My Response To Fatphobia Claims

15-Iyl, 2020
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I was scrolling through reddit today and came across this post saying I have “fatphobic tendencies”. This was really hard for me to read and caused me to take a critical look back at my previous comments regarding obesity, bariatric treatments, and diet recommendations (Keto, intermittent fasting, vegan, etc.) Our culture demonizes people for their weight, from rogue marketing pushing “ideal bodies” in media to a lack of representation for large bodied people on stage and on screen. That being said, I am a doctor, and my job is to help people live longer, healthier lives, and often those results can be achieved through a variety of tactics that will reduce the weight of people who suffer from obesity. It’s a fine line between helping my patients and making sure they don’t feel judged or criticized for the way they look, and I’m working hard to get it right.
RESEARCH ON OBESITY AND WEIGHT IN REGARDS TO HEALTH:,LAGB)%2C%20reported%20inconsistent%20results
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • his shirt is about to pop

    PiaPia4 soat oldin
  • its so weird how these people don't understand that obesity...IS..a disease?..? they as doctors are just looking out for your health? they're not random Instagram trolls who just like to hurt people online for fun dude

    kipklopkipklop6 soat oldin
  • accepting your body is great thats good but denying that you are not healthy is stupid . i know im fat i know i wanted to do the best is my doctors fatphobic no ! i know im just lazy to diet and excersice i hate a bloodpresure that is so alarming that they always repeat the test because its so unatural for my age and im becoming selfware that i need to loose the fat and be healthy

    TinderboxTinderbox6 soat oldin
  • Wow, as someone who is studying to become a nutritionist I didn't realize there are people who are offended by this stuff. Nutrition and losing weight is about health, not how you look. I think we can all be beautiful at any size but we cannot always be healthy at any size, and that's just scientific fact.

    Laurel G.Laurel G.7 soat oldin
  • I can understand that as a healthcare professional, Dr. mike may be presenting the risks of being overweight to patients. I think what the comments he's addressing and what a lot of people in these comments are overlooking or have never experienced are consistent doctor visits over YEARS, DECADES, where other health issues that have nothing or little to do with weight are called back to being overweight. Broke a bone? it's not because of the dirt biking. Must be cause you're overweight. You're unhappy? Don't bother with CBT. Try losing a few pounds. Oh, you had a miscarriage? Nevermind the tons of factors that could contribute to that. Should have put down the doritos! These are all sentiments that medical professionals tell people regardless of any other possible causes for symptoms. This is what is meant by fatphobia on the medical profession - non-holistic care. I've had my pediatrician, despite years of weight loss and exercise attempts tell me similar things. And my adult physicians tell me that my organs, levels, etc. are FINE and even HEALTHLY except for just my weight. Consider it a blessing that none of you have had a physician that has treated you as such and that you are able to see his point so easily.

    Denitria BarnettDenitria Barnett10 soat oldin
  • im very trigered with "many medicine research comes from a fatphobic stance" like excuse mee??????? do you even know what a research is????? nfksbfjam. and its very offending because that person just literally discredited all the efforts of these researches to show evidences that benefits EVERYONE just because of his ignorance and misinterpreted view of research. fnnsba

    Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli11 soat oldin
  • doctor: being morbidly obese is unhealthy fat people: FaT pHoBiA!!! BMI is inaccurate!! (not for them tho their weight comes from fat not muscle)

    oh sehunoh sehun13 soat oldin
  • Fat people invented fat-shaming to feel justified, I mean, I'm overweight, no excuse even when having a chronic illness. Fatphobia does not exist, just excuses. Fat people are fat, no excuse, and you can lower your weight with work.

