Real Doctor Reacts to The Game Changers "VEGAN" Documentary

15-Dek, 2019
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There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the “vegan” documentary The Game Changers. In fact, during my office hours, it seemed like every other patient had questions for me on the topic. Many of my friends texted me asking similar questions. Instead of micro analyzing every point in the documentary I decided to approach it from a broad stroke perspective.
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If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review/Responding to comments Series in a couple of weeks, so please submit more names of shows/questions you'd like for me to watch/answer. I love you all! - Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Humans share 98% DNA with Gorillas. We split with the 6.5 M years ago. See how they, like homo-sapiens ( us) get sick with meat and processed foods. As soon as one stops this diet, they get back to heath.EXACTLY as humans do. 98% of MD's don't know this because Medical school won't teach us this, as if we doctors had no patients, we would not make the $ we do . The # 1 expense the USA has is form health care The # 1 cause of death is due to cardiovascular disease , and the # 1 cause of climate changer is us growing animals for human consumption and processing foods. this is not an opinion, it is a fact. see see my United Nations Lecture to attest to this. watch with Arnold Schwarzenegger GAME CHANGER. G Kaplan, MD

    lifewatchgrouplifewatchgroup13 soat oldin
  • Never seen you before but I love how you describe it and what I eat is pretty similar to what you describe.

    Modern Tech JunkieModern Tech JunkieKun oldin
  • VEGANISM IS HUMAN CRUELTY. Kill animals, drink their blood, eat raw meat. Stay away from the left wing.

    Dark SagaDark SagaKun oldin
  • But like... How can you eat something that's alive.. living breathing being that can give birth and have a family and feel pain, love, affection and fully function... I just can't morally like at all. It feels so wrong... i grew up in a farm loving every animal in it and it scarred me for life to see my bestfriend being served as dinner. It's unacceptable. I just can't...

    Aria HimuraAria HimuraKun oldin
    • You kill, then it's not alive anymore, it's dead.

      DewaldtDewaldtKun oldin
  • You can’t “go vegan” for a month. It’s an ethical position, not a diet. He should say plant-based diet

    chaosenergy1990chaosenergy19902 kun oldin
  • Interviewer: The stricture on the eating of meat, does that derive from the fact that animals have their lives which are accorded... Guest: Vegetable has got life. Interviewer: Yes. What I'm asking is that because animals have a higher priority in life than vegetables? Guest: No question of priority. Our philosophy is that we are servant of God. So God will eat, and whatever remnants of foodstuff He'll left, that we shall take. So in the Bhagavad-gītā... You find out this verse. Patraṁ puṣpaṁ phalaṁ toyaṁ yo me bhaktyā prayacchati (BG 9.26). Just like you have come here. So if I want to offer you something for eatable, it is my duty to ask you, "Mr…, which foodstuff you'll like to eat?" So you dictate, "I like this very much." Then, if I offer you that foodstuff, then you become pleased. So we have called Kṛṣṇa in this temple, so we are waiting, what foodstuff He wants to eat? So He said that... Guru-kṛpā: "If one offer me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it." Guest: Patraṁ puṣpaṁ phalam. He is asking very simple thing which everyone can offer. Just like a little leaf, patram, a little flower, puṣpam, a little fruit, and little liquid, either water. So we offer that. We make different varieties with these ingredients, patraṁ puṣpaṁ phalaṁ toyam (BG 9.26), and after Kṛṣṇa's eating, we take it. We are servant; we take the remnants of foodstuff left by Kṛṣṇa. We are neither vegetarian nor nonvegetarian. We are prasād-ian. We don't care for vegetable or not vegetable, because either you kill a cow or kill a vegetable, the sinful action is there. And according to nature's law, it is said that the animals, which has no hand, that is the food for the animals with hands. We are also animals with hands. We human being, we are also animal with hands, and they are animals - no hand but four legs. And there are animals which has no leg, that is vegetable. Apadāni catuṣ-padām. These animals which has no leg, they are food for the animals with four leg. Just like cow eats grass, the goat eats grass. So eating vegetable, there is no credit. Then the goats and the cows are more credit, have more credit, because they don't touch anything except vegetable. So we are not preaching to become goats and cows. No. We are preaching that you become servant of Kṛṣṇa. So whatever Kṛṣṇa eats, we eat. If Kṛṣṇa says that "Give me meat, give me eggs," so we shall offer Kṛṣṇa meat and eggs and we shall take it. So don't think that we are after vegan, vegetarian, nonvegan, nonvegetarian. No. That is not our philosophy. Because either you take vegetable or you take meat, you are killing. And you have to kill because otherwise you cannot live. That is nature's way. Interviewer: Yes. Guest: So we are not for that way. Interviewer: Well, why do you put the stricture on... Guest: Stricture in this way, no meat-eating, because cow protection life protection is required. Interviewer: Couldn't you get all the necessity you require from grains? Guest: Grains, no. Grains, they are starch. Guest: Some fatty vitaminous food is required. According to medical science, we require four different groups: starch, carbohydrate, protein, and fat. That is full food. So you can get all these things by eating rice, nuts, seeds pulses, and cereals. These things contain.... Nuts, Pulses and cereals contains protein. So protein we require. Fat is required. And vegetables, carbohydrate; and food grain, starch. So if you prepare nice foodstuff with all these ingredients, you get full. And offer to Krsna, then it's purified. Then you are free from all sinful activities. Otherwise, even if you kill vegetable, you are sinful because it has got life. You have no right to kill another life. But you have to live on life. This is your position. Therefore the solution is that you take prasādam. If there is sin by eating vegetable or meat it goes to the eater. We take the remnants, that's all. we don't take anymore, we know who it belongs to. Whatever intuitive knowledge I become aware of, this awareness comes from the oversoul that is related to me. Whatever I do with my mind, body, senses, speech, Or with my intellect or with my innate natural tendencies, I offer everything to the one from where everything comes from and to whom everything belongs and with whom I am connected in a loving exchange and in full appreciation. Who dwells in everyone's hearts and also in mine and is always with me. (Many thanks to

