Doctor Reacts to Medical TikTok Controversy

8-Yan, 2020
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There has been a lot of news covering a few Tik Tok videos made by medial professionals. They have been accused of having poor taste and even mocking patients. Some responses went as far as saying that Doctors shouldn't be on social media. I thought this would be a great opportunity to discuss this delicate subject and chat medical some! Huge thank you to Sarah Mojarad for chatting with me about her findings and experience!
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Responsible Medical Influencers on TikTok in no particular order (My account coming next month!)
1- Dr. Choi
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3- Dr. Staci
4- Doctor Jones
5- Dr. Chiang
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If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review/Responding to comments Series in a couple of weeks, so please submit more names of shows/questions you'd like for me to watch/answer. I love you all! - Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • There’s a saying about the internet. “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” But I like Dr. Mike

    The Female Thunderbirds nerdThe Female Thunderbirds nerd46 soniya oldin
  • I had an injection infected in the wrong place which left a mark in that area forever and was extremely painful for months

    ARM MusicARM Music29 daqiqa oldin
  • When I was really little a nurse had to take my blood pressure and I have sensory issues sure, but this nurse just didn't do this right, she put it on too tight and it left a huge red mark on my arm and I stopped trusting the doctors and nurses, they had to take my blood sugar next and they put their hand over my eyes and told my mom to hold me down which made me have a panic attack because I also didnt like being touched, didn't like the dark, and didnt like not knowing what was going on, so I punched the nurse.

    Nobody ImJustHereNobody ImJustHere7 soat oldin
  • Last August I was exercising and went to take a shower...when I took off my bra, I saw a dark first I thought it was a hole...I examined my breast and found what looked like a tiny dark pin prick on my nipple...I called the insurance company nurse and she said get to your doctor within 24 hours.... I tried all the bext day to get my primary care doctor to give me an appointment...I spoke with her nurse and med center manager...I even offered to come in, pay a copay, and pick up the referrals at the front desk...she didn't have to see me...they all refused...I finally gave up...took another shower, put on a clean white t-shirt and went to sleep....the next day I woke up with a nickle sized dark brown spot under my breast....I panicked and started making calls again with the new info...again, she refused...finally, I called patient relations....they made an appointment for me and told me to get there right away...I did and the doctor was furious with me, she wouldn't even look at me and then said I was causing trouble and was overreacting..the only reason she was seeing me and giving me referrals was because she was told she had too...after, mammograms, ultrasounds, ultrasound biopsy, MRI's, MRI biopsy, I was diagnosed with Zero Stage Noninvasive Ductile Cancer of the left I am two breast surgeries, radiation treatment and hormone therapy later and I was ready to just forget about it because the PC doctor was giving me a hard time....if I didn't wake up with the spot the next day, I don't know where I would be now....I have to continue to see her because of my insurance, but we have a terrible relationship and I told her I no longer trust her...

    Lori VassalloLori Vassallo9 soat oldin
  • The tik tok of the 24 yrs old having a heart attack def irritated me. I had a widowmaker heart attack, 99% blockage zero heart history at 33. I'm not triggered easily, ppl get butthurt too easily but that one irked me

    Crystal-Angel BauerCrystal-Angel Bauer12 soat oldin
  • o wow ~_~ll

    Keithlyn AsamoahKeithlyn Asamoah14 soat oldin
  • Idea. Coffee mug that says “If you won’t confuse your google for my medical degree then I won’t confuse my medical degree with infallibility.”

    chris joneschris jones15 soat oldin
  • It took 6 months and3 different doctors to be diagnosed with IBS, one told me it was just stress because I'm too young and couldn't have anything serious wrong with me.😐

    AlexMarieAlexMarie15 soat oldin
  • Lol

    ArimachiArimachi16 soat oldin
  • no way to justify this at all.

    katherine erinekatherine erine17 soat oldin
  • There's nothing wrong with being aware by googling symptoms. that's why you go to a hospital/clinic, because you feel like something's off and it's THEIR JOB to check what's wrong, not to make fun

    junis 人名junis 人名18 soat oldin
  • I love you saying this black woman are often misdiagnosed a lot. I can tell you countless stories of the disrespect my sister and I experience as black women from doctors.

    shana Burchshana Burch19 soat oldin
  • 9 million subs?

