Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR #4 | Medical Drama Review

24-Noy, 2019
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I'm getting close to calling The Good Doctor, my FAVORITE medical drama out right now! On this episode, I critique Dr. Sean more than ever and I hope you take my side on this one!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches The Good Doctor / Real Doctor Reacts to The Good Doctor. If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. I love you all!
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  • Show : "He has a brain tumor." Dr Mike : HAHAHAHAHHHHAHA

    Chuckle HoneybearChuckle Honeybear14 soat oldin
  • Pls react on the last episode of the third season

    M DalyM DalyKun oldin
  • Took one year lol

  • Watching this show through you is so fascinating

    Danielle PhamDanielle PhamKun oldin
  • I got an ad with him in it during this video 😂

    Tom BaldwinTom BaldwinKun oldin
  • Have you dealt with a pp problem just wonder

    Rio FutabaRio Futaba2 kun oldin
  • If you think that this episode lack medical accuracy, you should watch the one with the face transplant 🤦‍♀️

    Kasia K.Kasia K.3 kun oldin
  • More

    Rand RanjRand Ranj3 kun oldin
  • Me encanta como su cara no mueve ni un músculo cuando salen cosas asquerosas que uno hace muchas muecas. Y que se ríe cada vez que shaun dice algo que él sabe que diría en su mente jaja

    MisskatnatMisskatnat4 kun oldin
  • a smart and hot Doctor.Did ya'll already give in your résumés for the Wifey position?

    Constancia EliusConstancia Elius5 kun oldin
  • I'd heard about bacterial meningitis but it's so much worse than I could've imagined. This was 10 or so years ago. My brother and his girlfriend had just come home after backpacking around Europe and Asia for a year. They'd been home a couple of days and she was staying with us. At around midday my brother asked if I could drive them to the doctor because she had a really bad headache. A couple of hours later he calls to tell me they've been taken to hospital. Later that night we find out she's got meningitis. By the next day she needed to be put into a medically induced coma and they removed the top of her skull to release the pressure on her brain. It was too late though. 3 days after she went to the doctor about a headache they took her off life support and she passed away. It happens so fast.

    uosdwiSrdewoHuosdwiSrdewoH5 kun oldin
  • Brain tumors may cause extreme changes in a persons behavior or decision making process even extreme personality changes and mood disorders. However I find it very hard to believe that a tumor growth could cause a complete secondary personality. This is suggesting that a tumor could cause D.I.D. Don't get me wrong I'm not by any means claiming it to be impossible, just that I find it rather unlikely. Given the causes of D.I.D and the rarity of the disorder.

    MeAgain HimAgianMeAgain HimAgian5 kun oldin
  • Tbh you're the nicest doctor. I've never been to the hospital besides birth and well an xray for my hand when i got hit with a hockey stick. The lady who was doing my xray wasn't nice in my 10 yr old self's opinion. She told me to straighten my hand and i'm like do you see these fingers?? Do you see these sausages??

    Just NIXJust NIX6 kun oldin
  • That smells very bad. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    DeplittleDeplittle6 kun oldin
  • Hey hey 👋 is your time for your trip to get me home and then I will come home to the kids house 🏡 is your way to the house and you can pick up some kids and then go get to school 🏫 is a time for dance 💃 is that what time is the

    Pinkie PiePinkie Pie6 kun oldin
  • The lady says a person is going to die and then smiles 🤣

    Zoe JacksonZoe Jackson7 kun oldin
  • The good doctor it's soo cool

    Renato MartinezRenato Martinez8 kun oldin
  • ha

    Joel LaguraJoel Lagura8 kun oldin
  • I may have pronounce his name wrong

    Inspector RumInspector Rum8 kun oldin
  • I too have Autism my mother made lots of compartments to me and Sean Wells watching this

    Inspector RumInspector Rum8 kun oldin
  • No offence but why dose it look like your in your pjamas?

    Chalky_ FishyChalky_ Fishy9 kun oldin
  • why you talk much its their story?this doctor is telling himself his smart you stupid.Why you change the director and not be a doctor i hate the way you comment.its a drama?...

