stay safe and mask up.

    D SD SOy oldin

      Ender GamerEnder Gamer5 kun oldin
    • Try vitamin D supplements

      ريانريانOy oldin
  • Fauci is going live on prison tv what a keik

  • Useful idiots

    Xez1919Xez1919Oy oldin
  • The foreshadowing is slapping me in the face

    Britney TouchstoneBritney TouchstoneOy oldin

    JC Ciryl JC CirylJC Ciryl JC CirylOy oldin
  • The disease is not as bad as the media says. I refuse to get the vaccine unless its years proven safe. Report the recovery rate and not only the death rate. Also stop recording deaths as covid when they are not.

    HelenHelenOy oldin
    • @Metal Puppet You've got to isolate and protect your vulnerable population at the height of the outbreak, which wasn't done. Plus lots of people die *with* Covid whose death certificate said ''Covid,', which were counted among the fatalities. At this point killing economies an ddoing untold human damage to protect from a weakened virus that kills no one and doesn't get people hospitalized is a crime against humanity, if you,re familiar with that term. Is the WHO a solid, honest, legitimate organization? We talk of Sweden but many other countries have goen the herd immunity route with as much success as those which have used opppressive methods to keep the sheep in fold.

      jacegiljacegilOy oldin
    • @jacegil Having no symptoms does NOT mean you cant infect others. Thats why it spreads so fast. In Sweden there are far less people and those people arent all crammed together. Thats why it spreads differently there. We cant take examples from other countries. Every country has to decide for themselves.

      Metal PuppetMetal PuppetOy oldin
    • @Metal Puppet Covid has shown to target people with comorbidities, and a majority of these people are over 60. So we got to be more careful around these people if we *do* have symptoms It hasn't destroyed health sytems it has temporarily overloaded some of them. ''So we have to have safety measures like lockdowns, masks etc. Which have also been proven to work'' SWeden tells another story. The virus has gotten weaker, too. LOts of people who tets poistive have no symptoms. Such a deadly virus you have to get tested to know if you have it. And there is a whole set of problems with the tests per se: for one if they're too sensitive, you end up with a majority of false positive.

      jacegiljacegilOy oldin
    • @jacegil NONE of this is planned. That is proven. Covid is another version of the Sars virus. Mutation is a thing NO ONE can stop. But that doesnt mean we should just keep living out lives like nothing happened. It is also proven that Covid is extremely contagous and it destroyed multiple health care systems around the world...GOOD health care systems that have no problems with the flu seasons what so ever. This is something new that we dont have ANY treatment for. So we have to have safety measures like lockdowns, masks etc. Which have also been proven to work

      Metal PuppetMetal PuppetOy oldin
    • I like people who are immune to propaganda and media spin. Here is a link to a docu called Plandemic II if you're interested. it was an eye-opener in some key aspects for me.

      jacegiljacegilOy oldin
  • Hey Dr Fauci.. about Event did your team predict a pandemic with 100 % accuracy 🤔???

    nursebratchetnursebratchetOy oldin
    • @jacegil thanks so much 🙏 💓

      nursebratchetnursebratchetOy oldin
    • @nursebratchet Plandemic II if you're interested. Funny how trolls go on the attack when you criticize their semi-gods of their fact-free narratives.

      jacegiljacegilOy oldin
    • @Hi Qwerty and his wife is a practicing satanist...wearing upside down crosses

      nursebratchetnursebratchetOy oldin
    • nursebratchet How is being sad having do with this?

      Hi QwertyHi QwertyOy oldin
    • @Hi Qwerty wow I think you are a sad person. God bless you. I will pray for you 🙏

      nursebratchetnursebratchetOy oldin
  • I've not even been able to get it once. Been trying. Got 4.5 weeks of sick time I need to use up. I've never even gotten the flu and I'm 50. I need to got to a protest or something. What should I protest? hmmmmmm

    JD SigaJD SigaOy oldin

    ArielArielOy oldin
  • Who do you Work for dr mike, your a good actor😊

    Carp boyCarp boyOy oldin
  • My cousin is very fit, eats healthy and works out daily and he became very, very ill due to COVID. He is doing well now, but we were very worried about it. My aunt is in her 60's and she's been a respiratory nurse for over 30yrs. She also came down with COVID and it hit her very hard, she developed a very bad respiratory infection. Also recovering well, but again it was scary to think your loved ones could potentially lose their lives from this. No one is immune to this and everyone should stay safe, taking your own health and the health of others seriously. Wear your mask and stay well!

    Savannah ForsythSavannah ForsythOy oldin
  • IT is horrible Just seeing this in September And most of the stuff came true...