    InanimateObjectInanimateObjectKun oldin
  • As someone who used to volunteer in an ER in Philly, I can tell you we do get a lot of junkies who gave real symptoms but due to drugs. I seen people just die due to overuse. However this is NO REASON to not treat it like it's serious. This is disrespectful, don't nurses have an oath too?

    Rain N MoonRain N MoonKun oldin
  • Appearance trumps context any day of the week.

    Cool750BoyCool750BoyKun oldin
  • I have nothing against doctor's. But I was told for months that I was depressed and needed therapy. They refused to listen to me and said I was just depressed. I wasn't. I had mono, strep (in the blood) and a few other blood virus. I was sick but drs refused to listen until I nearly collapsed.

    Summer BarkerSummer BarkerKun oldin
  • I Love Doctor Mike all my homies love Doctor Mike

    Dead Pigeon randomnessDead Pigeon randomnessKun oldin
  • Yah the first one you showed was definitely disrespectful and unprofessional. Honestly she should be fired for her lack of respect for patients.

    Xandis 37Xandis 37Kun oldin
  • MY FAMILY NEVER LEFT MY WIFE ALONE... because medical professionals CANNOT be trusted!

    Jane CarrollJane CarrollKun oldin
  • The number of incidents in the comments is heartbreaking 💔

    Ramzia MohammedRamzia MohammedKun oldin
  • 9 million subscribers 🤔

    Valery EthingtonValery EthingtonKun oldin
  • finally a doctor who admits google is not wrong automatically.

    Jayson CowanJayson Cowan2 kun oldin
  • "We know when you're faking". I was in active labor for 30 minutes, sitting in the ER waiting room, and they ignored me because they assumed I was drug seeking. Apparently at this hospital you go straight to labor and delivery, but with my last child at a different hospital, you're supposed to go to the ER first. They apologize profusely when they realized I was in labor, but I could've had a baby right there in the waiting room. Never assume!

    Emily LevyEmily Levy2 kun oldin
  • I don’t really comment on UZworld videos but this is my first time seeing this video....the first video was made by DRose and she isn’t new to social media, she started with vine so she should’ve known a lot better.

    Stacey PerezStacey Perez2 kun oldin
  • ViolinMD is a wonderful responsible medical influencer.

    Anna KlenkeAnna Klenke2 kun oldin
  • You are part of the problem, Mikey!!!

    sebatiansebatian2 kun oldin
  • Eh, when you're legally responsible for someone you won't neglect certain things that can put you as a healthcare provided in a vulnerable place regarding employment as well. I'm taking a lot of these complaints in the comment section with a grain of salt.

    xCestLaVie1xCestLaVie12 kun oldin
  • My brother has cardiomyopathy and WAS very young when he got sick. She's a bitc#.

    Jill ThePrivateInvestigatorJill ThePrivateInvestigator3 kun oldin
  • Hello Doctor! May I ask what are your views about weight-loss supplements, coffees, and what not? Can you make a video regarding it? I mean like, are they really effective in what they are claiming? Thanks! 🤗

    Diana Frances Ninotchka AlvaradoDiana Frances Ninotchka Alvarado3 kun oldin
  • Went to the doc for back and stomach pain. He thought it was probably a stomach virus, but he asked me what I thought. I told him I had googled and thought maybe it was gallbladder. He ran some tests and surprise! It was my gallbladder. I had gallstones stuck in the bile duct. So thankful my doc was willing to listen to me.

    2131Rachel2131Rachel3 kun oldin
  • I haven't faced much mistreatment with any doctors or nurses or such, pretty lucky for that. The worst of mine is that they said they'd refer to an audiologist but never did. I have a lot of scar tissue in my ears and get a lot of ear pain haha.

