Here’s Why Trump’s COVID Diagnosis Was A Disaster

7-Okt, 2020
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President Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19. Even though it’s been several days now, and we’ve known this was possible for months, it’s still so bizarre to read. Unfortunately, the tragedy of COVID-19 does not just stop at the infection of people like Donald Trump, but rather extends to the megaphones of our most mainstream media outlets. I’ve been in more Twitter feuds over the last week than I have been in my entire life on the platform, arguing with contributors to outlets like CNN, The Washington Post, and Fox News, among others. It seems to me that this virus and our political vitriol towards each other has caused us to lose all sense of logic and decency. From criticizing DO’s (Doctor’s of Osteopathic Medicine) for being inferior to asking doctors on TV to participate in “tabloid medicine”, I’m almost beginning to lose my cool. Today I walk you through what’s brought me to my breaking point.

  • thanks for making a good point and raising voice on it

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  • This is an example of a healthy expression of opinion. Dr. Mike made a respectable effort to be objective. I disagree with his assessment of the level of danger and response to COVID. I think he should have compared Dr. Mom with CCN, not AON, but his bias was showing. His description of Trumps excursion as putting people in danger was overblown; unless his secret service agents and healthcare physicians are much over 70, in which case they shouldn't be around COVID. Nevertheless, I was impressed with his objectivity. Kudos to Dr. Mike. I disagree with so much of what you say, but this was mostly dispassionate, well-reasoned argument that this country desperately needs.

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  • He was never sick

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  • Jeez, Dr.calm down. Your shouting your point across. People will watch whatever they want regardless. At the end of the day regardless of where they get their news/factual info what this president has done to America with covid + 221,000 deaths is deeply disturbing, disgusting and reprehensible.

    JamesJames3 soat oldin
  • Dr. Mike, can you make a video about body temperature 95°F in people after 60's?

    Elena KolesnikovElena Kolesnikov4 soat oldin
    • 95.6°f body temperature in people after 60

      Elena KolesnikovElena Kolesnikov4 soat oldin
  • Hi doc, is Trump stupid? Answer pls and thanks before.

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  • I would really like to have a big bro like you ! down to earth and caring

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  • thank you

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  • Dr. Mike should become health minister 😄

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  • Prayers to all docters and nurses... 😇😇😇

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  • He should lead by example and wear a mask. No matter what.These fake news is getting out of hand.

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  • Thank you so much for your sharing your objective perspectives! I learn so much from you!

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  • What you said here. I would have loved to see that on T.V.

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  • Can you address the new evidence that mouthwash inactivates covid?

    Ryan LewandRyan Lewand15 soat oldin
  • wow bravo 😃

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  • doctors wanting trump to die from covid its a disgrace, its literally a shame i mean its just a person, why being so mad about it?

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  • His speedy recovery meant so much more. I am genuinely surprised how unbiased you seem Mike, well done.

    Maria RMaria R17 soat oldin
  • hello @Doctor Mike could you do a vlog of how and where the original source of covid-19 came from and how it works and mutated as i am sure many people dont know

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  • Did Eric Haywood confuse osteopathy with homeopathy?

    themonkeydrunkenthemonkeydrunken19 soat oldin
  • This video gives me serious "Demons run when a good man goes to war" vibes... it's rare to see Dr Mike so upset about something - and he's completely right to be!

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  • Kind of weird for me tho hear, bc. in germany "Osteopathie" really is pseudo-science. And i just read, that it startet in america as well as kind of pseudoscience, but developed and is a really long time now scientific. From my point of view: Get rid of those two systems and fuse them together.

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  • What a wonderful, positive talk. Filled with righteous indignation, as it should be.

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  • I appreciate your balanced approach. It's a great example for a lot of younger people who follow you too.

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  • I *personally* don't like donald trump, but that doesn't mean i want him dead.

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  • His morals are above his political views and everything else. That's new for an American in 2020. But we still love him for the memes.

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  • Salute!

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  • Well said dr mike!

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  • Eric Haywood, frick you.

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  • A shame he's not in politics. Could really sort the US out if people with these views took over. Maybe if he ever grows tired of being a doctor, which I doubt.

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  • Love that you recognize other Dr's and their fild.. This was the first time I've ve seen your videos.. 😊

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  • *o h m y G o d*

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  • The hatred we're seeing now is older than most people think. It was over a year ago we had socialists wanting to execute conservatives in firing squads, in America. (as opposed to where they already do it in other parts of the world)..

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  • another self proclaimed doctor being more of a politition then a doctor, I dont know you mike and care not to know you.