    Yadriel FranciscoYadriel FranciscoOy oldin
  • It's weird to watch this again in September

    Alicia AlazaeAlicia AlazaeOy oldin
  • Please interview Dr. Mike Hansen. UZworldr.

    Tules GTules GOy oldin
  • Fauci betting that you will have some years' worth of immunity, and you won't get reinfected? So, where's this predicted second wave coming from then? Everybody has either already had the virus, or is taking precautions to prevent it. So how can a second wave occur?

    roger Inhardroger InhardOy oldin
  • Yes, it's easy to predict what's going to happen in the future in a four months old video, when you're one of the people who make that future happen anyway.

    roger Inhardroger InhardOy oldin
  • It's a shame really that Dr Mike has become so naive and gullible when he previously did such a good expose of the media lies about coronovirus-19. Or is he not so naive and gullible, but now just 'an useful idiot' used by the Deep State?

    roger Inhardroger InhardOy oldin
    • No, you mental Metal Puppet. Listen to (or read) what those health professionals actually said. (It would probably help if you could speak/read Italian too, instead of believing what our mainstream media says is the correct translation.) Italian hospitals were NOT overwhelmed by covid-19 patients. Just as in the UK, they limited the access to hospital of people who needed non-urgent surgery or meraly routine tests, to make way for any possible covid-19 cases. There WAS an influx of people to their A & E departments who were worried that they had the virus (most turned out not to have it.) There were also some times when the hospitals DID seem overwhelmed, but this is because, as I previously stated, that Italy has a longer life expectancy than most countries, so their elderly population is older than ours, and is consequently more prey to viral attacks. So, yes, they were overwhelmed, but no more than they were in any other year in the past. But why ask me about it? Ask the Italians: they'll confirm what I've just told you.

      roger Inhardroger Inhard24 kun oldin
    • @roger Inhard What happened in Italy then. There are hundreds of doctors and nurses who can confirm that the Italian health care system was completely trashed by the pandemic. Those people were right there. If they'd lie about it they would immediately loose their jobs. What happened in Italy etc doesnt happen in a normal flu season. Italy can easily deal with flu seasons just like pretty much any other country.

      Metal PuppetMetal Puppet26 kun oldin
    • roger Inhard this dude seriously compared tents set up and being used for medical purposes to balloon tanks from d day😂😂

      Riam LiskRiam Lisk26 kun oldin
    • @Metal Puppet Your assertions are just totally erroneous and have been conclusively disproved many times now. For instance, there were tents outside some hospitals in America, which served two purposes: firstly propaganda to scare people (no different from when the Allies made painted cardboard tanks in the war to scare the enemy) and secondly, in case they were needed for an influx of covid-19 patients that hospitals couldn't deal with. Which didn't happen, and most of these tents became (not very busy) testing centres. (Although in fact, it would have been very difficult to safely ventilate and intubate patients with respiratory problems and isolate them in a not very sterile or hygienic tent environment.) Here in the UK, we adapted a conference e centre into a 'Nightingale' hospital that could accommodate up to two hundred patients (or so they claimed). Actual maximum number of patients that they ever had at one time? Seventeen!

      roger Inhardroger Inhard26 kun oldin
    • @roger Inhard Why were there tents outside hospitals in America, why were ICU-units and hospitals in Italy and the entirety of Europe completely overwhelmed in the beginning. Those are FACTS. The tents arent empty and neither are the ICU units in Italy (like some stupid liars still seem to claim). They are or were completely full. Doctors and nurses can confirm that and they will. Telling the truth is their only chance to spread awareness and the only logical thing to do. Everything else will cost them their job.

      Metal PuppetMetal Puppet27 kun oldin
  • Protests at Dr. Anthony Fauci's house!!! Against Vaccine whether is mandatory or voluntarily and he needs to be fired NOW!!!

    carzyscenctistcarzyscenctistOy oldin
    • @Megaminx my friend got Covid19 but recovered so is not as deadly as the mainstream media made them out to be

      carzyscenctistcarzyscenctistOy oldin
    • Also, my uncle and aunt got COVID19.

      MegaminxMegaminxOy oldin
    • Personally, I want to live.

      MegaminxMegaminxOy oldin
    • @carzyscenctist Go to someone 'infected', ask them to cough on you repeatedly and see how you do. Better yet, go to an entire hospital full of them and go from room to room. You scared? I thought iT WaS a ScAm.

      MegaminxMegaminxOy oldin
    • @Megaminx Go and do your research on the virus, okay and try to understand that it is a bloody SCAM

      carzyscenctistcarzyscenctistOy oldin
  • A nut case and a fruit basket

    Ciccio BelloCiccio BelloOy oldin
    • Megaminx not at your residency

      Ciccio BelloCiccio BelloOy oldin
    • @Ciccio Bello A self burn! Those are rare!

