Doctor Takes Personality Test | Are They Even Accurate?

30-Avg, 2020
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Residents in my Discord have been asking me what my Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is, and I didn’t know! So I sat down to take a personality test inspired by the MBTI philosophy and was… surprised by my results. There are several scientific problems with these tests which should prevent them from ever being used in making a major life decision. Some companies actually use these things to hire employees and structure their business, and that’s not something I can endorse. That being said, these tests are very fun and can be entertaining to take with friends or even provide you with some introspection if done with a professional. Let me know what personality type you are down in the comments!
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Lol, I literally call these corporate horoscopes. They’re a bunch of unproven BS that HR departments put way too much stock in.

    Narelle SmithNarelle Smith7 soat oldin
  • Can we see you take the enneagram next?!😊

    MeLlamoLupitaMeLlamoLupita8 soat oldin
  • Meanwhile the personality test makers watching this 👁️ 👁️ 👄

    Richa MusicRicha Music8 soat oldin
  • Hahaha gold

    Belinda JaneBelinda Jane9 soat oldin
  • Well my test came out 96% introverted and 4% extrovert. I got mediator

    Kacy JoKacy Jo13 soat oldin
  • I love how animated you are!! Thanks for the much needed laughter. 😂💕

    Kelsey KayKelsey Kay14 soat oldin
  • I find core principles and values you may have as a person (or even religion), and built up behaviour will mess up that specific test found on that site.

    Ronald ChowRonald Chow14 soat oldin
  • Your English was beautiful... wow! I love the way you speak, your diction is very clear, no sign of thick Russian accent. A well-educated, great conversationalist and a down-to-earth public speaker, quite funny, not boring... that’s why you’re being invited to medical speaking engagements. I admire you for that. Congratulations and Keep it up Doctor Mike 🙂

    Paolo CortezPaolo Cortez17 soat oldin
  • I get INTP and it matches me basically perfectly. yours seems wayy off

    Jonathan OdudeJonathan Odude17 soat oldin
  • Maybe you should do a video on the Big 5 personality test. I believe it's a bit more accurate given that the personality traits are more of a spectrum with each trait independent from the other. I believe it can be used to understand why people react to the same situation differently. But yah, these tests are fun, but probably shouldn't be used in recruitment and the fields of medicine. Just an idea

    Jem OcayaJem OcayaKun oldin
  • I used to be really into typology (MBTI and Socionics) - until I realized how cultish the typology online community can be, how people become religious about these personality types in search of the perfect partner. I decided that it's a lot of BS. People are more complicated. The only thing that is kind of clear is extroversion and introversion. I think especially during the pandemic now you can tell from who is all chill about staying at home, playing videogames, watching TV, reading and here and there meeting just one friend or one relative - and those who are depressed and frustrated because they can't go to parties, hang out with bigger groups of people. The social distancing would probably work better if people were all introverted. xD

    kadda1212kadda1212Kun oldin
  • MBTI types give one the general idea of their personality. This test is not made for detailed analysis of one's personality. Although ultimately every personality test or IQ tests would lack credibility to some degree because 1) Personality or IQ is not a well understood and defined concept. 2) The tests rely on languages which are faulty hence questions sometimes can be hard to understand or interpreted in a different way. 3) Human mind is too complicated to put into categories. Although Neo ipip / The big five Personality test gives one way more detailed idea of their personality compared to other tests. Maybe you can try it out :3

    Amethyst HayAmethyst HayKun oldin
  • You got 50/50 on one of them so do the other ENTJ-A might be very accurate. I’ve taken this test 20 times on multiple websites and got the same score each time.

    Kyce ZaiterKyce ZaiterKun oldin
  • He looks like Ryan Gosling thats why people think hes hot.