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    • lol then don't come on his video 😌🖐

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  • Dr. Mike I agree with most of what you said but I think you're being just a little unfair to the president. I understand that you think it irresponsible of him to take that ride but you also have to understand he is the leader of the free world. He has a responsibility to show the world he is doing fine even if he's not. I would also argue that his speech wasn't about downplaying or treating the virus as some kind of joke but it was about giving the country and the world hope that the light at the end of the tunnel is within view, to uplift those that are irrationally scared. Not to say people that are scared are irrational but there are people that are going way overboard because they are scared. You have a lot of people out there that are losing hope and money and jobs and businesses and they need a leader that is going to reassure them that at the end of the day everything is going to be alright. Yes more lives will be lost to this virus but we can't shrivel up and cower in fear because of it. We take our precautions but we move forward knowing we are in a much better position than we were when the outbreak started. That is what I would argue his message was.

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  • You are a king. *Nothing less.*

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  • The last time I've seen a video of yours ( which I enjoy very much) was at the beginning of the pandemic, and you were so optimistic and upbeat. Then suddenly, you have been hit with the reality of the status quo. Thank you and all your colleagues for all your good work.

    Adam SmithAdam SmithKun oldin
  • This video defines "I'm not angry, just disappointed"

    Yuriy LehkiYuriy LehkiKun oldin
  • Poor Doctor Mike. He seems so tired and fed up. Honestly I don’t blame him., this year has been so stressful with all this going on.

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  • High five 🖐🏻

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  • I got my flu shot about four weeks ago, and I STILL have a visible purple patch on my arm from the former welts. I don't react well to the shot; I rarely have. Local hives and three days (at least) of aching joints, fever, and a near-inability to stand up and sleeping all day. Crazy itching on my arm for a week and a half; not much works for it except Benadryl. Really hot swelling. No wonder the pharmacist was kinda reluctant when I told her. I am fine; the allergic reaction didn't go beyond local hives, but I'd rather endure _all_ of this than get the flu AND Covid at the same time. I have asthma and it is the type that illnesses love. It would kill me. Yes, I work. I have to live, and my job is classified "essential".

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  • I just know the second lockdown is gonna come for the cities, it just depends on how many they let die before they shutdown, or the cities will be so fucked nothing will operate for a few weeks.

    chrisw443chrisw443Kun oldin
  • Based and redpilled...

    Sophia CristinaSophia CristinaKun oldin
  • I applaud Mr. Mike's handling of misinformation without once swearing. He has every right to swear. People are fucking wrong. Yet he stays professional. Love to see it.

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  • Hooray Dr. Mike aet them straight 🤗👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾

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  • Every since the heated election of 2016, I've seen two camps of thought rise in respects to mainstream journalism. I don't watch the news because it's so heavily politicized. I don't watch the news because it's so negative. I was only in high school when that election took place, a year off from being eligible to vote, so I had to stand idly by as the future of my country was decided for me. As many of my friends and colleagues did. I followed the news. The excitement, the dread, the gossip, I participated in listening to creators online debate and poke fun while the newspapers did the same. But once those ballots were counted and "the First 100 Days" began, I was done. Dr. Mike is a man of medicine, why does the man who has to care for the ill and weak remind the other professionals of the world what their ethics are? Why do reporters find more profit in writing clickable headlines than giving us the facts? And if they must be biased, why must that bias dominate the content than supplement personality into their work? Why do I have a more lucid perspective of the world locked in my room than some of these men and women who have eyes scattered across the globe? Why?

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  • I stood up and gave you a standing O at the end of this one. Nice job.

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  • God bless Trump...even China Virus can't bring him down.

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    • @Cal Boi Fr like 🤡🤡🤡

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    • How can someone be this idiotic?

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  • Dr. Mike. Please let me personally assist you with holding down these morons so you may apply tactile teaching methods so the truth about who is qualified to practice medicine & give medical opinion on another person's life is embedded into their brains, it would be an honor.

  • My son, myself and my folks all got our flu shots about a week ago. While normally we don't suffer many ill effects when we catch the flu (maybe a sniffle), we still don't want to spread it to others. So we got the vaccines.

    Sam FoleySam FoleyKun oldin
  • It sounds like he's saying Dio

    Joshua LopezJoshua LopezKun oldin
  • Ngl, got a little spooked there for a second when you started talking about D.O.s because the field of osteopathy contains so much quackery and we don't have this type of doctor in my home country. Thankfully Wikipedia provided some insights.

