These Doctors Are RECKLESS & WRONG.

29-Apr, 2020
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Originally, I did not want to respond to this press conference as I thought it would only bring more attention to the misinformation presented. However, after the quick spread of the video (even people in my hospital asked about it), I decided to film this quick response. Believe me, there were A LOT more flaws in the 60-minute presentation but I did not think nit-picking all the inaccuracies would be interesting or necessary. America certainly should begin the reopening process but it needs to be done in a smart & strategic manner without politicizing the facts.
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If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review/Responding to comments Series in a couple of weeks, so please submit more names of shows/questions you'd like for me to watch/answer. I love you all! - Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Doctor parrot

    R CR C6 soat oldin
  • The two doctors were right in their facts..

    SeptellSeptell10 soat oldin
  • 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ I can't believe you actually took time to go against professional doctors that speaks the truth...this video is not helpful at all...

    Jacqueline GagnoJacqueline GagnoKun oldin
  • Nothing compelling here. More data collected since this video was uploaded and those two doctors are looking more accurate every day that goes by. I wonder if Dr. Mike will change his opinion?

    Frank AyarsFrank Ayars2 kun oldin
  • Welp, this aged well 🤦‍♂️😂

    Ruben HuertaRuben Huerta2 kun oldin
  • I could believe someone like you only if I had half a neuron left

    Luigi MaggiLuigi Maggi2 kun oldin
  • So they were mostly right all along so wtf man?

    Matthew SnyderMatthew Snyder4 kun oldin
  • I SUPPORT and theses DOCTOR'S ... the FACTS speak for itself ~ Thank you Dr. Erickson

    Carol ZielinskiCarol Zielinski5 kun oldin
  • 0:43 They were right then, they are right now, and the more time goes on, the more people are realizing it.

    Mary AntonioMary Antonio5 kun oldin
  • Looks like they were dead on huh? How does that taste?

    Frank AddingtonFrank Addington5 kun oldin
  • Then explain why so many dead people are being counted as covid19 deaths when in fact they died by anything BUT covid19.

    Andro SantosAndro Santos6 kun oldin

  • You are going to Hell Doctor mike ! Google/youtube scrubs these guys video from the internet and paid shills like you then try to discredit them. Their voice is silenced AND you try to trash them. You are a jerk.

    J DriverJ Driver6 kun oldin
  • I'm super pumped Dr Mike is concerned with people contracting the virus. Pretty bummed, however, that the mental health issues that have arose, and killed people I know from not having a job/money, is not really on his radar. If only the US was more like Sweden.

    Adam HAdam H6 kun oldin
  • wrong infatuated teenager doc.

    danut ilasciucdanut ilasciuc7 kun oldin
  • Feel free to state a “correction”video when your ego allows it, Dr. Mike. Cuz this didn’t age well, as it turns out.

    Adrian GarciaAdrian Garcia8 kun oldin
  • Can you dissect this video of what happened to this individual account. I have heard so many stories like this one. And sadly to say 2 that have passed away because of Covid19 restrictions.

    Matthew C. OliphantMatthew C. Oliphant10 kun oldin
  • Bunch of groupies in the comments that believe whatever this guy says lol. Wtf is “peewoop” is this a science show for children?

    Nateure ONateure O10 kun oldin
  • Those doctors are right and don’t deserve these attacks on their reputation, what are we in communist China where the government threatens your career and used the media to assassinate your character if you disagree with authority and have your own mind? I don’t know if this “doctor mike” guy is some paid off jackass who wants local businesses to keep struggling from lockdown and the suicide rates to keep going up. People with cancer and asthma aren’t even being allowed access to treatment because of these draconian bullshit covid restrictions-or maybe he has good intentions and is just completely misinformed. “These doctors are reckless and dangerous”........ yeah we can tell by the title that a rational mind produced this material and not someone emotional and biased by a worldview they defend as their identity. Asymptomatic people are carriers of less infectious and less severe forms of the virus, that’s why they’re asymptomatic, they’re immune system has it taken care of and they’ve produced antigens or antibodies. So they’re also less likely to be infectious to others, since they obviously carry a non-sever virus. Let healthy people live, you don’t quarantine the healthy, that makes no sense. Let us build immunity. All you are doing is shielding yourself off from development, your immune system is dependent on exposure and experience!