    matthias elsnermatthias elsner2 kun oldin
  • I like some of what you said Dr. Mike and you are more open minded than many traditional western medicine physicians. However, there is NO need, absolutely no need to eat any animal products. So why eat a little? Be fully plant based, why predominantly plant based? You have to understand, most REAL VEGANS, are Vegan for the animals, their health and the environment. INCLUDING ME, I went Vegan 12 years ago after watching a documentary, became an animal rights activist the following day and have never looked back. It was the best decision I ever made and the best I will ever make. YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND, ALL REAL VEGANS, ARE ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS, WE ARE VEGAN FOR THE MORAL REASON, WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANIMALS BEING MURDERED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, IT IS THAT SIMPLE. GO VEGAN!!!!!!!!!

    Daniel IssabeyDaniel Issabey3 kun oldin
    • @Daniel Issabey well we live in a funny world, where people who own phones and computers made with child labor feel that they are morally superior because they have a diet which makes them a headache to annoy to gatherings where there is food involved.

      DewaldtDewaldtKun oldin
    • @Dewaldt 😅😁 hilarious

      Daniel IssabeyDaniel IssabeyKun oldin
    • Humans do need animals, animal flesh contain a whole bunch of nutrients which are not available without supplements (which are bloody expensive).

      DewaldtDewaldtKun oldin
  • Doctors never fully will support vegan diet because it will directly affect their business. Very diplomatic.

  • Healing is what its all about. No more no less. God and the universe gave us the best medicine, and it comes from the earth. Cure your body, your soul, and your mind. You have to understand, my PSA score was 424. Four months of a plant based diet it dropped to 0.31. My mind is still blown people. It's mind blowing. I am here to tell you...Our food is chemically alive. " Minites after eating anything, moleculues are washing through every cell in your body, where your DNA lies unfolded, and these molcules play our DNA like a piano. Food changes us on a genetic molecular level with every meal we eat." I was almost 250 pounds in February 2020. Eight months later I wiegh 208. I was diagnosed with stage 3 Prostate cancer. I did'nt panic because some how through the grace of God and the energy of this vast universe I found the truth. I started walking in the natural light. Food from the earth saved my life. Peace and love.

    Rodney HubbardRodney Hubbard3 kun oldin
  • Nice review, feels honesty.

    Aslan KarastekovAslan Karastekov5 kun oldin
  • Can you please go on JRE

    Alex MarinAlex Marin5 kun oldin
  • Great fair video!

    Jeffrey CarfagnaJeffrey Carfagna6 kun oldin
  • The game changers documentary emphasizes on a plant based diet and not a vegan diet.

    whatslifespurposewhatslifespurpose6 kun oldin
  • Since going plant based vegan, I feel so vibrant and energetic!

    tree girltree girl6 kun oldin

    shawn corriganshawn corrigan6 kun oldin
  • Everything said by men is just an opinion!

    Ilko IlievIlko Iliev7 kun oldin
  • Hi Doctor Mike! If you haven't seen it, check out the documentary by Joaquin Phoenix called Dominion. Would love to hear your opinion on the subject. I'm not vegan, though I'm having quite some cognitive dissonance after watching this documentary, so I'm thinking of becoming vegan. Anyway, great content:)

    Leonardo MarinoLeonardo Marino7 kun oldin
  • I think most people do not realize that processed meat is a Class 1 carcinogen, the same as cigarettes. Red meat is "probably" a carcinogen. This is per the World Health Organization. You mentioned the harm to the environment when we eat animals. You did not mention the animals themselves. It stops being a personal choice when there is a victim involved. Watch Best Speech You Will Ever Hear on UZworld (a college student filmed Gary Yourofsky at one of his lectures), Dominion, What the Health, Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy, Speciesism. Dr. Michael Gregor's Food as Medicine TEDxSedona talk is also very informative. He talks about how doctors used to tell their patients to smoke cigarettes for a variety of reasons. How it wasn't until over 7,000 studies later that the Surgeon General came out with the warning that they cause cancer. 7,000! I've been vegetarian since 1991, and last year when I stopped consuming dairy products my fibromyalgia inflammation just about disappeared. I've only had 4 flare-up in the last year and they only lasted about a day each. We don't need animals to live, we don't need to kill them for their skin so we can be warm, we don't need to keep torturing them. Are you aware we put 5-6 month old pigs into gas chambers where they scream in agony when the Co2 burns their lungs? We shoot males baby calves in the head because they are useless in the dairy industry? 700,000 every year in Australia alone 😔 Watch Dominion then try to justify your choices. I couldn't.