    Fish TacoFish Taco3 kun oldin
  • This is why no ever should use tik tok

    Jkool4realJkool4real3 kun oldin
  • This video wasn't it ..

    JoseJose3 kun oldin
  • Wow. Those tiktoks were BAD. I had once a muscular inflammation after doing a 6h bus trip twice in a day and sitting down really tense during the whole way through for a press conference I would attend. The inflammation was on my chest muscles and the outcome was pretty much exactly like a heart attack and I thought I would die at age 21 and that was it. Luckily my hospital staff was so great and understanding and they managed to calm me down and explain what happened after a quick examination.

    Clara BrandãoClara Brandão3 kun oldin
  • As someone who has a rare medical condition at a young age and chronic pain due to it. I have had so much experience in doctors and nurses like the last tictok video and treating me like a junky when I am in extreme pain or having neurological issues due to my condition and need to get checked out at the hospital just in case something bad is happening but they just don't believe me that something is actually wrong.

    Blaise PayneBlaise Payne4 kun oldin
  • I got mine right PA Told me I had allergies I said covid and what do u know. Pos. For covid 19. Did I make fun of the PA Did I make him look stupid no we are all human so people need to stop acting ugly its not cute.

    D BD B4 kun oldin
  • Breathing jokes with covid are not the move

    D BD B4 kun oldin
  • We know when you're taking video isn't about a joke not landing. It's about assuming someone's taking for drugs 😑

    this is methis is me4 kun oldin
  • Am here to let the whole world know that I was diagnose of STD 7years ago were all hope was lost and I had nothing to do about it,I just accepted the faith that one day I will be cured of this disease and I just pray everyday for a helper and one day my sister introduce me to a herbal man called Dr tude that she saw on internet,well, I gave him a try on his email was not fully convinced until he sent me the herbal medicine which he ask me to take for two weeks I took it with faith and i went for a retest in different hospitals and today am cured of this disease and am also using this medium to let all those having STD,like herpes,bacterial vaginosis( BV)and the rest not to give up,their is a man who can cure you,his name is Dr contact him or you can also WhatsApp him +2348151042601.

    Frank JohnsonFrank Johnson4 kun oldin
  • That first one frustrates me. It took me 6 years and many doctors to finally diagnose me with narcolepsy. And do you know how many of them thought I was faking it? Far too many. I almost killed myself because of those doctors. Luckly I was able to pick myself up and find a doctor that would listen. The second one has happened to me. Turns out I have conversion disorder. So I have no physical reasons for my seizures and heart problems but that doesn't make them any less real or dangerous. And doctors need to stop treating me like I can control them. Moral of the story is search for a doctor that will listen to you and when you find them never let them go.

    pumpernickel1231pumpernickel12314 kun oldin
  • Honestly the first video by itself wasn’t so bad, but the caption really just left a bad taste in my mouth. It also wasn’t that funny tbh. They should have had the “patient “ start breakdancing or something.that would have worked better in my opinion.

    Kira BKira B4 kun oldin
  • I was reading comment section Of this video My heart just broke bc same things happened to me as well I had kidney problems since birth not all of my urine would go in my bladder Some stay in my one kidney and it start to damage it When i was in 7th std my lower back was in so much pain my whole body was swollen and i kept vomiting every day in school The doctor just told he is faking it bc of that i was punished by my parents Slowly my condition was getting worse day by day Finally my parents went to the doctor that was expert of kidney problems And he told them he need surgery as soon as possible otherwise he will the kidney Many People suffer because of one stupid person Now i have like 8 inch long scar on my left side of body 2-3 below my rib change Those who suffered because one stupid guy Dont be sad You are a warrior. You got god on your side Never lose hope

    THE KINGTHE KING4 kun oldin
    • The doctor said he will lose the kidney There typo in it