    Raine FragileRaine Fragile9 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: I actually survived a bacterial meningitis and did a Lumbar tap to know it. I thought it was just a headache until I get seizures due to spinal fluid build up. Luckily we detected it early or else they would remove some part of my skull to relieve the swelling. My doctor said it was the rarest case of meningitis.

    Joel Bualat Jr.Joel Bualat Jr.9 kun oldin
  • React to the new hospital show TRANSPLANT

    Rory GilmoreRory Gilmore9 kun oldin
  • Why u are not in india🥺🥺🥺

    G brothersG brothers9 kun oldin
  • 1. You have made me want to be a doctor 2. I had a spinal tap when I was a child 3. Your fricken awesome

    Gacha Icey2008Gacha Icey200810 kun oldin
  • Omg please react to the quarantine episodes (2x10 and 2x11) or the earthquake ones (3x19 and 3x20)! 🙏🏻❤️ I love your channel and I learn a lot from your reactions!

    BiancaBianca10 kun oldin
  • He would do better adult Harry Potter!!

    Samira HasanSamira Hasan11 kun oldin
  • 2:55 mr. Peanut butter

    P KarnesP Karnes11 kun oldin
  • I won’t get no press for my doctor until AFTER he saves me. Why so much pressure for him? People get stage fright!

    Half-BlindHalf-Blind11 kun oldin
  • Sir,, Kaleidoscopic appearance is appearance of different population of cells in different microscopic views. Kaleidoscope is a tube like toy which used to view the sky...☺️☺️

    Dr Ganeshlakshman LDr Ganeshlakshman L12 kun oldin
  • What is that little diddy you do before getting in the subject matter?

    Rick BoysenRick Boysen12 kun oldin
  • Did you just make a timelord by giving the patient 2 hearts?

    Missi PyroMissi Pyro14 kun oldin
  • Do season 2 episode 18

    Karlee AnnaKarlee Anna16 kun oldin
  • If doctor Mike was a teacher I would understand everything he explains. His teaching will be fun and easy to learn. He has a very good way with words to make his viewers understand.

    Maria MMaria M16 kun oldin
  • Dr. it dead bacteria or is it the buildup of bacteria over time not being able to escape properly because white cells are supposed to be alive And you see to prevent the spread of infection/Break down the bacteria (Our autoimmune system job) .. Am i wrong? But I’m good with Dead bacteria 🦠... i’m sure I’m not your only Deaf fan. But I a FAN .. lol thank you for your vids!! Peewoop!

    Nick McCoreyNick McCorey16 kun oldin
  • Doctor mikes eyes while watching the scene:➡️↘️↗️↙️⬅️⬆️↖️⬇️↕️⤵️⤴️🔂↩️↪️↘️↔️↙️⬅️⬆️🔀🔁🔄

    TëëhęęTëëhęę16 kun oldin
  • Dr mike: Pulmonary hypertension is exactly what it sounds like Me: what does it sound like

    Ava TreasureAva Treasure17 kun oldin
    • Extreme tension in the heart

      MeAgain HimAgianMeAgain HimAgian5 kun oldin
  • My mom used to be obsessed with this show but one time I walked in the room and saw ..................(not spoiling)......................And it gave me a BIG fear of escalators.

    Life Of Dolphin SpiritLife Of Dolphin Spirit17 kun oldin
  • Him: Pulminary Hypertension is exactly what it sounds like *explains it* Me: it’s nothing like it sounds like

    Amelia MaeAmelia Mae17 kun oldin

    25. Ni Luh Nitya Sawitri25. Ni Luh Nitya Sawitri18 kun oldin
  • Plz make another one of these "Good Doctor" videos plz!!!😩

    Sandra EstradaSandra Estrada21 kun oldin
  • Please do Nurse Jackie again, you'll have soooo much to say in the later seasons.

    TristanEliasTristanElias21 kun oldin
  • i need more reactions to the good doctor pleaaase

    Marian GoossensMarian Goossens22 kun oldin
  • My criminal minds knowledge came into play when he said "he might be high on methamphetamine" because i said "ah meth" Edit: BAHAHA i wish i waited to comment this because he was talking about the frontal lobe, and I said "isnt that where the serial killer thing is?"

