Finally Fixing My Eye | Doctor’s Day In The Life

23-Sen, 2020
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My life is admittedly pretty strange. Between working as a doctor, doing UZworld, speaking on TV, and being a dog dad… I have some pretty interesting days. I wanted to bring you all along to show you what one of my more strange days can look like. Within a 60 minute time period, I appeared on Fox Business, I received an injection in my eye, I had a procedure performed on me that removed a small vein from my face, AND I injected a flu vaccine into the United States Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer. Be like Chuck and get your flu shot ASAP, as it’s more important than ever this year because of COVID-19!
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Me: Is about to watch doctor mike video UZworld: here how about a doctor mike ad

    Mr. BrimMr. Brim19 soat oldin
  • OMG! That Dermatologist is basically Doctor Bashful... "Awww, shucks! I just did what a doctor does: Helping people in need."

    FlorianFlorian20 soat oldin
  • Um...I thought you only had one UZworld channel, but it appears you have two! 🤔 You are very popular huh?! So I just subscribed to this channel too... Dr Mike... I want to see you eat a donut.. 🍩 😘

    Selcouth Alew CapriciousSelcouth Alew CapriciousKun oldin
  • It look's like an internal hordeolum, why didn't u go to an Ophthalmologist

    priya ranapriya ranaKun oldin
  • "Aghhh! We're doing a baby injection I'm scared, can I be scared?"

    Allison BaileyAllison BaileyKun oldin
  • What is the name of the laser the dermatologist used please ?

    Mahmoud AbdallaMahmoud Abdalla2 kun oldin
  • Everyone talks about how painless vaccinations are, but I find them really painful for some reason. I’m of course willing to get a vaccination when its necessary, but I try to avoid any unnecessary ones.

    Heaven BunnyHeaven Bunny2 kun oldin
  • Doctor Mike Offering a Prostate Exam LOL

    Map WolfMap Wolf2 kun oldin
  • "no, who's you?"

    Mimi SinghMimi Singh2 kun oldin
  • Technically a stye (hordeolum) if painful should not get steroid injection as the infection may still be present, in this case it may be better to use oral antibiotics instead. Hordeolum is a more acute nature though. Your lump as you said seems to be of a more chronic nature is probably a chalazion (not a stye definition wise, chalazion usually not painful) where if no evidence of infection present, steroid injection can be used. In that case intraocular pressure should be monitored in case you are a steroid responder. In Australia chronic chalazion is usually treated with incision and curettage though if large enough. Small baby ones treated with compresses as you;ve done. Recurrent cases usually treated with doxy.

    Andri TAndri T2 kun oldin
  • "Anytime you need a prostate exam, come over," That's true friendship right there.

    DBZayanDBZayan2 kun oldin
  • by the way what are botox injections are for

    sudha valliammaisudha valliammai2 kun oldin
    • Botox paralyses the muscles in your face so you can’t frown or make extreme facial expressions - it’s temporary and smooths our the skin to vanish wrinkles :)

      anna kelpianna kelpi2 kun oldin
  • And they say we Indians never upgrade... WHOS LAUGHING NOW!!!!

    Gagan Hari KiranGagan Hari Kiran3 kun oldin
  • You took that shot to the eye like a champ! 👍🏾

    Tamira Bennett VolkTamira Bennett Volk3 kun oldin
  • teacher: work in pairs with a person you dont know me and my best friend: who is you

    Adri AbiyantoAdri Abiyanto3 kun oldin
  • Dr. Bhanushali is indian😃love from india dr. Mike🙌💖

    Darshan SonawaneDarshan Sonawane3 kun oldin
  • U rub gold on a stie

    COOL NAME 13COOL NAME 133 kun oldin
  • Oh my God Dr. Mike youre amazing

    Lenvil BallonicoLenvil Ballonico3 kun oldin
  • Who should not get a flu shot? Allergens in the shot Eggs, Latex?

    Norma OrtegaNorma Ortega3 kun oldin
  • Great to get that flu shot but why’s Chuck’s mask not actually covering his air holes? I wish medical professionals would advise people, particularly patients, on incorrect mask use and how to properly use them!