      THE KINGTHE KING4 kun oldin
  • These tik toks are heartbreaking reminds me of my father who’s a radiologist and tells me that every single thing I get or when I’m sick is just “in my head” ugh...also what a sigh of relief to know that Mike isn’t this type of doctor and that he doesn’t boast about being a doctor (my father can’t relate🙄) and that he has a sense of humility and humbleness that is SOO RARE in the medical field cuz they all think they’re all that...Mike ur such a breath of fresh air and this video fully proved it to me

    charcs_7charcs_75 kun oldin
  • It took me 15 years to be diagnosed with endometriosis. About 10 of those years I didn’t know what it was. It was only because so many celebrities came out about it that I researched, yes on google and saw I had every single symptom to it’s most extreme. So I spent another 5 years telling drs and nurses I think it’s this and they either told me I was pregnant, I must have been raped and now hate my body, I’m exaggerating, sometimes these things never get solved ... the list goes on. Those facial expressions of the woman about the heart attack symptoms is exactly the faces I would get and why I would then spend months in bed with pain and depression because no one would believe me and I was physically suffering. I know this is a similar story to so many people especially with pain symptoms. I also saw hat documentary about black women not being given enough pain medication even during labour. These kind of medical “professionals” should never be allowed to get their phd.

    Mikki BennettMikki Bennett5 kun oldin
  • I've been suffering with bleeding and kidney pain my whole life. I went to sooooooooo..... Many doctors. One told me I had a cold🙄. I finally found an amazing doctor who listened to me and sent me to the right specialists, I was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease after 10+ years of being brushed off. Sadly my doc is retiring. 🥺🥺🥺 Why???!!!! My heart goes out to fellow suffers who never get listed to. ❤️ Hang in there.

    Clay CabinetClay Cabinet5 kun oldin
  • 6 million not 9

    James whiteJames white5 kun oldin
  • Tbh, because of professionals behaviour, I do not attend medical attention unless it feels like I’m dying,... I always have pains,... but I ignore them,... because the nurses and dr’s here do not take things serious and send us home with Tylenol 75% of the time. ... a dr. Sent my friend home,.. she had back pains,.. and he assumed she wanted drugs,.. morphine and all,.. he sent her home... she went again 2 weeks later, she was not able to walk.. she was in mad pain,.. same thing happened, dr. Didn’t believe her, sent her home.. finally the head nurse did something about it 2 months later... (we only have 1 medical centre where I’m from, to get to an actual hospital, we have to fly on a plane to wpg MB) ... so when the head nurse finally was able to send her out after the only doctor did not agree,... my friend got sent out,.. a week later, she passed away, her spine broke somewhere, and the infection spread so bad, it went to her heart already by the time they finally took her serious, and it was to late. As for myself,.. I only go in when I feel like I’m about to die,... my chart is very small... they know I rarely go in,.. wish professionals would take things serious if there going to be a medical professional IG@ cherry_raedestiny

    Destiny RaeDestiny Rae5 kun oldin
  • 9mil subs???

    Aubrianna LouiseAubrianna Louise5 kun oldin
  • Doctor told my parents I was faking a horrible headache I had and I had a concussion for 4 months.

    Sam RSam R5 kun oldin
  • Yeah, my family doc ignored the fact my breasts started developing at 5 years old. By the time I was like 6 or 7 and was actually sent to the specialised doctors (after my mom gave the doc some "presents") the specialised docs blamed MY MOM for not coming in sooner because my reproductive system was at the level of development of a normal 12 year old. Also, apparently I have a fuckton of cysts in my ovaries but they haven't changed since the time they were found (7-10 years, my memory sucks) so they're fine. So I spent 4 years going to the polyclinic every month to have puberty blockers or something injected into the muscle as an elementary student. I'm just glad the meds had to be administered by the higher education level nurse and there was only one nurse who was educated enough to do it who was also super nice so I only have a slight fear of needles instead of a severe one lol

    Miglė KMiglė K5 kun oldin
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Email LiameEmail Liame5 kun oldin
  • The thing is that 99.9% of 25 year olds coming in with chest pain thinking it's a heart attack MAY be faking it and/or actually on cocaine, but if 0.1% are genuine, then you may get that patient and kill them by not taking them seriously.