    Moneda MeowMoneda Meow13 soat oldin
  • Seriously people how is saying obesity is unhealthy fatphobic

    Jack NicholasJack Nicholas16 soat oldin
  • its mostly the obese ppl that gets offended over everything thats about weight. i was morbidly obese myself before gastric bypass, i can see myself typing stuff. its just ignorance

    rebecca xxrebecca xx21 soat oldin
  • It breaks my heart that these comments came up. Dr. Mike always comes across to me as very well informed and educated. I didn't see anything wrong with what he was saying, there's nothing wrong with trying a new diet and he's never said "if you don't do this you're wrong". I've always been really into nutrition and fitness and different strategies work for different people.

    styleshawtystyleshawty21 soat oldin
  • The people that wrote those comments don't understand that doctor want them to be healthy

    wildfoxn95wildfoxn9522 soat oldin
  • I love watching your videos Dr Mike, as a nurse I learn from you, after a really tough day in these very strange times I switch on UZworld and watch you react to scrubs or house and I swear you have the ability to make laugh when I wanted to cry. I'm also a plus size woman and never not once have I ever felt insulted or feel shamed by any of your content. I find you helpful, encouraging and your speak from the heart when alot of doctors are blunt and in many cases not nice. Keep doing what you are doing I'm so happy I came across your channel thank you so much for being you. "Stay happy and healthy" (not stealing the slogan but I've quoted it many times)❤️ from a fan across the pond here in Ireland 🇮🇪

    Noleen McbreartyNoleen Mcbrearty22 soat oldin
  • The problem is in recent years if at any point you talk about fatness or weight that isn't in a "you do you, be proud of your body" way, it is seen at fatphobic. Somehow even just acknowledging that having a body fat percentage over a certain amount has become viewed as fatphobia and you can't say anything about how being overweight means you're generally at a higher risk for lifestyle diseases without people jumping down your throat

    DivyaDivyaKun oldin
  • As a pharmacist I have to say something. To the people who claim being overweight doesn't mean being unhealthy: You're right. But that's if your exceeding weight is composed by muscle, not fat. If you got a big belly pouch, have floppy arms and legs, there is absolutely no reason for you to think you fall into the healthy category. Remember healthy does not equal "not currently sick". Health is also caring for your body long term. Being sedentary kills.

    Laura BlancoLaura BlancoKun oldin
  • It is beautiful if you love the way your body looks, big or small. But it is never okay if the size of your body is killing you. Hence, Dr. Mike's advice!

    Ringo BratRingo BratKun oldin
  • How can yall hate him like 👁

    Valerie chanValerie chanKun oldin
  • By reading the comments, I am a bit disappointed that the issue does not seem to be properly tacked here :( Everyone seems to think that the accusation was on saying that being obese is bad for your health. :/ The actual problem just "starts" here: when doctors only answer to that with a diet, or good eating habits. Because sometimes this is not the cause, sometimes it is BUT it's related to eating disorders, and mental health issues, or social condition. We have plenty of studies that shows how mental health and social backgrounds are related, and I think it could be for the best to check every options and at least offer a holistic kind of support to them. If patients dont need it, that's fine, but maybe it is better not to always assume that bad eating habits are THE and only reason for obesity.

    Lucie NicoleLucie NicoleKun oldin
    • Ps: although I found sarcastic comments very annoying, I hope that mine above does not sound that way, I genuinely hope that I can help in the discussion :/

      Lucie NicoleLucie NicoleKun oldin
  • As an overweight person (and have been my entire life, to varying extremes), I can say first-hand that there is a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE between fat-shaming and a medical professional telling you that you're overweight or obese. It's obvious that extra weight is bad for your health. Period. And as a person who is VERY sensitive to non-medical people "weighing in" with their thoughts on my weight, i can say that Doctor Mike is not fat-shaming. Keep on keepin' on, Doc! :)

    Cindy TaylorCindy TaylorKun oldin
  • He's a doctor. What the heck.

    Maeli PowellMaeli PowellKun oldin
  • Pointing out weight contributes to your health is not fatphobia, it's science. If you are overweight it would be remiss if your doctor didn't point it out, because that's where that conversation needs to happen. If you are taking offense to a doctor on UZworld, pointing out that obesity is an issue but is not singling out a single person, just talking in generalities, than maybe you need to take a long hard look at your lifestyle and your mental health and figure out why this information triggers you. Your doctor wants you to be comfortable in your own skin but in order to be comfortable, everything needs to be in functional order.

    nishikazenishikazeKun oldin
  • Don't take seriously what Redditors say, it's usually bullshit.