    Rescue RhondaRescue Rhonda9 kun oldin
    • No you are using fallacies. Red meat causes a 1% increased risk of cancer. It's also mostly correlation, not mechanistic data. You also talk about the environment. Well watch Allan Savories Ted talk on how we need cows to restore nature. Along with that fruits and vegetables can only be harvested certain times of the year depending on which side of the equator you are on. If we were to go vegan the transportation industry would massively increase, meaning we would be polluting more because of increased shipping. Also Dr Gregor's is using a false equivalence. Just because some doctors made mistakes in the past it does not make him correct. Along with that Dr Gregor cherry picks data so chances of him being wrong is very high. As for you fibromyalgia. Chances are you are lactose intolerant meaning you over consumed milk. As for saying we don't need to consume meat. Well meat contains all essential amino acids. Fish is the best source of DHA. And there are no vegan sources of creatine which increases a vegans chances of heart problems.

      DewaldtDewaldt4 kun oldin
  • A REAL DOCTOR! WOW, A REAAALLLL DOCTOR. This is incredible! I've never seen a real doctor before... So much authority!

    Niels SNiels S9 kun oldin
  • As a scientist I enjoy your review and your effort to be as unbiased as possible. As a person who cares greatly about justice and ethics, it seems weird to me that you mentioned health and environment and completely left out the matter of horrible unjust abuse and slaughter of innocent beings who have CNS (i.e. ability to feel pain and fear) and who haven’t done anything to deserve this hell. This matter alone is enough of a reason to go vegan in my opinion. It doesn’t matter if going vegan is healthier. All that matters is that it’s possible, which has been proven by millions of people all over the world. And if it’s possible to live without torturing and killing, shouldn’t you make this choice? As a caring person, as a person who lives to help and heal, as a person who believes in “Do Not Harm”, how come you didn’t address this at all?

    Galit JustMeGalit JustMe9 kun oldin
    • That is an incredibly personal topic. As a doctor, he is only a scientific authority, not an ethical / moral one

      just random stuffjust random stuff8 kun oldin
  • Chris Kresser was just agreeing with the bald guy, bc he was so triggered and Biased. Smh

    Billi HawkBilli Hawk10 kun oldin
  • Talk anout Organic meat not the industry Meat

    Billi HawkBilli Hawk10 kun oldin
  • I will never understand the hate against vegans

    El DeividEl Deivid10 kun oldin
    • The image that people have of what a vegan looks like is what they see the loud ones being like. And all too often, the loud ones are ludicrous. From pseudoscientific claims, to hyperbole, to bad nutrition, to shoddy logic, to outright lies. The list goes on.

      Lenny MiceLenny Mice10 kun oldin
  • Thank you Dr. Mike for the very enlightening insight! ❤️

    Nhat My VuNhat My Vu13 kun oldin
  • Comment from a 22 year vegetarian plus 5 year vegan. Quote from 10:28: with an unplanned vegan diet you can do serious harm to your body. The doctors offices and the hospitals and the graveyards of the western hemisphere are filled with humans eating an unplanned omnivores diet. Conclusion: with an unplanned omnivore diet you do serious harm to your body. The case about a vegan (child) suffering from B12 deficiency makes it into the news because it's rare, the millions of cases of omnivores suffering cancer, heart disease and diabetes are just statistics.

    Christian BoddenbergChristian Boddenberg13 kun oldin
  • Talking about health you are right, but hey man we are vegans for the cruelty that is happening, just curious what you think about it?

    Marco Aurelio Alvarez AramayoMarco Aurelio Alvarez Aramayo15 kun oldin
  • One thing that veganism does that shouldn't be ignored is it's benefits to fighting climate change. In the documentary, they explain how the meat industry consumes tons of water and contributes to deforestation. I think veganism is a way individuals can help fight against climate change.

    Jazmine JulesJazmine Jules15 kun oldin

    Säm PieSäm Pie16 kun oldin

    Säm PieSäm Pie16 kun oldin

    Säm PieSäm Pie16 kun oldin
  • I'm vegan six years doing good, but get damage from psychiatric drugs. Almost died. Still has rare Meat not taste so good, I feel some s-it taste like animal shed. Everyone has their own nutrients, foods and amounts. Become Vegan is big problem= starving.

    Säm PieSäm Pie16 kun oldin
  • Okay but where do I get that shirt?