    Ian NIan N6 kun oldin
  • As a medical professional this makes me sick. I do what I do because I want to be that helping hand for anyone that I can and I truly do care. I feel so sorry for people who have lost trust in medical field but I believe that the vast majority really do care.

    Krista KKrista K6 kun oldin
  • Tiktok is the most stupidest thing that has happened in the last few years. It's okay for dumb teen-agers to indulge in it but for professionals especially in a work environment 😬. Even the ones giving educational information on tiktok is a fresh breath of air but it still remains minuscule.

    Ashwin NairAshwin Nair6 kun oldin
  • I went to get my heart examined for chest pain at a literal specialists that I needed referral from my GP to go see and the nurse there scoffed at me and said I was to young to be there while prepping me. That's not okay. I've also had nurses laugh at me for not believing I had a burn when through visits with other professionals later I discovered it was a rare potentially terminal dermatological illness. Seems to me it's usually nurses maybe they're new and all the experienced medical professionals know better since they've experienced the humility of their judgements being wrong. Regardless my point is is this happens to you it's not you. Dont be embarassed go see another doctor who takes you seriously.

    LisaLisa6 kun oldin
  • I'm chronicly ill and I avoid hospitals at all cost because the lack of knowledge and understanding around my rare-ish illness. Nurses and doctors make a lot of unfair assumptions because they don't understand the syndrome. Their attitudes always change when blood work, and CT scans come back. They realize that I'm not crazy, I'm not a drug seeking addict, I'm just a young-ish lady dying in their ER because they're not taking me and syndrome seriously.

    Kristina HensonKristina Henson6 kun oldin
  • I am 27 and have cardiomyopathy congestive heart failure and I was diagnosed when I gave birth to my son at 20yrs old. When I go to the doctors with chest pain I get looked at the same way. I am spoken to like I am an idiot and it makes me hate going, people don’t understand how hard it is to be sick and not understand how or why it happened. I had my first heart attack at 21 because I didn’t want to go to the hospital for the fear of getting looked at different or like I’m a drug user just because my heart messed up after I gave birth to my eldest son.

    Christal HollidayChristal Holliday6 kun oldin
  • Drs like that are the reason i wont go back to my own doctor. He has fobbed me off for years telling me i have tummy bugs or its stress. Ive had chronic diarreah for 3 months now with zero let up. No liquids or food lasts long in my body. He just wont listen to me.

    Alana TudhopeAlana Tudhope6 kun oldin
  • I can’t believe these people are certified to work in the medical field. We need more Doctor Mikes

    itsmolly 00itsmolly 006 kun oldin
  • Take a shot every time he says social media- good night xD

    ShiningMarkhyuckShiningMarkhyuck6 kun oldin
  • you have 6 million subs

    Guy NahshonyGuy Nahshony7 kun oldin
  • 9 million ? Did he lose subscribers?

    Muhammad Saboor Sami KhanMuhammad Saboor Sami Khan7 kun oldin
  • I have a lot of problem with eating. I have to eat in small amounts and pretty often or i cam quickly get to the point where i feel dizzy and nauseous and refuse to eat because i'm scared of throwing up which is pretty bad, but it's been few years so at this point if i feel nauseous i calm myself down and try to tell myself if i throw up i throw up i'll be ok. We have gotten it checked put like twice and the doctor said everything seemed fine (my heart rate was normal, everything was perfect, everything they tested came out to be absolutely perfect but i know there's something wrong, but because i'm 14 i don't really think anyone will believe me) so the doctor just told me that if i start feeling dizzy i know what to do (lay down or just try to take a small nap to let my brain take a break since everything was happening whenever i was stressed) and that i had to try and eat. But it got worse and in the summer it got so bad i couldn't eat anything until i forced fed myself because i was scared to pass out or throw up so i HAD to eat. The same is wrong with my aunt, my aunts dad and it just comes mostly from my moms side so my aunt usually helps me and now i know what to do, but it would still make me feel better if i had some sort of idea about what was happening because it's a little scary

    _Tea • Elisa__Tea • Elisa_7 kun oldin
  • Omg these tiktoks are so......

