Doctor VS Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

18-Mar, 2020
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There are SO MANY conspiracy theories and myths surrounding COVID-19, so I had another go at them in this episode. Please do submit your questions down below!
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If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review/Responding to comments Series in a couple of weeks, so please submit more names of shows/questions you'd like for me to watch/answer. I love you all! - Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • I got my friend same herbal medicine from Dr Madida on UZworld the same herbal supplements that cured me of herpes virus with complications of genital outbreaks and sore on my lip. The good news is that the herbal supplement worked for my friend too in curing her

    David WilsonDavid Wilson8 soat oldin
  • True story. My domestic partner had covid-19. I got tested came out negative(still self quarantined with him) 10 days after, got tested again, negative. 5 or 6 weeks later 2 coworkers tested positive and since I worked really close I was sent home til i get tested, got tested came out negative. Out of curiosity I got tested on 10/16/2020. Still came out negative. Conclusion: Not even coronavirus can stand being around me... There is no doubt I have been exposed multiple times and logically I should have been infected, however, i wasn't. To this very day I haven't been infected, considering I would be a huge high risk.

    Luis HernandezLuis HernandezKun oldin
  • I love how he doesn't say "It's not possible", but says "There is no proof of it"

    Dirt BeanDirt BeanKun oldin
  • Mike looks like such an innocent cinnamon roll in this video

    Ilena LoveIlena Love2 kun oldin
  • I was like: isn't that the hot doctor I saw before in a video? My mind: yup

    Youssef HEGAZY 2Youssef HEGAZY 23 kun oldin
  • Keep away from doctors if you want to stay healthy

    Bruce GordonBruce Gordon3 kun oldin
  • I was referred to Dr. Ikpoko on UZworld who finally cured me from herpes deceases

    Tony VasquezTony Vasquez4 kun oldin
  • I thought Homer Simpson was going to be featured in this video.

    JJ6 kun oldin
  • Ti's is an actor....... Not a doctor for sure

    Siti UmmairahSiti Ummairah6 kun oldin
  • H e h

    h e hh e h7 kun oldin
  • I know a doctor that believes that corona doesn’t exist. She brought it home to her “boyfriend” who i knew well and he was on hospice for drinking and he died from corona.

    Maddy & KipperMaddy & Kipper8 kun oldin
  • I was just thinking, "Omg, he sounds like Shane Dawson." and then... that happened.

    Erin ButlerErin Butler9 kun oldin
  • Imma leave everyone with this truth: there are NO ACCIDENTS/COINCIDENCES

    Ruby VeraRuby Vera9 kun oldin
  • you so pale in here

    Artistic MissionArtistic Mission10 kun oldin
  • If thats a heart beat in the beginning I would consider that patient dead

    aquatic pixelaquatic pixel11 kun oldin
  • Can you dissect this video of what happened to this individual account. I have heard so many stories like this one. And sadly to say 2 that have passed away because of Covid19 restrictions.

    Matthew C. OliphantMatthew C. Oliphant12 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike why don't you check a youtube on hydroxocine by CBN "NEWS"(a "NEW" channel OWNED BY THE FAR RIGHT TELEVANGIST AND TRUMP SUPPORTER Pat Robertson)?! And tell us how truthful it is please?!

    Tich TranTich Tran13 kun oldin
    • To me CBN news is the same thing as FAUX(FOX) NEWS. The REAL FAKE NEWS FROM THE FAR RIGHT.

      Tich TranTich Tran13 kun oldin
  • And remember Dr. Mike is not only a physician but he is also russian. Meaning he would know the medical and gastronomical value of a good vodka. LOL. Just kidding. Hope you 're not offended by that Dr. Mike.

    Tich TranTich Tran13 kun oldin
  • The Simpsons didn’t predict anything. Our world is just so insane that it’s lining up with a Cartoon Sitcom that came from the 90s.

    Radioactive AnimationsRadioactive Animations13 kun oldin
  • I’m never taking the vaccine

    The Ghoul of ArkhamThe Ghoul of Arkham14 kun oldin
  • Subconscious tells the out come of our behaviour.