    Crispy CCrispy C16 kun oldin
  • hey doctor Mike watch ER, it's a show on Hulu!!!

    Annie DiazAnnie Diaz18 kun oldin
  • The game changer is propaganda

    SapSap19 kun oldin
  • 6:31, all amino acids originate in plants, animals can synthesize *some*, the ones that are not essential to them, but they do consume the protein from plants or from another animal (in the case of carnivores/omnivores). This means, originally, those essential amino acids came from a plant source. It has nothing to do with us eating grass

    Lourdes Fontecha DonesLourdes Fontecha Dones19 kun oldin
  • even google or apple employee need to learn how to make better presentation of their products

    Rd RzRd Rz19 kun oldin
  • You have an extraordinary ability to say so many words and also say nothing

    Jack MiddletonJack Middleton19 kun oldin
  • Well balanced and informative. Thanks for a great response to a powerful documentary. The show did indeed have its drawbacks, however the conversation is so important.

    Seamus O'RooneySeamus O'Rooney19 kun oldin
  • Can't I really compare Mcdonalds to tobocco industry though ? They sell trash. Also your answer about the protein question was just misleading, ppl seing it might believe it's hard to get your proteins when eating a plant based diet.

    Alassol QueirozAlassol Queiroz19 kun oldin
  • I have been a vegan for a year and a half. When people say they I want to go vegan I recommend they transition into and to increase their protein so they are not going hungry. I have seen new vegans focus on veggies and complain about being hungry. Protein is important.

    Monique RiveraMonique Rivera19 kun oldin
  • The fact that we can live healthier without any animal products, should be enough reason to eat at least fewer animal products.

    Edgardo J CottoEdgardo J Cotto20 kun oldin
    • @Edgardo J Cotto but your reasoning for it wasn't very good.

      DewaldtDewaldt4 kun oldin
    • @Dewaldt If you want to become a Mormon that's up to you. I just said eat fewer animal product

      Edgardo J CottoEdgardo J Cotto4 kun oldin
    • That because vegans are less likely to smoke, drink in excess, eat fast food and live a more healthy lifestyle in general. Mormons also live longer than the average American. By your logic if we want to live longer we should all become Mormon.

      DewaldtDewaldt4 kun oldin
  • If you wann go vegan, but don't want to educate yourself about it, just go vegetarian 🤷‍♂️ Don't have to drink a gallon of milk per day

    Poth94Poth9421 kun oldin
  • Humans are omnivores.... imagine that

    Mick DeesMick Dees22 kun oldin
  • I’m so glad to hear about your recommendation for eating 🙌🏽 Thank you sir! More people need to take this seriously. I don’t like to be labeled “vegan, vegetarian, etc,” but I’m a huge advocate for a whole-foods plant-BASED diet that allows some room for high quality meat. I think if we all eliminated processed foods from our regular diets and ate more of the earth, we’d all live much healthier/happier lives.

    It's Me Miss RubyIt's Me Miss Ruby22 kun oldin
    • I can’t even believe how ‘me me me’ everyone is nowadays. It’s not about you, it’s about the animals being abused and killed needlessly.

      Sarah ElizabethSarah Elizabeth18 kun oldin
    • It's Me Miss Ruby but the animals are not happy when they are slaughtered for you to have a little bit of meat.

      stormwormstormworm22 kun oldin
  • "Fear mongering" got back your thumbs up for me.

    Goldena MedinaGoldena Medina22 kun oldin
  • Obesity is caused by sugar, not meat. the condiments and bbq sauce you eat with the meat is what's causing obesity.

    mrzack888mrzack88824 kun oldin
    • mrzack888 evidence? Which essential nutrients cannot be obtained as a vegan?

      Sarah ElizabethSarah Elizabeth24 kun oldin
    • @Sarah Elizabeth you dont get all the nutrients from vegetables and fruits and carbs. People that only eat vegetables and carbs are not at optimal health.

      mrzack888mrzack88824 kun oldin
    • mrzack888 explain how veganism is a starvation diet? There’s no one vegan diet, that makes no sense. Do you just mean because the average meat eater is overweight?

      Sarah ElizabethSarah Elizabeth24 kun oldin
    • @Sarah Elizabeth that's because vegan is a starvation diet. THe condiments and bbq sauce causes insulin resistance and inflammation which causes obesity.

      mrzack888mrzack88824 kun oldin
    • Actually obesity is caused by excess calories. Vegans have lower rates of obesity on average.

      Sarah ElizabethSarah Elizabeth24 kun oldin
  • If you go vegan you die

    RED PILLRED PILL25 kun oldin
  • What we are actually saying is: "Vegan diet? Well, nothing bad about it. But it's usually not the diet I recommend to my patients." I have an issue with that. If the vegan diet is pretty good (when it's balanced!), so why then not to bring in the fact that actually, it is better for the planet, where we all live. We are being "fried" on this planet (yes, the meat industry is not the only contributor) and if we don't change something disasters like floods, fires and storms will devastate this planet. Don't you feel it already? So, the reason why this movie is leaving out "the meat" side of the argument is simple - as long as we are not radical about it, this planet has no chance. I am proudly vegan for 4 years. I feel absolutely fine and I am happy that my diet doesn't compromise the life of other creatures and the environment of this precious place we live in.