    Abi PattersonAbi Patterson22 kun oldin
  • I understand that what Dr Andrews did was wrong and that the patient should have been the first priority however he had cause to say that to Jared due to incidents that occurred in the previous episodes that you haven’t watched.

    Kande MahathiKande Mahathi23 kun oldin

    Mariam El ShazlyMariam El Shazly24 kun oldin
  • 3:17

    logladyloglady24 kun oldin
  • 11:40 lmaoooo

    Christopher BarronChristopher Barron24 kun oldin
  • iv'e had bacterial meningitis, was not a fun time.

    GrimReaperGrimReaper25 kun oldin
  • doctor mike, i want your input on scream queens season 2

    Kellsey DawnKellsey Dawn25 kun oldin

    Alex ConverseAlex Converse25 kun oldin

    deltarune the manokitdeltarune the manokit25 kun oldin
  • Or maybe, the guy has a stiff neck because he sleeps on the streets.

    SG FSG F26 kun oldin
  • can you do a reaction video to the new NBC show Transplant??

    Rory GilmoreRory Gilmore26 kun oldin
  • Doctor mike explains everything to us in baby language cause he knows we are ✨ dumb ✨

    astrobabeastrobabe27 kun oldin
  • My brain: *panik* My brain again: *what this knowledge*

    Ashley JaoAshley Jao27 kun oldin
  • But why does this guy looks like the male version of Lea from the good doctor

    Jithin RajeshJithin Rajesh27 kun oldin
  • So handsome doc

    mische abionmische abion27 kun oldin
  • “A stiff neck could be an early indicator of a bacterial meningitis.” “There are many possible explanations for a stiff neck, most of which are much more likely than bacterial meningitis.” Me: oh, IM SORRY, I thought this was a medical show! I thought we always think zebras before horses!

    javachillejavachille27 kun oldin
  • 4:30 Oh Dr Mike, you have no idea what happens to doctors in india...

    The Quantum-platorThe Quantum-plator28 kun oldin

    Krispyninja4uKrispyninja4u28 kun oldin
  • I am learning here more than my biology class..

    dashbibhudatta878dashbibhudatta87829 kun oldin
  • kaleidoscopic disintegration is a vision thing that makes people see like they're looking through a kaleidoscope.

    SlippPlaysSlippPlays29 kun oldin
  • I am currently a C.N.A taking medical terminology, and I have been binge-watching your videos!

    Makena RoachMakena Roach29 kun oldin
  • At 0:10 he has Sean's expression hehe

    Rafaela PilidouRafaela PilidouOy oldin
  • DO PART #5

    Matthew StephenMatthew StephenOy oldin
  • watch the good doctor season 3 episode 7 pleaseee

    David DeeleyDavid DeeleyOy oldin
  • I had a patient like that, with a piggyback heart. Her ECG was...interesting.

    TPRM1TPRM1Oy oldin
  • Hey Dr Mike I'm from india, please review 'Sanjivani' in the next video 😂

    Aditi JainAditi JainOy oldin
  • Shaun- I think Him- your wrong Dude he said he thinks (NO hate)

    alani baealani baeOy oldin
  • You start the episode I know that they riped off from house setting some things.

    SanukuSanukuOy oldin
  • Boa tarde, ochala se esse doutor colocasse alguém para dubla-lo 😊.

    Luciane MeloLuciane MeloOy oldin
  • Lisa Cuddy was bullied in House but she can't be bullied here

    Henry CastilloHenry CastilloOy oldin
  • Dr. Mike: "Hold on a second, is that Dr. Cuddy from House?" Me: "... And you should see the other episode where Dr. Wilson appears as a fisherman...."

    Edward AlarcónEdward AlarcónOy oldin
    • whaaaat which episode is thaaat?

      Darkus SmithDarkus SmithOy oldin
  • 1:09 Doctor Who vibes much.