    James R WarzyniakJames R WarzyniakKun oldin
  • What are your thoughts on astrology lol. I don’t think you believe in it. I do too much actually. I like how you need a bunch of facts before you trust something. I wish I was more like that. I believe in some far out there stuff lol

    BobbieBobbieKun oldin
  • I love your vids

    Melinda MikesMelinda MikesKun oldin
    • Please give me a shout out oh wait I forgot you're not that type of UZworldr I'm going to switch to a different UZworld channel to watch all the time because maybe they'll give me a shout out because I know you are not that type of UZworldr because I've been Consulting you Facebook I've been commenting and it's just so hard to know that my idle won't even know that I exist I look up to you I look up to you I want to be a family medicine doctor and I wanted to do that before I even started watching your video because I was so fascinated by the human body and helping people and then soon as I watched her first video that I ever watched before I was just Starstruck I couldn't stop watching it I Love Your Meme videos and I love every single video that Trump video all the videos but I guess that I won't be able to get a shout-out from you so I'm going to have to clear my watch history of you fill it with some other UZworldr like mamadoctorjones if she does shoutouts or maybe she just like you you really disappointed me dr. Mike I think I'll still be different water videos just please reply or just likes it is or something because I've been trying so hard to get this and soon as I found the recent videos I have my notifications on I quit that notification bailed just so I can get notified from your channel so that I can see all the most recent videos and I watch it every single recent video even if I'm not interested so that I can tell is this it is this the moment he's going to shout me out is this the moment he's going to show me how but no there is no moment that's your shout out Melinda Mike's yeah that's it you just don't like this that you just don't like me watching your vids all right all right that's how you think I'm hurt and I really just want you to give me some feeling of responsibilities like or trust or respect because I just want to feel like a somebody that's actually important that's help deal with coronavirus doesn't actually important knows that I exist I'm all the way over here in Ohio now watch your videos all the time and my cousin watches your videos and my mom watches your videos my grandma watching your videos my family love you we have drawn pictures of you we have me pictures we have all your videos saved we always watch your videos we take screenshot to your other people I mean in our family because yes we love you so much love your videos and I've been trying to get this for my family because they'll be so so proud and so happy and my grandma isn't doing too well either and she's like getting sicker and sicker and sicker every single day and she's in the hospital and all that makes her happy is hearing Misty H and Grandma Dr my came out with a new video on zoom out share my screen and worldly watch it with her while she's in the hospital she's been getting better and worse at the same time so Doctor Mike you better do one thing help help me by keeping care of my grandma by giving me this feel like cuz my grandma want to know if I'm lying to her or not so take care of it I still love your channel and I don't think I'm going to have to clear my watch History only because I still like your contact I just can't do it I can't go with the orange without getting this feeling of pleasantness please please please I love this

      Melinda MikesMelinda MikesKun oldin
    • Oh really me too

      Melinda MikesMelinda MikesKun oldin
    • Oh really me too

      Melinda MikesMelinda MikesKun oldin
  • e đã xem rất nhiều video của anh, rất nhiều ý tưởng và công phu về mặt nội dung và hình thức

    Thảo LaserThảo LaserKun oldin
  • love ur expression at 13:56😂😂😂😂 it was funny

    Divya SolankiDivya SolankiKun oldin
  • Do the enneagram. Much more nuanced

    Fletcher ChamblissFletcher ChamblissKun oldin
  • that side is hated by the mbti community rather take the sakinorva one also the information about those types on that side are naaaaaahh

    einSchokoeiseinSchokoeisKun oldin
  • Which test did you take? I'd like to try it

    Ro - GirlRo - GirlKun oldin
  • Got an ENFP-T 3 times🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂

    Aishwarya S.B.Aishwarya S.B.2 kun oldin
  • Hi Dr. Mike! I’m an MBTI certified practitioner (which is just a fancy way of saying I can administer MBTI). I just wanted to clarify some small things :) MBTI is a preference sorter, meaning those percentages are clarity, not strength. I would suspect you may identify closer with ENFJ than ESFJ. A problem with the general MBTI test is that it is VERY accurate for 3 letters (95%+), but only ~75% for 4 letters. The purpose of the administration part is to help clarify midline letters like you have (N/S dichotomy was 51%, which is like one “slight” answer). To address some of the criticisms: During the administration we have a preamble. That preamble includes stating that MBTI is a preference sorter, meaning that just because you have a type preference (a set of behaviours you prefer) that does not mean that you use that preference all the time, or that you are good at it. Humans are dynamic, we use every type preference every day, we just prefer some over others. I obviously can’t write out the entirety of research, but I do want to say that most of the criticisms about MBTI are based in an older version. The newer version was created using factor analysis, like personality measuring tools (different than sorting tools) such as the Big 5.