    Step BruvStep BruvKun oldin
  • I love the fact that he speaks so eloquently. Like dude my depressed brain doesn't allow that for me 😭

    Syarafana ReslanSyarafana ReslanKun oldin
  • I feel like doctors have very good reason for being "fatphobic". Like dude they've sworn an oath to save your life and reduce your risk of getting diseases that's why they told you not to be overweight, regardless of whatever your opinion on it.

    Syarafana ReslanSyarafana ReslanKun oldin
  • People are so fake These days and sugar coating everything that they can't stand when someone is 100% honest with sad

    Saku ChanSaku ChanKun oldin
  • I had rny. It worked for me. I've kept off 110lbs for 10 years.

    Joelene AJoelene AKun oldin
  • Anyone who disses on intermittent fasting hasn't looked at the research. It promotes dna repair and the removal of free radicals.

    The CellarThe CellarKun oldin
  • Honestly this is like the third video of Dr. Mike that I have ever watched and i just love how he explains things and his personality / charisma is really endearing! I am definitely a new subscriber

    Monica AguileraMonica AguileraKun oldin
  • I love all doctor Mike's videos and never has he said anything fatphobic I'm overweight my self and ik it's bad to be highly obese although I'm not anywhere near to that point I don't want to get to that point. From changing my lifestyle and eating habits I have lost over 20 pounds! In just under 2 months. And my goal is 120 for my age. I'm highly against people bullying others for thier size. But I'm also against people calling people who are generally worried about thier health being called fat shamers. Because it's the truth being a little chubby is ok but being highly over weight is bad for your health. I'm not bullying for caring about your health a d life! Fat shamers call them pigs ugly cows beach Wales and among other discusti things. But people who actually care about your health are just worried about what your eating habits are doi to your body.

    Trinity GraceTrinity GraceKun oldin
  • Silently waiting for the guy to respond.

    My Cat PepperMy Cat Pepper2 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike is talking all facts tho. If it is not hormonal, being overweight is your fault. Like me, I've been overweight my whole life, and even though there are some hormonal problems aswell,I eat A LOT and I can still lose weight if I try hard. So its not fat shaming OR fat-phobia to tell someone to have a healthier diet.

    Çağla OtluÇağla Otlu2 kun oldin
  • I have found that there will ALWAYS be someone that will dislike a video or comments no matter how genuine or guided it may be. I have contemplated making a UZworld Channel on my daily Pest Control Life, educating people the causes of pests, how to inspect and treat them because I fear the backlash I may get from people who may not like it. I have been doing this for almost 18 years and have only kept it in my IG for my close family and friends. I admire Dr. Mike and would love to have him as my Physician. He is very knowledgeable! ❤️

    Carms UrzuaCarms Urzua2 kun oldin
  • What's the trend of calling people "phobic" nowadays just because they smack you with facts

    schn3idrschn3idr2 kun oldin
  • As a registered dietitian myself, it is rare to see a doctor understanding need of a dietitian! And saying all the right things! Thanku so so much Dr. Mike im so relieved to see this! (My first video of your channel)

    Mariam AbdealiMariam Abdeali2 kun oldin
  • It baffles me that people can delude themselves into this way of thinking... use logic people! Facts are facts!

    ryayn mangyyryayn mangyy2 kun oldin
  • So doctors should not be allowed to comment on underwheight people either. Also, taking drugs, alcohol and smoking is also okay. Doctors really have a lot to learn about these things too, smoking is not unhealthy lmao. I think all doctors are smokershamers!

    Johanna 01Johanna 012 kun oldin
  • I've had a gastric bypass 8 months ago and my doctor recommended it for my own health and it has put my type 2 diabetes in remission I'm healthier, fitter and feel loads better than I've ever felt in years. Dr Mike is doing his job hes caring and helping like a medical professional would do if he was my doctor I would be praising him all the time (as I do my dr) for giving me my life back. Dr Mike I love your videos and your channel

    Jackie BroughtonJackie Broughton2 kun oldin
  • I truely think they feel judged for being overweight or obese, I don’t think it has anything to do with you I think it’s an insecurity within themselves so they don’t feel comfortable with hearing ways to lose weight or what can happen with their health. Your end goal or any drs end goal is to help their patients get healthy and help save their lives in the long run. Now don’t get me wrong I am that “fat” woman so this is why I know what’s going on, I am currently on my own health journey and for years I was these people who would get triggered when I heard about diets and weight loss or when I went to the drs and they mentioned my weight.. I think it’s just something that more people should talk about and not turn it into a negative when it’s a positive. Don’t hate your body by feeding it till you have health problems that you can’t come back from. Love your body and nourish it with the fuel you need to live a healthy happy long life! Xo much love

