The Truth About Pimples and Chocolate 🍫 | Responding to Comments Ep 19

23-Avg, 2020
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You all have been asking me some tough questions in the comment section lately! From chocolate causing acne to the risks of working at night and sleeping during the day, we touched on bunch of different subjects. Have a question you’d like me to answer in a future video? Drop a comment down below and you just might make it in!
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • I had extreme acne (as much as 7cm zits) in my teen years. Took 5 dermatologists before some medication finally worked a bit, but it still cured less than my face produced. And then i stopped drinking my morning glass of milk i used to drink every morning since i was child. Acne got ridiculously better in like a few weeks. Then i stopped eating milk chocolate and ive had very little problems since. So in my case, it did come down to food. I had 0 other issues with lactose intolerance. Sadly, acne scars stayed and they'll be around forever, but sometimes it actually IS the food

    MusicalPotatoMusicalPotato3 soat oldin
  • Hi Doc. Mike! Is there any possible cure for irregular periods to turned regularly? I've been experiencing that irregular menstruation for 6 years.... Hope you notice this question. Thank you. Always love your channel and I learned a lot too.. so thank you. Lovelots from Philippines. 💓🇵🇭

    Allyson GeneralAllyson General6 soat oldin
  • Questions for Dr Mike: I have chronic pain (that began in my forearms and spread over time, and includes tight muscles basically everywhere). Cpl questions.. when the pain is worse, my dark circles under my eyes turn red. Why is this? Also, lately I've been experiencing some numbness in my fingers and palms. It only lasts for a cpl of minutes, but seems to be happening every day or every other day. Any ideas? Thirdly, how can people with my health issues combat stereotypes from Doctors? It's really hard to be taken seriously as most doctors treat us like hypochondriacs. I only ever go to the doctor if I'm desperate because of this. As a result I walked around on a broken foot for 5 weeks before getting it checked out. I'm really sick of being told I'm lazy or faking it. It's hard enough to hear this from the public or my own family. Can't I at least get a break from my doctor? Thanks for being the best and most understanding Doctor ever!

    Katy BKaty B11 soat oldin
  • Dr. Mike, serious question. Whyyyy are you not married to me?

    Christina MahonChristina Mahon13 soat oldin
  • Hey Dr. Mike, is taking a bath/shower when sleep-deprived or having no sleep at all safe to our health? Is it a hoax that taking a bath/shower when sleep-deprived harmful to the eyes or causes blindness? We also have this superstitious belief that taking a bath/shower when sleep-deprived causes loss of blood for about a cup, and causes stroke. ENLIGHTEN MEEEEEEEE

    Ah Zhai LiuAh Zhai Liu15 soat oldin
  • Can you please do a video on migraines👏🏼👏🏼

    Madison BeckerMadison Becker21 soat oldin
  • Woot

    Allison BaileyAllison BaileyKun oldin
  • Hi Doctor Mike, I truly love your videos.😊 Question: Imagine that a person is seek but really wants to get better. Can this mental state speed up the recovery? Obviously is not the cure but can it influence the process? You should come to Portugal, it's a beautiful country I think you would love it.

    Beatriz GonçalvesBeatriz GonçalvesKun oldin
  • "Does chocolate really cause acne?" Getting add full of candy's

    Kin StaKin StaKun oldin
  • It's almost 3 months since I've had COVID. My sense of smelling and tasting is back but distorted. My favourite perfume smells like a tacky copy (to me). Should I worry or wait? Hugs from Argentina.🇦🇷🇦🇷♥️ Yesica

    yes yesyes yesKun oldin
  • Is it bad that I catch a whole cold, sore throat and everything, from being by a fan or AC too long?

    Ashley FrancisAshley FrancisKun oldin
  • everyone: Why is he so prefect? Dr.Mike: BaNK OpEn On Tuesday FoLKs!

    Kami DamiKami DamiKun oldin
  • More like the 5 nano second rule

    Ben Tv HowmanBen Tv Howman2 kun oldin
  • Why do antibiotics make birth control ineffective?

    Hia hara bearaHia hara beara2 kun oldin
  • Why should you not take a hot shower immediately after vigorous exercise?

    Hia hara bearaHia hara beara2 kun oldin
  • Question: I noticed my heart rate speeds up when I breath in and slows down when I breath out. Should I tell my doctor?