    Spectical2dSpectical2dOy oldin
  • Did anyone else know that The actress who plays Morgan Reznick is 40 YEARS OLD. This woman does not age

    Elena Grace ConantElena Grace ConantOy oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂 i dont know you should watch the original good doctor from korean drama

    PutriPutriOy oldin
  • Heya, just started watching your videos, and you're a great guy to listen to! It's awesome hearing your takes on things, your own experience, how things in these shows are inaccurate or really spot on. I was wondering about how you talk about all this guessing, and his visualization of the entire body basically, how they depict Shaun as a super human. I've never met anyone with Savant syndrome, and I've only met a few with autism. Is it really out of the realm of reality that all of these things could be going on in someone's mind like that? The mind is extremely complex, and seems like we are never going to fully understand its psychological aspects. It doesn't seem fair to strike down some of these visualizations of how someone with Savant syndrome could be seeing these things, and how it is making these connections in their mind. I read about someone with autism who saw this giant skyline for just 20 minutes and was able to recreate it all in pen. That is insanely impressive. I went on a bit of a rant, but my point is this kind of mind set can't be fully understood, but the show does a great representation (probably from tons of research from people with Austism, savant syndrome) of how his mind is probably going through all these complex things. Have a good day to you and all your viewers!

    Misuki AntabellaMisuki AntabellaOy oldin
  • 4:27 He is bigger and more buff than the security guard

    ㄓFixhz UłtraㄓFixhz UłtraOy oldin
  • React to the resident

    CesarCesarOy oldin
  • In highschool i knew some who was autistic and wanted to be a doctor. So this show was like weirdly perfect for her.

    Doctour Two skullDoctour Two skullOy oldin
  • Shaun didn't say he had that diagnosis. He said he think's he has schizophrenia, not that he was positive. And I've been around enough drug users and abusers to know that he's not just simply high.

    JaybayJayJaybayJayOy oldin
  • could you please show your watches?? you have so many :P you own patek i guess :P

    Chetan PadiyarChetan PadiyarOy oldin
  • please collab with occupational therapist about sensory disorder

    H LalbiakhluniH LalbiakhluniOy oldin
  • His mind will blown when he sees Wilson

    Ricardo NardochoneRicardo NardochoneOy oldin
  • you should watch the original korean series of the good doctor!! the ‘good doctor’ in that version also took part in the production of this series

    Christina LeChristina LeOy oldin
  • I am learning about diseases that effect the brain I think it is very interesting

    Kenna Kathryn BainKenna Kathryn BainOy oldin
  • I am learning about the bran at school I did a sheep brain dissection

    Kenna Kathryn BainKenna Kathryn BainOy oldin
  • Can you watch more greys anatomy or watch 9-1-1?

    Rosa KayangyiRosa KayangyiOy oldin
  • Doc. Mike vs Doc. Shawn😂

  • Security ? Really? I worked at Welfare for 12 years. The only security we saw was our fellow workers. When trouble happened management disappeared. We were really good at dealing with the all kinds of people.

    Liz TillotsonLiz TillotsonOy oldin
  • Dr. Cuddly from house treats Toby Ziegler from The West Wing .

    Liz TillotsonLiz TillotsonOy oldin
  • Ok but is no one going to talk about how the guy who plays Shawn is the kid from Charlie and the chocolate factory??

    randomapple64randomapple64Oy oldin
  • Me da mucha gracia que solo hay programas de cirujanos que hacen absolutamente todo. En Argentina es absolutamente al revés .

    monica ferreiramonica ferreiraOy oldin
  • Dr. We both have the same spectacles...😁

    stefin thomasstefin thomasOy oldin
  • Just repeat that 0:09 second thing!! Now that's enjoyable!

    Aditya rAditya rOy oldin
  • 4:36😹😹😹😹😹😹 “ah ah ah”

    Shelcia ChaquisseShelcia ChaquisseOy oldin
  • I already thought he was attractive. But with his glasses on... Mike come to mommy

    Shelcia ChaquisseShelcia ChaquisseOy oldin
  • I’m actually confused, you think as a surgeon he can determine if someone has something physically wrong with them based on simply seeing them but cannot do so with mental illnesses? I misread the DSM-5 and I didn’t know they had a blood test for schizophrenia.

    Molly WestmorelandMolly WestmorelandOy oldin