Doctor Reacts to BIZARRE Facebook Health Posts

28-Iyn, 2020
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I’ve taken a look at disturbing health posts showing up everywhere from UZworld to TikTok, but today I decided to take a look at the source of a lot of the internet’s medical misinformation: Facebook. What I saw drove me up the wall. Quiet a baby by pressing pressure points? Heal muscle soreness by walking barefoot? The dangers of a red tongue?! Don’t believe everything you see in a Facebook video, and definitely don’t share it unless you can verify it’s TRUE!
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • I’m not gonna use thrive bc I’m not gonna pay for a membership.

    Angelfox StudioAngelfox Studio43 daqiqa oldin
  • 0:38 The post: ‘Increase energy’ Dr Mike: ‘Increase anxiety’

    Kiyrah 018Kiyrah 018Soat oldin
  • yo mike you don't have to worry 0:38 you look great strut your stuff

    Rick JohnsonRick Johnson3 soat oldin
  • 3:45 I think it's pretty dangerous for you shoulder muscle to be in your head.

    SleepytubbsSleepytubbs4 soat oldin
  • 0:38 Increase anxiety?? Say what now?

    ArrowArrow4 soat oldin
  • My gender suddenly switches to Attack Helicopter when I sleep

    Haha blender goes brrrHaha blender goes brrr5 soat oldin
  • The foot thing means that you should press on those parts of the foot to get relief on the other body parts. It's kind of like acupuncture.

    JatnaRDJatnaRD7 soat oldin
  • *poo poo* 6:18 Idk why it made me laugh lmaooo

    pOtatOpOtatO10 soat oldin
  • I can't sleep unless my arms are up because it feels like I cant breathe😅

    Lily AmyLily Amy16 soat oldin
  • Dancing is more on muscle memories than intellectual memories.

    pia jacel sang-anpia jacel sang-an18 soat oldin
  • These health posts are sus

    itsrozeitsroze18 soat oldin
  • Drink two beers a day to maintain health. Me, a diabetic: _No, I don't think I will._

    Ashley SpratlinAshley Spratlin19 soat oldin
  • Dance can increase your memory you have to remember a routine

    missambretremblaymissambretremblay20 soat oldin
    • Plus, just being in better physical health will help brain health.

      katymvtkatymvt12 soat oldin
  • bru I am dying of laughter at the start of the video because of the dance moves and the sound effects ma god

  • Them Rotator cuff muscles sound like a Dr. Doofenshmirtz invention

    Zoey CopesZoey CopesKun oldin
  • My ex was British and had vodka and a greasy breakfast whenever he was hungover...which was very often. I felt like death.

    Sarika MSarika MKun oldin
  • Whenever I have a UTI I will drink a can beer . Have you ever heard that

    Theresa BallTheresa BallKun oldin
  • Love the dancing 😂

    Sincerely ZyanyaSincerely ZyanyaKun oldin
  • I took some purple cough medicine one time then forgot about it then I looked in the mirror and my tongue was dark purple I freaked out just a bit Lol!!

    Bob McGillicuttyBob McGillicuttyKun oldin
  • I don't even have to dance to increase my anxiety.

    Anka VoskuilenAnka VoskuilenKun oldin
  • Instead of saying increases energy he said increases anxiety 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    MangoMangoKun oldin
  • Alchohol fixes outside boo boos Then wine or beer fixes inside boo boos

    Daniela LiokossisDaniela LiokossisKun oldin
  • What's wrong with a minty pinecone taste? xD

    pohjanvanamopohjanvanamoKun oldin
  • As an autistic mother of an autistic toddler, even if vaccines caused autism, I think a toddler with autism is better than no toddler, since your kid might die! Also... Vaccines do not cause autism. I'm autistic and my mother barely vaccinated me...

    Lara QueirozLara QueirozKun oldin
  • 3:33 Turning your head 90 degrees off the shoulder like that when sleeping is a good way to wake up with a stiff neck.

    abmongabmongKun oldin
  • It's the "eh eh eh" for me😹😹

    LK MatlalaLK MatlalaKun oldin
  • My dad uses thrive. Their a good company

    RachelRachel2 kun oldin
  • Did you hear of Acupuncture 🤣🤣

    Nutan MaheshwariNutan Maheshwari2 kun oldin
  • Just a question, how often do people need a backup kidney percentage-wise? I just want to know to be able to answer other questions. ~ As I couldn't find the answer on Google.