    Chris SchiebelbeinChris Schiebelbein2 kun oldin
  • Tactically he is gossiping with his audience

    Anthony RandallAnthony Randall2 kun oldin
  • 16 personalities is actual hocus-pokus. It’s a crappy algorithm with poorly phrased questions allotting points based on pseudoscience. I had like 3 different results and I would get a different one depending on my mood. Yeah there are factual personality markers, but squeezing something as complex as a personality into a labelled box is malarkey. I got like mediator, logic something something and the passive aggressive was strong in the description on that one. Ohh and assigning points based on how “chaotic” you are. lol Take this stuff for what it is, a laugh.

    GunnZoGunnZo2 kun oldin
  • Answer what you are not what you want to be. Or what you should be.

    Barna DeBarna De3 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike mentioning that his high school experience wasn't as a ESGJ-A would have, which as a result ends the research is wrong. According to the researchers, people change, personalities change. Here it means if you're in high school and you're an ESGJ-A, then you're probably popular. Now Dr. Mike may not have been a ESGJ-A during his high school days, hence can't apply that. P. s.: People change. What personality you have(get) today might not be as same as 5 years ago or as the one you'd have 5 years after.

    Barna DeBarna De3 kun oldin
  • I have taken this tes it’s super inaccurate

    Sophie KnightSophie Knight3 kun oldin
  • 13:55 lol 😂

    Shanika ElizabethShanika Elizabeth3 kun oldin
  • I fucking KNEW IT, I watched this video specifically to see what your zodiac sign was and I KNEW you were a scorpio lol. That is your sun sign though, I'd definitely wager your moon and rising signs are capricorn and libra. If I had your birthday and time and location I could tell you exactly what your sign placements are.

    witchy_mommy_ 113witchy_mommy_ 1133 kun oldin
  • Hey doctor mike great administrative skills 😂😂 I guess I’m the first to say it.

    Muhammad AbubakarMuhammad Abubakar3 kun oldin
  • Forward to 12:55 to get some picture revelation

    Ambinintsoa HasinaAmbinintsoa Hasina3 kun oldin
  • I’m super late to the party but have you tried The Big 5 personality test?

    LoveLifeLoveLife3 kun oldin
  • Lol u stupid

    Sand SummerstormSand Summerstorm3 kun oldin
  • I'm an ENFJ-T. ( I have taken the test 5 times, haha.) I just read the comment section and uhh many people said he was an ENFJ but why do I feel like he's a social INFJ, INTJ or ENTJ? Btw I'm not an assertive type so I'm not sure what ENFJ-A or another assertive types are really like , feel like to share your thoughts. ( Sorry about my grammarrr )

    IAmCookieMi _IAmCookieMi _3 kun oldin
  • oh, i also did that. It was pretty accurate though Guys, you may try it😉

    Ed VillaceranEd Villaceran3 kun oldin
  • Check out C.S. Joseph. He talks about all the different cognitive functions of the brain and personality. It's so interesting and I understand so much more about myself now.

    Saila BriggsSaila Briggs4 kun oldin
  • Just did this test a few days ago. I got almost identical scores. I'm more assertive tho. This whole test was extremely hit or miss for me too Im also an EMT student.

    David GuyDavid Guy4 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike, please take a look at Objective Personality channel, Dave and Shannon have created personality type spectrum using MBTI as a base but expanding the 16 type possibilities into 512 personality types. It is a interesting analysis, which does work in a objective manner. This is their website:

    Zachariah ZannoniZachariah Zannoni4 kun oldin
  • But the kahoot background

    UwU eclipseUwU eclipse4 kun oldin
  • Doctor it's about functions, not letters. If you have an E you're not necessarily an extrovert. It just means you lead with an extroverted function, which means you like to take more in rather than organising reality and stuff. That's why the test is faulted

    Zis madafakaZis madafaka4 kun oldin
  • I took the Meyers Briggs test about 30 years ago. My psychiatrist told me I'd failed. True story.

