Doctor Reacts To Scrubs QUARANTINE Episode | Medical Drama Review

8-Iyl, 2020
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Four months into quarantine and I’ve been watching a LOT of medical shows. Most of them have actually done an episode surrounding how their hospital handles a viral outbreak. Today I’m diving into Scrubs Season 4 Episode 16, appropriately titled “My Quarantine”, to see how JD and the team handle a rumored outbreak of SARS.
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • "Chest compressions" air compressions

    Keke lovelyKeke lovely8 soat oldin
  • JD has lots of absurd day dreams in each episode so a lot of stuff is insane and makes no sense.

    AmbertearsAmbertears18 soat oldin
  • This may be the mild delerium talking but I feel like Mike left so many jokes underappreciated. I laughed harder than I probably should have at the joke at 6:00.

    DragonMaster485DragonMaster48521 soat oldin
  • 0:38 OH

    Bre CantyBre CantyKun oldin
  • Do not take it literally . This is a comedy . 😉

    Karol KowalczykKarol KowalczykKun oldin
  • Theoretically if you only charge to like 40 or 60 instead of 200 then it’s not that bad to shock an alive patient

    keelan Jameskeelan JamesKun oldin
  • When you overthink a comedy with ridiculous premises. 😆

    HamsterK1977HamsterK19772 kun oldin
  • 2:40 I think they went with sars because the episode aired in 2005, the Sara outbreak lasted from 2002 to 2004.

    CasT FoolishCasT Foolish2 kun oldin

    TiaTia3 kun oldin
  • We have chest compressions at home. The chest compressions at home:

    Emaan SegersEmaan Segers3 kun oldin
  • Not heard it called Cov2

    Kevin Parker92Kevin Parker924 kun oldin
  • omg it's the pillows that look like bloody scrubs again ahaha

    Always AlonahAlways Alonah4 kun oldin
  • My wife's primary care provider had his lunch break after seeing her but noticed I was limping and asked me what was going on and I told him I had an appointment in two days, he skipped his lunch to see me. Turns out I pulled this little muscle in my leg that hurt extremely bad.

    roger smithroger smith4 kun oldin
  • "She said quarantinis".

    hujshdbh hjshdhdiuhujshdbh hjshdhdiu4 kun oldin
  • My guy - this whole show is like 50% comedy, 50% parody, & 50% medicine. I'm sure 69% of the things you're complaining about they probably did on purpose lol

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name5 kun oldin

    Chalky_ FishyChalky_ Fishy5 kun oldin
  • Can you please please please please please do the quarantine episodes of the good doctor please

    Karlee AnnaKarlee Anna6 kun oldin
  • When Dr. Mike is too much of a Dr to understand a joke diagnosis and chest compressions XD and the face cake lol

    Alejandro UzcateguiAlejandro Uzcategui6 kun oldin
  • *”CLEAR!!”* “I’m alive!” What? 🤔

    ffestivelizzieffestivelizzie6 kun oldin
  • You should watch the episode My Lunch

    Lavonda HoweLavonda Howe7 kun oldin
  • By the way I hope that you give scrubs more of a chance after this. This one is not their best. Also the really depressing one that you watched last was definitely not the norm for the show.

    reluctantmugglereluctantmuggle7 kun oldin
  • 4:43 sorry man chest fetish👀😍😊

    Mary LuMary Lu7 kun oldin
  • Probably because there is an edible print of a face on the cake? Just spit ballin here

    Kenneth RollsKenneth Rolls8 kun oldin
  • I love your teal pillow! :)

    Mr. SmileyMr. Smiley9 kun oldin
  • too serious bro -- its a satire comedy show .. take it easy on the dissection of the episode

    SKGMD11SKGMD1110 kun oldin
  • I completely and wholly guarantee you that teachers stress eat significantly more than doctors. Probably more than stay at home mom's.

    Jessica BaroneJessica Barone11 kun oldin
  • This guy blew up fast every time I look at videos on Facebook he’s there he’s the type of guy that became a doctor just so he could tell people 😂 con artist type

    Veteranmac 88Veteranmac 8812 kun oldin
  • Dr Mike: do chest compressions. CHEST COMPRESSIONS,CHEST COMPRESSIONS,CHEST COMPRESSIONS. Also Dr Mike: Dont do chest compressions Me: has left the chat

    Siphuthando Jacob lubelwanaSiphuthando Jacob lubelwana14 kun oldin
  • Can we get some more the good doctor. Its been a while and i really like that show. Preferably the last episode of season 2

    Siphuthando Jacob lubelwanaSiphuthando Jacob lubelwana14 kun oldin
  • can’t shock asystole....and I SWEAR every show does it. “He’s flatlining. Give him a shock!” 😔 I’m always just faceplaming hard at that point!