    Avery BelenosAvery Belenos3 kun oldin
  • I had a stye for months and months and it didn't go away. Turns out I got blepharitis😢

    P LP L3 kun oldin
  • I always got stye in the eye but I just frequently wash my face, i didn't know there's a thing like this 😂

    can junhui sit by my sidecan junhui sit by my side3 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike: Is it gonna hurt? Dermatologist: Ehh, we'll talk about it later. 😂😂😂

    Arlene SArlene S3 kun oldin
  • If vikkstar became a doctor.

    ??3 kun oldin
  • Dr Mike will do the shot to everyone? Hey, I'll come from Germany to US just to have Mike giving me the shot lol XD Must be weird to see a Doc as a Doc xD

    PogoDarnexxPogoDarnexx4 kun oldin
  • Miss opportunity of saying a chill little chalazion.

    Joseph LehmanJoseph Lehman4 kun oldin
  • I have one of those on my eye, same location. Where can I find a great doc like that in Chicago?

    Mary ScottMary Scott4 kun oldin
  • You can’t just scroll past a video suggesting ANYTHING about Dr. Mike needs to be fixed...

    Authentic_AnnaAuthentic_Anna4 kun oldin
  • SOmething was wrong with his eye?

    CraftySwanCraftySwan4 kun oldin
  • Mike working with Indian docs has a special effect on me

    Pranali UpadhyayPranali Upadhyay4 kun oldin
  • Doc we're all getting styes with these masks I swear

    Ashley JacobsAshley Jacobs4 kun oldin
  • I miss being able to get my flu shot........ 😿😿😿😿😿😿 Haven't had my flu shot since 2014....... But I can't. I have CIDP. It's the evil cousin (chronic) of GBS (acute). Damned CIDP.....

    Leslie HydeLeslie Hyde5 kun oldin
  • Did you know? Robert pattinson's dog is also named Bear!! And BTW, your pink gloves are so cute!💞💞💕💕💓💓💞💞

    Noor AlishaNoor Alisha5 kun oldin
  • Hello doctor mike, I am from India and here people are not much aware about the protection(mask) they are using where they are using fake masks with one layer of cotton and respirator mask. Could you please provide some clearity on which type of mask can be used as here in India not every one can afford buying N95 every month.

    Farhan SipahiFarhan Sipahi5 kun oldin
  • Lol we've been meaning to get our flu shots but haven't done it yet and this video reminded me, just called out to the napping husband "HEY, WE'RE GOING TO WALGREENS TODAY FOR FLU SHOTS" and I scared him 😂 thanks for the reminder, we're getting them today

    Jamie McClureJamie McClure5 kun oldin
  • Mick u on cocane

    Carter CappsCarter Capps6 kun oldin
  • He's friends with Schumer but does Bartiromo?

    AndyEffAndyEff6 kun oldin
  • Indians are really grt doctors...

    nitya guptanitya gupta6 kun oldin
  • I love your content but is your nose little displaced? Oh god I hope I’m not insulting you.. you’re beautiful

    Angelikalsin HAngelikalsin H6 kun oldin
  • Timmy is adorable!

    Annie YuAnnie Yu6 kun oldin
  • Why do we "elbow bump" when we're also told to sneeze/cough into our elbows..? Bit ironic

    aft53aft536 kun oldin
    • Cuz we sneeze in the inside of our elbow

      Karen XianKaren Xian5 kun oldin
  • "Poke, poke, poke, poke," while getting an eye injection. lol. He's such a goofball and I'm here for it.

    BluHummingbirdBluHummingbird6 kun oldin
  • Dr mike ;"should i be scared..? " Me ; "what!.. but i thought u were a doctor "

    Yanisha jhareeYanisha jharee6 kun oldin
  • The amount of needles I saw in one video made me cry

    Mary PriceMary Price6 kun oldin
  • instead of hand shake or foot or elbow bump try Indian vanakam or Japanese Bow

    sasi kumarsasi kumar7 kun oldin
  • Plz dr mike can you discuss teenagers who got asthma (daughter 12 year old),if they caught corona how it is difficult for them to cope thankue

    _.random-youtube 3_.random-youtube 37 kun oldin
  • Colab with a zebra please. And EDS zebra since eds is actually pretty common in reality. So much could be learned and realized if you sat down with a expert and listened to the statistics. Your amazing as always Dr mike and I hope one day to see you cover ehlers-danlos syndrome and help spread good information.

    Amanda PandaAmanda Panda7 kun oldin
  • Doctor Mike breathing ASMR.