    Vera LenoraVera Lenora4 kun oldin
  • Got link?

    FroggyFroggy5 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike, can you respond to anti-vaccine videos by UZworldr Paul Thomas MD. He’s a pediatrician who I tuned into to learn more about common childhood ailments and was greatly disappointed by his approach to vaccines. He’s “vaccine friendly” meaning friendly to delaying or skipping, and has written a book about his vaccine views. You’ve made some amazing vaccine videos and everyone should be primed to receive the COVID-19 vaccine next year. He’s said kids in schools shouldn’t have to wear masks and that masks don’t do much anyway. It’s doctors like him who worry me.

    Victoria JenkinsVictoria Jenkins5 kun oldin
  • I'm all over the board, I dont wanna take that test xD

    Alphaphenomenon GamingAlphaphenomenon Gaming5 kun oldin
  • I want to know your Enneagram type!

    Brooke BuchananBrooke Buchanan5 kun oldin
  • I watch him answer some of these questions and think ‘but I thought everyone does that’ but then I realize not everybody has anxiety 😂

    Heather EveHeather Eve5 kun oldin
  • Mine said I tend to have extroverted friends and I’m the only person who get extroverted...

    Jessie MacDonaldJessie MacDonald5 kun oldin
  • My one was always acurate and the same

    Thecatgames 10Thecatgames 105 kun oldin
  • I literally tried to get my honey to do this quiz with me (because I have done it). Go do it!!! Meyers Briggs Personality test!! Google 16 personality test!!

    Lizz DoeLizz Doe5 kun oldin
  • I've been a Registered Nurse for many years now & when I did the test I got ''ISFJ - The Defender'' which is represented by a nurse on that particular website haha.

    Camille DevostCamille Devost5 kun oldin
  • I knew you were a ♏ 🦂!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Emina VurzerEmina Vurzer5 kun oldin
    • Just by the answers you gave😅

      Emina VurzerEmina Vurzer5 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike: Me- Metho-- Met- Subtitles on the video: Meth Meth Meth Meth

    RaihoshiRaihoshi5 kun oldin
  • A quarter of the way through the test: He's definitely a water sign Half way through: Pretty sure he's a Scorpio 3/4 of the way through: If he's a Scorpio he'll probably mention it And then you did! Maybe the ancients had it right with 12 distinct personalities? Of course, you have to know what to look for. You sealed the deal when you talked about forgiveness, reading a room before engaging, using humor to engage, and your love for philosophical conversation. All very Scorpio traits.

    Mreffs101Mreffs1016 kun oldin
  • Tests like this use leading statements which can bias you towards a certain answer.

    Megan SimpsonMegan Simpson6 kun oldin
  • You’re just one of the sweetest guys ever

    ClaireeeyClaireeey6 kun oldin
  • I took this test and read my results before watching you read yours and honestly mine looked into my soul and knows everything about me 😐

    Kelsey AndrewsKelsey Andrews6 kun oldin
  • I got 88% thinking

    Bibliomaniac CatBibliomaniac Cat7 kun oldin
  • That description sounds like its been written by a jilted kid in highschool.

    AnuAnu7 kun oldin
  • Issue 1: Uhhh, I would argue that introverts are _better_ leaders than extroverts, based on my experiences.

    UnashamedlyHentaiUnashamedlyHentai7 kun oldin
  • “People take the same test and get different answers.” Me, who has taken it multiple times for multiple different occasions over the past 10 years: INFP-T. Every. Single. Dang. Time.

    camouldsncamouldsn7 kun oldin
  • Is a dog lifehack equal to seven regular lifehacks?

    John TaylorJohn Taylor7 kun oldin
  • you may be a fearful avoidant attachment type

    rishika jainrishika jain7 kun oldin
  • He'd be the man I would want to jump into a conversation if he overheard it! Not only would it be interesting, but fun! Glad I found this channel!

    Love Laneonthebeat MontesLove Laneonthebeat Montes7 kun oldin
  • Human metrics has a better test! Even so, you've gotta take it with a grain of salt. Lol I've been an ENFP all my life tho

    Writersbl0ck13Writersbl0ck137 kun oldin
  • Lol I got almost the same as you I got Defender ESFJ-A, only one letter away Edit: Mine actually said my career path could be medicine and I'm studying to be a doctor

    Yan HernandezYan Hernandez7 kun oldin
  • This comment section is scary. Do people really believe this? Pls tell me this is an inside joke or something and all the people are just in on it.