    Coconut ScienceGirl92Coconut ScienceGirl9217 kun oldin
  • you should watch episodes 20 and 21 of season 3! its one of the most emotional in the series from a "medical" stand point.

    Eli BarretoEli Barreto18 kun oldin
  • doctor mike is what asian parents want their children to be hot experienced doctor

    binglebingle19 kun oldin
  • oh so you’re a doctor? name every illness

    binglebingle19 kun oldin
  • Theres something amusing about a guy that can take a show that is funny and is meant to be dumb and explain all of the little details

    Ri BahRi Bah19 kun oldin
  • I've watched some of your vids on facebook when I can't sleep...because I'm on facebook...and since it's usually past midnight I keep it on mute so as not to wake my partner..and I have never seen a beautiful man-doctor that I couldn't help but just watch him despite the subtitles and no sound..and much of his contents from scrubs to grey's anatomy I have binged watch more than 2 times, and as a former nursing student his commentary are compelling. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME HEARING YOUR VOICE and IT IS NOT WHAT I HAD EXPECTED YOU'D SOUND's like in my mind watching you on facebook on mute MY BRAIN CREATED AN IMAGINARY SOUND OF YOUR VOICE but NOW YOU PRETTY MUCH SOUND LIKE JD'S INNER MONOLOGUE ...i cant (cwl)

    Marie EstrelladoMarie Estrellado20 kun oldin
  • Please do season 5 episode 20 my lunch I want to know if Cox really did make the right decision.

    Rachelle ChamRachelle Cham20 kun oldin
  • Not at the fact that I'm legit born and raised in philly and I've never heard of a Philly fluff. Sir, I had to look it up to confirm the accuracy...wOt is happening...

    박성화 Park Seonghwa박성화 Park Seonghwa21 kun oldin
  • PLEASE react to Korean medical drama DOCTOR STRANGER 🙏🙏🙏specially there SAVER PROCEDURE EPISODE..

    sun herasun hera22 kun oldin
  • Really enjoy watching your videos Doctor Mike, it's nice to get a Doctor's point of view on various topics, even if it's from another country. If you're ever interested, the UK also has a couple of medical dramas that you could react to, such as Holby City and Casualty.

    JbcfielderJbcfielder24 kun oldin
  • You didn't know that girl wil JD was his date. I'm guessing that you didn't watch the whole episode

    Trevor PyeTrevor Pye24 kun oldin
  • If your gonna review it you should actually watch it

    Johnny CrossJohnny Cross25 kun oldin
  • React to sad Dr. Cox's reaction to dying patients

    David RodriguezDavid Rodriguez26 kun oldin
  • Don't know if anyone said it yet but check out their podcast Zach's and Donald's. They answer a lot of stuff and how it was meant to be over dramatized with easter eggs only doctors would have noticed. 😬

    Christian VazquezChristian Vazquez26 kun oldin
  • Bruh speak on it. The amount of sweats we have its crazy.

    spndr twentythreespndr twentythree27 kun oldin
  • You should do more scrubs episodes!

    drLivingstinedrLivingstine27 kun oldin
  • SARS-CoV-2 escaped in 2002 and 2004 and it's the same but 6 strains, that's why it has the name it does.

    Andy SmytheAndy Smythe27 kun oldin
  • Dude that nurse in the pink scrubs though. Wouldn't mind seeing more of her.

    JustPickAlreadyJustPickAlready28 kun oldin
  • Ma poor English can’t absorb all the terms you are saying but I’m still trying to understand your content. Also because you’re hot and smart and that gives me motivation to learn everything you said!!!😆

    B AB A28 kun oldin
  • "Why's his ID floating on his chest?" Because he twisted it off camera, and no one noticed because he spoke his lines correctly in the take they used, so they moved on.