    Anna MaiAnna Mai2 kun oldin
  • I get so pissed off when people who don't know what they're talking about, insult professionals. I mean, who the hell does this idiot think he is, advising a doctor on what advice to give. Know your place. Doctor Mike is a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. No one other than another medical professional should have the audacity to question him and his advice. We're lucky Doctor Mike is so polite cos if I was in his position I would just laugh at feel pity cos this commenter is so stupid.

    Anurag GovindanAnurag Govindan2 kun oldin
  • i just watched the video and now i'm sure... yeah, dr mike is fatphobic

    GabrielGabriel2 kun oldin
  • This is so effed up thinking that encouraging a healthy lifestyle is called being "fat phobic". I'm sorry, but those people will never be convinced that obesity is something you have to treat. Especially when they see legit health advice as a personal attack against them.

    A VeeableA Veeable2 kun oldin
  • Dr.Mike Thank ypu for clearing up all the negative comments. I have diabetes and have used intermittent fasting. I went feom 167 lbs to 145 since march. I have stopped 1 of my insulin pens and my A1C went from a 9.5 to a 6.9 not my best but I am working on it. I also honestly believe the medications I used to do IVF in 2004 and 2006 really played a role in weight gain. Especially the progesterone injections. (Help. those hurt.. I am sure I still have lumps under my I have changed many things in our lives since covid. We own and operate a Restaurant that was featured on Diners Dives and drive ins with Guy Fieri. That alone will stress ya out. With that in mind I started walking and just finished my 4 10k. When people cone to our restaurant they want that experience like they saw on TV.. lol. we try our best to recite what he had and this and that. But walking sure helped clear the mind. I am happy you cleared up all the misguided comments and information. I as a patient who sees a few docs for my health I appreciate a doctor who wont sugar coat it tell me straight. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

    Becky BondBecky Bond2 kun oldin
  • Some find negativity in the most positive and uplifting things in life.. Keep up your great videos! You do a lot good with em.

    Dandalf DanDandalf Dan2 kun oldin
  • Imagine being so privileged that you have the opportunity to eat literally whatever you want, while millions starve, then go on to attack others when they point out the dangers of your own actions.

    Moist TowelettesMoist Towelettes2 kun oldin
  • Yea if you agreed with everything else so far but you start having an issue when the subject directly involves you then maybe it's not the advice that is an actual problem here. It's like laughting at a standup for an hour straight but when suddenly comedian mentiones something that applies to you then you get offended.

    Piotr DubrawskiPiotr Dubrawski2 kun oldin
  • Yes. You are smart, you understand that it isnt healthy to be overweight, and you whole heartedly want to HELP. thank you doctor

    Amelia McClureAmelia McClure2 kun oldin
  • As a certified Obese Person (tm), nothing he said felt “fatphobic” to me, and I have definitely had fatphobic doctors. He is the doctor I wish I had supporting me on my journey.

    Ashley BurkAshley Burk2 kun oldin
  • By these people’s logic, people who attend blm rallies are racist.

    PandamoniumPandamonium2 kun oldin
  • OK, there it is, the well-hidden fatphobia, the assumption that we're fat because we're lazy or unmotivated or in some way lacking in terms of personality. "Those shortcuts don't exist." Bullcrap to you! I'm obese. I've been overweight for 24 years and have been working hard to lose weight for 20 years. About a year ago, I finally found a medical professional who was qualified to write prescriptions and actually willing to work with me instead of brushing me off or calling me a liar about how I eat and exercise. She actually listened to my history, did a bunch of tests and figured out that my basal metabolic rate was at about 800-1000 calories (standard for my weight/age/gender/height is ~1700). I said I'd be happy to go back to eating

    Rebecca WatkinsRebecca Watkins2 kun oldin
  • As an overweight human who is insecure about it... No. Just, no. What he says about obesity is not fatphobic. He's saying obesity is a health risk, and it is. That is not fat-shaming, that's medical advice. He's being a DOCTOR.