    Hungary ratHungary rat2 kun oldin
  • Im 12 and got vaxinated at school 2 days ago. My arm still hurts but im thankful

    I forgot i was not an impostorI forgot i was not an impostor2 kun oldin
  • What was the way he opened the bag of chips in the beginning!

    Matthew ShowMatthew Show2 kun oldin
  • Conspirebook

    DOOM GUYDOOM GUY2 kun oldin
  • As a practicing witch all the bs about grounding is a special kind of infuriating. Stop using our religion as a medical treatment .-.

    OhRillyOhRilly2 kun oldin
  • 0:38 "Increased *anxiety* "?!?

    Bosse LinderBosse Linder2 kun oldin
  • I had also heard that dance improves memory. I believe the anecdotal background is based on working on complex movement patterns beyond building muscle memory?

    Mira ThurnerMira Thurner2 kun oldin
  • Can you get some rest please. Lol

    Freedom BruceFreedom Bruce3 kun oldin
  • 9:43 Actually, yes.

    Shigeru MiyamotoShigeru Miyamoto3 kun oldin
  • 6:22 when I tell myself I'm not hungry

    Shanika ElizabethShanika Elizabeth3 kun oldin
  • 0:49 me when I see Brussel sprouts

    Shanika ElizabethShanika Elizabeth3 kun oldin
  • "Subscapularis, sometimes that one gets stuck in my head" WHAT!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    Snoopy gamerSnoopy gamer3 kun oldin
  • I wonder if he is Shawn Mendes brother...

    Hafiy MusyrifHafiy Musyrif3 kun oldin
  • wait how are you not aware of reflexology???

    That's Sew VeniceThat's Sew Venice3 kun oldin
  • Dance might improve MUSCLE memory...

    Edward KellerEdward Keller3 kun oldin
  • Thank you Doctor Mike. Now I know that the pain on my right shoulder to right elbow is due to my sleeping position at night.

    Hodor HodorHodor Hodor3 kun oldin
  • Listening to him rant make me have less anxiety.

    lily buchheitlily buchheit4 kun oldin
  • I think they're trying to illustrate the idea of rubbing different sections of the baby's feet in order to sooth different areas of the body

    Webster AnnWebster Ann4 kun oldin
  • what you think about keto and intermittent fasting

    Catherine JimenezCatherine Jimenez4 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: I'm a Gemini and I've been sick on raisin brand before.

    Dominic RobichaudDominic Robichaud4 kun oldin
  • Ya know Thrive is the company Shannann Watts worked for/with before her and her 3 babies were killed by her husband

    Jo DineJo Dine4 kun oldin
  • Doctor Mike: "Is dance gonna improve your memory? Probably not." Me: Doctor Mike has obviously never had to learn a choreographed dance routine in an hour.

    Shelley CShelley C4 kun oldin
    • It can improve memory Doc hit a blunder on this one

      G63 MusicG63 Music19 soat oldin
    • an hour try 10 minutes. dance 100% improves your memory

  • 3:13 - the post from the thumbnail

    DeemahDeemah4 kun oldin
  • If your tongue is red, green, pink, blue, ect. It could mean you ate some candy. 5:40

    nicholas deannicholas dean4 kun oldin
  • O I thought the first one was grab the baby head and twist it. Which makes no sense.

    nicholas deannicholas dean4 kun oldin
  • Dance does improve muscle memory

    Movie PulseMovie Pulse4 kun oldin
  • The only alcohol good for ur heart is red wine

    PotatoFlakePotatoFlake4 kun oldin
  • Health benefits of dance: (...) " reduce stress, increase Anxiety" lol

    AlbreichAlbreich4 kun oldin
  • I think we can all agree Dr Mike is the definition of white guy dancing no offense Mike

    connerconner5 kun oldin
  • Wait. Working out doesnt help memory? As someone struggling with memory ive been told by several psychologists and my gp that excersise does help on improving memory throgh the improvement of something something in the brain.

