Would You Trust A Doctor Dressed Like This?

29-Iyl, 2020
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A new study from the Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery came out recently and let’s just say… it wasn’t received well. The study aimed to identify “clearly unprofessional content” shared on social media by young vascular surgeons, such as HIPAA violations and criminal activity. Unfortunately, the study’s 3 male investigators also looked for “potentially unprofessional content” which included doctors posting photos holding alcoholic beverages and “provocative posing in bikinis/swimwear”. I was outraged by the gender bias in this study holding female doctors to a double standard, essentially saying if you’re a doctor or a woman in medicine you don’t get to enjoy legal activities such as having a glass of wine or taking a photo at the beach. I wasn’t alone, as the medical community on twitter came together with the hashtag #medbikini to denounce this study, and just the other day it was actually retracted by the journal. While that’s definitely a win, we need to continue to empower our medical professionals to live normal lives without fear of being authentic on social media, as it’s better for our mental health and truly helps us connect better with our patients.
Read the retracted study for yourself here: www.jvascsurg.org/action/showPdf?pii=S0741-5214%2819%2932587-X
Thank you to surgeon Dr. Daisy Sanchez (@ladaisysanchez) for allowing me to use her photo in our thumbnail!
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • OMG! I don't know where this research was done, but in Brazil it is common to see doctors on the beach drinking beer. Even in the company of patients. My father is a doctor, I have a lot of medical friends and this is not a problem here.

    Mel SalviMel Salvi10 soat oldin
  • I'm not a doctor, but I don't like having a photo taken with alcohol around.

    PaulxlPaulxl12 soat oldin
  • Imagine dying on a beach surrounded by doctors that didn't help you because they weren't dress appropriately enough to save your life.

    LaTasha BrownLaTasha Brown12 soat oldin
  • Dr. Mike how about your opinion about doctors who are trying to correct misinformation and educate people being sued for defamation of those people who are spreading misinformation?

    Sherry RamirezSherry Ramirez14 soat oldin
  • This "unprofessional" is buttload level of hypocrisy🙄.

    Broccoli WizardBroccoli Wizard19 soat oldin
  • I'll be honest I could never have Dr. Mike as my doctor because he's too attractive to do any physical examination on me.

    Athul NairAthul Nair23 soat oldin
  • I don’t trust a doctor who doesn’t wear white robes 24/h a day.

    Kai AndradeKai AndradeKun oldin
  • Of course!!! Looks don't matter. If you are wearing a bikini, that doesn't change your profession. It is just a way of letting others see us in the public.

    Gagan Hari KiranGagan Hari Kiran2 kun oldin
  • what do they want doctors to wear to the beach??? their pants? a whole freakin wet suit? no no no no I've got it... a nun's outfit 🤣

    FroglingsRebornsFroglingsReborns2 kun oldin
  • Drs are United states citizens and have every right to talk about social issues especially if an issue involves health risks to other people. However i dont see it as completely professional to talk about social issues while on the clock. Not trying to silence those that do its just an opinion. But if you have a patient you feel comfortable talking with about social issues then by all means go ahead lol

    Donald BrownDonald Brown2 kun oldin
  • I was in a club once and a woman fell down from the stage and hit her head so hard it was bleeding. While the music stopped and people called the ambulance, one guy, a nurse, even though he was a bit tipsy, rushed in to help and provided immediate aid, potentially saving the woman's life. I don't know what happened afterwards as I left to clear out the dance floor for medics, but I think in many instances the help from any medical professional, even the ones being "unprofessional" is the difference between life and death.

    Agnieszka Patrycja NideckaAgnieszka Patrycja Nidecka2 kun oldin
  • I recognize ‘Doctor Bikini’ from a Tv show on discovery channel (if I remember correctly it’s ‘The untold stories of the ER’ )

    Psycho CalzadaPsycho Calzada3 kun oldin
  • Oh you're a doctor? You you can't drink

    Akosi RabbitAkosi Rabbit3 kun oldin
  • Hey bro stick to medicine

    Patrick TurnerPatrick Turner3 kun oldin
  • I thought this was going to be bs, but this is absolutely correct, and I think that this also applies to teachers and everyone else with what they can do in their free time.

    Andrew GrasmanAndrew Grasman3 kun oldin
  • My bathing suit is very modest (more modest then some of my day clothes), and yet I somehow always get asked why I'm NOT in a bikini. - When can women wear what they want?

