Real Doctor Reviews Minecraft Hospital Builds

20-May, 2020
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My first time playing Minecraft is here! In this video, I check out some of the popular hospitals builds on planet Minecraft and give them ratings for accuracy. If you get this video to 100k likes I WILL build my own hospital!
Hospitals used:
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review/Responding to comments Series in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/questions you'd like for me to watch/answer. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Dr. Mike the video got 100k likes...

    Antfly PAntfly P4 soat oldin
  • Chicken: seagull Slime: bush Skeleton: security guard also, omg someone give him a pig on a saddle and a carrot on a stick pls

    Flying_Potato 3Flying_Potato 36 soat oldin
  • Its sad seeing Dr.Mike playing Minecraft, and as someone who loves minecraft, this is cringey

    Maritza PortilloMaritza Portillo8 soat oldin
  • Seguls and security guards and bouncing bushes

    hy byhy by10 soat oldin

    sxfia _sxfia _10 soat oldin
  • The amount of times he got things wrong makes me laugh

    chickendog fishchickendog fish11 soat oldin
  • Awe look at the seagulls - Dr Mike 2020

    Rae &Rae &Kun oldin
  • 100k likes? It’s there

    Marco SalaMarco SalaKun oldin
  • I thought I died at "seagulls" but then I got revived and died again at "BUSHES" 😂😂😂

    Damia E. ZulrushdiDamia E. ZulrushdiKun oldin
  • Doctor Mike: Thats a seagull Me: Thats a chicken Doctor Mike: guess this is the security guard Me: thats a skeleton

    Lance Julian AcobaLance Julian AcobaKun oldin
  • The video got to 100k likes I'll be waiting for your version of a hospital build now 😃

    Jillian HopkinsJillian Hopkins2 kun oldin
  • him: are there seagulls... its a chicken hes so innocent

    ZeniZeni2 kun oldin

    IbxRealDogIbxRealDog2 kun oldin
  • Why does nobody add lights dammit!!!

    Andrea CharltonAndrea Charlton2 kun oldin
  • it's kinda cute when doctor Mike is playing minecraft

    Kazuki PendragonKazuki Pendragon2 kun oldin
  • dude you really need to know more about mincraft if doing more vids about it. you missed so many things

    shaistha Pragalathanshaistha Pragalathan2 kun oldin
  • A doctor who plays minecraft... NOICE

    Chimie ParkChimie Park2 kun oldin
  • Why didn’t the builders add lights/more lights? You’re gonna spawn a bunch of... Guards, Unhappy patients, Random tall guys with purple eyes, bouncing bushes and spiders. Edit: Made me laugh when Dr. Mike punched the torches. That’s not gonna help. xD

    rainbow lirainbow li2 kun oldin
  • You are too toxic

    William MooreWilliam Moore3 kun oldin
  • i love this

    Solid CoalSolid Coal3 kun oldin
  • You know nothing of minecraft, and it's cute as hell lol

    BeccaBecca3 kun oldin
  • “Oh I can hit stuff” “It's a seagull!” “What is that? (Enderman)” “Bouncy bushes” “Is that bacon?” “Emotional support bushes” "Is this blood?" Me, an advanced Minecraft player: **TRIGGERED**

    Genna BrownGenna Brown3 kun oldin
  • Yo logdotzip is amazing. You should do a Minecraft colab with him sometime

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  • 114K likes DR mike, where my hospital at (^^)

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  • No one: Doctor Mike: I like this roof

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  • I really really really really really want a survival series.

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  • Oh good lord, as an experienced Minecraft player this is hilarious.

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  • I know he just got Minecraft but you should know at least what to call the mobs have been laughing so much

    Christie FoxxChristie Foxx4 kun oldin
  • Me: looking at some of the hospitals knowing someone put hours into the build* Dr. Mike: hmmm 3/10

    SomethingMoreClassicSomethingMoreClassic4 kun oldin

    Ale 083Ale 0834 kun oldin
  • Please respond I have a Minecraft hospital and it will be done soon if I can send it to you

    Gavin Gamble the Kansas City RailfanGavin Gamble the Kansas City Railfan4 kun oldin
  • I think that the second map was the hospital in L4D

    Siniša MihićSiniša Mihić4 kun oldin
  • Who's frustrated too

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  • "It looks like baby eggplants" "Those bouncy bushes" haha I cant- I love Dr Mike so much :DDD He makes my day all the time!

