Teen Boys Explain The Menstrual Cycle To A Doctor | Telephone Game

21-Iyn, 2020
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Medical telephone is a game of communication, medical knowledge, and fun. Here, I challenge my three nephews who were staying with me to rapidly understand a medical concept and try and teach it to their brothers. If they successfully teach the subject back to me after 2 times they will win $1,000!
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- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Are your nephews the sons of your sister? Just asking Doctor Mike... PEEWOOP!!!

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  • It is currently 12:16 am and I have school tomarrow but here we are.

    Riley HeathRiley Heath3 soat oldin
  • Nobody - Literally nobody- Daniel bro- basketball and girls

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  • I tried to concentrate on the video, which was incredibly funny and enjoyable, but every time this extremely handsome, hilarious doctor appeared on screen I just got really distracted lmao

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  • He broke guy is my current mode

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  • Feel so smart after watching these dooods at it

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  • Lmaoooooooo... I am the middle child of two sisters. My older sister is two years old and has two kids, my younger is 7 years younger than I am and pregnant with her first child. I have no children for context. I can't WAIT to be just the cool Aunt because I'm already that to my older sisters children. 🤣

    Chelsea TaylorChelsea Taylor15 soat oldin

    Devon SmithDevon Smith15 soat oldin
  • Me 15 “ hi I’m Steven I’m 16” starts freaking out *dies * u never said u would have cute boys on ur channel

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  • as a girl, them explaining the period just hit *hard*

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  • This is impossible to watch oh my god. I love it though, I just can’t stand it

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  • "the menstrual cycle" 12 year old: *dies inside* 16 years old: wat? me: *wait, hold up*

    Silent RoseSilent RoseKun oldin
  • Dr. Mike: let's flip a coin? deciding be like: 7:42

    Silent RoseSilent RoseKun oldin
  • Are those boys drugged / had they been drugged over an extendet period of time?

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  • I think youtube spys on me. It always suggests me videos like this on my period

    ꧁Chara ꧂꧁Chara ꧂Kun oldin
  • Funny how they really started to try after they realized they were already getting a little over $300 each lmaooo

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  • hey he looks like harry porter 😅🙈

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  • Dr Mike , this is a great tutoring mechanism! Those boys looked super tired at the end! Someone give them some food !

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  • Dr Mike: “A period will last 2-7 days” My body: let’s make it 6-10 days with extreme cramps...

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  • 3.500 US dollars is 19.769,35 BR reais. please give me the money

    Gi C.Gi C.2 kun oldin
  • I didn't know it was 85% of teens, I thought it was everyone, I thought there was something wrong with me because I've had my period since I was 10 and I'm now 15 and I've never had acne.

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  • I cant believe im learning more w dr. Mike

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  • Oh how I wish as a nursing student I could get paid 3,500 dollars just to explain to Doctor Mike what I learned in Anatomy last year

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  • Uterus: I want baby Uterus: doesn’t get baby Uterus: takes REVENGE

    Soo Cheng LeongSoo Cheng Leong2 kun oldin
  • When medical student butcher the answer all the teachers mostly keep straight face so he also no doubt have this experience..hehe what a great way to involve the teenager.😂😂

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    • They are his nephews

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  • It's ten times funnier to watch this video when you're taking Anatomy&Physiology class. I wonder how come Dr. Mike didn't burst out loud when his nephews were explaining these concepts.

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  • Hi Doctor Mike, Quick background: I’m a pre-med student currently finishing up my 4th year. I love researching about information that gives me a glimpse of how a 4 year medical school curriculum is structured. But I like to go in depth as to finding the top books or other tools (Pathoma, First Aid USMLE, Uworld, sketchy) used throughout medical school. Then in my free time I like to read and try to comprehend what’s going on. Question: I currently discovered about clinical reasoning and how H&P and Physical exams among other things can help a provider to create this “patient Illness script” and compare it to “disease Illness script”. How do you go about creating those disease Illness scripts with the key features and memorizing them? Is there a specific book or something that gives you a huge list of symptoms and signs or clinical findings in regards to a syndrome or how do you gather or develop this illness script? Thank you so much!

    Mark SilvaMark Silva3 kun oldin
  • When your uncle is a doctor and makes you play medical games for money.

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  • I had to have surgery on my ankle and they said my deltoid ripped apart so they had to fix it

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  • Bruh, I’m a 14 year old guy and I know how periods work, it’s not hard but you need to focus in biology class

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  • "I do but I don't" elaborate on that please

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  • Torture

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  • i was such an anatomy and boomed geek in junior year, hearing all of these made me want to win that cash

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  • Yeah, I'm enjoying this

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  • a little etymology would have helped a lot

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  • me as a Libyan seeing that 16 year old saying Anterior Thabya LIbya instead of Anterior Talofibular hhhhh

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  • Wow... if I got $3500 for doing that badly on my exams I wouldn't have had to become a lab tech... lol

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  • I love how Dr. Mike integrated his passion for medicine to his nephews whist motivating them with big rewards. Wanna have an uncle like that! Thanks for explaining the body odor and menstrual thing, Doc. This vid is super and educational!

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  • How are they 16 wtf

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  • Fun fact: I watched this while going through another one of my menstaul cycle

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  • God kids are so weird. I cringed remembering I used to be one of these guys. Freaking hilarious though. Do more!

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  • Teen boys:Try to remember a few informations and gain 1000$ Med students:You serious?

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  • Hello

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  • this is one of the funniest video’s i’ve seen in a while ngl

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  • I'm not kidding...but in my 8th grade I got 3/3 in the menstrual cycle question and 5/5 in the female reproductive system question

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  • Ask me questions pls, I am 16 and broke too :')

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  • 0:19 I'm older than that first kid, but I look like I'm like, three years younger.

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    • @helll nahhh thank you!

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    • Same And I like your pfp

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  • Sacred Selections, charity choice, maybe next time.

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  • Esse video comprova como o sistema de educação geral e básico dos estados unidos é falho, pq eu com 12 anos ja sabia o básico sobre diabetes e ciclo menstrual e conseguia explicar para alguem

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  • Do they really not teach them this in school

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  • As a Type One Diabetic, it would have been more informative for you to identify the different types of diabetes and the differences between them. You have the general correct idea, but didn’t hit the nail on the head. www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/type-1-diabetes/symptoms-causes/syc-20353011

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