    Nadia SvetzlanaNadia Svetzlana3 kun oldin
  • Okay, I know this isn't the point, but shouldn't you be reassured if you're doc has an attractive body? I mean, because it just means that they not only know what they're taking about, but they live it. It's kinda like having a coach for a sport that's heavy set and appears inactive, and that always kinda makes them feel less credible. But if they're active and have healthy bodies, they come off more credible. Wouldn't that kinda be the same thing? Like, doctors shouldn't be punished for being attractive and confident because there is some kind of stigma that attractive people aren't smart. (Which is interesting because there is also a stigma on the opposite side, where someone who you find unattractive is often perceived as unintelligent as well. It's almost like people just want a strictly average-looking doctor lol)

    islandboy4445islandboy44453 kun oldin
    • The stigma come from people thinking that a muscular person spend more time working out her or his body than working out her or his brain

      deadshotdeadshot2 kun oldin
  • Doctors are people too, it's incredibly stupid to try and stifle their personal life and opinions just because it might be "unprofessional." Doctors should be able to do whatever they want on social media as long as it isn't a HIPPA violation. However, that said, I dont think being a doctor makes you more qualified to speak on things not related to heath and wellness. Gun violence isn't a health topic, and while Dr. Mike is entitled to have his opinions and use his platform here to express them, his opinions on that topic aren't more valid than a non-doctor.

    Lee ClineLee Cline3 kun oldin
  • If I go on the beach - I'm happy to know that maybe someone who is wearing a bikini or any bathing wear may be able to come and help me or my closest if something happens! geez.

    Dodgemaster様Dodgemaster様4 kun oldin
  • I am uber elated that you chose being great over all the noise!!! I've been a CNA for 28 years and I want out and up!!! You inspire me to gon' get my nursing degree so that I can become a nurse educator. Thank you!!! #Chicago

    Ari FlyyAri Flyy4 kun oldin
  • Where do you find these button ups? They are clean!

    Roberto Flores JrRoberto Flores Jr4 kun oldin
  • McDonalds worker who runs an onlyfans for a little extra cash: ok fair enough... Doctor who runs onlyfans for a little extra cash: 😱

    Lili HodgsonLili Hodgson4 kun oldin
  • Happy to find a indian going against this spying.

    VarshaVarsha4 kun oldin
  • My OBGYN came back from vaycay and we talked about her awesome tan lines because she can tan while I fry. I felt more connected to her and comfortable around her after that conversation and didn’t care that she was staring into my soul via my cervix. 🤷‍♀️

    Kaitlyn RoylanceKaitlyn Roylance4 kun oldin
  • Its so true, so many people feel uncomfortable when they go see a doctor because they are afraid they will be judgemental. If doctors become more relatable, more people are gonna feel ok to talk about "embarassing" but important things. Literally by being more human, instead of this fake perfect facade, doctors are saving lives!

    Ines JesusInes Jesus4 kun oldin
  • Proud of you Doctor Mike

    Beebleshobady is BackBeebleshobady is Back4 kun oldin
  • 112k doctors liked it, 875 patients disliked it lol jk

    Deus VladDeus Vlad4 kun oldin
  • Good bless those MDs who take the time to be healthier and fit! Shows patients a good example

    MissBunniMissBunni4 kun oldin
  • I think doctors need more hugs, lets do a study on this

    ash 098ash 0984 kun oldin
  • We shouldn't need an anecdote about saving a life in a bikini to understand that women in bikinis aren't inherently unprofessional.

    Megan MeunierMegan Meunier5 kun oldin
  • Doctors aren't allowed to have a life?????

    It's EnchantIt's Enchant5 kun oldin
  • I know it's 2am. I know it's a school night. I know I'm ELEVEN. BUT I WANNA WATCH THIS VIDEOOOOOOO

    Omega ForeverOmega Forever5 kun oldin
  • I'd respect a doctor more for being healthy because they are taking their health Studies in practice

    Robert NichRobert Nich5 kun oldin
  • I'm not a health professional, but I've worked at several social investigations in different fields...And I have to say, it may not be illegal but is very questionable to submit people to a social study without their knowledge and consent... I haven't had the experience of research involving social media though, but I feel that there's also an ethical issue with the development of this study.

    Darma OviedoDarma Oviedo5 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike I think what you are doing is quite inspiring. Being approachable as a doctor, I think, is a necessary trait. If you are intimidated by your doctor, how could you ever be honest about the tough or embarrassing topics?

    MordSith AzraelMordSith Azrael5 kun oldin
  • Honestly If I’m bleeding out from a stab wound and a doctor comes but is in a bikini I’m not gonna be like: “No I’ll wait” they still went through countless years of training for this people!!!!