    PumucklPumucklKun oldin
  • I feel like id be a better journalist than these professionals, and im failing school. Used to want to move to the US, but no im staying in Estonia cause we're a good country

    1sMiku1sMikuKun oldin
  • Thank you Dr. Mike. I thought you were gonna ride the TDS wave. Thank God you didn’t.

    Leo HernandezLeo HernandezKun oldin
  • Please do a review on the new COVID-19 documentary!!! “Totally under control” 💕❤️ love you so much!

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  • Yea dont be afraid. People will die, period. That is reality. Masks, social distancing, disbanding crowds. That is an unrealistic and irrational reaction. I liked watching your videos, and had respect for a knowledgeable physician such as yourself. But now i see youre just another pawn of this oh so deadly pandemic. I mean even after the CDC admitted to false numbers, noone even batted an eye. Will we also ignore the fact that hospitals profit off of those diagnosed with covid? And also those deceased from it if im not mistaken. And how ventilators, a last resort of action for near death patients, are being tossed around and used on numerous “covid patients” very unnecessarily. And you and i both know doc, unnecessary use of a ventilator on a patient is not healthy. There are numerous things that point to how unnecessary this reaction to this alleged oh so fatale pandemic is. But of course the mass media only shows what they want you to see. And its easier for people to omit their own thoughts, and just listen to their government. Wear masks, social distance, no crowds. Yup lets just do what they say, and not think twice. Then i guess one day the oh so miraculous vaccine will come and save us all!! Oh and masks are clearly not 100% effective right? They are a “preventative” method and should be used in combination with social distancing right? Well to this day it shocks me given the alleged magnitude of this virus, how the BLM riots that went on for weeks with mass crowds all over, did not cause a spike in the virus. Huh, aint that something? But of course the media didnt pay attention to that flaw so why should you?? Right?? I guess when you get in a crowd for the sake of BLM, you become miraculously immune. Wow!! This comment can go on for ages lol. Ima just leave it at this. Most of you are too braindead to even comprehend and actually think about what i wrote anyways. Youll just shoot down my comment and chalk it up to “you’re a crazy conspiracist”. Ahhh what a wonderful world we live in.

    MahdeeMahdeeKun oldin
    • Ok 1. People die everyday. Yes true, but does that mean you cant be civil, responsible and empathtic? Covid is a HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS virus, with death rate and contagious rate far HIGHER than the flu. Even TRUMP HIMSELF said it on tape. You can be pre-symptomic for 2 weeks before you notice you caught it. In that 2 weeks, you can potentially spread it to the old young and sickly. You dont know how everyones immune system works. You can actually cause someones death this way bc of your reckless ways. Now, ofc the best way is to maintain social distancing, wear a mask and wash your hands. It is scientifically accurate and peer reviewed, thats why people are pushing for it. But are you going to choose to be that one weird uncle who spews studies from shady sources? Ofc it isn't foolproof, just like everything else in the world. But its still an effective preventive measure, while also meaning you are considerate and you care about others. Please be considerate, you dont know what other people are dealing with so dont risk it. Why cant people be considerate? Always about "my rights" when you dont consider other people's rights to stay healthy and not contract the virus. A great quote: YOUR RIGHTS END WHERE MINE BEGINS. 2. You lack the comprehension to comprehend data. The cdc admitted there are some false and thats to be expected, there are going to be marginal errors and such. But the 6% real deaths you like throwing around is false. Do you even get what does underlying causes mean? Once you die, in the report you have 2 sections about the cause of death, the primary and the underlying. For example, someone died of being stabbed. Main cause is the stab itself, and the underlying cause is blood loss. In the case of covid, you can't say he died from lung collapse or low oxygen intake but you should say covid bc its the MAIN CAUSE of death. So ALL deaths in the cdc right now are all REAL deaths from covid. Before you say they count car crashes and other deaths as covid cases, where are your sources? Before saying other sources are biased, why dont you take a look at yours? Facebook? UZworld? We both know they aren't real sources. Before you try to debate someone, try to learn some comprehension skills. 3. I dont support the blm riots going on while there is covid going on. No doubt there is still going be clusters of covid cases among them. But it is being condemned by a lot of people too. Even Biden himself condemns rioting and looting. NOBODY supports rioting and looting. A recent study came out that stated 97% of blm protest are peaceful. You're looking at about about 3% of violent protest and the rest are peaceful. Before you say its biased, why dont you take a look at where your sources are. If you dont have valid points to debunk that study, dont be retarded and say its biased without thinking. Nobody outside of America cares about your little Dems and Reps election. Im neither a Biden supporter or Trump supporter but its so funny how Trump supporters like their rights so much they become selfish and inconsiderate people. Remind yourself, YOUR RIGHTS END WHERE MINE BEGINS.