    A TinityA Tinity8 kun oldin
  • Doctor Mike makes the most charming yet hilarious rants on YT.

    Lenie TaborLenie Tabor8 kun oldin
  • I think he just had a melt down... I think he's entj or intj hehe

    멜로멜로멜로멜로8 kun oldin
  • Yeah personally tests are very VERY limited. 🤷‍♀️

    Asena ZovAsena Zov8 kun oldin
  • I just wanna know how someone can be WeIrD by being a doctor, youtuber, dog dad and a TV host...Mike that doesn’t make u weird💀

    charcs_7charcs_78 kun oldin
  • "No, i like to forgive, sometimes." His laugh tho HAHAHAHA

    ItsMe_eyaaahItsMe_eyaaah8 kun oldin
    • I was sipping my coffee at that part and I almost coughed. The editing was hilarious!

      Kenverly GrinduloKenverly Grindulo6 kun oldin
  • Yooo....I need a loop of Mike's esfja😂😂😂😂😂

    Sarbani MukherjeeSarbani Mukherjee8 kun oldin
  • Doctor mike can you talk about the enneagram?? My friend uses it in there uni course

    tiffany griffintiffany griffin8 kun oldin
  • I'm a loner. I'm not depressed, just hate people.... :)

    Grahm SkibaGrahm Skiba8 kun oldin
  • A link for the test would've been nice. Now I itch to take it :p (Found it, now! I googled. :p)

    Ramm KatzeRamm Katze8 kun oldin
    • DUDE! My scores are like... 90% and 70% stuff on everything! XD

      Ramm KatzeRamm Katze8 kun oldin
  • You can actually pick one yourself by understanding the categories, with an intent to understand yourself better. Be aware of the fact that every person is dynamic.

    Joan AguilarJoan Aguilar9 kun oldin
  • I took the test and it was extremely accurate. It's honestly scary! My dad took it and it couldn't be more wrong. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Girl Wonder66Girl Wonder669 kun oldin
  • Astrology is the foundation of endocrinology /-Are hormonal cycles bogus ?

    Nicholas BevanNicholas Bevan9 kun oldin
  • Humans are complicated /-Sounds simplistic and fascile

    Nicholas BevanNicholas Bevan9 kun oldin
  • You may tell me A Scientific TRUTH ;as to these personality tests my good DR... /-Not the the scientific truth /-"You are a daisy if you do"

    Nicholas BevanNicholas Bevan9 kun oldin
  • I sense the balance has shifted.. Once there was a physician with an online presence NOW Even Disney is like WHOA!

    Nicholas BevanNicholas Bevan9 kun oldin
  • Christ I remember this guy from years back /-Sure has ramped up the FX..

    Nicholas BevanNicholas Bevan9 kun oldin
  • Dr Mike... Personality /-=Needy as f**k! Probably an ideal family physician Seems , nice and somewhat competent..

    Nicholas BevanNicholas Bevan9 kun oldin
  • I've gotten INTJ for like 6 years JSJSJSJ, the only thing that changes is that I've gone from being Turbulent to being Assertive, I don't care much for tests like this but I have to admit my result does it me to a T.

    Patricia ARMYPatricia ARMY9 kun oldin
  • Yeah I learned at one point that the pseudoscience of personality tests are mostly used to make money by running a website for it, or to just give people a way to relate to others. It’s mostly found that if you take one of these tests twice, the probability of getting the same results are very low.

    KennyTheDingusKennyTheDingus9 kun oldin
  • You seem to be a deep, intuitive, wise person...One neva need to take personality tests to know about themselves or others, one can use their intuition...What is your opinion about it?

    Neetii Bisht AartzNeetii Bisht Aartz9 kun oldin
  • Well I guess he is an ENFJ

    KuroKuro9 kun oldin
  • It changes over years as you do

    Shadwa BarghashShadwa Barghash9 kun oldin
  • Okay but why is no one taking about his high school picture!!!