    Andrew SmootAndrew Smoot28 kun oldin
  • JD was joking about SARS but that backfired which cause everyone in panic lol

    Nerp PringoNerp Pringo29 kun oldin
  • You should watch the grey’s anatomy episode where Dr. Miranda Bailey gets a heart attack and fights for her care

    Lilian WildtLilian Wildt29 kun oldin
  • "Why is the cake with a face on it called a face cake? Someone explain it!" 😂

    IceMetalPunkIceMetalPunk29 kun oldin
  • its like he spoiled and reuined every prosepective way for me to pass time by watching medical dramas I see the video then say scratch that drama from my list

    sa nasa na29 kun oldin
  • I work in radiology and I definitely provide tootsie rolls and hard candies for my radiologists and mid levels (and every tech who stops by the reading room and/or my office) 😂😂

    SimplyAlexeiOfficialSimplyAlexeiOfficialOy oldin
  • Love your reactions Dr. Mike! If you haven’t watched the Scrubs episode “My Lunch”, it would be great.

    Jonathan PascualJonathan PascualOy oldin
  • That is so amazing to hear about your chief of medicine. Having worked in the medical field there are a lot of egos out there and sometimes docs can get too big from the britches as much dad would say. I respect all doctors for what they do without them our healthcare system would collapse but, there are docs out there who let it go to their head and it can really be off putting for patients. When docs are humble and don’t just give orders to the people below them allows patients to connect with their docs and be more receptive to treatment plans. I’m so glad he is teaching doctors which is even better because he is helping create more docs like him which is what we need. Love you Dr. Mike! Please connect with Jessica Kent and/or Christina Randle to discuss medical care in the prison system, I would love to see your take on it, especially for pregnant women and how they are treated throughout their pregnancy and delivery.

    Katlyn AnderbergKatlyn AnderbergOy oldin

    Faustina OquerizaFaustina OquerizaOy oldin
  • Has anyone suggested you watch St. Elsewhere? It's probably older than you, but a great show with a surprising cast.

    Jackie MangasJackie MangasOy oldin
  • Her face is on the cake so that's why it's called space cake

    Michael Killer romines Dragon familyMichael Killer romines Dragon familyOy oldin
  • When Dr. Mike's inner fashion queen comes out 😂

    MissMusicsoul95MissMusicsoul95Oy oldin
  • It's obvious this guy didn't even watch the full episode and doesn't know J.D. And the show made use of real medical consults so it had to be accurate

    Ifeoluwa ObisesanIfeoluwa ObisesanOy oldin
  • The good doctor did a quarantine 2 parter that you should review

    Gilbert OrtegaGilbert OrtegaOy oldin
  • Little late to this video, but uh what were you doing to where you could get a sunburn while there was a quarantine in place?

    Lakota39Lakota39Oy oldin
  • Im gonna have some quarantinis NOW!

    Nabil GaonaNabil GaonaOy oldin
  • 😂why is it called face cake

    Papa SmurfPapa SmurfOy oldin
  • Think good thoughts think good thoughts 😂😂😍

    Cadence TerryCadence TerryOy oldin
  • Each time I hear SARS I think of our SARS in my country which stands for South African Revenue Services.

    cryAskulcryAskulOy oldin
  • you should check out red band socity

    Zoe FayZoe FayOy oldin
  • Of course the chest compressions were fake. The guy was fine. They were just playing pretend to impress his date. Who probably doesn't know what it is supposed to look like. Plus, breaking the guy's rips to sell the fake would have been mean.

    KaeYossKaeYossOy oldin
  • "Is there a doctor on the plain?" Some smartass with a PhD in Entomology "Oh yes there is!"

    KaeYossKaeYossOy oldin
  • SARS-COV-2 is not nearly as bad as SARS.

    Michael LaneMichael LaneOy oldin
  • Alarms and metal doors are just in JD's mind!

    andrea quertysandrea quertysOy oldin
  • The moment he said "My MAN is wearing" I knew Dr. Mike was about to hurt some feelings 🤧

    Ashli WilliamsAshli WilliamsOy oldin
  • You need to do a collab with the real JD!

    bigwrig0485bigwrig0485Oy oldin
  • Ugh! Why are you so cute, though? 🙈😍

    Sravani ChallaSravani ChallaOy oldin
  • But to say its poorly acted...what...everybody who is taking that show as a serieous doctor/hospital-show can't be helped...they show is made more as a parody of all those "realistic" shows... So come on to review it as a "realistic" doctor soap is the first and biggest mistake someone can make...