    English With VladEnglish With Vlad26 kun oldin
  • A few things: You generally use vegan diet/veganism and WFPB diet at will--sometimes interchangeably. This is incorrect and should be a bit clearer. Olive oil is not healthy... You do not have to plan a WFPB diet more than a typical western diet. That is simply false. It isn't really equatable to focus on the deficient areas in a WFPB diet and assume that western dieters have complete nutrition. Research shows that meat eaters also lack in vitamin D--they also lack in fiber. Either diet has to be well-planned. You did not go vegan for a month. You may have eaten a WFPB diet for a month, but you were not vegan. To say you went vegan (an ethical standpoint) for a month is like saying you went anti-racist for a month and then went back to being racist. Last point is an ethical one. Is it really ethical to recommend to your patients to have a little bit of animal abuse?

    Cody KeldermanCody Kelderman26 kun oldin
  • I respect your opinion but fruit have fructose raise insulin come on Doc high sugar in the blood destroys arterys pasta rice potatoes carbs works like sugar in the body come on Doc you know the food pyramid is a Scam we been following this recommendation for years and look were we and another thing meat cook in vegetable oil are highly inflammatory and not to say when you eat meat whit carbs it's double trouble = Burgers butter coconut oil olive oil avocado oil is super good for you cruciferous vegetables are great has cero to 10g of carbs. You got to be more mindful in what oil there cooking the meats before you say the standard American diet is because of eating to much meat .. you forgot sodas (sugar) pasta ( super cab= sugar) rice ect etc maybe you doing good on that diet cause you buffer it whit good Gene's exercise but plz dont over look this things you should have a across talk or a go look at Dr Berry

    Erin McDermottErin McDermott27 kun oldin
  • Killing animals and eating them when you dont need to is psychopathic

    Freedom Dividend NewsFreedom Dividend News27 kun oldin
    • @Freedom Dividend News proof

      Joejoe JoeJoejoe Joe26 kun oldin
    • @Joejoe Joe plants have more protein green tea is the best for teeth and its vegan

      Freedom Dividend NewsFreedom Dividend News26 kun oldin
    • @Freedom Dividend News so you are trusting them instead of doing you're own research , veganism is terrible for kids cause kids need protein and strong bones and teeth which veganism don't cover

      Joejoe JoeJoejoe Joe26 kun oldin
    • @Joejoe Joe Amercian Dietetic Ashociation says veganism is good for all life stages

      Freedom Dividend NewsFreedom Dividend News27 kun oldin
    • We need to eat meat

      Joejoe JoeJoejoe Joe27 kun oldin
  • meat and cheese as bad as smoking

    Freedom Dividend NewsFreedom Dividend News27 kun oldin
  • I’m more concerned with the medications they have to pump animals with to keep them alive in the conditions they live in. We have to wonder how much of those medical byproducts end up in our food.

    A CA C27 kun oldin
  • you should see

    Georgina TaylorGeorgina Taylor27 kun oldin
  • There is substantial evidence. There are 7th day adventist studies comparing the spectrum from full vegan to flexitarins to lacto-ovo vegetarians, and the the more plant-based the better. Similarly fully vegetarian and flexitarian buddhist monks have been studied. Any amount of animal consumption is introducing exogenous hormones, excess cholesterol, excess heme iron, excess bad putrefaction bacteria, exces bacterial endotoxins, satursted fats, and excess proteins which tax your kidneys. Only plant fiber benefits your gut flora, and all of the above stated things I mention give way to the main killers and morbidity causes in today's society: UTIs in women (90% e. Coli from the gut due to animal consumption), heart disease/stroke, cancers (animal protein, hormones and cholesterol trigger igf-1 and angiogenesis growing and feeding tumors and cancer cells)... Etc it goes on and on. The ideal diet is raw and whole food plant based for all in all stages of life.

    Isaias RodriguesIsaias Rodrigues27 kun oldin
  • If plant-based is the way to life, how are Japanese people, who eat seafood and meat, living healthily until 100?

    the sad yellowthe sad yellow28 kun oldin
  • Accordion to the World Health Org, it declared eating animal products and seafood is more deadly than tobacco: 7 M deaths from tobacco, and 17 Million for wrong diet! G. Kaplan MD *( real medical doctor)

    lifewatchgrouplifewatchgroup29 kun oldin
    • Yeah have no idea how statistics work, do you?

      DewaldtDewaldt4 kun oldin
  • Conversate with Dr Klaper and Ed.! I love animals, I can't be hypocritical about it.

    The CoderThe Coder29 kun oldin
  • Yes a vegan diet should be well planned but I have not well planned any diet and the only diets that caused me illness was my original omnivore diet and to a lesser extent, my thirty years on a vegetarian diet, only in the last eight years on a vegan diet have I felt the best I have ever been all my life. You seriously need to re evaluate your bias Doctor Mike.

