Prank Calling Doctors...As A Doctor

19-Avg, 2020
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I haven’t gotten to see many of my doctor friends since quarantine started, so I wanted to reach out and talk medicine… in the form of a prank. I spoke to my pals Dr. Dilshad Atwal, Dr. Luis Espina, and @Mama Doctor Jones to see if I could prank them by pretending I was wildly uninformed about a very obvious medical subject any doctor should know. I managed to get all of them to think I was really this out of touch and the results were hilarious. Hopefully, they don’t prank me for revenge!
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Of course i would trust a doctor who happens to be active on tiktok, dud we forget already? The best medicine is laughter

    Ahrgus NavarroAhrgus Navarro5 soat oldin
  • Dr Mike:- "yeah but if you said a reasonable..... (pranks Dr Dilshad)" Dr Dilshad:- "(explained cooly for a few moments and then loses his cool) Me sitting here:- "thanks for the room tour Doc"

    Bieber's BelieberBieber's Belieber7 soat oldin
  • Hands down my fav video

    Emily McGuinnessEmily McGuinness13 soat oldin
  • "goodnight judy"

    Sana RashidSana Rashid15 soat oldin
  • Dr. M is hella east coast.

    JNERDX YouTubeJNERDX YouTube16 soat oldin
  • Dr. Mike deserves an Academy Award for being able to argue this nonsense with a straight face. "It starts back up again, that's why it's a pause, right?" BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Kasandra MorganKasandra Morgan18 soat oldin
  • can anyone expain this to me ? was this a class or a prank ?

    perceptionperceptionKun oldin
  • Omg triggered docs are the funniest

    Jorge Torres VillarrealJorge Torres VillarrealKun oldin
  • Are we not addressing that the first guy is constantly walking through his house

    AquaDinoAquaDinoKun oldin
  • 'who naps on a Friday afternoon?' Spain

    Izal Playz_1Izal Playz_12 kun oldin
  • Why do we call it menopause? Why not menocancel?

    Darren AtmDarren Atm3 kun oldin
  • One other good medical pun: One woman I know had the gall to write, on a thesis paper, about "A seminal moment in the study of sexuality." The Thesis people wanted to throw her into the sea. ;) My MD got a laugh from that one.

    Mike HolmstromMike Holmstrom3 kun oldin
  • This could be fun. Like, a friend was in the hospital, and, someone commented on a FB post of his EKG "he seems to be in normal sinus rhythm". I commented back: "If they are so worried about his sinuses, they should give him sudafed & benadryl ". The same guy was later complaining that his wife, aged 45, had not gone through menopause. I told him not to worry, it would happen between now & the age of 70!!

    Mike HolmstromMike Holmstrom3 kun oldin
  • for all medical physicians: If you would kindly answer me and my friends' curiosity SVP. Do all doctors who speak medically on any social media platform , are always on 'record'? Like whenever you talk about anything related to medicine or doctoring that can be viewed by the public, are you legally bound to say the right things? or at least notify the causes and effects? and if you don't, do you get in legal trouble? ....oh sh!@ is it all ethical?!!?! not entirely legal but ethical because of the oath??...****my friend told me to mention that we are all responsibly cannabis high with respects to social distancing**** we are not in any way or form trying to show any sort of hate with these questions even though it may sound like it to some (or just me and my friends us right now). We love YA'LL maineeee!!! and thank you!!! my friends' and I were not even debating, these questions arose from concern and love mann when the mama doc said she thought she messed up in a past video and me and my friends were like uh oh that would be scary and wondered what will happen if they do or did?... all love here man and woman both. now we wondering if this can be posted on youtube? we debating now bout it...ah s!@t....***UZworld is this allowed?**** ....but seriously though, really curious about the doctor questions mentioned above. Thank you best, Abid,

    Abid MahmoodAbid Mahmood3 kun oldin
  • I'll bet the reason why they didn't know they were being pranked and therefore tried to correct the misinformation, was that Mike is a D.O. and not a M.D.!