    Nateure ONateure O10 kun oldin
  • You can also artificially raise the death rate!

    Mr. Nielsen PEMr. Nielsen PE11 kun oldin
  • No, you’re wrong and the true doctors are right.

    Miss OpalMiss Opal11 kun oldin
    • @Ola Ogunleye Okay sheep

      Miss OpalMiss Opal4 kun oldin
    • Nope!

      Ola OgunleyeOla Ogunleye4 kun oldin
  • Has this Doctor ever realized he is a coward, and is using his profession to manipulate the rest of society to live in fear. Shame on him.

    Condor1970Condor197011 kun oldin
  • All their points were correct!

    Martin DinesMartin Dines12 kun oldin
  • And Why should we believe you. Dem rat

    marcia rmarcia r12 kun oldin
  • They are saying 70,000 - 100,000 people would still be alive if certain things were allowed... would you agree to debate these individuals Dr. Fauci? Who knows who is right but the AMERICAN people DESERVE to see both arguments at once....

    Jimmy LynhamJimmy Lynham12 kun oldin
  • Wonder what THOSE doctors there say about the Virus....since their video was taken down and not allowed on youtube..... hmmm?

    Jimmy LynhamJimmy Lynham12 kun oldin
  • Doctor Mike what exactly is your argument? They had documents and statistics based upon their clinic experience and got their video removed by youtube for speaking out. How many other doctors are forced to insert "covid" into the death certificate for some extra cash in their pockets. We all know where this virus came from and whiy?

    Chris PsaltisChris Psaltis13 kun oldin
  • It looks like Mike got it wrong.

    Thomas BennerThomas Benner13 kun oldin
    • Yes, he did.

      Chris PsaltisChris Psaltis13 kun oldin
  • Are you ready to apologize to these 2 doctors after they proved that the info was actually correct...... the CDC has had to walk-back their info.... or at least say that the doctors were correct on speaking out -- because the Govt has been wrong every time.

    Rosalind BudellRosalind Budell14 kun oldin
  • Conclusion - you are spreading more disinformation than the two doctors you were criticising - and your agenda is to promote vaccines. YOU are exposed.

    Fr zeFr ze14 kun oldin
  • And then you end up by urging is to wait for a vaccine. Most vaccines do not work and here you are trying to persuade us to wait for a vaccine. Sorry - I think you are trying to mislead us.

    Fr zeFr ze15 kun oldin
  • You also said that the spread of covid is 2 to 3 times faster than the flu - where is your evidence - all the hospitals are empty of covid patients and nobody is dying - and in my neck of the woods I have never met anybody who has had covid... but I know many people who have had the flu. It seems to me that you are pushing a false narrative to counter what seems to be a valid and reasonable claim by two doctors that have no financial incentive to talk up their position.

    Fr zeFr ze15 kun oldin
  • You are doing what you are accusing them of doing - you are making invalid assumptions. Their approach seems more realistic than yours - so I am sticking with their assessment that covid 19 is NOT the killer disease that is being claimed.

    Fr zeFr ze15 kun oldin
  • You said ' divide the number of people who died of covid 19 by the number of people infected' blah blah blah - how can you do that when nobody knows how many people have been infected?

    Fr zeFr ze15 kun oldin
  • Why are there so many people who think that Covid isnt that bad? I legit dont understand this and coming from someone who has asthma(me) i feel like its even worse from what i hear about the illness. Someone explain to me why there is a very big population of people who think other doctors who go against these Emergency responders are in it for the money or are communists. So idiotic to hear people openly agree with those 2 doctors...

    Akira YangAkira Yang16 kun oldin
  • Turns out the 99.8 % survival rate was true but you probably haven’t said nothing about that

    Cyrus CcclxixCyrus Ccclxix16 kun oldin
  • Oh yeah that’s why you look richer then them both doctors but one who says what they want gets paid more I bet. Quit with corruption 😑😑😑😑😑😑

    Cyrus CcclxixCyrus Ccclxix16 kun oldin
  • Where’s “dr.” Mike now? He cashed in and he’s not making public appearances anymore?