    Mia LouiseMia Louise5 kun oldin
  • Doctors deserve as much a political voice as the rest of us. Especially on issues like abortion, vaccines, the opioid crisis, and universal healthcare since they’re the experts on those issues

    SkizzleSkizzle5 kun oldin
    • Exactly

      deadshotdeadshot2 kun oldin
  • i just found out mike is russian and my grandpas mom is russian, hey mike

    ඞMezghan R.ඞඞMezghan R.ඞ5 kun oldin
  • Yes one of our Doctors from Hawai'i!

    Ariel KeouliAriel Keouli6 kun oldin
  • Bro... thats a grey hair on the right of ur head sticking out. There is also some grey u blend above the left pupil lol but that don't have nothing to do with ur medical advice & we all get old. Run for president please.

    bukk1timebukk1time6 kun oldin
  • Unprofessional is doing wrong in your field not you're everyday life!!!! If you showed up to work in sweat pants and a tank top, hungover, I'd be worried and say you're unprofessional, but if you have the weekend off and you drank Friday, it's now Saturday, and you're chillin at home in sweat pants, a tank top, and you're hungover, I have no right to say you're unprofessional. IT'S YOUR HOME, IT'S YOUR LIFE, AND NO ONE GETS TO DECIDE WHETHER YOU'RE UNPROFESSIONAL OR NOT!

    Grahm SkibaGrahm Skiba6 kun oldin
  • Dr Mike you are the reason I get 5hours of sleep some nights one video leads to another

    Jared KautherJared Kauther6 kun oldin
  • I found this video late but I absolutely love your opinion and how you articulated it. I think you are an incredible person and even if you don’t see this, I felt like I needed to say it.

    Connor OutlawConnor Outlaw6 kun oldin
  • Best doctor on youtube. So interesting and and informative really glad you made a channel.

    D45es 5D45es 56 kun oldin
  • Yea someone tried to get me fired because I posted something political.

    Breckon CarterBreckon Carter7 kun oldin
  • Hey just wondering, whats your opinion on people, such as myself, in the LGBTQ+ community?

    XeroxedplayerXeroxedplayer7 kun oldin
  • What?! Doctors are human beings?! Unacceptable.

    myguyjaymyguyjay7 kun oldin
  • Isnt inappropiate behavior to stalk their social media and manipulate young female doctors to be in a study that clearly bias???

    Armando SalesArmando Sales7 kun oldin
  • Can we have a picture/video of Dr Mike without his shirt on?

    naobe5naobe57 kun oldin
  • Why show everything on social media?

    Espadas y CopasEspadas y Copas7 kun oldin
  • Then why do you not have any content on LGBTQ health issues?

    Rick BoysenRick Boysen7 kun oldin
  • i wanna be shirtless Doctor, I have abs only i lack MMBS degree :D

    Kunal KumarKunal Kumar8 kun oldin
  • doctor can do whatever they want, none their business. they must wear ppe sleep. kekw

    Rivero KenshiroRivero Kenshiro8 kun oldin
  • My question is would you trust a doctor that has a ton of body art just saying if you say yes immediately than you might want to fully think that through only 15 percent of people just trust people tattoos and that might not be in a professional way. Just asking because I accept them not only because both of my parents have them but because I love tats. You’re fine if you have them or if you don’t and you’re not always a criminal if you do.

    Rain BowRain Bow8 kun oldin
  • With my life

    Hifromio 1Hifromio 18 kun oldin
  • thank u for this information

    ash. membash. memb8 kun oldin
  • Do you think abortion is a murder?

    Stanislava PanayotovaStanislava Panayotova8 kun oldin
  • Why cant a doctor where a 👙 The”study”: it’s unprofessional Me : 😒🙄😵😮🙄

    Mama SharkMama Shark8 kun oldin
  • I love this video. It's so amazingly articulated, clear on its position and pointing out in an objective manner without being disrespectful. Great job!

    sarah latendorfsarah latendorf8 kun oldin
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    Orva GuimondOrva Guimond9 kun oldin
  • Man if we go off the "potentially unprofessional" content then Mike's channel wouldn't even exist 😂

    Ami RoquetAmi Roquet9 kun oldin
  • Doctors are humans too, they deserve to have fun sometimes because they work hard so many hours a week.