    Gordon david McClureGordon david McClure14 kun oldin
  • Alberta Covid Deaths.

    Whistler PressWhistler Press14 kun oldin
  • Proof it was planned and expected to last until 2025: Covid 19 test PATENTED in 2015, for God's sake!!!

    AlmostBipedalAlmostBipedal15 kun oldin
  • Can't thank you enough Dr.ademiso on youtube I'm herpes negative now, keep saving lives

    Winnie kavaliWinnie kavali15 kun oldin
  • hey doctor Mike watch ER, it's a show on Hulu!!!

    Annie DiazAnnie Diaz16 kun oldin
  • Why am i feel that doc mike is gay by observing his gesture duhhhhhh

    MarkMark19 kun oldin
  • Bill is the most humanitarian person in the world? Pretty sure Jesus has that spot! 1. Bills father created planed parent hood, baby murders and the type of morality bill grew up with 2. Bill has no medical degree and everyone listens to his silliness like he is God 3.Bill is in it for the money period! He has already gone on record saying his investment in pharmaceuticals have given him the biggest gains out of anything he has invested in... 4.Microsoft has already filed a patent 1.5 years ago for injectable microchips, that deals with ID, cryptocurrency, medical records 5. That magical 180k covid cases in North America the media was screaming about, well the CDC updated that on the website, 7% out of those cases died and they all had multiple preexisting conditions, if they died from cancer its got marked down as covid, so thats roughly 10k and is a 1/4 of the yearly flu deaths! Yes there is no emergency! 6. The hospitals played ball with the media making them look overwhelmed yet none of the tents outside for so called overflow ever had people in them including my wife's hospital, Germany, Japan, UK 7.Dr don't cure anything they treat symptoms, yes you guys are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies! Hypertension never cured, cancer, aids those 2 alone with the world wide funding, wow...someone is stealing billions and nothing ever cured! 8. Bills face when the news anchor talks about world economy be wrecked, i have never seen such a creepy smile over misery

    AmpEditionAmpEdition20 kun oldin

      Dom -Dom -7 kun oldin
  • I know you yr my doctor. I think

    Lemonracer 14Lemonracer 1421 kun oldin
  • I dont trust Bill Gates and his "charities". It´s just money laundering operation. COvid 19 is government and large corporations conspiracy against people.The idea is to enslave people and brutally eliminate undesirable people.

    Robert TwardowskiRobert Twardowski21 kun oldin
    • @Dom - me too.they're just angry becase they don't have millions,screaming at him and calling him names...yet only sole reason they didn't get that is their own ignorance and entitlement.

      Nika KurtsikidzeNika Kurtsikidze6 kun oldin
    • @Nika Kurtsikidze i hate these type of people, imagine being hated by just for being a good guy

      Dom -Dom -7 kun oldin
    • sigh*

      Nika KurtsikidzeNika Kurtsikidze16 kun oldin
  • When he said “Think smart” why tf did he touch his cheeks 🤔🤔🤔

    Harry WhighamHarry Whigham22 kun oldin
  • Q- how do you think a vaccine would work against a "constantly evolving" virus like this covid zombie thing I don't see how this even works as soon as a vaccine is made and it evolves wouldn't this immediately render each vaccine useless ???

    Cheyenne FoxCheyenne Fox22 kun oldin
    • covid mutated few times yes but difference between strains is so small that one vaccine will be enough

      Nika KurtsikidzeNika Kurtsikidze16 kun oldin
  • counting shekel, doc?

    Eugen Ahmad LangEugen Ahmad Lang23 kun oldin
  • how much did you get paid or are you just this stupid?

    Aether CoinAether Coin23 kun oldin
    • @Aether Coin YOU are the stupid one CONGRATULAAAATIOOOONSSS

      Dom -Dom -7 kun oldin
    • @Aether Coin whatever

      Nika KurtsikidzeNika Kurtsikidze16 kun oldin
    • @Nika Kurtsikidze youtube removed those who must not be named comments.

      Aether CoinAether Coin16 kun oldin
    • jews? what?

      Nika KurtsikidzeNika Kurtsikidze16 kun oldin
    • are you just bot or you are that stupid?