    Olivia_the_ catOlivia_the_ cat7 kun oldin
  • Omg I was in severe pain for a day so I didn't think it was anything but when It got worse later that night and I had went in got an iv ( I am terrified of needles) and got put on fluids and got an x-ray and an ultrasound and one other thing I can't remember but then a kid came in choking they took care of quickly but they completely forgot about me after they said it could be ovarian cancer they left me in the room until the janitor came in at 2am and found me sleeping and had to tell the doctors that I was still there apperantly I had 4 ovarian cysts the size of tennis balls in both my ovaries and 2 more had burst. And they said just get on birth control and you'll be better in a month or two. They were the worst doctors ever and left me in terror of if I had cancer for a good 6 hours in a dark emergency room by myself

    _M4I4 - R0Z3__M4I4 - R0Z3_7 kun oldin
  • I used to think he was not for children, then i n remembered that he will teach some if the stuff i need to know since i want to be a doctor:)

    Loving isnt that hard.Loving isnt that hard.7 kun oldin
  • Had a doctor ignore me multiple times after I said my germinal matrix was still present post digital amputation. They didn't believe me, guess what.. I ended up with a pyogenic granuloma and osteomyelitis. Needed to get it shortened. Fun times.

    Sylas viperSylas viper8 kun oldin
  • Took my brother to the emergency and the nurse's. First question is why am I dressed poorly. I'm sorry ma'am, it's 10 pm and I wasn't prepared to wear my best to bed. Can you now focus on my brother

    Minaya MacronMinaya Macron8 kun oldin
  • Why are we so sensitive?

    Israel MoralesIsrael Morales8 kun oldin
  • U lost 3mil ? 😐

    Haniya PassandHaniya Passand8 kun oldin
  • You say you have 9 Mil subs but I see 6.3M subs I wonder if you have a second channel or something happen? I wish you had 9 mil :(

    やぶやぶ8 kun oldin
  • I avoid going to doctors so much because the amount of Not being taken seriously or even being Made fun of, eyes rolling etc. is just disgusting honestly...

    Johnny C.Johnny C.9 kun oldin
  • There are patients, that faking it or overly insecure. However, the number of patients having legit health problems is not small. As dr mike said, check the patients. As phycist or science aware, you cant claim with supporting evidence. You think your patient faking it? Prove it.

    mefer swiftmefer swift9 kun oldin
  • Nurses like this is the reason I went to college to be a Nurse. I once had the worst sore throat. I was told it's just stress because I was a young mom with 3 small children. Sure stress gives you a red sore throat that hurts so bad you cant swallow. I'll never forget that nurse. I ended up in ER with a rapid strep show up so quickly. Yea stress...Lucky I was smart enough not to listen to Nurse Rachet..

    Sandie MomSandie Mom9 kun oldin
  • First one was funny minus the "we can tell when you're faking it", second was not

    Kristyn MarieKristyn Marie9 kun oldin
  • Honestly I had a therapist prescribe me something i was HIGHLY ALLERGIC to and i had every symptom. He wrote me off till i ended up in the ER and almost died. Stopped trusting doctors after that. 🤷‍♀️

    Ivey MelendezIvey Melendez9 kun oldin
  • A pharmacist gave me meds with pencilin even though we already told him that i have a serious allergy,when I pointed out that it had pencillin he said"it's too hard to find one without it."