    Ami RoquetAmi Roquet9 kun oldin
  • Seriously that this is considered unprofessional? They have opinions like anyone else, it's their social media for God sake. On thing is breaking rules of their profession (revealing stories of patients and stuff like that) other thing is occasions that are common to any person. Which world is this?

    ana soaresana soares9 kun oldin

    jr Craftjr Craft10 kun oldin
  • There is a great difference between having a life and having a glass of wine in the ER. Come on people.

    drifted69mimidrifted69mimi10 kun oldin
  • What the, this video is showing a black screen for me. Anyone else have this problem?

    Torie-ann gylesTorie-ann gyles10 kun oldin
  • Ahahaha I love this as a premed student I hate when people assume that you’re supposed to hide your individuality or ideologies outside a professional setting. It is a must to keep your ideologies to yourself in front of colleagues and patients and dress appropriately in the work place environment but outside you are a human being not a machine.

    Rah RahRah Rah10 kun oldin
  • Just taking a photo while wearing beachwear is something different than taking planned pictures in small bikinis, specifically meant to be sexually suggestive to gain more Instagram followers. It's about the intention, which can be deducted from the body language, gesture and composition in said picture. And I can understand perfectly fine that people place mistrust in doctors who do that.

    DrStench13DrStench1310 kun oldin
  • This reminds me of not long after I started watching your channel and there was the video were you told the story about saving a man's life on a plane because of an allergy to red meat he got from a tick. (I have terrible memory. Have no idea how I remembered this) I distinctly remember that you were wearing a hoodie and sweats and we're taking a nap. Now, these dudes spying on young women would call them inappropriate, but not you. Of course, you aren't in a swimsuit, but I think in this case a hoodie and a bikini are both casual wear that doctors (just like everyone else) can wear whenever they aren't at work. They kind of fall into the same category, but would the people with this "study" care about you? No. They're sexist. You saved a life and you weren't in a tux or a lab coat, ad so can Dr. Bikini and anyone else! Wtf were these people thinking?

    Karoline BeckettKaroline Beckett10 kun oldin
  • This is like small children thinking about teachers

  • Not only doctors , I think this happens with teachers too

    otaku RGotaku RG11 kun oldin
  • The potential ones are pretty dumb

    Charitie RuizCharitie Ruiz11 kun oldin
  • OMG, How did all this come to be? All that Cancel Culture, Curse the Radical Left!

    Sir RauloSir Raulo11 kun oldin
  • Yes I would trust them with my life cause clearly they know what TF they're doing. I mean look at em.

    shannie Sayersshannie Sayers11 kun oldin
  • What about teachers?????

    Shannon ElyseShannon Elyse11 kun oldin
  • It's always cringy when people do "research" in fields they are not qualified to do.... Wink wunk news media

  • This is the exact issue that teachers have..

    Raymond ReyesRaymond Reyes11 kun oldin
  • 3:49 " I would try and do my best to hide it" Stretches out for the world to see

    Watch Looki NatWatch Looki Nat11 kun oldin
  • Either way I don't trust doctor's to much. I don't care how they look. You can't judge people with their body. It just their show. I'm interested with their mind not their body 😊👍

    Nejla and meNejla and me11 kun oldin
  • I think it’s very important to Doctors stand up ~when they want, of course, it’s not up to anyone to order that anyone comments publicly on some subject~. But anyway, stand up to controversial topics like antivaxxers, abortion, even BLM, knowing that biased antique “study” from back then when the medicine community considered that black people are more tolerant to pain, and unfortunately knowing that many doctors still up to this day following that agenda, so professionals like you have an huge impact when standing for it. About another subjects, political or religious or whatever, you’re all humans and have the absolute right to free speech and to have your own opinions (anyway, treating all of you the same way that other people, you have the right to free speech on whatever subject, but you’re not allowed to be harmful and spread like hateful thoughts or comments, this is an obvious thing) As for alcohol, selfies, wearing whatever you wanna wear when off duty ~unless you wearing your lab coat off duty lol, i remember when I was attending Chemistry School, we used to make fun a lot of medicine students and other chemistry students as well when they would wear their coats outside the labs hahah ~, but jokes apart, you are all human, you shouldn’t be hold up to a standard with people pointing out simple things about your daily lives as normal people as being unprofessional, for God’s sake... Me, now, as an Engineering Student, I know it for myself how people are messed up, even other engineers, and most of them (male to be fair, my field is full of males, and it’s very sexist) they like to wear Social Clothes like all the time ~I don’t think I saw many of them, especially the more elitists ones, using something but a suit on a day off~ and ok, it’s their choices, but that’s not me, unless I’m in a situation or place that requires me to dress socially, I will be casual, because it’s who I am, and it’s sick people wanting to demand otherwise

    brie honoratobrie honorato11 kun oldin
  • It doesn’t matter wether you are a student,a teacher,a homemaker or a doctor....everywhere there will dickheads trying to decide and dictate what a woman should/should not wear!!!! What a sad world we live in 😑

    Sadia EashaSadia Easha11 kun oldin
  • Wait I wasn't aware of this thing that doctors are getting criticized for being wearing swim wear. Why it is even liked that. And what I clearly think that doc Candice should have been the ambassador of Maybelline newyork ,pumas and etc to improve the quality of their brand referring that beauty always comes with Brain..