    Joey BlackyJoey BlackyOy oldin
  • 4:33 in Germany their is a paramadic who tells His expirences from the "field" called "sevi" (or sth like that)...and he has told a story: In Germany we have a service for non-emergency cases e.g. fever etc..e.g. on sundays when regular doctors are closed. A doctor (any kind of) will be driven by a ems/paramadic to the patient. That dude had to drive a dermatologist. One of the first calls...doc told him to stay in the case unless he calls for him... After a while he called for a little light or sth like that... The paramedic comes upstairs...saw the patient...cold sweat, pale a.f. (so everything was screaming for heart attack)...and the doc s concern...a little mole... I can't tell the full story...but in the end the doc didn't care...and rage ordered the paramadic back to the which the p. secretly order over the dispatch emergency doctors and paramedics...

    Joey BlackyJoey BlackyOy oldin
  • You should try reacting to Hospital Playlist. It’s a Korean medical show that seems pretty medically accurate. Obviously some things would be different since it’s from another country, but medicine is medicine despite the place! It’s a really good show and I would love to see your opinion and reaction on it being accurate.

    Piper GardnerPiper GardnerOy oldin
  • Does he really get the Jokes?

    alouette 123alouette 123Oy oldin
  • One critique, Dr Mike: that's not a "Philly Fluff Cake", it's called a Bundt cake, and it was invented in Minneapolis/ Minnesota. I say invented because the only true defining characteristic of a Bundt cake is the shape, which uses the "Bundt" cake pan.

    Regen SRegen SOy oldin
  • Puppet

    Conscious Warrior 33Conscious Warrior 33Oy oldin
  • Maybe he should watch the musical in (season 6).... just for a laugh.... and we can find out once and for all if everything truly does come down to poo.

    Duaine TurveyDuaine TurveyOy oldin
  • At 6:01 there was some dumb dental ad and scared the hell out of me with a huge mouth

    its me sinaits me sinaOy oldin
  • People: EW, HOW DARE HE COMBINE 4 STYLES AT ONCE Me: wait where’s the problem?

    Luna thegamerLuna thegamerOy oldin
  • Ooh, you should totally do the quarantine episode of ER! I think it's a really interesting perspective of it compared to the issues of today because they have an ER full of people fighting back against the quarantine precautions, much like we do. It's an insane episode altogether though, so I'm definitely recommending it! ( Plus, they absolutely LOVE chest compressions on ER, they even change them as different protocols changed in the real world!)

    Vicki MillerVicki MillerOy oldin
    • Besides, potential smallpox episodes are always interesting, just look at House!

      Vicki MillerVicki MillerOy oldin
  • He suspected sars because in that period was very popupar. It is like say covid-19 in 2020: the first stupid thing you think about, just because every newaspaper and people talks about it

    Appi GreenAppi GreenOy oldin
  • He thought SARS as the episode aired when SARS outbreak was going on

    Shivam ThakerShivam ThakerOy oldin
  • 😍🇲🇦🇲🇦😍

    hoyam hoyamhoyam hoyamOy oldin
  • Review Chicago Med!!!!

    Wave TWave TOy oldin
  • JD didn‘t suspect him to have SARS, it was meant to be a joke, but hospital policy says if there is the slightest chance of a highly infectious illness that it HAS to be tested (at least in this series)

    Lord_of_LordsLord_of_LordsOy oldin
  • Teachers also always have treats in the staff lounge. We also stress eat a lot

    Maria ChristineMaria ChristineOy oldin
  • Not sure Dr. Mike gets that it's satire, or I suppose he's not a huge fan of medical farse

    k.c. Bakek.c. BakeOy oldin
  • Dental offices love junk food too.

    Devon ChristieDevon ChristieOy oldin
  • 5:51 you can see the lightning flash by the green pillow...that was a close strike. Good for Dr. Mike for not flinching

    wht1992wht1992Oy oldin
  • Corona virus explain

    Thundewr FoxThundewr FoxOy oldin
  • You can let go of the "bee-woop" thing.. its okay

    Mike McCartyMike McCartyOy oldin
  • Next react should be scrubs episodes my lunch and my fallen idol

    Vanguard DudeVanguard DudeOy oldin
  • I thought Scubs bought out the heart of medicine with a little humor thrown in. Many times it made me cry. I worked in hospitals for 33 years.

    Janis BentzenJanis BentzenOy oldin
  • And a 5 6 7 8

    Nickalas TheronNickalas TheronOy oldin
  • SARS was really serious in Hong Kong

    Rachel YauRachel YauOy oldin