    •Joane.k••Joane.k•9 kun oldin
  • I went to my local medical centre with chest pain/tightness earlier this year. At that stage I didn't have a regular GP, so I just saw the treatment room doc. He asked me what I thought it was (you're the doctor bro!?)... Told him all about a traumatic pneumothorax from 2010. He listened to my lungs, said they "sounded great", then was literally leaning against the wall, arms crossed, legs crossed at the ankles saying "I'm not sure what to tell you". I think the look on my face made him say "I'll send you for an xray hey". Go for an xray the next day, the radiographer himself said I needed to follow him to A&E because my lung was collapsed! Three spontaneous pneumothoraces, one surgical pleurodesis and one medical pleurodesis later, I hope its fixed.

    joanna staffordjoanna stafford9 kun oldin
  • where can i get you to be my doctor-

    -Need Hugs--Need Hugs-9 kun oldin
  • I completely understand the frustration with the second TikTok video. Why? Because I am that person in the ER When I was 14 years old, I was messing around with a basketball at my neighbors house. Not even really playing, just tossing it around. I started to feel really weird, like I had a humming bird in my chest. So I sat down and started calling for my mom. She rushed me to the hospital. Now the rest of this is hard for me to remember and I'll explain why in a sec but this is pieced together from what I remember and what I was told. My mom explained what was happening and the lady up front looked at me and said go sit down. I'm sitting there, feeling worse by the second, and a nurse walks by and suddenly stops. My heart was beating so hard, my long hair was waving from the vibration. She hooked me up to a vital signs machine and asked why I wasn't taken to a room immediately. The desk lady said that she thought I was on drugs so she was going to make me wait. My heart was beating 250 beats a minute. It was beating like that for about 2 hours and I was told if it had continued I would have had a heart attack. AT 14 YEARS OLD!!!! This woman made a snap judgement because I was a sweating 14 year old wearing dark clothes. If a nurse hadn't seen me, I could be dead right now. 5 years later I had a procedure done to prevent the attacks. It's now been 10 year and I'm a nurse. I still have these issues at times and could very well be the 24 year old with chest pain. I will never pass over my patient's complaints like they are nothing. Ever.

    Sarah RuizSarah Ruiz9 kun oldin
  • My mom and I went to the hospital one time and met my maid there. My maid was there for the same reason, her son was sick just like me, we had the same treatment, our docter was the same and the even the nurse but just because my maid is a maid they were charged higher, I was more sick than her son but they were treated different because here in pakistan there is a big difference between the wealthy and the poor. It literally hurt my mom and she paid for their them

    pluto gachapluto gacha9 kun oldin
  • Wait... carrots can't cure cancer?

    Nick CalingoNick Calingo9 kun oldin
  • Best medical videos always!

    Carm CarmCarm Carm10 kun oldin
  • All your stories are sad. I feel bad that you or your close friends and family had this happen to them

    ChairChair10 kun oldin
  • personally, no matter what problem I have, I would be fine with medical professionals making fun of me as long as any personal stuff relating to me is not revealed. Like I get jokes, why despair just because you have something bad going on.

    EryushidētaEryushidēta10 kun oldin
  • Usually I have Metallic taste in my mouth, heart racing, and tiredness. It stopped a month ago. I’m too young to have a heart attack. What is this?

    Mindful MomentsMindful Moments10 kun oldin
  • ok who let the internet white girls become doctors?

    a side of salta side of salt10 kun oldin
  • so i’m currently in school to become a marriage and family therapist and a lot of the skills that you use to interact with your patients are the skills that we use for our clients!

    Dakota SummerDakota Summer10 kun oldin
  • Having fun at work is great. It eases the tension and helps to improve the working environment. BUT everything must have a limit. Playing with others’ lives is the least humorous joke that I ever want to be involved in. I respect doctors and nurses and every medical-related workers. Yet I will punch them in the face if they laugh at someone’s symptoms.