    Christian LöfqvistChristian Löfqvist3 kun oldin
  • This video made me laugh like anything

    NancyNancy4 kun oldin
  • Who else is very bothered by the misspelling of symptoms at 4.54 🥴

    Madison LeAnnMadison LeAnn4 kun oldin
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    Rebecca LafortuneRebecca Lafortune4 kun oldin
  • Just imagine such a prank in Dr. Gregory House, if he was for real.

    AB MAB M4 kun oldin
  • Does anyone else just think he is just one of the nicest people on earth and feels like he wouldn't hurt a fly even tho he cuts people open 🤣😂 love ya vids Dr Mike ♥️

    Allira KirstenAllira Kirsten4 kun oldin
  • Your audio is not in line

    Kye BurtonKye Burton4 kun oldin
  • Now I'm scared.please answer my question. So I can get a strong answer.

    yaretzi garciayaretzi garcia5 kun oldin
  • Ummmm is it ok if I have back pain and a bit of neck pain although I'm a kid???????

    yaretzi garciayaretzi garcia5 kun oldin
  • That dilshad is an india am pretty sure

    mohd Shafimohd Shafi5 kun oldin
  • Dr Mike I didn’t know you had it in you to be this annoying when you wanted 🤣🤣🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Rachel57Rachel575 kun oldin
  • Honestly I was triggered by this 😂😂😂😭😭😭 can’t even imagine the doctors

    Rachel57Rachel575 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike: Who naps on a Friday afternoons??? Me who takes Friday afternoon

    RukyStudiosRukyStudios6 kun oldin
  • Dr. Espina was about to have a heart attack oh God Dr. Mike why would you do that ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ericka AdèleEricka Adèle6 kun oldin
  • Their braincells went 📉

    TeaOneTeaOne6 kun oldin
  • Mike: sUrE sPeCiALiStS kNoW mOrE Atwal: uh.... yeah... Mike, you just went full anti vaxx logic, never go anti vaxx

    Fred Latin MedicFred Latin Medic6 kun oldin
  • As someone from the south, "Bless your Heart" is an insult here... Like an anti vaxxer trying to conviencd you vaccines cause autism and you just say like "bless your heart" Like you are soolo dumb and naïve that i just pray makes you a good person, becaude otherwise you got nothing going on for you

    Fred Latin MedicFred Latin Medic6 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike: where are you walking around. Looks like you're walking around a castle. Dr. Atwal: That's my house. Me: I'm broke.

    Sacre MoonSacre Moon6 kun oldin
  • Seeing a doctor arguing with another doctor is the most entertaining thing ever.

    GoodVibesOnlyGoodVibesOnly6 kun oldin
  • hahahaha

    Shari ShariShari Shari7 kun oldin
  • hey i think you gave dr. espina a high blood sugar. why don't you be a good doctor and prescribe some prednisone to him! 😃👍

    jolenejolene7 kun oldin
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    Search CashSearch Cash7 kun oldin
  • Lol, ofc it can play after the pauses

    G SB BG SB B7 kun oldin
  • 3 girlfriends in 7 years to me thats really good I've walked this earth for 15 years and havent even had one

    Shrek The OgreShrek The Ogre8 kun oldin
  • You should do a colab with Dr Anthony Youn. He is great Dr Mike.

    Sharon CraneSharon Crane8 kun oldin
  • Doc keeps prescribing me videos, when do I get to stop!

    Shawn EtheridgeShawn Etheridge8 kun oldin
  • This was very immature. I have always enjoyed your channel, but this was highly inappropriate. I know you won't care, but I'm unsubscribing.