      Nika KurtsikidzeNika Kurtsikidze16 kun oldin
  • *If there is a Covid--19 virus, then why has it not been isolated in a laboratory?*

    Starfish_centralStarfish_central24 kun oldin
    • we don't need to if people just STAY AT HOME AND WEAR MASSSKK

      Dom -Dom -7 kun oldin
  • This uploader is 🗑 probably a Harris Supporter🤔

    christianblackmtlrlzchristianblackmtlrlz24 kun oldin
  • Don't you feel ashamed now? You should. September 27th 2020: current studies are correlating the Covid-19 fatality rate at 0.1% 0.1% Sept 18th: Dr. Martin Feely is clinical director for the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group and a former vascular surgeon. He states that Covid-19 is " much less severe than the average annual flu ". Sept 20th: Dr Shiva is a medical doctor, renowned expert in the field of the human immune system, holds multiple degrees from MIT, and a respected inventor. Here he explains how and why the public have been completely misled by covid-19. The Public Health Agency of Sweden (today) : The Covid-19 fatality rate in those younger than 70 years is 0.1%. 0.1% But YOU know better than professionals far more qualified and experienced than you will ever be. FFS Find some integrity, you blinkered freak.

    Steve KermodeSteve Kermode26 kun oldin
    • @Dom - I am not responsible for your ignorance.

      Steve KermodeSteve Kermode7 kun oldin
    • @Steve Kermode wow someone close to me just died a couple months ago this is so selfish, just because you have not suffer from it yet, doesn't mean its not real

      Dom -Dom -7 kun oldin
    • @Steve Kermode well goodbye bot.

      Nika KurtsikidzeNika Kurtsikidze14 kun oldin
    • @Nika Kurtsikidze Stop being ridiculous. To do that requires even MORE steps. This bot conversation is over.

      Steve KermodeSteve Kermode15 kun oldin
    • @Steve Kermode i've accidantally made it into a link.

      Nika KurtsikidzeNika Kurtsikidze15 kun oldin
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  • tell me why he looks like george omalley and derek sheperd

    nono26 kun oldin
  • Most people have exaggerated the woes of the pandemic to the point where they believe that the end of humanity is here today.

    A. ChinA. Chin26 kun oldin
  • I watched this video in school today

    Fan_of_ jatie_vlogsFan_of_ jatie_vlogs26 kun oldin
  • Truth is there's no way to know for certain but I have been split with this between to 2 (or more side) but usually the truth is, somewhere in ween. The conspiricy theorists narrative has changed throughout the pandemic. For example David Ickes initial response was it was a virus transmitted by 5g. Soon as it started hitting countries without 5g he changed it to 'Chinese virus' now his version says the virus doesn't even exist.

    Matt BryantMatt Bryant27 kun oldin
  • Still don't think the conspiracy's are credible? Meanwhile the CDC says it's aerosol carried, the next day deleted it "in error" This virus is real yeah, but man this is not a natural bug and this entire world is not normal.. something is behind all this

    koofdomekoofdome29 kun oldin
    • Nope it's natural it happens all the time, no need to be a dumbass now do we

      Dom -Dom -7 kun oldin
  • I think the movie contagion predicted covid 19

    odd hybridodd hybrid29 kun oldin
    • No it didn't.

      Lenny MiceLenny Mice28 kun oldin
  • CENSORSHIP = 100% TRUE if no one is getting arrested or brought to justice about the 800 year naturally procreated in a lab current virus that only took 10 yrs to surface then the WHOLE F in system is corrupt. the only adverse effect about a current SAFE DOSAGE option of Hydroxychloroquine & azithromycin is that PEOPLE GLOBALLY are DROPPING DEAD ABOUT NOT HAVING A RIGHT OF CHOICE to something already uploaded and stated by many scientist and doctors as the information is CENSORED IMMEDIATELY AFTER. be safe & stay healthy copy paste and pass it 4ward

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    oofed for eternityoofed for eternityOy oldin
  • Asking republicans to think....good luck with that.

    LogicalSchizoidLogicalSchizoidOy oldin

    jud lewisjud lewisOy oldin
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  • Shane is everywhere ????