    Caleb ThornquestCaleb Thornquest7 kun oldin
  • *Close your eyes for a sec if you don't want to see an eyelid injection* Me watching in 240p: Noice

    Jethro PurisimaJethro Purisima8 kun oldin
  • You asked about egg allergy. My son has egg allergy and has been recommended to get the flu shot every year. What is the protocol?

    xsweetcrisxxsweetcrisx8 kun oldin
  • How did you get a stye in the first place?

    Deus VladDeus Vlad8 kun oldin
  • Screw Chuck Schumer, Trump 2020.

    KyleKyle8 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike, can you respond to anti-vaccine videos by UZworldr Paul Thomas MD. He’s a pediatrician who I tuned into to learn more about common childhood ailments and was greatly disappointed by his approach to vaccines. He’s “vaccine friendly” meaning friendly to delaying or skipping, and has written a book about his vaccine views. You’ve made some amazing vaccine videos and everyone should be primed to receive the COVID-19 vaccine next year. He’s said kids in schools shouldn’t have to wear masks and that masks don’t do much anyway. It’s doctors like him who worry me.

    Victoria JenkinsVictoria Jenkins9 kun oldin
  • Hello Dr 🙏 take care 🙏

    Bharti DurejaBharti Dureja9 kun oldin
  • Doctor: "My little guy will show you to the room." Dr.Mike: "What's the little guys name?" Doctor: "Timmy!" Me: "Timmy fell in the well!"

    Creative Artist 2020Creative Artist 20209 kun oldin
  • The third of Arthur C. Clarke's three laws: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

    HolybrewHolybrew10 kun oldin
  • ❤️🧡💛💚

    Don't Worry be HappyDon't Worry be Happy10 kun oldin
  • I love the range that spongebob memes have spread.

    Evren Daniel PoeEvren Daniel Poe11 kun oldin
  • No Joke 4 elderly people I know one in NJ one in WI and 2 in FL took the Flu and pneumonia shot ALL BECAME SICK FOR DAYS AFTER TAKING IT.

    John KnightJohn Knight11 kun oldin
  • (Eye roll) Mask outside lets hope its for pollution and not the virus. Funny gyms have been open for the past 4 months in TX most very ones not wearing mask and no covid break outs ...? Must because us health nuts take Vit D3 and C and Zinc.

    John KnightJohn Knight11 kun oldin
  • Njoy your life!! World is one Family...let's stand United

    Neetii Bisht AartzNeetii Bisht Aartz11 kun oldin
  • “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” ― Isaac Asimov

    BluetoothSenseiBluetoothSensei11 kun oldin
  • “No, who’s you?” Hahahahahaha I can’t

    L KL K11 kun oldin
  • Can I go blind? Possibly. Can we not talk about it? 🤣 This is how medically informed consent works in my brain as well haha

    Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!11 kun oldin
    • Hello my friend how are you doing

      Fazza MuhammadFazza Muhammad7 kun oldin
  • That accent and the way you saying Dr. Bhanushali😅❤️❤️

    Janhavi Mahajan.Janhavi Mahajan.12 kun oldin
  • Can't help but be slightly "triggered" by all the masks almost falling of noses, hands touching masks, mask looking worn out with visible "lint". Other than that cool vid.

    SilkyCaylaSilkyCayla12 kun oldin
  • An example of doctors being the worst patients lol

    NowshinNowshin12 kun oldin
  • The quote (Arthur C Clarke, I believe) is "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". FYI.

    onepoorguyonepoorguy12 kun oldin
  • Love that elbow bump thing :3

    Виктория ШуликоВиктория Шулико13 kun oldin
  • Love the watch

    Joel PangJoel Pang13 kun oldin
  • This guy looks like Oliver Jackson-Cohen from Haunting of Hill House

    Melody MelMelody Mel13 kun oldin
  • Unusual that Schumer didn't whine.

    TheBalls55TheBalls5513 kun oldin
  • half the comments: people quoting dr mike a quarter of the comments: rail me mike🥵 me comment: ....

    slvtherinxslvtherinx13 kun oldin
  • احسن وألطف ذكتور فالعالم

    Samira BibiSamira Bibi14 kun oldin
  • Are you sick that you are wearing the mask outside? And if you are sick, how can they operate you?

    L'Amica Del CuoreL'Amica Del Cuore14 kun oldin
  • Do you personally get a flu jab?