    Allison KnaussAllison Knauss8 kun oldin
  • Awesome! Lol

    Liv JunqueiraLiv Junqueira8 kun oldin
  • Dr Espina freaked tf out😂😂😂it’s like if you raised a kid NOT to burn down the house but then they burn down the house and tell the fire department that u told them to

    Najwa SabilaNajwa Sabila8 kun oldin
  • Dr Mike my Left foot is hurt but I can put a little weight on it does it mean can you plz tell me what is the problem?

    wolf Blizardwolf Blizard8 kun oldin
  • well, it, like, pauses every month for like 3 weeks. so when you get old how long does it pause for?

    collegebandicollegebandi8 kun oldin
  • Who found Dr Mike randomly one day and still watch him till this day and is a huge fan

    Joud Nahed Al-HoujairyJoud Nahed Al-Houjairy8 kun oldin
  • Hello Dr.Mike , I have a doubt about sneezing through my mouth and my nose. Sometimes I feel more painful on sneezing through my mouth.Is there any issues related to my health.🙄....

  • every time he says “love you, bye” my heart melts. 🥺 you are too precious man, jesus.

    katlaunokatlauno9 kun oldin
  • My thought is, doctors, Nurse, specialist, ect. are a good source of knowledge, yes, but you should go to multiple doctors to make sure it's the cause because a Doctor or whatever is a human and can make a mistake. Now, wether or not this can cost them their jobs depends on how incompetent they are.

    Paradoxical NightmareParadoxical Nightmare9 kun oldin
  • Isnt this a crime like cant they die dew to a hold up

    hmmhmm9 kun oldin
    • They are in thair house and not at work .

      all ftwall ftw9 kun oldin
  • I mean, it is called menoPAUSE, not a menoSTOP. xD

    Derpy DerpDerpy Derp9 kun oldin
  • Is it weird that I get all of this and I’m not even thirteen yet! Lol 😆

  • So basically what I have learned from watching doctor mike for over a year now is that essential oils will kill you, chest compressions will cure cancer, and anti Vaxers are I life threatening virus. Now I have the knowledge Equivalent of 8 years of medical school and can now Pursue my dream of being DR.Grey from Greys Anatomy.

    Mobile Gaming KingMobile Gaming King9 kun oldin
  • Legend says Dr. dilshad is still walking around the house😂

    GopikaGopika10 kun oldin
  • Doctors jokes 🤣🤣

    Email LiameEmail Liame10 kun oldin
  • still not over the line "so specialists know more now?" that does tend to be the definition of a specialist

    Addison HamiltonAddison Hamilton10 kun oldin
  • I love Dr Atwal’s reaction lol

    wHy_HeLlO_tHeRe FrIeNdwHy_HeLlO_tHeRe FrIeNd10 kun oldin
  • Doctor Mike: I OTHER DOCTORS: NOOOO “triggered” 😂😂😂

    SepnSepn10 kun oldin
  • I nap on Friday afternoon. It's one of my days off and Friday afternoon naps are golden. :P

    A WA W10 kun oldin
  • you are a horrible person!! hahahaha The stress you have caused in your colleagues!

    Tommy McCallumTommy McCallum10 kun oldin
  • Oh how I wish I could bring you into my world dear doctor.

    Emilia ChronixEmilia Chronix10 kun oldin
  • I love how the high-pitched "Beouw!" has so many uses...

    FlorianFlorian10 kun oldin
  • Omg as a med student, this is the funniest video I've seen on youtube.

    DesignerpearDesignerpear11 kun oldin
  • This mite help my back because I have lower back pain and idk what I did to it

    Kiley SlaterKiley Slater11 kun oldin
  • 😂

    Joshua KJoshua K11 kun oldin
  • in october last year I got put in an ambulance and sent to hospital with a green whistle and I couldn’t walk turns out i had osteomyelitis in my lower back and they put me on antibiotics for 8 weeks and the pain didn’t stop and the past month my back started to hurt more and more and so I went to hospital just thinking they we’re gonna give me pain relief but turns out it was more serious and they put me on Panadol and morphine and 2 other pain relief drugs and then the next day they put me in an air ambulance to sydney children’s hospital and I was their for a week and they did a biopsy to make sure nothing is their and I have to go back next month but for now i’m on antibiotics and pain relief and they also gave me a back brace. I hope it’s nothing back in my back tho

    Brooke RyanBrooke Ryan12 kun oldin
    • oh yeah i’m only 13 too

      Brooke RyanBrooke Ryan12 kun oldin
  • *BEYOOW*

    foca foxxifoca foxxi12 kun oldin
  • how to prank doctors: say something medically inaccurate then they will be angry uwu

    Grahm Boi•3•Grahm Boi•3•12 kun oldin
  • I haven't laugh so much in a while, thank you Dr Mike!