    Todoroki shotoTodoroki shotoOy oldin
  • Ignorance is bliss, hence the imaginative conspiracy spreads, ironically, like a virus.

    Bill RabaraBill RabaraOy oldin
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  • I’m sorry but if anyone actually needs a doctor to disprove these conspiracy theories, then I’m definitely worried about the future of mankind. This is all common sense things. What we need to be asking is if this virus was actually created and demand that our leaders give us answers. They definitely are hiding things and I’m sure it’s all because “they don’t want to start a panic”. That’s always what they say.

    Joshua BrewerJoshua BrewerOy oldin
  • Sonnenschein...........

    Nercilia NercyNercilia NercyOy oldin
  • Just other indoctrinating video. K r @ p

    livingasecondchancelivingasecondchanceOy oldin
  • They are letting you know that they are lying to you about these numbers . If you might had been around someone that might of had it then you die for any reason from any cause we will be seeing you listed as a covid death even though not one person you or the suspected was ever confirmed to have it . Please watch you cant make this up Please share with anyone that has been told this lie . Let's work together to beat this pandemic

    adam petersadam petersOy oldin
  • 3:30 Kind of disagree China is a Communist Nation who for sure wants to be seen as #1 and would for sure intentionally hide evidence

    Imma Not Say ProductionsImma Not Say ProductionsOy oldin
  • If they are not cooking the books,,, why , on the cdc site are there instructions to record NON tested deaths as covid???

    Willy BeeWilly BeeOy oldin
  • Gee I guess I'll have to drink all that Tito's now!!! Will that cure me of Covid? Will try!!

    Lilith RogersLilith RogersOy oldin
  • Just came across your video and I have a serious question.Are hospitals getting paid large amounts of bailout money for treating covid 19 infected patients.Example,a patient dies from a brain aneurysm but had covid 19,the hospital receives up to 30 thousand dollars for writing covid 19 as the reason for death?I have been told this by 3 separate health workers at 3 separate hospitals.

    John WickerchairJohn WickerchairOy oldin
  • My dog has his one vodka merch??? My dog is called Tito. OMG! The conspiracy here. Love you a lot Doctor Mike. Wish we had doctors like you here in spain.

    Celia Uchiha SnapeCelia Uchiha SnapeOy oldin
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  • there is no fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ryan rryan rOy oldin
    • You are one of the dumbest people I've ever come across in my entire life.

      JordanJordanOy oldin
    • ryan r prove it

      Jacob R. SiegalJacob R. SiegalOy oldin
  • MMMMMMMMMmmmmmm Tito's Vodka.. is the BEST !!! ( FOR DRINKS.. NOT WASHING HANDS...what a waste !!! )

    Pay StarPay StarOy oldin
  • This Sheeple Doctor Isn't A Real Doctor. When He Says 'We Don't Know If It Came From Bats' It's Impossible. The Soup Was Cooked, Which Is Way passed The Temperature Of Virus Death. If It Wasn't Cooked, |Viruses Don't Just Jump From Animal To Human. It Takes Minimal Time Of 500 Years (Checked With Real Virologist)

    TheFykxianTheFykxianOy oldin
    • @Your Opinion Wrong My Opinion Right I Have No Clue What A Bat Has To Do With Corruption.

      TheFykxianTheFykxianOy oldin
    • @TheFykxian because we weren't onterested in a fucking bat

      Your Opinion Wrong My Opinion RightYour Opinion Wrong My Opinion RightOy oldin
    • @Your Opinion Wrong My Opinion Right Then Why Didn't We See Signs Of It Before?

      TheFykxianTheFykxianOy oldin
    • Well it probably took hundreds of years to pass it to humans.