    Hia hara bearaHia hara beara2 kun oldin
  • your very handsome I and my friends would like to marry you :)

    Elnaz EntesarElnaz Entesar2 kun oldin
  • A lot of times when I nap, usually after the morning school hours, as soon as I start drifting away to sleep, my head starts hurting very sharply for like 3-5 seconds, and I begin waking up, but I cannot move, I am paralyzed and in pain for those 5 seconds. Usually because I'm sleepy, i start falling asleep again, and the same thing happens again over and over. Why?

    Main AccountMain Account2 kun oldin
  • Can you please do a video on fitness supplements? What is really needed and what can our body provide on our own. Seriously it’s one of these things that non-medical-professionals sell us because we try to be healthy and we just don’t know better. At least I don’t. Thx for your great content!

    VloraVlora2 kun oldin
  • What are the causes of hair loss ? is it dreadful if it happens to a kid or a teenager ?

    Khokha LachachiKhokha Lachachi2 kun oldin
  • Hey Dr. Ive heard that we shouldn't use any kind of tool for cleaning our ears such as cotton buds, spiral ear-pick spoon, swab ear wax remover. Why is it unsafe. Please, please explain further. I've been using those things.

    janifah badiojanifah badio2 kun oldin
  • Wondering if you can talk about end of life options in the hospital? Especially on my mind because of COVID. :/ Thank you!

    europegirlh2oeuropegirlh2o2 kun oldin
  • How do I get rid of muscle knots. They hurt so bad

    Karla CastilloKarla Castillo2 kun oldin
  • Can you explain ADHD and schizophrenia being linked and what genetics have to do with them?

    Stel uwuStel uwu3 kun oldin
  • Hey Doctor Mike, I was wondering what your general take on students and homework is. Do you think they are often assigned too much? Should homework not exist? Thoughts? How much homework TOTAL per night do you think is appropriate for a high school student? I have many friends who wake up early, are sitting in school/zoom classed all day, and then even after hours must sit even longer and do several hours of schoolwork well into the night, so they're losing sleep, have little time for hobbies and other activities, and feel extremely stressed and overwhelmed. Even myself while in public often felt like I was drowning in something that I didn't have much of a choice to do, and ended up crying to my parents multiple times halfway through freshman year asking to be homeschooled because the stress and how little time I was having to myself (especially as an introvert) was too much.

    Jillian HopkinsJillian Hopkins3 kun oldin
  • I completely believe chocolate causes acne, in fact theres no question in my mind. I was on keto diet paired with 18 hour intermittent fasting. I did this for 70 days (and counting). I haven't cheated on the diet, and all of my acne, for the first time in my life went away. Then around day 45 I introduced one new thing, dark chocolate 90% cocoa, and after a few days its started popping up. I could feel the sebum production increase, and all the inflammation came back after a couple weeks.

    Sarah Mayoral-OsmolskiSarah Mayoral-Osmolski3 kun oldin
  • when can my acne stop because I popped a pimple and 5 minutes later blood was dripping from that spot

    Builder TrickBuilder Trick3 kun oldin
  • today i put a rock in my mouth as a dare... am i ok

    Anna DavisonAnna Davison3 kun oldin
  • Should I wash my chicken?

    Emmanuel AlonsoEmmanuel Alonso4 kun oldin
  • Question: What are the benefits and disadvantages of Testosterone for trans folk? I'm nearly 18 and want to start my transition soon, so I want to understand it better.

    Karl DoesThingsKarl DoesThings4 kun oldin
  • I’m trying to listen but all I’m seeing is triceps and it’s incredibly distracting

    ER122333ER1223334 kun oldin
  • I have a family history of back problems, what should I be doing to keep my back in good condition?

    VloggettsVloggetts4 kun oldin
  • i love how he explains things in a way idiots can understand

    Maxy MooMaxy Moo5 kun oldin
  • Question to Doctor Mike, Why do I feel like fainting after a workout?

    Kisara KaushadiKisara Kaushadi6 kun oldin
  • Doctor, I have a question related with backbone disorientation (I think😂). So, my back bone is a bit tilted (not straight), hence my waists might seem a bit unbalanced right and left. It's not that obvious, but it is when i'm not wearing a shirt or if I wear really tight clothes. I also realized that I have the tendency of unconsciously tilting my body to the left while sitting down (when i'm not sitting up straight). What should I do to make my back bone straight again?