    Bánh Trôi Nhân DừaBánh Trôi Nhân Dừa10 kun oldin
  • I also had a sudden chest pain while just lying on my side waiting for my two year old to fall asleep. I panicked because it hurt so badly. It was a recurring stinging and cramping. My back went numb, as did my arm. I was afraid to tip over and asked a neighbor if he would call the ambulance, which he did. The paramedics then complained because they wanted to connect a device to check my heart, because the pain I couldn't help but flinch. Then I was simply sent home at the hospital and the ambulance picked me up again the next day. Then I had to walk to the hospital one day for fear of having to pay for the ambulance because they might think it was just because of my usual panic attacks. I knew that when I had panic attacks I was never in pain that robbed me of even an hour of sleep. They always handled it like I was exaggerating. Now, after half a year, it came out that I have Tieze syndrome. Due to the fear of leaving my child alone, a heart neurosis has now developed, which has persisted until now. I've never had the feeling of being taken seriously by any doctor. As a side fact: I come from Germany and at first I was permanently scared to death and everyone didn't seem to understand it and wasn't a bit empathetic or understanding.

    Lola HathawayLola Hathaway11 kun oldin
  • Can you react to the classic masterpiece film "The Hospital" With George C Scott? I think you would enjoy this film.

    George NavarroGeorge Navarro11 kun oldin
  • Medical professionals are people who carry a lot of authority in the world and the lack of care in the upkeep of the responsibility of that authority is the reason why people trust buzzfeed articles than their degrees. yes they are people too but don't wear the authority of the position (in the hospitals or in lab coats and scrubs) for clout and expect people to allow you the leeway given to you when you are not wearing them. I honestly record all my interactions with health professionals in regards to my health because i am one too just not in a hospital or MDO office and people like in the tiktoks are becoming the norm rather than the outlier in public facing field

    Just another DaveJust another Dave11 kun oldin
  • The second video was very upsetting. There’s too many doctors who just brush things off. I hate going to the doctors, I found a good doctor about 4 years ago but then he moved away and I’ve only recently found another good one. They are far too rare. It’s so upsetting seeing a doctor when you have been struggling, only to leave with no results. I’ve heard things like eat better when I’m eating as healthy as I can :(

    Tori hahnTori hahn11 kun oldin
  • None of these were even close to problematic, big sigh, this sensitivity is ridiculous

    Liam HarrisLiam Harris11 kun oldin
  • I just realize that if you watch the first clip very closely when it’s showing the “patient character “you can see an actual real patient in the background you can see their hands and their legs so that means this woman either went into a patient’s room in a gown and did this while the patient was awake and seeing this or the patient was asleep and had no way of knowing what was going on

    FireGirlFireGirl11 kun oldin
  • My brother is hypochondriac and the second tiktok already pissed me off, cause those are the expressions given to most of the doctors when we were starting to figure out why he was having panic attacks and thinking he has a heart attack. I feel ashamed because at first I also believed in the doctors (which we are supposed to trust) that he was faking it and there was nothing mentally wrong with him. It took us 2 years and more than 10 doctors to see if someone could help us. I mean us because his condition affected all of us emotionally.

    Fabiana VeraFabiana Vera11 kun oldin
  • First one was just kinda funny 2nd one was bad

    mehhh.mehhh.12 kun oldin
  • A few years ago I went to see a cardiologist for some chest pains and fast heart rhythms, when I said my last episode was in the morning while making coffee the doctor actually scoffed and asked very condescendingly how many cups of coffee I had a day, my reply of one shut him up. Safe to say we switched to a different doctor. In the end I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and had an operation to treat it.

    Abi HunterAbi Hunter12 kun oldin
  • I know am 8 yr old that had a stroke, and a 12 yr old that has had a heart attack. Do not assume it's faking!! Run the right tests and VALIDATE. YOUR. PATIENTS!!!! They deserve it, and even if they ARE faking, it could be a psychological disorder. Smh. Don't be a nurse if you can't have empathy and sympathy to each and every person that walks through the door

    Kd CoalsonKd Coalson12 kun oldin
  • I have a question- what is your funniest wisdom teeth experience if you can. Unless HIPPA effects that idk I'm not very educated

    xSolid WaterxxSolid Waterx12 kun oldin