    MarinchicaMarinchica17 kun oldin
  • This video by Doctor Mike has since been shown as *_bunk_* and the doctors he assails as *_vindicated._*

    ※ Shulamitefire ※ Incendiumata Amoriolio ※※ Shulamitefire ※ Incendiumata Amoriolio ※18 kun oldin
  • Especially with the court case the governors have lost, this has not aged well at all. Sorry Doctor Mike. You are completely wrong on this one. Other court cases are pending in many other places, including Canada, and the evidence in those is even stronger for the case that COVID was absolutely overblown and trampled on civil rights in a way that should have NEVER been allowed. We've had the same problem with the military. Yes they are experts in warfare, but everything to them looks like a nail to be hammered. Same for doctors, the appeal to safteyism (which is a serious issue that has made our culture INCREDIBLY more unsafe ironically..) doesn't allow them to see what else is being destroyed with policies.

    PraxPrax18 kun oldin
  • doctor mike vs doctor ben tapper... tbh i agree w tapper but id be interested in a good debate

    Ray LinkmanRay Linkman19 kun oldin
  • Honestly you're the only doctor that I trust. I see so many people on the media that claims so many different things, yet they don't give any sources nor do they express themselves in order for everyone to understand like you do. So it's hard to know what to believe or not.

    AnneGiiiAnneGiii20 kun oldin
    • why the need too trust anybody? question everything.

      Hare BrahsHare Brahs19 kun oldin
  • As the time passes, the opinions of the two doctors are proving to be accurate! Your comments about the two doctors is what's reckless and irresponsible.

    A. Maurice RogersA. Maurice Rogers20 kun oldin
  • Great we are deleting comments now ? 😂

    Basketball FanBasketball Fan21 kun oldin
  • Covid is fastly approaching old news status, and TRUMP will win the election in November.

    Jim BorghiniJim Borghini22 kun oldin
  • No bee-woop. Yep he’s upset. I don’t like seeing him upset, he needs a hug.

    Joy HaswellJoy Haswell22 kun oldin
  • this Mike is blind........

    Idil OsIdil Os23 kun oldin
  • HONEST doctors are like -- they are telling the truth, they are teaching you, they are helping you learn how to help yourself. NEP #51 Dr Northrup and Prof Cahill on the Frontline of Medical Tyranny

    C0gitoZ33 DroidC0gitoZ33 Droid24 kun oldin
  • Glad to know you’re working with the gov.

    Chris ThompsonChris Thompson24 kun oldin
  • Here's another doctor talking about plandemic

    ShreeramShreeram24 kun oldin
  • I love how were suppose to automatically believe videos like this LMAO

    Robert SpiesRobert Spies25 kun oldin
  • The title tells u these doctors are telling the truth

    Robert SpiesRobert Spies25 kun oldin
  • Listen Dr. Harry Potter, if I'm placing bets, I'm betting on those 2 doctors. They're communicating mostly their own personal experiences, you're communicating mostly theoreticals....yeah? Btw you need to put your mask on

    James KnappJames Knapp25 kun oldin
  • Shut up Mike

    Y AY A25 kun oldin
  • thanks for saying we stupid

    noneofyour bussinessnoneofyour bussiness26 kun oldin
  • Puppet mike...youre a POS...your just a youtuber...nothing more

    Becoming The Change BtcBecoming The Change Btc26 kun oldin
  • Hey! It looks like Dr Ericsson was right all along. CDC just admitted that the mortality rate is less than .1%. FU to YT and FB for censoring the truth.

    Geoffrey LevineGeoffrey Levine26 kun oldin
  • dr douchebag

    ma gima gi26 kun oldin
  • "these people are dangerous.. these people are killing people..", yeah.. you do not have the data too prove your stance, so you shut down every other theories. that is not science. that is totalitarianism.

    Hare BrahsHare Brahs28 kun oldin
  • based on the recent CDC report re: covid virulency after all these months of testing, this video has now been debunked & the 2 doctor's statements have proven to be true; the CDC presented conclusive evidence that less than 6% (& which happens to be the # in question) of those that were alleged covid victims were so directly because of covid, while the overwhelming majority (over 94%) actually succumbed to a previously held health condition..

    Salim SerranoSalim Serrano29 kun oldin
    • @Ola Ogunleye , i've noticed that by your last name, you may be nigerian; have you taken a look at the hero nigerian woman doctor who a couple months ago became a viral sensation where, from the steps of the US capitol, she along with other top scientists denounced the blatant censorship of american social media through their protocols that had been shown to be effective even though going against that conventional 'wisdom' such as the one you have wielded here?..