      MegaminxMegaminxOy oldin
    • Megaminx Yea none cares about imbeciles opinions

      Ciccio BelloCiccio BelloOy oldin
    • I like nuts. I like fruits. I don't like you.

      MegaminxMegaminxOy oldin
  • So 5 months later we know that PCR tests are miss-counting by 90% (!) as positive, people that have such low viral lads that they can never infect anyone, covid-19 deaths are being over-counted, long term robust immunity is seriously doubted therefor a vaccine will be useless, young people are not seriously affected, asymptomatic carriers rarely if ever transmit the disease so masks are useless, lockdowns did nothing positive but on the contrary, killed many and will kill many more for years to come as many countries are reporting a 30% increase in deaths from other preventable causes and vertical increases in health and social challenges (domestic violence etc), cases are supposedly spiking but deaths are falling off a cliff marking the end of the virus cycle etc. Finally doctor Mike inserted an unsubstantiated piece of propaganda in the end by saying that he has seen countries that are hiding their covid-19 deaths by camouflaging them as pneumonia deaths. This last issue alone is worthy of investigation as to his motives.

    John PapadopoulosJohn PapadopoulosOy oldin
    • @UC7nRcEHB6yCNQHHKoEAyJ-A How about YOU prove first how situations like they happened in Italy, England, USA etc can be fake?! Thats right they cant. And they clearly arent. Doctors and nurses have seen it. They cant lie about it. Otherwise they would immediately loose their job

      Metal PuppetMetal Puppet28 kun oldin
    • @John Papadopoulos The things I said are scientifically proven

      Metal PuppetMetal PuppetOy oldin
    • @Metal Puppet Right right metal "puppet". Now tell us how thunder is scientifically and literally the voice of God and you know exactly what It says!

      John PapadopoulosJohn PapadopoulosOy oldin
    • You are a liar. The test is proven to be 95% accurate. And its also proven that anyone, high or low viral load, symptomatic or not can infect others. They just need to have it in their system

      Metal PuppetMetal PuppetOy oldin
  • Today I heard the great Berlin Speech of Robert F. Kennedy jr. - Dr. Fauci was mentioned.

    Paul TschitschikowPaul TschitschikowOy oldin
  • 7:25. Fauci's 10th wrong "expert" contradiction: that "immunity is lasting, once immunized, you will not be reinfected". But here he says just the opposite: It's almost like he was trying to encourage people to get vaccinated, and once he did that, started to intimate that it might be an annual necessity, ie big bucks.

    Grady WhitmanGrady WhitmanOy oldin
  • Dr. Fauci? Bye.

    Mango TMango TOy oldin
    • @Mango T Well clearly you don't want to watch the video because you are a closed minded person. If you are not going to watch it, don't comment. The whole point of comments is to say what you thought about the video using CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. All your comment shows is that you are closed minded person who doesn't trust doctors and likes to make people aware of this because you are not willing to look at facts. Doctor Fauci tried to help the world by warning them that COVID19 could be much worse. What have you done for humanity in the past 6 months?

      MegaminxMegaminxOy oldin
    • Megaminx Nobody asked you, either🤷‍♀️. This guy puts out videos, and people comment on them.

      Mango TMango TOy oldin
    • Nobody asked.

      MegaminxMegaminxOy oldin
  • Is it possible that the method of reception of the virus affects which symptoms it causes? ex: I breathe it in and it makes a home in my lungs giving pneumonia... but if so were to eat it it travels to my digestive tract and affects my liver and kidneys. ???

    GenerictubeuserGenerictubeuserOy oldin
    • Roller Coaster Addict It definitely affects more than the lungs. It can has massive affects on the gastrointestinal tract, can cause clots that damage the function of the kidneys, and can raise enzymes in the liver that cause it issues. Some of these are temporary, some perminant, some cause additional issues. you can check some out at

      GenerictubeuserGenerictubeuserOy oldin
    • Covid 19 only affects your lungs. If you eat it, your stomach acid will most likely kill it. I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure it cant affect your kidneys based on evidence we've been given by medical professionals.

      Roller Coaster AddictRoller Coaster AddictOy oldin
  • كورونا 🇺🇸⬆️⬆️☢☣🔥🔥🔥☣☢⚡

    محمد ناصر هودانيمحمد ناصر هودانيOy oldin
  • Dr Fauci said " the inmunity would be for few years" it sounds comforting for me and for many people who really care about a reinfection. Thanks so much for so helpful interview.... good job

    Jhon LojanoJhon LojanoOy oldin