    Foolish FoolFoolish Fool2 kun oldin
  • I come by here and there and I'm on the larger side. I never have fault attacked for my size, everything he says its backed up by science. If he was my doctor I would be very pleased.

    Joshua DalpeJoshua Dalpe2 kun oldin
  • Which subreddit (I think that's what it's called? I don't really use Reddit) was that posted on?

    C CC C2 kun oldin
  • in all the corses I learned as med student, obesity and overweight is a risque factor!, in fact the problem that I have noticed is that when you say diet people think "omg! torture" NO!, you don't need that, just have NORMO-CALORIFIC meals that contain all your nutrients+exercice for at least 30 min/day,5 times/week (the minimal commanded period) and from time to time you can have your favorite snack or dish, it's all about balancing your lifestyle.

    insaf moussaouiinsaf moussaoui2 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike do you have advice for anyone that has contradictory dietary needs because they have different medical conditions? For example say someone has a condition that they need to lose weight but another that makes eating healthy foods harder...what can they do? For example a person with hypothyroidism that wants to be healthy but also has Crohn's so cleaning up their diet causes suffering and can they do better if it's more challenging?

    Lisa VilladiegoLisa Villadiego2 kun oldin
  • I'm with you Dr.Mike. I'm super fat and I never get offended by you telling the facts about obesity. On the contrary, you make me aware I should take care of myself better. And guess what? I have lost 30 lbs so far.

    Takeshi_ZeroTakeshi_Zero2 kun oldin
  • I agree with most of this, but him saying that there are people who have medical conditions that keep them from losing weight simply isn't true. Perhaps he misspoke, but that's just not reality. You can lose weight no matter your medical conditions. Calories in vs calories out. Source: Lost 150lb

    Matthew TimmonsMatthew Timmons2 kun oldin
  • Why do women that condemm fatphobia never have fat boyfriends?

    H IH I2 kun oldin
  • Here's my personal opinion on the fatphobic/body positivity movement, if you want to call it that. I'm fat. I know I'm fat, and I know it's unhealthy. I'm also working on it. That being said I also know that my beauty and intrinsic worth has nothing to do with my weight or even any physical attribute. My beauty and worth come from the rather simple fact that I am a human being endowed with a certain dignity. So to me really when we talk about beauty, body positivity doesn't even need to be a part of the conversation. (If being body positive helps bring you joy, then by all means go ahead) I just hope that someday we look beyond and say, "I see you, as a person, and you're beautiful."

    Maggie PlummerMaggie Plummer3 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry you had these kind of comments directed toward you Dr. Mike. Especially when you put a lot of effort into being kind, while also being relatable.

    Maggie PlummerMaggie Plummer3 kun oldin
  • Sometimes I wish for WW3 just so our society can cull the weak and feeble. Their constant need for reassurance and comfort is destroying Western society. Everyone is an overly sensitive wuss who thinks being one is courageous and valuable!

    RoboNiqqurs SolutionsRoboNiqqurs Solutions3 kun oldin
  • Wow. Fatfobics are really self loading people. Face the music and feel how good it is to govern yourself. Of being an adult emotionally. Meaning... Make a master of pain. Learn from it. Do not confuse hardness with strength.

    TheDrakeliciousTheDrakelicious3 kun oldin
  • The first redditor was 🙄

    Peanut ButterPeanut Butter3 kun oldin
  • Imagine beeing a good doctor/human beeing and getting hit by this. I couldnt stay calm and ofc i dont know whats hia reaction was. But still hes still not angry at them and tries too clear the field.

    Marcel RostMarcel Rost3 kun oldin
  • Accusing Dr Mike of being Fatphopic is like accusing every Doctor, Nutritionist and health expert of being fatphobic. The person who made that comment was probably a fat girl who felt attacked by being told to eat healthy. What she really needed is to eat healthy foods.

    Cynthia SCynthia S3 kun oldin
  • I'm honestly disappointed in these people. Like I'm overweight and let me tell you it's difficult. I can't even walk up a flight of stairs without wanting to die halfway up. And definitely affects my health. I mean from the beginning of this year I have been struggling with acid reflux as a result of my weight and my awful eating habits. So these people don't know what they're talking about.