    Carolina HauCarolina Hau12 kun oldin
  • I love the censor sound. “Pew”

    MW StraPzMW StraPz12 kun oldin
  • I love how aggressive doctor Mike is when he is in denial of being wrong. Reminds me of WebMd

    Bradley SmithBradley Smith12 kun oldin
  • Wow! Just blame it on the girl friends!!! LOL!

    D. VirgallitoD. Virgallito12 kun oldin

    Shark PetroShark Petro12 kun oldin
  • where's part 2?

    TX GamingTX Gaming12 kun oldin
  • Nonojonojomononon

    SnoopMasterSnoopMaster13 kun oldin
  • 1. Fun to see doctors talk to each other without the ‘professional face’... they CAN have fun. 2. My teaching mentor was so kind like Mama Doctor Jones. She would never make you feel bad about your ignorance 😂

    Sam's HappyMomSam's HappyMom13 kun oldin
  • Please - a Sequel!!

    Sam's HappyMomSam's HappyMom13 kun oldin
  • I like how when doctor Mike was talking to mama doctor Jones he kinda sounded like a little kid asking about something

    Reese ReyesReese Reyes13 kun oldin
  • lol the dog

    ililyxoililyxo13 kun oldin
  • him curing me through vidoe's:

    s̸m̸o̸l̸ b̸e̸a̸n̸s̸m̸o̸l̸ b̸e̸a̸n̸13 kun oldin
  • Mooooooooooooooooooreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! pls 🥺

    Ryan Anthony FernandezRyan Anthony Fernandez13 kun oldin
  • 2:10 that is is the most serious argument I’ve seen in my life

    Khyati JainKhyati Jain14 kun oldin
  • You kinda look like harry potter

    Destiny YanaguiDestiny Yanagui14 kun oldin
  • Okay, so no ones gonna talk about the fact the dog is BLUE??! 🐶💙

    Addison SullivanAddison Sullivan14 kun oldin
  • Ok lo- *drinks water in the middle of a sentence* I’m dying 💀

    Goodbye everyone, I will remember you in therapy!Goodbye everyone, I will remember you in therapy!14 kun oldin
  • Does anybody know if he’s dating now ? 🤔🧐 (just asking for a friend)😜

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  • Nonononononononono

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  • I can honestly believed that dr..mike would actually say beewooop instead of swearing off camera

    faisal alshuaibifaisal alshuaibi14 kun oldin
  • Mike's Teeth Are Brighter Than My Future...

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  • dr espina was my fav phone call

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  • Lol

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  • How to give a doctor a heart attack: “anecdotally”

    Camila AraujoCamila Araujo15 kun oldin
  • I can’t be a doctor O.o

    Darya NDarya N15 kun oldin
  • This is actually so pog

    Haley WilliamsHaley Williams15 kun oldin
  • As a doctor I can totally relate to their frustration 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    doctor_dopaminedoctor_dopamine15 kun oldin
  • Hahahaha! I have a pt. With prednisone and diabetes. We check his blood sugar x4 daily

    MorgaineRiddlePrinceMorgaineRiddlePrince15 kun oldin
  • The most wholesome prank video on the internet.

    Khanya XobongoKhanya Xobongo16 kun oldin
  • I need help doc from you

    NVY gamingNVY gaming16 kun oldin
  • Doctor Mike is the type of person to put an extra ice cube in the water and call it a prank

    Wicked WizardWicked Wizard16 kun oldin