    Palm93Palm9314 kun oldin
  • Omg that birds of paradise is AMAZING.

    Jennifer MactzulJennifer Mactzul14 kun oldin
  • Most handsome doc😍👌🏻

    Moona MurtazaMoona Murtaza14 kun oldin
  • Got my flu shot two days ago, for the first time for as long as I can remember I didn't cry like a baby. (plz don't judge me)

    the boizthe boiz14 kun oldin
  • WAIT.....!!! I THOUGHT we go to an ophthalmologist for stye ??!!🤔

    R T DR T D15 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the warning, Dr. Mike. I didn’t watch the eye injection part. I just couldn’t do it 🙈

    Calliope MuseCalliope Muse15 kun oldin
  • So the eye wasn't fixed with the injection bc he also had to get surgery afterwards 🤔

    Dina ZwitscherDina Zwitscher15 kun oldin
  • Good paraphrase. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- Arthur C. Clarke.

    JD PaceJD Pace15 kun oldin
  • Not to be dramatic but I would die for Timmy

    neonpeacocksneonpeacocks16 kun oldin
  • When i was getting the flu shot it hurrtt

    Harmony BitoyHarmony Bitoy16 kun oldin
  • Doctors/Nurses: "Just a pinch" Me: pass out and die cause of having a needlephobia

    MOMO16 kun oldin
  • 3:58 that fucking hit i'm in tears

    Storm3rStorm3r16 kun oldin
  • We have a drive though flu shot station. I know... it's cool.

    Aryn AbnerAryn Abner16 kun oldin
  • Hi Doctor Mike, I have a question about the flu vaccine. I am in my early twenties and live in Europe. I have never had a flu shot because my country usually only administers them to at risk patients (elderly people, pregnant women and young children). In the current circumstances, do you recommend for people in my age category (with no immune deficiencies or pre-existing conditions) to get vaccinated for the flu? Some countries in Europe kind of deter people between the ages of 20 to 40 from getting vaccinated for the flu as they fear running out of the vaccines before being able to help the vulnerable patient groups. So, what would your recommendation be? Thank you! P.S.: I love your content!

    Milah SmilesMilah Smiles17 kun oldin
  • If you are feel alone in there dr bhanusali i am watching from india so we have a eye on you.

    KhoeashKhoeash17 kun oldin
  • Ewwww I’m dead

    Lps studiosLps studios17 kun oldin
  • Y'all really just did a procedure to make a barely perceptible red speck disappear 😂😂😂

    Cat's MeowCat's Meow17 kun oldin
  • Its gotta be great to be rich and have rich friends

    DPT_rangeDPT_range18 kun oldin
  • can someone explain what the flu shot does bcs i dont have that in my country

    persephonepersephone18 kun oldin
    • @persephone That we know of, no, as the covid is a flu with steroids lol. The way the covid is it has many symptoms to were the flu shot wouldn't be useful.

      MOMO16 kun oldin
    • @MO thank you! but it doesn't work like a vaccine for the corona virus right?

      persephonepersephone16 kun oldin
    • Helps your body to fight the flu and make sure your white blood cells up to date on flu. Sometimes flu can get worst so we gotta keep our body up to date on it.

      MOMO16 kun oldin
  • Vaccines are good for you... Just ask Dr. Gates, and Dr. Rockefeller...

    HaarpoonWaveHaarpoonWave18 kun oldin
  • Oh I have like atleast 150 capilary spots that I have gotten in the latest years across my arms and chest. Nice to know that I can go and laser them away.

    Victor LindvallVictor Lindvall18 kun oldin
  • It's super important to get the flu shot, because as Mike said we don't want flu patients in hospitals if we can help it, but also because nothing is preventing you from getting both covid-19 AND the flu. And, understandably, that's no bueno.

    VaragonaxVaragonax18 kun oldin

    Nosebleed YipakayeahNosebleed Yipakayeah19 kun oldin
  • Plz get flu shots fam!! I can't get flu shops cuz I am allergic! So please get em for those who can so herd immunity can actually help those around us 💚

    Laura HinzeLaura Hinze19 kun oldin
  • I have a food intolerance to eggs... why did you ask if he was allergic to eggs?.... aaaaah, I’ve never had a flu shot ever before, but I was going to get it this year because of COVID, but now that I heard you ask that question :( will I have an issue? Are there alternative option?

    Olga CamposOlga Campos19 kun oldin