    Nicole PalmerNicole Palmer3 kun oldin
  • I mean I on advantage fail as dieting 20 to 1 until I don’t, so yeah you could say the failure rate is 95%.

    Amy PattieAmy Pattie3 kun oldin
    • Yea, because its not intended to be ended. If youre eating sloppy, nasty foods youre going to have a sloppy nasty body. If youre okay with that trade off, be okay with it, but know youre making that choice every.single.time you put nasty sloppy food in your mouth.

      Melly ReedMelly Reed3 kun oldin
  • They call you “fatphobic” because you believe being overweigtht or obese is unhealthy and causes disease. They don’t. They believe that obesity is no indicator of health and anyone who says so is a bigot.

    Evyn EllisEvyn Ellis3 kun oldin
  • Fatphobia is the worst lie since the creation of fast food chains.

    Mitch LiamMitch Liam3 kun oldin
  • This is the first video I've watched by you and I don't see fatphobia anywhere. I see you as a doctor who genuinely cares about your patients. You're not calling them names, you're giving them advice on how to lose the weight and telling them "Hey if you don't lose this weight, you have a higher chance at dying young". A doctor's job is to give good and bad news, but also try to help improve the health of the patients.

    VictoriaVictoria3 kun oldin
  • The same people that don't put their mask over their nose.

    Gacha Cringe ShiroGacha Cringe Shiro3 kun oldin
  • this is why i’m completely against fat pride. because so many americans have gotten brainwashed into thinking its ok to be obese. i’m not fat phobic nor do i hate or make fun of fat people. its just sad to see so many americans stop caring about their health.

    sak leesak lee3 kun oldin
  • "He's done video about trying fad diets but I don't watch them and I don't know his opinion on keto and stuff" Have you tried watching them? Or even asking?

    Daniela GonzalezDaniela Gonzalez3 kun oldin
  • I was recently told by my doctor to lose 10 pounds. I do realize I need to lose weight being 5’4 and 150 lb, but it sucks that with having an eating disorder, it’s hard enough eating. They should make it available for people with ED’s to have the right and coverage of talking with a nutritionist.

    Aria AAria A3 kun oldin

    cadenza1979cadenza19793 kun oldin
  • There's a difference between good medical advice and fatphobia. You don't see me complaining when someone mentions smoking is unhealthy. I know it is, yet I choose to do so; it doesn't make them capnophobic or something, it makes them right.

    Dutch BladesDutch Blades3 kun oldin
  • 1 minute in I know what this is about. You can post and say anything that doesn't say "being fat is good" and be called fat phobic. A friend of mine share a medical study that said being fat increased the chance of cancer, and was attacked relentlessly for being a fat shamer. People are not rational, simple as that.

    Lawliet RiverLawliet River3 kun oldin
  • This is what happens when people twist words. Terms like sexist, fatphobic, homophobic, racism and so on lose their true meaning. These kinds of people should invest in a dictionary. And if they won't read it, they should just hit themselves in the head with it and stop spouting nonsense.

    OhMyStressOhMyStress3 kun oldin
  • The amount of denial and conspiracy thinking in people who just don't want to give up their double triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, four by four animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, and not-so-diet coke, fries and ice cream on the side is astounding. Reminds me of flatearthers, except with more lard. That, and I always love me some internet randos criticizing a "medical PROFESSIONAL" (or any other professional, really), as if they knew better cause they did five minutes of googling (probably while chewing on a deep fried possum or something) and cherry-picked outlier data just to confirm their bias.

    Benji MlemBenji Mlem3 kun oldin
  • This is the problem with today's world, people get too offended. Even when something is being told to them for their own good, they get offended.

  • I'm sorry but someone telling you that are denial is not fat-phobic. If being too thin is a problem, why being overweight is ok? Its would be like people who smoke crying because others telling them that they might get cancer.... If you want to be fat and not care about your health be that way but stop wining when someone doesnt agree with you!

    Tea SilTea Sil3 kun oldin
  • I think they wanna hear that being overweight is healthy.