      Your Opinion Wrong My Opinion RightYour Opinion Wrong My Opinion RightOy oldin
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  • This guy is a total hack. People that are in the know, look to Alex jones! Not this hipster quack.

    burtonrules123burtonrules123Oy oldin
  • Wile B G is still making 4 billion dollars a year, how many people ackchoualy benifit from his foundation ?? I meen, why is there still so many people with out proprer drinking water? What results have they to show ?? Where are the food programs?? Where is the Who and the UN and BGF when you need them is crisis situation?? Apart from the cachy lingo and camera shoots, what are these people arealy doing that is contriibuting to the betterment of humanity ??

    bob78145bob78145Oy oldin
  • Nice work doc you eliminate all the ridiculous theory but not ones with hard evidence, what about the government, what about the shadow banking, what about the great recession we are standing on the edge of. This is a major cover up for the governments and world leaders stop looking at statistics 27mill cases and only 900k deaths start looking at the facts

    TheEverythingChannel!TheEverythingChannel!Oy oldin
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    John FosterJohn FosterOy oldin
  • Shameless freemason. Bill and Melinda Gates were involved in Event 201.

    Eleftheria TheloumeEleftheria TheloumeOy oldin
    • @Lenny Mice Ok Lenny. Be careful of the mouse.

      Eleftheria TheloumeEleftheria TheloumeOy oldin
    • @Eleftheria Theloume Thanks for the advice. I feel I should give you some in return: don't say Candyman into the mirror 3 times.

      Lenny MiceLenny MiceOy oldin
    • @Lenny Mice A warning to you. Don't take the vaccine/mark of the beast.

      Eleftheria TheloumeEleftheria TheloumeOy oldin
    • @Eleftheria Theloume Or how about we stick to discussing things that are actually true?

      Lenny MiceLenny MiceOy oldin
    • @Lenny Mice What about crippling tens of thousands of Indian children with polio "vaccines"?

      Eleftheria TheloumeEleftheria TheloumeOy oldin
  • Too bad this was 5 months ago and he’ll never see this. I want to know if I and a whole bunch of other people I know may be correct in suspecting that the virus was here for several months before it was identified. I suffered from a severe upper respiratory infection in the first 2 weeks of January, and have heavily suspected that I had the virus. I’ve even talked to a few medical professionals including people screening for the virus who think that it had been spreading since the end of last yea and say that my suspicion may be a good guess.

    Hoshimaru57Hoshimaru57Oy oldin
  • Patient 0 here...i believe I had covid end of January. I'm fine now other then I still have a bit of an issue with breathing. I'm a truck driver in California.

    JesusJesusOy oldin
  • What if it first spread from fleas and ticks 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    beef jerkybeef jerkyOy oldin
  • Maaaan I miss shane I wish he would come back to youtube

    Roman TRoman TOy oldin
  • This in an American nurse that went undercover to report what is really going on in liberal Democrat run hospitals. Scary! What the hell is going on.

    de dede deOy oldin
  • Here's Bill Gates the Humanitarian for you non conspiracy theorists.

    Cry4meXDCry4meXDOy oldin
  • Bill gates is a friendly humanitarian, 😆 can't wait to see what happens to this guy after he has been vaccinated by Bill's vaccine.

    Cry4meXDCry4meXDOy oldin
    • The person gets immunity

      Sababugs112Sababugs112Oy oldin
  • the fact there are like 20 videos debunking this further lets me know the truth

    Shay JenkinsShay JenkinsOy oldin
  • stop imposing Gates on us

    Tebogo LebonaTebogo LebonaOy oldin
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    Rosemary DavidRosemary DavidOy oldin
  • You definitely need to do an update on this one. The people pushing the latest "only 6% of COVID deaths were caused by COVID alone" are driving me crazy!

    MaryJo SminkeyMaryJo SminkeyOy oldin
  • All proven lies!!! You can stop now creepy uncle Mikey!

    Pac MannPac MannOy oldin
    • Proven with what ?

      Sababugs112Sababugs112Oy oldin
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  • Why do I want to punch this guy?

    mike yannomike yannoOy oldin
  • The Simpsons The Vaccine to send people into a shopping spree's at Christmas time

    Lewis McElroyLewis McElroyOy oldin
  • You've Made such a fool of yourself so many times at this point speaking about covid maybe shut Up and just look pretty. the truth is is that if you were any kind of doctor in this world you would be questioning what the hell is really going on and stop lying to people. also politics obviously isn't your strong suit please don't embarrass yourself anymore. Do research before you just get behind a charity like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. PS no one trusts China or their research but we do know that that's where it came from and their types of spies who were tied to Harvard where they were stealing information on nano viruses. You're just fancy clickbait, you'll go away in a couple years.