      _Unkn0wn Us3r__Unkn0wn Us3r_12 soat oldin
  • Can you imagine what Trump would have said if it was Joe Biden getting Covid-19?

    ZbriuZbriuKun oldin
  • OR hey hey hey get this, this entire covid pandemic is immensely exaggerated, with an abundance of media falsified information and an irrational nearly worldwide response that is very VERY heavily media influenced. And to add to trumps reception of this oh so deadly virus, that diagnosis is absolute bullshit. The man talks about the ineffectiveness and needlessness of masks(which is something I actually do agree with), and all of a sudden BAM!! Caught COVID! Coincidence? Yea, i dont think so

    MahdeeMahdeeKun oldin
  • Hello Dr. Mike. Awesome video. Although what happened on ur left eye. Is that a stye of some sort?

    Meghna SarkarMeghna SarkarKun oldin
  • I hope he gets well

    Aidan’s Trains & GamesAidan’s Trains & GamesKun oldin
  • Can someone explain the difference between a M.D and a D.O?? Thanks 🙋🏻‍♀️

    Dominika NDominika N2 kun oldin
  • You’ve absolutely earned a sub.

    cowboy515geekcowboy515geek2 kun oldin
  • Right at the start WHO were saying it’s still nothing to worry about and that it’s not currently a pandemic. Why is it then that we have to wait before it worsens and becomes a pandemic before we have to take action and start protecting ourselves. Things should have happened much sooner. Shame on WHO, they are partly responsible for the worldwide chaos. Those responsible in the organisation should be held to account as they have failed the World. ANd everyone wants to blame Trump. Is Trump a good guy? Eh not really. Is he a bad guy? As the media sees, yes, but in reality, less than that.

    Daniel KolbinDaniel Kolbin2 kun oldin
  • I still believe that he never had covid-19. He's deceiving all of us to get people to not be afraid of covid-19. He wants the economy open regardless of the risk to Americans. Can anyone prove that he ever had it? I doubt it. Trump is that evil and the drs. who were bad mouthing him were probably right to do so.

    Donna ByrnesDonna Byrnes2 kun oldin
  • Joe Biden is not VP. He is a presidential candidate. Mike Pence is the incumbent VP.

    keonniekeonnie2 kun oldin
  • its not the disagreement its the wilfull collusion for monetary gain above moral and ethic principle

    Reedy777Reedy7772 kun oldin
  • Doctor Mike, I have a lot of respect for your work, but it really feels unfair for you to judge people for wishing death to Trump. I know they’re medical professionals, and I know about their oath, but they are not Trump’s doctors. It feels incredibly unjust to shame people for wanting Trump to die when he’s actively causing the death of hundreds and supporting literal concentration camps. And these people are not even harming him, they’re just hoping he’ll die and therefore not cause even more deaths. Anger is a reasonable emotional response to genocide.

    Sosolis 21Sosolis 212 kun oldin
  • they're Nazis buddy and they run the media its been a dictatorship for a while

    Reedy777Reedy7772 kun oldin
  • I really also don't get media or the news anymore...because they don't care about anything anymore and just tell you unnecesarry information that is not even correct...

    SaTuRoChAnSaTuRoChAn2 kun oldin
  • 9:55 "When did this disagreement become this bad?" Probably 8th of November 2016.

    HasekuraIsunaHasekuraIsuna2 kun oldin
  • Do we know that he even really had it? For an unfit fattie he seemed to recover a bit quickly to be realistic. the timing also makes this questionable.

    hopethisworks1212hopethisworks12122 kun oldin
    • Well Biden went into hiding for 5 days to avoid his incident with his son and trump the second he was cleared started going to rallies like usual

  • I applaud you for saying your piece knowing that people from both sides may strongly disagree. I sure hope more people come to the realization that not everything is black or white.

    Kathryn94Kathryn942 kun oldin
  • Have to disagree with you on this Mike. It doesn't violate the oath to hope for a fascist dictator's demise. It's a hope for nature's triage

    The CellarThe Cellar2 kun oldin
  • Everyone had permissio when he ran 4 president.

    MD ThreMD Thre2 kun oldin
  • See- i randomly just got this on my recommended but uh- . - . i feel like i'm getting scolded at...