    Preston NguyenPreston Nguyen4 kun oldin
  • I'm 12 and I watch your video a lot, because even though I really like art, drawing, animating ect., i also am interested in the field you work in. I'm a little obese too, and me and my mom are honest with my doctor too. I really appreciate you and your channel, and I'm grateful I found your channel. *PEWOOP!*

    a random animatora random animator4 kun oldin
  • If the facts is so heavy upon your shoulder, try to make it light from your shoulder by accept it and better to follow it. doctor mike never lies hun.

    Mia's ShoesMia's Shoes4 kun oldin
  • Speaking for myself, a medically obese person, I have never taken any offence to Dr Mike's videos nor have I felt like he or other doctors I have dealt with in my life have been fatphobic. I do not have a medical condition that has caused my weight gain, it is purely lifestyle factors and behavioural issues. But these choices are mine and mine alone and I would never think to try and put any shame or guilt onto another individual, especially doctors who try to help us, because of my poor choices. I love your videos Dr Mike and am loyal subscriber x

    CazamolineCazamoline4 kun oldin
  • The sad thing is that most of the people who need to hear this won't hear it even if they watch the video.

    Randy HallRandy Hall4 kun oldin
  • I’ve seen ppl commenting on a chubby persons’ video with a rude and pretty fat phobic comment and when someone points it out, they say. “BuT bEiNg FaT is BaDd”, like yeah dude, being obese is bad and unhealthy for most individuals and so on. Yes, what you said is true, but the comment you recently commented is fatphobic and insulting to someone YOU DONT EVEN KNOW PERSONALLY! and like Dr.Mike said we should work like a team and not insult chubby ppl in point A then expect them to go to point B alone.

    Dead ManDead Man4 kun oldin
    • It just ruins their confidence and makes them want to go through more unhealthy paths, like ED’s, just for the sake of fitting the stereotype of beauty faster. If you ACTUALLY cared about someone’s health, you should recommend them a nutritionist and not try to fix the problem yourself.

      Dead ManDead Man4 kun oldin
  • People tend to hear others talking about obesity and the risks of it and immediately point fingers and scream FATPHOBIA. Does being fat or obese make us any less of a person? Does being fat equal to being lazy and the scum of society? NO. But does it put our health in harms way? YES. Please, learn the difference between putting someone down for their weight and being warned of the risks we're facing; especially if it's a professional the one that's talking to you

    Carolina CollazoCarolina Collazo4 kun oldin
  • I am overweight not because i have too much fat(my fats are mostly in my arms and legs), but because of my muscle mass and bone mass😅😂

    Alia FrançoisAlia François4 kun oldin
  • Dr.Mike is a science trained medical professional. It is his job to make sure his clients and his viewers are healthy and receive the correct information. If that means telling someone, something they don’t want to hear, so be it.

    GunnZoGunnZo4 kun oldin
  • UZworld stop shadow banning my comments I swear to god.

    JustPickAlreadyJustPickAlready4 kun oldin
  • Fat shaming and being realistic about obesity is not the same. My mom died due to obesity at 500 lbs. She was so heavy once she was placed on Hospice the CNAs and RNs stopped turning her. For 4 days she stayed in the exact same position. It was almost impossible for them to move her due to her weight and everytime they did try she would scream in pain. For years they were very honest with her that this would kill her. She had a heart attack at 50, didn't change. The obesity literally shut her kidneys down. When they were discussing taking her off supportive medication to keep her heart going, the ICU doctor said that we weren't ending anything quicker, she would die either way because her body couldn't handle the weight. My uncle who was 550lbs basically said "how dare you blame this on her weight". The denial of obesity and health issues is insane. You can love yourself just the way you are, but if you're obese you're harming yourself. You may not see it or feel it right now, but you will eventually.

    Susan LundstromSusan Lundstrom4 kun oldin
  • Patient: I'm paying you a lot of money to monitor my health from an unbiased, scientific perspective Doctor: Well, you're about 50 lbs over weight Patient: Wait, that's illegal.