    Tricia DennisTricia DennisOy oldin
    • Or he is true . He is an actually certified physician

      Sababugs112Sababugs112Oy oldin
  • Mike's not incredibly helpful. Lets get real, try Zack Bush for grown up information. Board Certified in 3 medical genres., and this one is one of my favorite :

    Light House 61Light House 61Oy oldin
  • HOW THEY PULLED OFF THE ‘PANDEMIC’: Science Teacher Explains WHY Children SHOULD Wear FACE MASKS: PHONY SOCIETY. Propaganda & Mindless Entertainment:

    The Red Pill ENThe Red Pill ENOy oldin
  • People during the 20th century died because there was less medical knowledge to treat patients. People during the 21st century died because of the massive lies and fraudulent medical advice, treatment and fake viruses and fake vaccines. It is widely documented that most people died because of fake lying medical personal like the Dr Mikes of this failing world. People during the 22nd century, well no humans survived it so it is impossible to say.

    Peter SpeltaPeter SpeltaOy oldin
    • How tf do you get every sovereign entity to agree that one thing exists ? That's very hard

      Sababugs112Sababugs112Oy oldin
  • MYTHBUSTERS...... Where did Dr Mike get his doctors licence from.... I suggest from the underside of a tissue box where I also found one but chose not to use mine to terrify humanity with. WOW Doctor Mike, to put this ever so bluntly mate..... YOU are sooooooo paid for by the fraudulent medical mobs out there, and especially by Gates, there is no other answer here. Please do not ever think that everyone out there are sheep, as we are NOT. One day very soon when more and more people wake up to the lies and fraud, you will find yourself with a big red target on your forehead.......You are 100% guilty for manslaughter under the Geneva Convention. Ie, I aided and abetted the enemy !!!!!!!! I hope you are first in line for the corona virus vax !!!!! But don't look for me, because I will not be there.

    Peter SpeltaPeter SpeltaOy oldin
    • Though ever wondered what the purpose of conspiracies is?

      Head FunnyHead FunnyOy oldin
  • please show the sources where you have found these silly claims

    Magdalena PichlerMagdalena PichlerOy oldin
    • Though ever wondered what the purpose of conspiracies is?

      Head FunnyHead FunnyOy oldin
  • This dude is on board with socialism obviously and we should study him to understand why he follows the mainstream narrative..

    Jonny WJonny WOy oldin
  • I really don't like this guy

    Apple pieApple pieOy oldin
  • Not sure you are a real dr! Is who paying you.

    countryrose763countryrose763Oy oldin
    • Though ever wondered what the purpose of conspiracies is?

      Head FunnyHead FunnyOy oldin
  • Bill Gates and his Eugenics program gets to choose who lives and dies so get real Dr Mike

    QHHT Practitioner Apostle MatthewQHHT Practitioner Apostle MatthewOy oldin
    • Though ever wondered what the purpose of conspiracies is?

      Head FunnyHead FunnyOy oldin
  • bill gates quote if we do a good job with vaccines and healthcare we can reduce the world population by 15 to 20 percent

    QHHT Practitioner Apostle MatthewQHHT Practitioner Apostle MatthewOy oldin
  • Dr. Mike please wake up.

    Kirsten KuharKirsten KuharOy oldin
    • Though ever wondered what the purpose of conspiracies is?

      Head FunnyHead FunnyOy oldin
  • This is propaganda!

    Chris GoldthorpeChris GoldthorpeOy oldin
    • Though ever wondered what the purpose of conspiracies is?

      Head FunnyHead FunnyOy oldin
  • Imagine you just ate some animal, and thats how a international crisis pandemic occurred.

    Meow maaaMeow maaaOy oldin
  • How much is gates paying this fake doctor

    raz ramraz ramOy oldin
    • Though ever wondered what the purpose of conspiracies is?

      Head FunnyHead FunnyOy oldin