    Patricia KiarraaPatricia Kiarraa6 kun oldin
  • Wow at least I'm laughing and learning at same time

    MsFortunateGtMsFortunateGt6 kun oldin
  • Question I have nose bleeds at least 3 times a month when I went to the hospital and got a nasal spray it did not do anything I was wondering if I should be worried ( I'm 13 if that's important) please like so that dr. Mike can see this love the vids.

    Shiny AbbadShiny Abbad6 kun oldin
  • When he put that spinning effect my eyes also spun-

    Nazhla BrillantesNazhla Brillantes6 kun oldin
  • 0:44 that’s like me trying to pronounce medical words and conditions

    Karen XianKaren Xian7 kun oldin
  • I have a question. So I have ADHD and I have to take the medicine (methylphenidate) and do you think there will ever be an ADHD med without the awful tradeoff of you having zero appetite?

    Panda TymePanda Tyme7 kun oldin
  • Does doing exercises at night then sleep afterwards harms my body?

    Kyla MaristelaKyla Maristela7 kun oldin
  • I am the average weight for my age, eat healthy but have a big stomach. At first I thought it was just bloated but I have had it for a few months now, what should I do?

    Denisaur RoarDenisaur Roar8 kun oldin
  • Vancomycin resistant

    Adhya RenugaAdhya Renuga8 kun oldin
  • This doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes when I sneeze, the back of my head starts hurting really bad for a bit. It goes away quickly, but what could be causing it?

    Marc AwaadMarc Awaad8 kun oldin
    • You may be sneezing too hard it has happened to me before when I've sneezed too hard.

      Mikayla MorrisseyMikayla Morrissey6 kun oldin
  • 120 ?! The zoomers won't get to die from old age Mike. #thatgotdark

    Teragauss CuddleTeragauss Cuddle8 kun oldin
  • Have you ever received a gift form a grateful patient? Is it ok to accept a gift from a patient and if so what kind of gift would be acceptable? I binge watch your videos Mike, you are such a friendly person 😊

    ILoveHimDeeplyILoveHimDeeply9 kun oldin
  • Can you make a video with a dermatologist 😊

    Belinda JaneBelinda Jane9 kun oldin
  • i have 0 melonin andi never get a about being the white as snow ever day of the year x'D

    charles Spurlockcharles Spurlock9 kun oldin
  • why did i have to read pimples as pineapples 💀😭

    bad bleepbad bleep9 kun oldin
  • Doctor Mike! Derm here - burning without tanning has nothing to do with the NUMBER of melanocytes, and everything to do with MC1R receptors (that respond time MSH) and the enzymatic machinery that is responsible for pigmentation and formation of melanosomes. Also some newer papers out there are findings stronger evidence for high glycemic foods linked to acne (as you talked about), but also there is an association with skim milk (not partial fat or whole milk). Keep up the grind my dude

    Nicholas LoweNicholas Lowe9 kun oldin
    • Last note about melanocytes - all ethnicities have exactly the same number believe it or not.

      Nicholas LoweNicholas Lowe9 kun oldin
  • question: could you possibly give a definition about the auto immune disease HSP (Henoch-Schönlein purpura)? i just want more people to be aware of this since its not very common

    Oreo2673Oreo26739 kun oldin
  • In Sweden, when you call 112 (“911”) they can guide you through CPR while the ambulance is on its way.

    Katrus91Katrus9110 kun oldin
  • 4:53 nice ten dollars doc

    Semih KartalSemih Kartal10 kun oldin
  • I love Chocolate and I eat it everyday. I can like have 3 bars in one day. It’s like an addiction. Is there a connection between too much chocolate and diabetes?

    Emily MakecheEmily Makeche10 kun oldin
  • 0:35 I knew it! It's okay to be white :D

    YippieKayYayYippieKayYay10 kun oldin
  • Nacho cheese honestly makes my face so red and blotchy that it looks like im in the middle of a chemical peel!, Only nacho cheese though, no other brands do it lol. Its so strange.

    Alana TudhopeAlana Tudhope10 kun oldin
    • Maybe an allergy

      Karen XianKaren Xian7 kun oldin
  • "I want you to be the longest living person on Earth" bruh that was so sweeeeettt

    Thia Lee MaeThia Lee Mae10 kun oldin
  • Question for Dr. Mike: I really want to go into medicine either nursing or paramedic however I suffer from dyslexia so I struggle with my reading and writing as it’s quite slow. I’ve work really hard and am able to get the grades I need but am unsure if it’s sill the right decision for me.