    TmizzledrizzleTmizzledrizzle4 kun oldin
    • Patient: I'm paying you a lot of money to help me with my weight. I eat like this, exercise like this. Here's my fitness tracker, food tracker, and a daily weight/body fat history, all covering the last 6-12 months. Doctor: Yeah, I think you may be exaggerating just a bit off in these trackers, huh? Maybe try ACTUALLY eating and exercising the way you SAY you do? Patient: But - I love data - it's literally against my professional ethics to create intentionally misleading data - this is all real. Doctor: Well, it's easy to lie to yourself, so just be honest for the next visit. (rinse and repeat for 19 years) PAtient: :sigh: Hi, new doctor. I'm paying you a lot of money to help me with my weight. I eat like this, exercise like this. Here's my fitness tracker, food tracker, and a daily weight/body fat history, all covering the last 6 months. Here's an overview of the last 19 years of attempted weight loss. New medical professional: Oh, I'm not a doctor, I'm a nurse practitioner. Let me take a look at these histories. I see you only lose weight reliably when you consume

      Rebecca WatkinsRebecca Watkins2 kun oldin
  • Doctors: 'hey maybe change your avoid scientifically proven increased risks of disease and illness' Patients: 'OMG FATPHOBIA!'

    Owen LittleOwen Little4 kun oldin
  • Also, he sounds so genuinely hurt over some stranger claiming he’s fatphobic bc he talks about ACTUAL health risks and ACTUAL problems people face.

    Kashmira DixitKashmira Dixit4 kun oldin
  • Even at my heaviest 40 pounds ago my doctor never mentioned weight loss to me, even with my BMI as high as it was. Why? Because my doctor saw my labs and my health overall was fine. That said, I knew lowering my weight on my own with lifestyle change would still better my health and help lesson future symptoms I may develop as I age with my LVNC diagnosis.

    Emily DeckerEmily Decker4 kun oldin
  • Idk me being an obese kids and watching this and his other videos never to me had made me think he was fat phobic this is literal bull why people in reddit are calling him fat phobic

    lilyugi pruductionslilyugi pruductions5 kun oldin
  • Hey Doctor Mike. So as someone who does believe there's a problem with fatphobia in the medical field. I don't think you hate fat people. I do genuinely believe that you want your patients, even your fat patients to be healthy. No one with a serious critique thinks you don't care. Here's our big concerns with fatphobia in the medical field: Weight-first thinking kills patients. That's the main thing. Yes, being fat can have health problems in and of itself, but that's not actually the main issue with fatphobia in medicine. What would really assuage our fears is if we KNOW our doctors are always asking themselves "if a thin person were having these symptoms, what tests would I perform? What diagnosis would I consider?" Yes we know that having a healthy weight is important to our health. But we need to be able to trust that our doctors are listening to us and not disregarding our symptoms. A lot of us have been fat a long time and at least have a gut feeling when something is wrong and it's *not* due to our weight. Thank you for taking our mental health into account, I appreciate you picking your battles when you know a fat patient has anxiety over weight loss. Thank you for not judging us and just wanting us to be healthy. This attitude does go a long way. But please also reassure your fat patients that you will give them the same tests and considerations as your thin patients. Always consider possibilities that are unrelated to weight.

    Viola AmberaViola Ambera5 kun oldin
  • Thank you for saying the BMI is not the end all and be all. I’m 5’5’ or so, and live in a household with someone an inch taller than me and someone about 6 foot. I’m supposed to be I don’t know, about 150 or so. If I weighed 150 I would probably look incredibly bony, because of the shape of my hips and shoulders. If my roommate just slightly taller than me weighed something similar she would be extremely underweight for her body type. Probably skeletal because her bones are so dense. Also, the problem with diets failing is not adherence being low. It’s because a diet is not sustainable. A dietary change that is a lifestyle change is far more likely to work than a diet. If all you change is what you eat, rather than your whole lifestyle, the same mentality about food and temptations, and habits will all still be there.

    Kit DuBhranKit DuBhran5 kun oldin
  • These people are dumb fatphobia and fat shaming is just dumb you are literally putting your health in danger by being obese and and making tax rise bc you wanted to be fat and continue to do so and instead of change if you can’t take fact then why are you even on the internet

    Jet BeanJet Bean5 kun oldin
  • QUESTION: Do gastric bypass surgery cause less absorption of nutrients (vitamins, minerals,etc.)?

    Chi EmechetaChi Emecheta5 kun oldin