    Trevor HiscoxTrevor Hiscox29 kun oldin
  • Yes, this film does need to be one sided, too often we allow the other side their view when their view is well known to the majority.

    Trevor HiscoxTrevor Hiscox29 kun oldin
  • Let me break down his subby's 3.1M here strictly for the looks, the other 3.1M here for the looks and brains😄 God, this man is handsome!😍

    WildhoneyWildhoney29 kun oldin
  • You're a quack

    LouzyLouzy29 kun oldin
  • The documentary's author is ex-UFC .. and suggests that Nate dIaz beat Conor because Nate was a vegetarian?? He beat Conor because he weighed 25lbs more than him on fight night. NAte is much bigger and cuts down. McGregor was eating and drinking as much as he wanted and could n't even get to 170. NAte was bigger by almost two atone just from rehydrating. And no mention of the fact that at the same weight, Conor defeated Diaz the secondf time around.

    Nautilus1972Nautilus1972Oy oldin
  • Vegan gainz is acoming....

    n2b8rn2b8rOy oldin
  • Pescatarianism works best for me. I’m pretty active and found my energy levels were not great on veganism, even with a B12 supplement. Fish just gives me the extra boost I need

    Anne marie HaydenAnne marie HaydenOy oldin
  • "a debate is about winning, conversation is truth seeking together" second smartest thing I've heard Mike say Before you even ask,the answer is "Bank's open on Tuesdays folks"

    Marklee NGMarklee NGOy oldin
  • I mean... there are no proof that meat and dairy is healthy either. People can argue about, i need this and that from animal products. When that is complete BS. Everything you need you can get from plants. Or supliments. Vitamin D you get from the sun if possible. And these days everyone should supliment b12. Even people who are omnivores are deficient most the time. Eating animal products doesn't mean you will get sick 100%. But it sure as heck is a serious risk you are taking. Much like smoking. Maybe you won't get sick, maybe you will. But are you willing to take that risk? Our teeth and digestive system alone is proof we should be eating plants. Why eat something we are not meant to? Why eat something that will increase your risk of sickness and death. And it's not very climate smart either. Animal agriculture is neither sustainable for our planet or humanites overall health. Since most diseases, pests, flues etc. comes from the animals. Why would you support such and industry that has such a negative impact on both your health, the animals health and the planets health. People are dying, the animals are dying and the planet is dying. Vegan diet is so much more than your own health. It's about sustainable living and not letting animals suffer. Eating plants are sustainable and you have little to no risks for doing so. A whole-food plant based diet, is the diet for optimal health and sustainability. Saying anything else at this point is foolish.

    PoifixPoifixOy oldin
    • @Poifix except 3 of those 5 blue zones eat a lot of meat. If you go to Japan and you look at what the okinawans eat compared to the rest of Japan, you'll see that they eat far more pork ( Sardinia has a dish known as Porceddu, which contains a lot of pork ( Then there are the nicoyans who eat far more meat and fat than the rest of Costa Rica. I know this because I've been there. Now there is also the possibility that the reason these people have such high ages is because people are trying to commit fraud. Japan has the most commonly known of this. ( So no, you don't know better.

      DewaldtDewaldt3 kun oldin
    • @Dewaldt Look up the blue zones. Longest, healthiest living people on the planet. Living to 100+ is common, diseases like cardivasculer disease and diabetes is close to non-existent. Haveing a diet based on 90% plants or more. Diseases and shorter lifespan only getting worse when these places get more westernised adding more meat and dairy to their diet. Yes I do know better.

      PoifixPoifix4 kun oldin
    • @Poifix no you really don't know better, the evidence for that is abundant.

      DewaldtDewaldt4 kun oldin
    • @Dewaldt Keep telling yourself that. I'm not gonna argue about it because I know better.

      PoifixPoifix4 kun oldin
    • Eating meat increases your risk of disease by around 1%. These are also mostly correlations. Along with that our teeth and digestive system actually indicates we are omnivores. We have canines like carnivores along with incisors like herbivores. We also don't have rumen which means we aren't as good at extracting nutrients from plants as herbivores would be.

      DewaldtDewaldt4 kun oldin
  • Why would they put people from the other side of conversation? The entire Status quo is giving them voice and animal food companies are using same marketing tactics... Why would it be problematic to say factually accurate statement. And they stated the experiments will not pass a scientific experiment. The documentary states that.

    hari krishnanhari krishnanOy oldin
  • White privilege no cap.

    Jonny venturaJonny venturaOy oldin
  • You should watch Forks over Knives, Plant Pure Nation, and What the Health. A Whole Foods Plant Based diet means no animal products at all, and for those who have heart disease, no oils. The whole point of this is no animal protein because animal proteins are linked to some cancers.