    Katie CookKatie Cook10 kun oldin
  • Hi Doctor Mike! It's gonna be a question everyone thinks, but are afraid to ask. Is masturbation good, bad or neutral for your health?

    EpiqurEpiqur10 kun oldin
  • Dr Mike ..i hv a question for uh ..when im on my periods its like a hell for me ........i know in periods generally girls and women do have pains but for me its like ...i dont know how to describe ..there's a lot of pain in stomach, my hands and legs ,even my back my whole body undergoes a lot lot lot lot of pain contrast there are people who doesnt have any menstural pains .like they behave very normal as if they are in their normal days ....even though i eat healthy and very less junk food i have to suffer those 3 days of my periods .....what is the difference between who doesnot have pain n who suffers like hell on periods and also will u like to suggest me something that i should do to reduce my menstural pain ............waiting for ur reply .....

    Divya SolankiDivya Solanki10 kun oldin
  • Is male baldness reversible? Is there any way to prevent it?

    Iva SubasicIva Subasic11 kun oldin
  • Hi Doctor Mike, sometimes I cant properly move my pinky, it just stay on one position and I need to use my second hand to move it to position where I can move it again, I had some injury (not broken, only impact) in maybe a year or two ago, but I didnt visited a doctor with it, should I do it now or is it normal

    jirka mlokjirka mlok11 kun oldin
    • oh yeah, and sorry for the english :D

      jirka mlokjirka mlok11 kun oldin
  • Well i stopped drinking dairy milk and stopped having zits. I still have acne, just not zits, which were the worst of the acne anyway.

    ZoingeroniZoingeroni11 kun oldin
  • It's so funny to me that Dr. Mike mentioned reading that book because I just watched a lecture from my psych professor where she recommended the same book lmaoo

    citizen of carat landcitizen of carat land11 kun oldin
  • Why do I randomly burp? (Sometimes when I consume something like water and sometimes out of nowhere)

    Julia FrancisJulia Francis11 kun oldin
  • 4:26 i feel dizzy

    Mingyuen LinMingyuen Lin11 kun oldin
  • Are you a real docter?

    Mingyuen LinMingyuen Lin11 kun oldin
  • Hey doctor mike! Could you please discuss nail biting? What are the long-term health risks, and how do you stop? I don't think many people know about this topic. Thanks!

    Lars LundervoldLars Lundervold11 kun oldin
  • Eating a piece of chocolate doesn't do much for me, but if I eat the whole bar then 100% of the times at least 3 big pimples will appear xD That is the only time I get big pimples on my face (apart from those little pimples in my forehead because of my bangs and the oils of my hair)

    Karma CiferKarma Cifer11 kun oldin
  • here's my question: why do I feel hungry very often? for example, today I woke up at 12pm, ate breakfast around 12-1pm and ate an apple at 3pm; it's 3:50pm and I feel that hunger feeling in my stomach, lol

    LucasLucas11 kun oldin
  • Hiiiii, as a med student I'm really interested in alternative medicine, using herbs and such stuff in therapy... so, if you could share your thoughts on alternative medicine and also recommend some literature?

    Iva SubasicIva Subasic11 kun oldin
  • next time you do a responding to comments. How come I can't eat breakfast before 9 am because if I do I get really bad (to the point where I wanna cry sometimes) cramps and diarrhea? This used to never happen btw

    Natalia IsabellaNatalia Isabella11 kun oldin
  • Sometimes I wake up with my jaw almost locked up. No pain, and it's not the muscles, it's the actual joint. But it can be really locked up. Usually goes away after a while, or after I force my jaw open (accompanied by rather severe pop, but not really any pain). Almost like it's slightly dislocated or something. Any ideas?

    Christian PoynterChristian Poynter11 kun oldin
  • Hi Dr. Mike. I have allergic rhinitis and I'm followed by a doctor. I use a spray twice a day every day and I also have SOS pills in case I feel worse. From time to time, I wake up with sputum in my throat, and I end up coughing and spitting it. Is there anything I can do to help with that? Thank you so much for all your work!