      Salim SerranoSalim Serrano2 kun oldin
    • @Ola Ogunleye And i really wonder why you have so much faith in gov't.

      Jim BorghiniJim Borghini4 kun oldin
    • Ola Ogunleye i had a friend of mine die from an aneurysm in June and he tested positive for the virus (despite no symptoms) and they listed covid 19 on his death certificate. And I also know of a lady who’s husband suffered from PTSD and he committed suicide, and was listed as a covid death. Doctor Fauci and birx think the death toll is inflated by 30%....I disagree, I think they’re inflated by more then 50%. The deaths are severely inflated. Change my mind.

      sdaftermath123sdaftermath1234 kun oldin
    • Y'all just believe everything you see on Facebook, huh?! Do y'all even read?!? HERE is a thorough breakdown of what the CDC ACTUALLY SAID:

      Ola OgunleyeOla Ogunleye4 kun oldin
    • I really wonder...when y'all spread misinformation and LIE like you like it? Does it make you feel good? That claim is NOT TRUE and you are BLATANTLY misinterpreting the CDC. Learn the term COMORBIDITY!! JESUS CHRIST!! The CDC meant that 94% percent of people DID DIE from covid-19...but they also HAD HEALTH CONDITIONS THAT CONTRIBUTED TO THEIR DEATH......Meaning the thousands of people who HAD COVID then developed respiratory failure and died. OR those that HAD COVID then got pneumonia and then died. This percentage also included people with preexisting conditions who CONTRACTED/DIED of people with severe diabetes, obesity, immune problems. Dr. Mike is STILL right!! And those 2 doctors are STILL wrong! @Jim Borghini @sdaftermath123

      Ola OgunleyeOla Ogunleye4 kun oldin
  • not more dangerous than flu, lockdowns made everything worse! My family has to deal with bullshit because of government slave covidiots. This guy is a scammer. MORE SUICIDES SINCE LOCKDOWN THAN COVID DEATHS

    marcus omarcus oOy oldin
  • ACTUALLY DO YOUR EPIDEMIOLOGY, MICROBIOLOGY, VIROLOGY, AND IMMUNOLOGY HOMEWORK. Research Kary Mullis and what he was saying at meetings discussing how to deal with HIV.

    marcus omarcus oOy oldin
    • Btw I don’t care if you use my references, we have to educate ourselves so we don’t end up fighting each other and allowing government to take the freedoms of ever human(not just white people-I’m clarifying for the racially obsessed who might read this)... and the whole time it’s over bullshit like Germ OCD. Really, more ppl dying from suicide and not having access to cancer medication than from this supposed “deadly virus.” Get real, you’re just a fake image surface level mask, where is the genuine compassion? I don’t see it, all I hear from you is fear and no love

      marcus omarcus o26 kun oldin
    • He does not do his homework. He's past med school

      Snowflake The CatSnowflake The Cat26 kun oldin
  • It is surprising (not so much) that they interviewed for med schools, residencies, and became Doctors

    Tenzin JigmeTenzin JigmeOy oldin
  • in my country, Dominican Republic, all diseases have disappeared, people only get sick and die from covid 19, it does not matter what disease the person who goes to the hospital has, because the diagnosis will always be covid 19, in this way they make this false disease grow with false data.

    RafaelRafaelOy oldin
  • 99.7% full recovery

    Mr. KelownaMr. KelownaOy oldin
  • F Don’t be fooled. A He is one. G And I got away with calling him one on youtube.

    JLT YesJLT YesOy oldin
  • Reckless and wrong huh? Says who? You?

    Jason HudsonJason HudsonOy oldin
  • You lost me at people being infected. The infection rate is irrelevant if the population thats infected can combat the infection without hospitalization poses no demand on the hospitalization rate. The key is that emergency rooms are not overrun, but we shut down a 4 trillion $ economy. Why? Is this guy a real doctor or dressed as one. Thank you UZworld for giving us an opinion, while restricting another. That’s called Facism. Besides I thought it was flattening they curve, the goal post change so Governor’s can rule like they did before 1776.

    Jam SessionJam SessionOy oldin
  • I’ve known one person who had Covid-19 and they recovered within 10 days. Maybe you’re wrong Dr..Mike?