    Julie HardenJulie HardenOy oldin
  • Thank you for this informative video! I've been vegan for a few years and I can say that making the switch is the hardest part, after a while it becomes natural. Supplementing can be very easy when buying certain vegan foods (like fortified soy milk) that can act as supplements, at least in part. I don't think veganism needs to be the healthiest diet, it still is very healthy if done right, but also, good for the environment and for the animals. I definitely think that starting by cutting down meat consumption is a great first step, we could see a lot of improvement if everyone cut on their meat consumption even a little bit.

    nadanadaOy oldin
  • I don’t have time for a lot of cognitive bias, but I will say this. I went full with the game changer diet at the end of Jan 2020 I’ve was a top level athlete for many years. Earning some of my living by sport. I am now 62 years old and had mild high blood pressure. For which I take meds. I watched to the movie. Went on the diet right away. My wife told me I should have taken photos of myself, and started a blog. LoL I’m lucky my wife is a great cook and my daughter is an apprentice chef. This help me with the number one issue on my mind. Loss of variety and energy. I have been off milk, cheese, butter, eggs, all meat, beef, pork, lamb, fish, everything for almost 8 months. No loss of energy. I went from 235 to 210 lbs with no loss of energy. I lost at least 10 to 15 points off my BP. I really noticed how clean I feel personally. My body functions are at least 100% better. I have 100% found my digestive function way better than my previous diet, I have been eating whole food healthy, and supplements Oh I had a little turkey breast in a salad a few weeks ago, but that was just a mistake. By the way Doc I think that all humans can benefit from this diet. Thanks for listening

    Dave HaynesDave HaynesOy oldin
  • Hey! please react to Dominion and Cowspiricy.. these documentaries are why i am vegan! - dominion - cowspiracy

    Kitcat ZeeKitcat ZeeOy oldin
    • Your profile pic scarce me. Hopefully you have talk to a nutrionist, if not please do. Cause my friend tried the vegan diet and only ate apples, banana, and grapes. He was very malnourished.

      John is AwesomeJohn is AwesomeOy oldin
  • I was eating healthy before!

    Karo OsogbaKaro OsogbaOy oldin
  • Thanks Dr Mike, another balanced viewpoint video to sooth our minds 😁

    Mia CloeteMia CloeteOy oldin
  • I went vegan not for the health benefits but for the animals and the planet, if we are going to be here for another couple of hundred years as a race we need to make sustainable choices

    Hacking tutorialsHacking tutorialsOy oldin
  • I was a carnivore for all my life and I dont eat vegetables. I’ve turned vegan this month due to various reasons due to some health concerns. So far so good. :) I still dont eat leafy vegetables though.

    Benjamin EspinaBenjamin EspinaOy oldin
    • It would be very interesting If you could give an Update in one month

      Daniel JurczykDaniel JurczykOy oldin
  •'s not about "Vegan", you can eat potato chips and drink coke all day and be vegan, it is about a whole food plant based diet.

    Pam MccoyPam MccoyOy oldin
  • Uh...let's ask some real the one's who actually have taught people how to reverse heart disease and other diseases with diet. Like,Dean Ornish, MD, Caldwell Esselstyn and Neal Barnard, M.D. and others.

    Pam MccoyPam MccoyOy oldin
    • Non of these doctors are diatitians or cardiologist. They are just general physicians.

      DewaldtDewaldt4 kun oldin
  • You lost me when i found out this is sponsored

    L LunaL LunaOy oldin

    cookytrixcookytrixOy oldin
  • Did anybody consider the lives of the beings we are debating? Such a luxury to be human. - Science does conclude that farming and agriculture are leading contributors to the demise of our planet. Don't believe me - whatever you call God - please save us!!!

    Gavin CannonGavin CannonOy oldin
  • just because he is a doctor, he has done his research, he sounds like he knows what he is talking about, Doesn't mean he is RIGHT. how many scientific facts and researches came back admit that they were wrong after 10 20 years? Education & research have no difference to marketing, it's all part of brain wash, even worse

    Sally ZhengSally ZhengOy oldin
  • Yes Dr. Mike. 12:15 eat less meat and more beans! Don't have to go vegan, just eat less meat and smaller portions of meat.

    Roberto FreedomRoberto FreedomOy oldin
  • Around 10:35 Doctor Mike says you can do damage to your body, on a vegan diet, and list some of his valid concerns. And I'm thinking , no, stay on the standard american diet, and get diabetes, heart disease, etc.

    Roberto FreedomRoberto FreedomOy oldin
  • Dr. Greger provides evidence based research on vegan diet.

    Roberto FreedomRoberto FreedomOy oldin
  • I never asked about it. I did make fun of people supporting it.

    Broken StitchBroken StitchOy oldin
  • Why do you wear so small shirts

    SadSadOy oldin
  • The bottom line: Top doctors from Cleveland Clinic and Cornell University show why eating animal products and processed foods causes disease and death. Watch FORKS OVER KNIVES G. Kaplan, MD, Pres lifewatchgroup

    lifewatchgrouplifewatchgroupOy oldin
  • Dr Mike, 4 minutes into your video and no real information on Game Changers. I hit the stop button. Suggestion: in the first few minutes of your video, give us an executive summary, containing all the most important points you want to communicate about the topic at hand.