    Beatriz MurteiraBeatriz Murteira11 kun oldin
  • Hey mike just wanted to let you know it got changed from pulse to are they breathing because they found that most people could not even find their own pulse

    ryan johnsonryan johnson12 kun oldin
  • And I want you to live upto 120 yrs...and you stay happy and healthy 😘♥️

  • Question: What should I do about really bad hand tremors? I’m only 19, but I have anxiety, I’m on psychiatric meds, on hrt (testosterone), and it can get worse if I don’t eat for awhile. I’m a painter, so it can really effect if I can work. But sometimes, there’s really nothing I can do to stop them.

    eli cathereli cather12 kun oldin
  • You heard it here first: Chocolate is nutrient. 😜 7:07 I now have a reason to eat chocolate daily.

    LadyDerpsALot -LadyDerpsALot -12 kun oldin
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    akansha agrawalakansha agrawal12 kun oldin
  • 6:34 I had a dermatologist told me to not eat chocolate, drink milk and eat cheese cause it'd cause me to eat ache 😅 kinda true I live a quite healthy lifestyle I excerxise a lot and sleep a lot but everytime I had chocolate I'd get achne

    KingNat5KingNat512 kun oldin
  • Is there any long term change of lifestyle after gall bladder removal surgery?

    Vj ShreeVj Shree12 kun oldin
  • Is there a specific exercise or diet to help grow taller?

    Nick gamesNick games12 kun oldin
  • I get mild acne from everything, even from fasting

    Nicolai VelikiNicolai Veliki12 kun oldin
  • He called chocolate a "nutrient" My life is forever changed

    Hope ElizabethHope Elizabeth12 kun oldin
  • Why do I tan, I'm really pail, so I thought I should sunburn more than tan

    Kwhite WinterKwhite Winter13 kun oldin
  • Is it safe to use earplugs when sleeping? Or what are the effects of using earplug for a long period of time??

    Denzel panchoDenzel pancho13 kun oldin
  • “When you’re investing in your intelligence that’s when you’re going to get the most returns” is the sexiest thing you have ever said on this channel.

    Ilena LoveIlena Love13 kun oldin
  • Wow school has just set me up for a ton of acne, not enough sleep and stress 😄🔫

    Soap_hyenaSoap_hyena13 kun oldin
  • "Fast is reactive emotional thinking". I don't know if is true but I've heard that women thinks faster than men

    Niko GNiko G13 kun oldin
  • yeet hay causes acne. #fact

    HollowPencilHollowPencil13 kun oldin
  • I got a ear infection and I loss my hearing in that ear and that ear infection is gone but I still can’t hear out or the ear I got the ear infection .Have I loss my hear permanently?

    XxsavvanahxXXxsavvanahxX14 kun oldin
  • Hello! Love these vids, some good questions you are answering that I didn't even know I needed answers for. I have one about a situation I was in myself. I had a tonic clonic seizure two years ago, at age 25, never had one before. Was diagnosed with epilepsy based on EEGs I took after. What could be causing this adult onset epilepsy? I am relatively healthy, but struggle mentally, could this cause it?

    Kitten'sPlaypenKitten'sPlaypen14 kun oldin
  • Had a question I was wondering about a bit. Have you had any medical emergencies or chronic/severe diseases yourself? If so, what was it/what happened, and how did you feel about it?

    Kitten'sPlaypenKitten'sPlaypen14 kun oldin
  • That opening is so nice 🥺 I miss hugs, haven’t had any all year because covid.

    Amirah AAmirah A14 kun oldin
  • My favorite words of the video "bee woop"

    Charitie RuizCharitie Ruiz14 kun oldin
  • My friend has hyper-sensitive skin, what causes it and why does he have it? Love your channel btw!

    Wake Up SunshineWake Up Sunshine14 kun oldin
  • I just received my copy of thinking fast and slow. I was excited to read now I’m ecstatic because I’m about to read something you read 😍😍

    Celeste CastilloCeleste Castillo14 kun oldin
  • I have just started watching your videos from today.. And it's truly informative.

    Annie AbrahamAnnie Abraham15 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike, is there a difference between PCOS and PCOD?

    Durga BaiDurga Bai15 kun oldin
  • 5:11 If my 9-13 year old self saw this: 🤦🏼‍♀️ where has this been f*ck I’ve had this happen for years and I never heard anything about this 😩😩😩

    Aliyah BantaAliyah Banta15 kun oldin