    Jullie Anne TupazJullie Anne Tupaz4 kun oldin
  • the mobs/monsters you called are spawned thereby low light, meaning no torches or any kind of light source, they are placed to get the block to a light level that will prevent mobs from spawning, but this can also be avoided by changing the settings to peaceful difficulty

    RaihoshiRaihoshi4 kun oldin
  • Lol, it's funny how he called the chickens seagulls, and slimes to bushes lolol. very entertaining

    Adrianfelix PuruggananAdrianfelix Purugganan5 kun oldin
  • We hit 100,000 likes! I hope you are working on that video 😂

    Jeremy Ann FernandezJeremy Ann Fernandez5 kun oldin
  • Nobody tell him the open flames are one of the only light sources and keeps away the monsters and bouncy bushes

    Pleb MasterPleb Master5 kun oldin
  • Seeing Dr.Mike call the slimes bushes was so wholesome😂

    Jordyn McPhersonJordyn McPherson5 kun oldin
  • Don't mind the monsters, they spawn in dark areas. The animals spawn randomly too. That's why they are all around the building. You actually can ride on the pigs if you put a saddle on them. That 'logo' on the psychiatric hospital is actually ment to be clock, and the red trails you saw inside are redstone. It's used as a power source.

    Jack Skellington's FollowerJack Skellington's Follower5 kun oldin
  • my sisters iq be like

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  • When he doesn't realize that the darkness spawns the mobs.

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  • Look at those seagulls. My favorite things combined.

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  • Your liking this comment for no reason

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  • ink sacs and chickens = seagulls

    Random Weird VideosRandom Weird Videos5 kun oldin
  • also elevators don't exist in minecraft but you can make one using the components in the game

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  • doctor mike cures zombie villager

    Random Weird VideosRandom Weird Videos5 kun oldin
  • Your reaction to Creeper was adorable 😅 "one unhappy green patient" 🤣😍 why do you keep on breaking blocks 🤣🤣🤣 this looks like a jail! Is that a jail hospital? He's literally freaking out the whole time 😂 best ever gaming video I've ever seen 🤩😅

    Jana DubcovaJana Dubcova5 kun oldin
  • lmao when he called the chicken a seagull i cracked up

    thepersonwhoeditsthepersonwhoedits5 kun oldin
  • As a Minecraft player the only thing that I kept thinking about Dude light up your build number one rule light up your build

    Francisco MontezFrancisco Montez6 kun oldin
  • Redstone: doing his business.. Dr. Mike: is this Blood? This is creeping me out. Hello new fellow Minecraft player🤣

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  • me: *watching doCtOR mike: ba ba ba ba me: what are you a sheep

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  • Please do the No Mercy level for Left for Dead.

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  • Bouncy bushes, I’m actually dying. Oh lord someone help. Im dying

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  • Does anyone else need a shirt that says “Bee Boop”? 😂

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  • Dude there's no electricity and you can't use glow stones for everything so to get light they have to use torches

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  • Creepers are green slimes are also green but they're square a large or small square enderman all black

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  • Its not a bushes but its a slime

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  • Mike: I'm also a part-time gamer Also Mike: Can I get the little piggy? Piggy, let me ride you- **bumps into enderman** Why is this thingy like this? **smacks creeper** Why are you green, buddy?

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  • Mike that’s a chicken!!!!!!🤣

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  • Doctor Mike: *sees skeleton* Thats a security guard LOL

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  • I'm just really glad he put it in creative mode...

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  • It’s so funny because he doesn’t realize that those randomly spawned because of light lol

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  • The entire commentary is just absolutely freaking adorable

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    • @Francisco Montez nah it’s a seagull

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    • Actually the politically correct term is Charrot

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  • There is over 100 k likes where is your hospital dr. Mike!!!??

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  • 3:43 « You don’t have balconies on a hospital » I mean... I just looked out of my widow because I live next to a hospital and there is balconies everywhere 😂😂

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  • He calls a chicken seagull...... Yes he is still a "GAMER" Edit: the music and his face were he only thing which satisfied me.

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  • Man Creepers are indeed unhappy So unhappy that theyll blow up about it

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  • I just died watching this 🤣🤣

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  • Monsters spawn in the dark so thats why there are zombies

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    Reborncollector99 RebornloverReborncollector99 Rebornlover9 kun oldin
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    • do you mean he called the chicken a seagull?

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  • I say build a hospital of your own! You can make separate videos and each one tackles a certain department or room

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  • As someone who hasn't played Minecraft before as well, I just enjoyed this video :D would love to see your hospital!

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  • It’s a chicken

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  • We need to rename Minecraft stuff! Seagull (chicken) bouncy bushes (slimes)

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  • watching him play is making e cringe and smile at the same time it made my day

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  • This is the best thing ever

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  • It's a little hard to make a Minecraft elevator 😂

    Cidrell Phillip AuxteroCidrell Phillip Auxtero11 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike, each block is 1m2... Roughly 9 square feet. 8 blocks is 72feet.

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  • Spiders and zombies spawn in dark places

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  • iS tHiS bLoOd?

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