    Doug in LADoug in LAOy oldin
  • My brother had a “next doctor visit” for starting on diálisis since his polycyclic kidneys started to fail. He switched to a vegan diet and this was the result: Bold tension went down and quit taking the two daily furosemide he was taking( a very strong diuretic) Uric Acid and Creatinine went down. Hemoglobin went up one point in one month. Cholesterol went down Head ache gone Heart burn gone Back pain gone Lost 15 pounds from being overweight He visited two doctors before the switch point. The first one was the president of the Nephrology Institución in Cuba and, the second one, nephrologist too, even has written books on the topic. None of them recommended a vegan diet. I have the same illness and I insisted, since my blood test is 100% fine. He trusted me, and after the switch, when these same doctors saw the blood test results, simply steered at the paper for a whole minute unable to believe what they was looking at. Eating meat is like those three cigarettes a day that won’t kill you, but do nothing good to you. If you have a chronic desease, quitting animal products it is the best you can do for yourself. If you want the best for yourself, it is too.

    Rogelio MontenegroRogelio MontenegroOy oldin
  • Just another doctor that slowly kills poor animals and his patients slowly at the sametime

    Fight For The VoicelessFight For The VoicelessOy oldin
    • Cool

      John is AwesomeJohn is AwesomeOy oldin
  • The fact that proteins is the first thing mike mentioned when saying what nutrients need to be planned on a vegan diet made me seriously doubt his knowledge on the matter...

    Marta MMarta MOy oldin
    • @Bruce Abbott No, I’m not a medical professional. But being a professional does not make anyone automatically right about something. I only said that protein is of the least potential concern when it comes to a vegan diet. I thought that he was going to place a bigger focus on micronutrients like the long chained omega 3 or iron or magnesium. But no, he went with the most basic thing a typical non-vegan would talk about - protein. I don’t think I ever heard of a vegan who suffered from a protein deficiency. If they did, it was because they were doing it completely wrong. But that’s not the diet’s fault. Also, I don’t know why you brought up B12. I never said anything about that. A vegan diet is worth the praises it is getting, for multiple reasons. The only reason why Mike was so sceptic about it, and only ostensibly objective, was because he is not a vegan himself.

      Marta MMarta M8 kun oldin
    • Mike is a medical professional. Are you? There are many cases where uneducated vegan diet lead to deficiency. Mike mentioned B12 deficiency because it’s a real condition.

      Bruce AbbottBruce Abbott8 kun oldin
  • Saying that pro-meat scientists should have a place in the debate--or that there should be a debate at all--is like saying that the cigarette companies should get to speak to the health comcerns of their product, or oil companies should get to speak to why they aren't at fault for climate change. Yes, white meat and fish are healthy in moderation. Yes, it can be challenging to get all the micronutrients, vitamins and minerals we need on a plant based diet. But more importantly, yes, consumption of red meat, especially processed red meat, is one of the leading contributors to fatal diseases in the western world today.

    Anthony DevantierAnthony DevantierOy oldin
  • We need regenerative agriculture. Much of the vegan diet and Standard American Diet are too often fossil fuel intensive. They found that grazing animals properly can trap carbon and reverse desertification and reverse climate change. We need to rethink how we produce our food differently regardless if you eat vegan or omnivore diet. I like the Mediterranean diet with fish and lean meats.

    John ShaferJohn ShaferOy oldin
  • There are a lot of articles saying vegan diets are superior, even to the American Hear Association recommended diets and from the Diabetes Association too. I just read a few articles about it (blind, controlled studies). You all can search for it in the pubmed website.

    Ana OSAna OSOy oldin
  • Meal should be well balanced, don't cut out meat from your diet completely if you see one documentary on how going vegan will help our planet and will decrease animal cruelty. Start with cutting out 10-20% of meat and replace it with veggies, slowly and steadily increase the percentage of veggies in your diet (like every 6 months replace 5% of meat from your diet with veggies). Stop at 60% veggies and 40% meat and celebrate because you are already contributing a lot toward saving our planet and decreasing animal cruelty. Increasing slowly and steadily the amount of veggies in your diet helps in building the colony of bacteria for digesting those veggies, if you suddenly start practicing veganism then you will not feel happy and your food will also be not digested properly.

    Vinita SharmaVinita SharmaOy oldin
  • You need to follow the Game Changers with the Fork over Knives documentary

    Tim PhistryTim PhistryOy oldin
  • Do you think that the composition of your macros should be different on a vegan diet? E.g. more carb heavy compared to an omnivorous diet, or do you think that the protein percentage on an omnivorous diet that is usually suggested is too high?

    kitegirl83kitegirl83Oy oldin
  • Beware that Thrive requires you to chat with them when you cancel your membership: there's no simple cancel button like a non-weasely company would have.

    BasketOfPuppiesBasketOfPuppiesOy oldin