    Jacqueline TuJacqueline Tu2 kun oldin
  • I didn’t know about a lot of these things and I’m still angry

    Praxo RockPraxo Rock2 kun oldin
  • He's immune for life; that's a great thing. It's the worst fear of evil globalists or their shills who further the myth that SARS-Cov2 keeps reinfecting over and over. The PCR antigen is totally bogus too.

    pbauagpbauag2 kun oldin
  • Critiquing people for getting their info from UZworld is like saying “books” are a bad source of info. Lol

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 kun oldin
  • Infowars bill cooper behold a pale horse

    Rebecca BlackRebecca Black2 kun oldin
  • I liked what he was till he hated on trump

    Heidi HellengaHeidi Hellenga2 kun oldin
  • What really got me is that Dr Conely tapdanced while obfuscating during those press conferences. If the information wasn't going to be accurate and truthful, then what was the point? He even had to admit at one point that he had lied the day before. So much for the Hippocratic Oath.

    MossyMozartMossyMozart2 kun oldin
    • This man needs to be cast as Joel fleischman in the northern exposure remake! And no...that’s not a thing 😔

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue2 kun oldin
  • trump 2020

    Heidi HellengaHeidi Hellenga2 kun oldin
    • *expiration date*

      STAN DreamcatcherSTAN DreamcatcherKun oldin
  • Doctor mike for president

    Saiba SSaiba S2 kun oldin
  • Yo, this guy is reasonable. I didnt think these folks still existed on the internet. I have hope.

    Michael TMichael T2 kun oldin
  • You know he's mad, cuz there was no "pee-woo" at the end... :( Great video anyway!

    Marcela n_nMarcela n_n2 kun oldin
  • Journalism is long gone. Instead of facts based on evidence now is nothing more than someone's opinion.

    Alpha BearsAlpha Bears2 kun oldin
  • Dr Mikes shirt and tie look like......they taste very minty.

    Forty FourForty Four2 kun oldin
  • His doctors HURT us. He makes all of us in medicine look bad. WE ARE NOT LIKE THAT GROUP!!!!! BTW, DOs are great. Im talking about the lies....and that has nothing to do with being a DO, MD or any other earned title.

    Forty FourForty Four2 kun oldin
  • Trump got covid? GOOD! I'm glad. Because he deserves to suffer, it shouldn't be a disaster, it should be gratefulness.

    Rad TanksRad Tanks2 kun oldin
  • Claps for Dr. Mike 👏👏👏 this entire video is so good I agree with everything. Dr. Mike and people like him need to be heard more.

    WiedźminWiedźmin2 kun oldin
  • DO's and MD's undoubtedly receive the same training, and these people tweeting are obviously out of line. But it is easy to see why seeing "osteopath" next to medicine would make someone un-easy. If something has evidence supporting its effectiveness it is incorporated into medicine, so why do do we need a different group of doctors who for some reason also learn osteopathy? Its confusing to me as well.

    Arramis _Arramis _2 kun oldin
  • It is hoax he did not have covid 19

    winsome mclean-whitewinsome mclean-white2 kun oldin
  • "God forbid you end up in an emergency room or in a trauma situation - I'm sure you're not gonna be checking if there's a DO or MD saving your life." Drops mic. Mic explodes.

    SobelSobel2 kun oldin
  • My doc is a D.O. He's super popular though, so I often have to see his colleagues who then forward the info to him. I like the setup because I never worry about who's on vacation (so... no one lately) Hopefully there won't be a dexamethasone shortage though like there was for hydroxochloroquine. Too many people who needed the latter couldn't get it, and I occasionally need the former for debilitating migraines

    Jacquelyn SmithJacquelyn Smith2 kun oldin
  • I wish we had leaders in washington like you sir. Aside from the Dr Fauci, it is difficult to trust any medical advise coming from the administration. pathetic!

    Stephen JohnStephen John2 kun oldin
  • This man needs to be cast as Joel fleischman in the northern exposure remake! And no...that’s not a thing 😔

    brimstonebullbrimstonebull2 kun oldin
  • To say 200k people died FROM covid ignores those who were counted in that total who only died WITH it, who were misdiagnosed due to the sensitivity of testing the USA has done, etc.

    ITPalGameITPalGame2 kun oldin
  • he got so mad he exploded and went to heaven that explains the backgrounds recently...

    Potato's Gonna PotatePotato's Gonna Potate2 kun oldin
  • I love him... but who gave him orange eyeshadow?

    alexes lowealexes lowe2 kun oldin
  • Your right, but don't worry, most of the nation sees that, and understands that, we stopped looked to politians for guidence years ago, mostly looking for lol's

    GamersPitGamersPit2 kun oldin
  • I love your message except the flu shot part.

    Jessica PowellJessica Powell2 kun oldin