    Anisha GhoshAnisha Ghosh12 kun oldin
  • When I clicked the video, I was assuming they meant at work. I do not understand, why wearing attire appropriate for the situation in private is even in question... I also do not see why you should not be involved in controversial social topics as a doctor.

    3 Harder3 Harder12 kun oldin
  • Americans have to get over the fear of the human body. Years ago my friend had a motorcycle accident in Greece and her friend took off her T-shirt to stem her bleeding not wearing a bra. Get over your prudery.

    Petra FenzlPetra Fenzl12 kun oldin
  • I’d only be concerned if like I went to an actual doctors office and the doctor was wearing a swimsuit lol.

    Basically Steven UniverseBasically Steven Universe12 kun oldin
  • The ways people get offended theses days blows my mind. Apparently if you're in the medical field you have to live at the hospital in your scrubs, or be a hermit! Heaven forbid you have a life when you work 100 hours a week, and can still be you! My goodness, how dare, how dare!! Lol

    Francisco BacaFrancisco Baca12 kun oldin
  • Speaking of gender phobias, I would appreciate, both as a healthcare provider (in school for clinical psychology, not yet graduated or licensed) and as a trans femme nonbinary person, if you work on avoiding "men and women" type language and work toward using "person/people" and "they/them/their" rather than "he or she"pronouns when speaking about people in general. Thanks!

    iPsychlopsiPsychlops12 kun oldin
  • God, i wish you were my doctor

    João SantosJoão Santos12 kun oldin
  • in my opinion as long as your saving a life go wear what ever u want

    allen liuallen liu12 kun oldin
  • Doctor wearing a swimsuit on a beach unprofessional????!?

    JenniferJennifer12 kun oldin

    Glam TropicalsGlam Tropicals13 kun oldin
  • This is the most disgusting and profoundly disturbing study in many years. These doctors are trying to create a healthier and more educated society, yet they're being unfairly scrutinized for daring to have a personal life. Sickening. Absolutely sickening.

    T OT O13 kun oldin
  • Esto me molesta mucho.

    Tamar Esther Perez MedinaTamar Esther Perez Medina13 kun oldin
  • Dr. Mike that’s not a wine glass in your hand😂 Dr Mike is shot man !!!

    Mickey ThompsonMickey Thompson13 kun oldin
  • Never had issues with anyone having fun on their time off. Drinking I'm a bit iffy. Drunk/drinking while working no. I do understand that things might happen while drinking has been going on, but in that case are drs and nurses capable of doing what needs done? Illegal Drugs no, period.

    Phoenix TearsPhoenix Tears13 kun oldin
  • I'm pretty sure there were more aspects of the study that were compromised. They creeped on women's profiles, social media algorithms would primarily broadcast the misogynistic comments, the internal and external validity of the study would be absolutely difficult to maintain unless the researchers themselves were neutral about the whole issue, etc.

    kensredemptionkensredemption13 kun oldin
  • While I agree with you that it went too far, I also agree that there is some validity to the "potential" list. Not for the attire or alcohol when off the clock, but on the controversial issues? Being divisive can cause patients to lose trust in their doctors, and that's not a good thing. Some patients may fear that if their own views are known that they may not get treated or taken seriously - that they may worry about the bias of the doctor impairing their judgement. Yes, such fears are irrational, and people aren't always rational - but as you said, doctors are people as well. As the old idiom goes, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. I think the potential list has some merit even with the bias present. It just needs to be better thought out and reconsidered.

    Ron DuncanRon Duncan14 kun oldin
  • Sounds like conservative "Kens" and "Karens" doing what they always do.

    Rachel StormbornRachel Stormborn14 kun oldin
  • I would like to geta CPR from that Doctor in bikini. Hell I will even feel better if she sits on my face. Just saying. Just saying.

    Saurabh SharmaSaurabh Sharma14 kun oldin
  • I don't care what they where on their off time. As long as they know what they're talking about, do their job, and don't break the law I'm happy with them.

    Tabitha DearthTabitha Dearth14 kun oldin