    Abbygael SentAbbygael Sent10 kun oldin
  • something interesting, the first time i took the Myers-Briggs test i was around 14 and i got INTP. i'm 24 now, and every time i've taken the test since the first time, my result has been the same. i'm still INTP, after countless times taking the test.

    Elly KazElly Kaz10 kun oldin
  • Your results were weak (Close to 50:50 in some categories) which means your result probably doesn't match what your type is and that probably because you've actively worked on the weaker traits for that category you would fall under. I'd recommend seeing the category that were in the 40% to see if you fit one of those traits better. ;) I'm a Strong INFJ-T on the other hand. This means I'm just as much of a freak in the human population as my outlook and basically thinks in so alien to the human population. Your Definitely Observant first those if that helps. Intuitive means you take the information you have to think about possible outcomes in the future. Observant means you react to the here and now. Which is perfect for a Doctor. But Everyone has a need to learn for the most part which is why Intuitive leaning is on the back burner for most people Extroverted VS Introverted is that the best way to describe is where you get your energy to do things. I can be extroverted but I get burnt out quicker is a crowded environment or have even 5 people are asking me questions at the same time I have to ask them to shut up because I can't think. lol I do my best work being left along to work on something than constantly being directed by new things to slove.

    WARPAINTandUnicornsWARPAINTandUnicorns10 kun oldin
  • Hmm... To be fair, the fact that a lot of your percentages are closer to 50/50 suggests that you're a diverse person who cannot be labelled into a single category... And nowadays, don't we all value and strive to become "balanced individuals"?! I know I do... So, I wouldn't stress about it and instead, would reassure Bear to not throw up and just laugh together at the inaccuracy and overconfidence of the test to label you into any personality type, when it clearly could not have known for sure... It's all cool and just a bit of fun, now, to only be taken with a minute pinch of salt 🌞

    Riddhi RSRiddhi RS10 kun oldin
  • Hello Dr. Mike, Wait, are you really answering the questions well? Seems like you don't agree with some parts of your personality explanation. 😆 I have taken this test several times (both for fun and for job related test), the answer and explanation always fits me well. It never goes away from ENTJ, and I do agree. I remember my friends called me "little bossy" when I was in high school, but apparently it's just my nature. I didn't realise it that time. Nevertheless, as you said, human is complicated, plus being influenced by people and their environment. Oh, that scorpio thing doesn't affect the personality though (see how my ENTJ is completely different with your result even though we are scorpio 😁) For me, knowing how my personality is and reading books related to psychology (even though my background is engineering) do assist me to strive being a better person and help others. 😅

    Nova ResfitaNova Resfita10 kun oldin
  • I might have to unsubscribe for that uptown girls comment. That movie is literally the best thing ever...

    The Morticians DaughterThe Morticians Daughter10 kun oldin
  • I never thought I could be generally described in two words until you said "carefully irresponsible"

    jadejade10 kun oldin
  • I think a lot of people aren't giving MBTI the benefit of the doubt. Also, I think a lot of the tests are bad (I can understand what they want to find out from the question, but the person unfamiliar with MBTI doesn't know that), and some descriptions are bad as well (not all things are going to apply to every person because we have experiences in life that shape us differently, and we're all in different stages of psychological development). MBTI is like a backbone of someone's personality, it's like a general outline, and you need to go much deeper into it to be convinced, because just taking the test and reading the description doesn't do much. Honestly, I don't care whether it's scientifically proven or not, I'm not sure if it should have place in psychology because there are some negative things about these tests, like labeling people, stereotypes and whatever, I'm kind of glad that MBTI isn't "too popular" because some of the MBTI communities I've seen can be pretty unhealthy. Otherwise, it's an awesome tool for learning more about yourself and other people.

    soft parodysoft parody10 kun oldin
  • Turbulent mediator INFP-T Pretty accurate for me unfortunately lol

    EternityEternity11 kun oldin
  • ENFJ 100%

    macncheesemacncheese11 kun oldin
  • Careless but always follows the rules? Dr.Mike is Chaotic Lawful confirmed 🤣

    Pixel_RoguePixel_Rogue11 kun oldin