    Lisa StormoLisa Stormo5 kun oldin
  • My grandpa has been drinking a botol of rakija per week and hes still good

    СтефанСтефан5 kun oldin
  • 0:49 is begging to become a meme

    Emma GuinaneEmma Guinane5 kun oldin
  • The earth is neutral in terms of electrical charge, we are walking antenas, and we produce an electromagnetic field around our body due to the hearth and the brain, being 70% water just makes us a good conductor. Now based on our feelings and thoughts this electromagnetic field changes, by walking on earth or taking a shower or sitting in the sun or in the wind you clear up this personal energetic field. It s pretty simple actually, you just apply cuantum physics instead of newtonian physics to the human biology and then it all makes sense, if we want to get scientific on the subject.

    AlexMAlexM5 kun oldin
  • This goes to show you that you can be handsome and intellectual.

    Niasha SawyersNiasha Sawyers5 kun oldin
  • H e h

    h e hh e h5 kun oldin
  • Pink neon highlighter 😂😂

    Alex LovingAlex Loving5 kun oldin
  • Hello Doctor Mike! Please have a Collab with Doc Adam! Hoping you guys meet.

    Vsa TiuVsa Tiu5 kun oldin
  • Hii Dr. Mike! *Don't get upset if you read this because it's about alternative medicine but feel free to address this theory in some future video, I'd like to hear your opinion on it :)* The post about calming babies which confused you so much is, as I understood, related to reflexology, a theory that there are points on the feet "corresponding" or "related" to inner organs and there are special reflexology massages during which the masseur can point out possible problems with certain organs based on "stress knots" or I don't know what to call them, in these points while massaging your feet and that this massage can also help relieve some of the stress. Now I don't think that means they can treat any illness (I hope they're not convinced so) but for instance, I've been to such a massage once and they told me my kidneys were a bit "stressed", and asked me if I had drank enough fluids...To sum it up, I don't know if this has any proven medical benefits or it's more on the spiritual side, nevertheless, I enjoy and recommend an occasional detailed feet massage :)). Aaaand finally, if you do read this, I'd definitely like to hear your opinion on whether this reflexology massage theory is at all legit from medical point of view? Staying happy and healthy :)

    Ms.BogdanovicMs.Bogdanovic5 kun oldin
  • please please dont advertise chips..just are a doctor.

    Syd BarrettSyd Barrett5 kun oldin
  • I sleep on a couch

    Heriberto MartinezHeriberto Martinez6 kun oldin
  • 6:18 Who else replayed that 10 times 😂

    Demon LullabyDemon Lullaby6 kun oldin
  • I'm 100% sure that these posts are made by Indians

    ManasManas6 kun oldin
  • My grandpa, who was a doctor, would give my mother beer when she had a hangover

    manuel spinellimanuel spinelli7 kun oldin
  • 0:03 When your not good enough. I hope you have a great day! ☕😁

    a y e s h a ' s c h a n n e la y e s h a ' s c h a n n e l7 kun oldin
  • “Increase anxiety” lmao

    Jean StellahJean Stellah7 kun oldin
  • I sleep exactly like the second one every single night. (3:35)

    MrSloth100MrSloth1007 kun oldin
  • Dumb question but how can you tell if a part of a baby is hurting?

    J J WymanJ J Wyman7 kun oldin
  • Saying vaccines cause autism should be a crime. Wkefield should have gone to prison for negligent homocide for all the damage his nonsense has caused!!!

    Iris CheerinIris Cheerin7 kun oldin
  • Thought he said increase anxiety for the dance one. Didn’t question it cause it kinda made sense

    Kenaniah WilliamsKenaniah Williams7 kun oldin
  • So, let’s talk about the vaccines for a moment. I am born during the war in my country. There was no electrician, no water, my mom got 1 slice of bread and half cup of milk after she got me. Not to mention there were no vaccines for babies at a time. First vaccine I’ve got at 6, before school. For 6 years, from which 2 were in a extremely poor conditions (war ended when I was 2), I was the healthiest and happiest kid ever. Now tell me how?? I am living proof that we can live completely fine without any vaccine in our system and I’ll definitely say that I was able to catch a flu from others way quicker after getting vaccines. And no, I’m not the only kid born in this time, many babies were born in the same year and we are all grown ups now. I just talk in my own name and from very personal experience.