    Jon D. LockeJon D. LockeOy oldin
    • 99.7% recovery in 48 hours

      Mr. KelownaMr. KelownaOy oldin
  • Good job comrade! You made The State proud!

    Trevor HodgeTrevor HodgeOy oldin
  • Headline are making youtube banning their video and putting your propaganda instead.

    Marius MMarius MOy oldin
  • So,you are the smart doctor,right ? Why do you need make money on youtube than ?

    Kolousek GmailKolousek GmailOy oldin
  • Ahahahha their 4 claims were actually accurate and right 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    EyeswideshutEyeswideshutOy oldin
  • Where’s the peewoop, doctor mike? WHERES THE PEEWOOP!?!?

    TheMystic32TheMystic32Oy oldin
  • This video should be ridiculed for being totally wrong, and this guy should be imprisoned for lying to the public.

    dolly Slavedolly SlaveOy oldin
  • Ok, Dr. Mike, with the new statistics gathered of the time since this video was made, do you still think we need to continue the lockdown as young people commit suicide as fast as local businesses close forever?

    Sasha FairywrenSasha FairywrenOy oldin
    • Why does dr Mike remind me of one of those soy boy clowns who still believe Trump collaborated with the Russians to steal the election?? If you don't believe everything dr Mikey says you're a fascist and a conspiracy nut.

      crafty litigatorcrafty litigator3 kun oldin
    • @theskateboardfan Lol, according to the videos you labeled as "truth" your playlists you are susceptible to ANY narrative people place in front of your face?! Flat Earth, really?! Dr. Mike, while he didn't go in depth, is trying to combat misinformation. Nothing he said was wrong. The "evil" you see in his eyes is because you have been indoctrinated to believe nonsense, and think uncritically. Good day.

      Ola OgunleyeOla Ogunleye4 kun oldin
    • I wish I couldn't see it but I see such evil intent in the eyes of Dr. Mike. I don't mind people being innocent and speaking from their heart. When they are wrong it was with good intentions, but Dr. Mike has malice in his eyes. It is frightening.

      theskateboardfantheskateboardfan6 kun oldin
  • I called b's on this months ago. My city has almost 12000 cases, not even 150 are in the hospital. What's worse is you treat Fauci like a celebrity when he lied about masks, he withholds information from people as well. Look the fact that Fauci n the media never told people catching covid from surfaces is rare, when has there been a case of anyone catching covid via a surface The media suddenly says covid is airborne, Dr Michael Osterholm said that months ago. Where's your video on how immunity to covid is likely long lasting, or that drug trump touts seems to work in Europe yet here we use toxicl evels

    Mider999Mider999Oy oldin
  • How much money did you get bribed with.

    CynthiaCynthiaOy oldin

    Lory WakesLory WakesOy oldin
  • Dr Dan Erikson, never called the virus "mild", as you stated here.

    Lisa HendersonLisa HendersonOy oldin
  • Where's your proof that CV19 preads 2-3 x faster than the flu? If you're going to discredit others at least present the research that supports your own argument.

    Lisa HendersonLisa HendersonOy oldin
  • Hi, Doctor Mike. 'Whoops?' I do hope that is your reaction because the data is begining to stack up in their favour. Not simply because you are probably wrong but the because of the language you used to disagree with them. And you're wrong about the reason for the lockdown. Looking at the UK, it is not disimilar. The original policy was mitigation, which was aimed at protecting the hospitals from being overrun. Mitigation is what Sweden has been doing. And this change within the UK and so many other countries was brought about by UK epidemiologist prof Ferguson who's models came up with horrendous figures. He said there should be lockdown to dramatically reduce the numbers. So, we have lockdown because of figures that are clearly way out (prof Ferguson has form on this, he did a similar thing with swine flu earlier in the century). In fact, because they were concerned about overload in hospitals, the UK built a temporary one - it saw just 12 patients and is now mothballed.

    Peter DowneyPeter DowneyOy oldin
  • And... who pays you ?

    bonkers 1bonkers 1Oy oldin
  • I think what drives me crazy being in the med field is people saying the virus is a conspiracy. UGH!!!

    Perri BreesePerri BreeseOy oldin
  • Shame on this guy. As more and more people are educating themselves on the realities of this virus, the more chance we have of seeing every doctor that perpetuated the fear narrative pay for their betrayal.