    double piscesdouble pisces7 kun oldin
  • I definitely appreciate how Dr Mike shows sources to back up what he’s saying! I’m no doctor, but the vaccine/autism connection has never made sense to me. I know so many moms that have it drilled in their heads that vaccines cause autism smh

    Christina StephensChristina Stephens7 kun oldin
    • @Anka Voskuilen oohhh ok

      Christina StephensChristina StephensKun oldin
    • It is because once there was a medical study who claimed to have proven that. It was published in an article in a medical journal. Soon others found out that it was a bad study (the results couldn't be copied by other studies or something, I don't know how exactly but they found out. The article had to be withdrawn. But by that time the damage was done and the message had already spread all over the world.

      Anka VoskuilenAnka VoskuilenKun oldin
  • People who believe these fb health post are dead.

    Rey S.Rey S.8 kun oldin
  • Did he just say increased anxiety at 0:36

    superhero universal picturessuperhero universal pictures8 kun oldin
  • I’ve never put stock into whether vaccines give people autism or not, but after seeing that I was surprised that a whopping 20% in that study didn’t appear to get autism from genetics. Because 20% of 2,000,000 is a lot! That means that if every 10 people showed signs of autism after getting a vaccine, 2 of those people may or may not have been inclined to it in their genetics?? I really wish he had talked more about that 20%! If someone is predisposed to autism that statistic isn’t very comforting, right?

    Thelma EasleyThelma Easley8 kun oldin
  • okay, my dumb 12 year old has a theory on 8:04. maybe the sun rays somehow get into your muscles loosening them so they're not so tense? stupid, yeah I know.

    Jaymee PuckeridgeJaymee Puckeridge8 kun oldin
  • I've been sleeping on my stomach for about 4 months now. Sometimes I wake up and 1 or both of my arms all the way up to my sholders, are like dead. No feeling, no pins and needles. Nothing. And my back has never hurt so much. Don't sleep like that. It's comfy at first, but it's not worth it.

    idkwhattoputhere 44idkwhattoputhere 448 kun oldin
  • 0:37 "increase anxiety"

    Lars LundervoldLars Lundervold8 kun oldin
  • docter maikky, what do you think of TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine. i mean it survived for more than 3000 years, how far

    Duuak EfiokDuuak Efiok9 kun oldin
  • Hey doctor mike, are you wearing makeup? Or maybe eyeshadow?

    Richielyn Mae Mi?onRichielyn Mae Mi?on9 kun oldin
  • dancing is gonna increase my stress levels by insane amounts

    Vinnie PVinnie P9 kun oldin
  • ''I need medical advice, let me check facebook''

    Vinnie PVinnie P9 kun oldin
  • Lmao his hand was so shaky when he was holding the paper for thrive 😂😂

    J.A.W'sJ.A.W's9 kun oldin
  • Me did you say diarrhea

    Katie CloudyKatie Cloudy9 kun oldin
  • I am a back sleeper

    Katie CloudyKatie Cloudy9 kun oldin
  • NEVER SLEEP ON YOUR BACK NEVER YOU WILL GET A HORRIBLE BACK ACHE!!!!! always sleep on your side or back don't listen to this guy

    frances vincentfrances vincent9 kun oldin
  • Well guess I’m eating Raisin Bran for breakfast

    Lizbit The RatLizbit The Rat9 kun oldin
  • Did he say increase anxiety..? the beginning? 🤔😂

    Laura ComanLaura Coman9 kun oldin
  • I want to know about body language.

    Prahlad ChoudhuryPrahlad Choudhury9 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who heard 'anxiety' instead of 'energy'?🤔 00:38 *Dr. Mike killed it with those dance moves 😹

    Jessica StineJessica Stine9 kun oldin
  • Doest any sort of exercise (including dance) increase your grey mater thus, improve memory?

    Ashmita BiswasAshmita Biswas10 kun oldin
  • Me as a doctor: ugh socksjdoshenfojahanfljxnavrkfov’s is stuck in my head.

    Life With ChloeLife With Chloe10 kun oldin
  • I have a horseshoe kindey

    DD Kids PlaceDD Kids Place10 kun oldin