    TokiofritzTokiofritzOy oldin
  • Are you really a doctor!!. I feel sorry for your patients😊.

    Naasif AdamsNaasif AdamsOy oldin
  • good video comrade keep subverting the public and supressing truth

    ChaserTreeChaserTreeOy oldin
  • youre a fake

    ChaserTreeChaserTreeOy oldin
  • FYI: They are just as, or more, qualified as you are.

    jstrahan2jstrahan2Oy oldin
  • You should have a LIVE debate with them. Don't refute unless the other person is there to refute it back. Becuase it will become a biased video. Let's have a intellectual discussion.

    Clouds 369Clouds 369Oy oldin
  • And now the two doctors have been proved right.

    john reesjohn reesOy oldin
  • I just want to say that yes, alot of these doctor’s arguments were not logical but their conclusions weren’t totally wrong. Since there are people with covid-19 that are not showing symptoms there is a chance that the statistics are wrong (and therefore the mortality rate). Can we also take a moment to discuss the economical problems that Covid-19 is causing. I don’t live in the US so I can’t speak for that but in Sweden (where the lockdown barely even exists), tons of companies have been forced to close down (including the one I used to work at) or cut down on their employees, which is causing great problems for a lot of families. Don’t get me wrong I am no expert and am in no way trying to say that the US should change strategy I just strongly believe in discussing the whole picture.

    Klara SjöblomKlara SjöblomOy oldin
    • I totally agree with what you said, Klara.

      MrMarks101MrMarks101Kun oldin
    • you’re a reasonable person in a crowd of irrational robots

      marcus omarcus oOy oldin
  • I looked and used sources such as cdc and who to check if the statistics that they were claiming were true and they were currently using statistics from cdc (cuz they dont come out and say the death rate but they do give out the statistics to get it) at the point of the claims after using the cdc statistics it was true

    daddydaddyOy oldin
  • Who is this guy..mcdreamy or creamy... either way... those docs are right. This guy is being influenced by either big pharmacy or the CDC... $$$ just un subbed.

    Rikki RoxxRikki RoxxOy oldin
  • They were banned of youtube, youre not. I know which one of you to believe.

    Joe NicholsonJoe NicholsonOy oldin
  • Serious question. Here is a realistic premise: Waiting for a vaccine means social distancing, not leaving our homes, and wearing a mask for at least another year (vaccine isn't even available now so we're talking time to get it, time to give it to a large portion of the population, and time to let it build herd immunity). Does anyone else have a problem with knowing we'll be forced to wear masks and live inside and not be humans for years! We're literally realistically talking about years with the very realistic premise above, with how long these steps would realistically take. I am NOT ok with life continuously looking like this for my children, my toddler who is FORCED to wear a mask to go anywhere, my son who is forced to wear a mask for 8 hours a day at school. And recovery rate is very high (97-98% based on world o meters data) and death rate is so low (~1%) in most places. Hospitals in most places are not overrun, even here in Florida where cases are huge the hospitals in north florida are not overrun, and knowing that masks can still allow for transmission ( cloth masks don't give the same protection as N95s which people can't get). Seriously, can these concerns be discussed on a video because I have not seen anyone cover these questions, these concerns. I am not comfortable at all with the longterm expectations continually changing without an understanding of what goal we are even looking for...what is the goal the CDC and government have to get back to normal? I am truly starting to panic that this is our new life and I have to reject that notion but I see no facts to point toward any end, ever. Even with a vaccine, this is still a highly contagious virus and vaccines as Dr. Mike has pointed out won't fully protect everyone and even with herd immunity people will continue to get sick and die from this, basically this virus is here to stay with us like the Flu is still with us, so how do we move forward, knowing these things.

    Cristy BirdCristy BirdOy oldin
  • Dr. Mike. On Bill Gates payroll. 💰

    Delete BilderbergDelete BilderbergOy oldin
  • This video didn’t age well 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Neb AgritechNeb AgritechOy oldin
  • curious to hear an update on "buying time" -- do you really believe that elected officials are still not instilling fear to shut down and as you put it "nonsensical" I would love to hear an update on Covid discussion since its been months since I could find any topics here - Fauci interview really?

    CornerStone GroupCornerStone GroupOy oldin
  • Foods

    Zita ChZita ChOy oldin